Shy Guys Finish First (MM)

Cade Creek 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,010
51 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Romantic Suspense, M/M, HEA]
Cory James went to the city for a small vacation. He never expected to come home with a family. After trying to rescue a man being attacked, and then having to be rescued himself, Cory was pretty sure his vacation had tanked. But the man he tried to rescue turns out to be the answer to every dream Cory ever had. Now, if they could just keep danger from finding them again, they might find happiness.
Moose Fletcher hated violence until the sweetest man he had ever seen tries to save him, and Moose was forced to rescue him. But as he got to know Cory, he realized he was the one being rescued. When unexpected dangers force Moose to flee with Cory, saving his family becomes more important than avoiding violence. But will the cost be his happiness?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Shy Guys Finish First (MM)
51 Ratings (4.5)

Shy Guys Finish First (MM)

Cade Creek 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,010
51 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
Love this book.
Nancy Henry
This is such a sweet, insta-love, soulmates, romance. Moose and Cory are absolutely adorable together and I always love seeing how the people in Cade Creek always come together to help each other out.
Christy Duke




The shouting was the first clue Cory James had that something was wrong. It was loud and angry, but tinged with what sounded like fear to him. It was easy for him to pick out the tone. He was well acquainted with the emotion. He lived with it every day.

Hearing it from someone else sent a chill down his spine.

Knowing he wasn’t going to like what he saw, Cory crept to the edge of the four-story brick building and peeked around the corner. It was dark out, but there was enough light shining from the street lamp for Cory to see down the narrow alleyway.

Or at least far enough to see the fight going on.

He swallowed tightly, blinking back tears as he watched the scene roll out in front of him. It was one he had seen many times before. It was one he had lived many times before. It terrified him then, and it terrified him now.

Cory doubted it was ever something anyone got comfortable with, but they did tend to get used to it. And that might be sadder than anything.

Three rough-looking men surrounded a larger man, a much larger one. Cory had no doubt that if it wasn’t for the fact that he seemed to be trying to avoid hitting anyone, the big bear of a man being bullied could have taken them all out.

Instead, he kept his arms up over his face, and tried to turn his body away to avoid the worst of the beating he was receiving. Cory didn’t know if he didn’t know how to defend himself or if he was just insane.

He did know he had to do something. While he didn’t go looking for fights, and in fact did the utmost to avoid them, he couldn’t in all good conscience turn away when someone else was being bullied. Too many times he wished someone had intervened on his behalf.

It never happened.

He should have stayed in Cade Creek for his three-day weekend instead of coming into the city. This was not going to turn out well.

“This is a really bad idea,” Cory mumbled as he pulled his pepper spray and Taser out of his small backpack before sliding his arms through the straps and pulling it on. He had learned a long time ago to never leave home without his backpack or something to defend himself with. He held one in each hand as he moved into the alley, keeping close to the wall.

There weren’t really a lot of places to hide. A few stacks of wooden pallets, a large industrial Dumpster, and random piles of garbage. There was an old tire, but Cory knew that would be useless to hide behind.

He knew the closer he could get before his presence became known, the better chance he had of...well, doing something. He still hadn’t figured out what that something was yet, but he was working on it.

He was working on it fast.

Cory winced when his foot hit an empty beer bottle when he was just steps from the guys beating on the larger one and it clattered across the rough concrete. For a brief moment, eyes as blue as the summer sky peered at him across the distance. Awareness filled Cory as a crackle of energy passed between them, hot and raw, carnal.

Cory’s breath caught on a surge of yearning so abrupt and intense, it felt like pain. He felt the wonder of the tall man in every pore, every nerve, with every pulse. His mother had told him about love at first sight, about that one moment when two souls connected. Until this one moment, he had never believed it was true.

Hell, he never believed he would ever find anyone at all, soul mate or not. That had just never been in the cards for him.

“Get the fuck out of here!” one of the bullies shouted.


“I just need to talk to my brother.” Cory waved a hand toward the big man cornered against the brick wall of the buildings. “Our dad sent me out after him and he’s going to be real pissed if I don’t come home with him.”

The guy in the middle—Cory was pretty sure he was the ring leader of this little band of morons—tucked his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans and tipped back on his heels.

“You know Moose?” he asked.

Cory’s eyes shot to the big guy.



“Because I know Moose,” the guy continued. “I know Moose’s dad, too, and the last time I checked, my old man only had the three of us kids.” The guy’s eyes narrowed menacingly. “So, who the fuck are you?”


Cory shot Moose a quick look of sadness and regret before turning to run. He had tried to help, but Cory knew he couldn’t save the man. He was in serious doubt that he was going to be able to save himself.

Cory didn’t get two steps before he was grabbed and spun back around. He had just enough time to douse the guy who grabbed him with pepper spray before he was punched in the stomach.

Cory grunted as all the air left his lungs, and then he dropped to his knees onto the cold hard pavement. He gasped as he tried to draw much needed air into his oxygen deprived lungs. He couldn’t even begin to freak out about the pain in his knees until he could breathe again.

Right now, he kind of wondered if that was ever going to happen.

“Leave him alone!”

