The New Meaning (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,324
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, HEA]
Eli has entered the mafia world, and now he can't get out. Before the worst happens, he meets Byron, the skilled mafia Boss of another family. With no will to live, Eli agrees to live for Byron. From then on, his life is turned upside down.
Byron had never expected to meet someone like Eli. He fell hard at first sight and doesn't know how to handle his feelings. Meanwhile, he must handle his enemies. Eli's former mafia family poses a threat to them. He is also up against the mafia organization that has a death wish against his own family. Eli and Byron develop a closer relationship as they experience the underworld together. The fear of losing each other keeps them on their toes.
With the help of Byron's family pushing them forward, Eli comes to accept the new meaning to his life: Byron.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The New Meaning (MM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

The New Meaning (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,324
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Come on, guys. Not cool.” He couldn’t stop shaking and breathing heavily. His vision was blurry, and the scent of sweat filled the stale air around him.

“Eli, we all know it was our mistake to trust you. We might as well have some fun before you go down the drain. And I have to say, the way you’re speaking is so not you.”

Eli narrowed his eyes. There were four members of the mafia in the room. Or were there eight? Seeing double wasn’t helping. He looked down at his rock-hard shaft. “You didn’t have to do this. Why not just kill me instead?” he asked, his words dragging. He didn’t give a damn if he died. He’d tried, so he’d decided to join the mafia to go out in style eventually.

Well, it wasn’t working so far.

“That would be too easy,” one of the members said. “Besides, Boss allowed us to have our fun in his office while we can.”

Trying to look over his shoulder, Eli realized that he was on top of his Boss’s desk. A pen was jamming into his lower back. They’d drugged him at the bar and, for some reason, accused him of something. “Wait, what did I do?”

“You gave info to the worst mafia group of the north district.”

Eli shook his head lazily. “No, no, no. I never did anything. Not even the walls of my stupid apartment know I’m a member of the mafia.” He tried to get up. The four men pinned him down. “Hey, that hurt. Guys, let’s all get dressed and watch a movie. We’ll find the culprit afterward.” He tried to support his torso up with his elbows, but they slipped with all the sweat. He hit the back of his head on the edge of the desk.

“See? You can’t defend yourself. Come on, spread your legs. We haven’t had any in a while.”

“Wait,” Eli shouted, and silence fell in the room. “Before we start, tell me who accused me of something so pathetic.” The last thing he wanted was to have greasy guys all over him. If there was no other option, he had to at least know who he needed to haunt later.

One of the guys sighed. “Eli, you’re going to be fucked by four guys, and we’re going to kill you after this. What does that matter now?”

“Oh, just great,” Eli said under his breath. “Going by your logic, I can tell everyone that you leaked information, and no one should care about the facts. Pete, that’s so stupid.”

Pete let out a laugh. “That really isn’t how you usually speak. Where’s the calm, soft-spoken rookie we all know? Is this who you really are? If I was into beating, I would’ve punched you by now. I just don’t like to eat minced meat.”

Eli jumped when he heard a loud pound on the door. “Is that our Boss?”

“Can’t be. He went home.”

Pete moved away from between Eli’s thighs and went to put his pants on. “There were two guards at the door. Maybe something happened.”

Eli tried to sit up, but the aphrodisiac was in full swing. Instead, he rested his head back. If he didn’t have greasy guys as a visual, he would jerk off right then and there. What a bad memory that would become. “Yeah, might be an emergency, or they caught the idiot who leaked information.”

With another pound on the door, everyone went silent. Out of nowhere, someone kicked the door off its hinges, running into the office with fists up.

“What’s going on?” Eli asked. All he could hear were thuds and screams. He looked toward the commotion. A tank of a man in a navy-blue suit and tie ran over his group members like they were fragile twigs.

“Where’s your Boss?” the frightening man asked, pulling one of the naked men by his throat. Did he not care that he was in the middle of a strange situation?

Pete scowled at him. “Why should I tell you, scum? Which group are you from?”

The intimidating man threw Pete toward the exit. “Take all these guys outside. Don’t forget to write “Mafia” on their chests and backs,” he told a group outside the office. “Leave the prostitute here. I’ll question him.”