Someone had shouted that. Cory wasn’t sure who. He prayed it was someone with a badge. He heard the unmistakable sound of flesh hitting flesh. His stomach clenched because he knew someone was getting hurt even if it wasn’t him at that exact second.

He hoped it wasn’t Moose, but he was pretty sure it was.

When someone grabbed his arm, Cory cried out and struggled to escape the strong hold. The fear swarming him was almost debilitating. Cory hated pain, maybe more so because he was so used to it.

He screamed when he was lifted up into the air. Before the panicked sound even had time to rip through the air, whoever had him was running through the streets. Cory bucked and struggled to escape.

“Stop it before I drop you.”

Cory froze at the strained tone of voice coming from the man who carried him. It didn’t sound threatening, but more scared like him. “Moose?”




Cory woke with sweat pouring off of him. He stiffened when he felt an arm pull him closer to a hard chest. It took him a moment to remember where he was and who was lying next to him. Cory lay there quietly, enjoying the feel of Moose’s naked body pressed up against him.

He swallowed hard when he felt the cock pressed against his back harden. Cory was afraid to move a muscle. His heart was beating out of his chest as Moose grumbled, shifted around, and then pressed his hard shaft against Cory’s ass.

Cory bit his lip to stop the moan threatening to spill. His hands curled into fists as he pressed them into his stomach, waiting, wanting. His breath froze in his lungs when Moose’s hand skimmed up his body. His fingers made circular motions on his hips and then continued their trek up his side.

He did groan when Moose’s lips softly kissed behind his ear and then trailed down the back of his neck. The hot breath blowing across his flesh was spicy, masculine, and welcoming. Cory was dying for a kiss. To feel Moose’s tongue exploring his mouth was just too much to hope for.

“I know you’re awake.”

Cory bit his bottom lip as he groaned.

Moose’s strong hand pulled at Cory’s shoulder, turning him over. In that span of time, that single moment when their eyes met, Cory would have given Moose his soul. Moose looked down at him as if Cory was his entire world.

Moose’s fingers ghosted over Cory’s face, his mouth slowly capturing Cory’s lips. Cory whimpered softly as he allowed Moose to kiss him. He’d kiss Moose every second of every day if he could. The man was very good at it.

One of Moose’s hands pushed under Cory, pulling him closer just as his tongue pushed between Cory’s lips, wanting entrance. Cory opened, tasting man and desire as Moose’s tongue swept through his mouth.

Cory uncurled his hands, tentatively reaching out and grabbing Moose’s shirt, gripping it tightly as he opened his mouth wider, trying his best to drink Moose in.

He gasped when one of Moose’s legs slid between his, giving his hardening cock friction as Moose’s hand encouraged Cory’s hip to move. He rode the strong, muscular leg as Moose slowly rolled until he was laying on top of Cory, his weight pressing Cory into the cot.

His head spun as Moose ground his cock into Cory. He took a chance and reached up, circling his arms around Moose’s neck, feeling how strong the man truly was by the broad shoulders he felt under his hands.

”Cory,” Moose moaned as he broke the kiss and then slowly pushed himself down Cory’s body until his lips hovered over Cory’s hard cock.

Cory hissed when Moose took his shaft into his mouth. Cory began to pant. He cried out, unable to stop his orgasm from hitting him almost instantly. Cory had wanted it to last, but his body was too amped up, too excited to hold off.

Moose gave off a low growl as he drank Cory’s seed down his throat, licking him clean as he massaged Cory’s balls. He gave one long lick to Cory’s still-hard cock and then climbed back up Cory’s body.

“You taste delicious.” Moose took Cory’s lips, sharing the taste of his own body with him. Cory groaned. He wanted to do the same to the man, but he was afraid to ask.

Moose leaned forward, grinding his cock into Cory’s. Cory reached between them and wrapped his hand around Moose’s massive cock. He began a slow stroking motion, his fingers gliding over the silky shaft.

Moose bit Cory’s lower lip, pushing his cock into Cory’s hand with his hips. “Will you suck me?”

Cory grinned. “Like you have to ask.”

“I’ll always ask, Cory.”

“And I’ll always say yes.”

Moose rolled until he was on his back. He brushed his hands over Cory’s hair and then guided his head to the large cock lying against Moose’s abdomen. Cory maneuvered around until he was looking directly at Moose’s cock.

“Suck it, baby, please.” Moose’s fingers massaged his head as his other hand grabbed the base of his shaft, guiding Cory’s lips lower.

Cory’s lips parted, taking the crown into his mouth. The salty taste of Moose exploded across his tongue as he opened wider, letting his tongue explore the satiny skin.

”That’s it, Cory.” Moose encouraged as his hips began to thrust, making his cock drive deeper into Cory’s mouth. “Your mouth is perfect.”

Cory took Moose’s cock back into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. His hand snaked down between Moose’s powerful thighs, his fingers grazing Moose’s tight sac.

Moose’s fingers carded through Cory’s hair moments before his hips shot forward, shouting Cory’s name as hot spunk shot to the back of Cory’s throat, choking him. He gagged and pulled back, most of Moose’s seed leaking from his mouth.

Moose grunted one more time and then pulled Cory up to lie on his chest. “Thank you, baby.”

Cory grinned. “Any time.” And he meant that. There wasn’t anything in this world he wouldn’t give to Moose.

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