Eli wanted to be surprised at what he’d been called, but he was too busy trying to fight the drugs. “Not a whore. That’s disrespectful.” It would be no easy task to get out of this situation. He slid his leg off the desk and cheered on the inside at the small accomplishment. There could be a chance, after all.

“If you’re not a prostitute, what are you doing here?”

“Uh…” Eli froze, almost sobering at the sight of the man towering over him. He looked down slowly and noticed blood dripping from the man’s fists.




Byron nearly pounced onto him with kisses. One of them turned into something else. Eli parted his lips, and Byron’s slid his tongue in. Byron walked forward, causing Eli to almost stumble. He pinned Eli against the tile wall. Where was this going?

He leaned down and picked Eli up by his thighs to even the difference between their heights. “Can you wait until we catch all the members? After that, you can go out whenever you want.”

“You’ll just change your mind later,” Eli said with a pout. “I can’t believe how all of you can eat healthy foods without an off day. It was driving me insane.”

“Why do you think I didn’t want to move back in with my father? He’s always been a health freak.” Byron let out a laugh. Concern was clearly hidden in that laugh. Was he testing something? “More importantly, what do you think of this?”

Eli raised a brow when Byron glanced down, between them. “What are you suggesting?”

Byron grinned. “It’s just that I’m getting flashbacks of you naked on a table. For some reason, they keep coming up.”

“Of course, especially when you did the thing,” Eli said half playfully. His cheeks heated up. “Well, I don’t know. Are you telling me you’re in the mood?” He was starting to get into it. After a whole week of just kissing, he couldn’t help but desire so much more. They could talk about their argument later.

Byron moved Eli away from the wall. “By the feel of your hard cock, I can tell you’re in the mood, as well. We should do something about it. Now,” he said and carried Eli out of the bathroom in a hurry.

Eli perked up at the sound of someone walking around. “I almost forgot, there are other people in the house,” he said quietly.

“Hold on,” Byron said and was careful to turn the handle of his bedroom door. He carried Eli inside and put him down so he could close the door. “My father hates it when people do these things in the house. He might have a meeting at any moment, so he doesn’t want to surprise the guests. No one ever knows when he has a meeting. We have to be quiet.”

Eli stared at him. “We were yelling earlier. What if he was in a meeting?”

“He never has meetings around the times of meals,” Byron said. He led Eli to the bed. “Other than that, he never tells anyone when there’s a meeting. Many of them are scheduled at the last minute.”

This made things much harder. Eli sat on the bed, too busy thinking of the people in the house. “Maybe we should leave this for—”

“It’ll be fine,” Byron said, caressing Eli’s cheek. “All we have to do is be quiet. That’s all.”

Eli raised a brow. “You seem to be in a hurry.” He allowed Byron to remove his T-shirt. A part of him didn’t want to bother whoever was in the house. Another wanted to go for it.

Byron left the room in a hurry, leaving Eli to stare at the door. Where was he going? It was only a few moments later that Byron returned with something in his hand.

“I don’t know if this is your case, but I’ve been wanting to touch you since the beginning,” Byron said. He peeled Eli’s sleepwear pants down his legs. “Well, I did touch you in the beginning.”

“Since the beginning?” Eli asked quietly. Byron gave him a smile. For him, that had only been his intention recently. No wonder Byron had been protecting him from the start. “We just have to be quiet, right?” Byron nodded as he undressed. Eli stared at Byron’s body. His clothes didn’t do him justice. What Byron hid underneath his clothes was much better than he’d expected. For a mafia Boss, all the scars he had were from the three recent stabbings. Was Byron that good at his job?

Byron crawled onto Eli and pressed several kisses up Eli’s abdomen, chest, and neck. “I really like you, Eli. Can you say the same for me?” He got a small tube of fruit-scented lubricant and popped it open with his thumb.

Eli felt his cheeks heating up, and his heart raced. That was confirmation to his conflicting thoughts. “Yes,” he said almost inaudibly. Byron came down for a kiss. There was no turning back now.

Within a few minutes, Eli was a panting mess. Before he knew it, Byron was sucking his cock and thrusting two of his slicked fingers into him. “Please, let’s move on.” He slid his hands through Byron’s hair and tried to move his head away.

“Where the hell are they?”

They stopped moving when they heard Everett from afar. “Damn it. Just great, I forgot to lock the door,” Byron said. He wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand. “Time to hide.”

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