The Unexpected Angels Collection (LoveXtreme)

Unexpected Angels

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,726
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Fantasy, Menage, Shape-shifters, Angels, Spanking, MMMMMMM, HEA]

Angelic Union

Levi, Erik, and Marius think that by moving to sanctuary they’re getting their happily ever after, a future that includes a small wedding, some cake, and a little family drama. Little do they know that Levi and Erik’s angelic fathers have a surprise wedding present for them—four Elite guardian angels sworn to protect them.

Brax, Axis, Keer, and Jade claim the three are destined to be their mates and that they’ve been watching over them since the beginning. They also offer redemption for their Fallen lover, Marius, and a family far larger than any of them had originally planned for. Can Levi, Erik, and Marius overcome their insecurities and fears for the chance at a love of a lifetime? Or will they let their scarred pasts ruin all chances of happiness?

Angelic Sight

Settling into sanctuary with their new Elite lovers is easier than any of the angels thought possible. Erik is learning his new powers, Levi has acquired some new skills of his own, and Marius is growing as an Elite warrior. Everything seems to be just as it should be. That is until Levi's powers spiral out of control and an old nightmare from Levi's past disrupts their moment of happiness.

As old and new enemies interfere, the men will have to decide to stand and fight or run from the past and the hunters that have come with it. It will take every man in the family to pull through the time of turmoil and come out the other side unscathed. They will all have to learn new skills and make compromises in order to become strong enough for the upcoming conflict. Will they succeed or fail in their quest for peace?

The Unexpected Angels Collection (LoveXtreme)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Unexpected Angels Collection (LoveXtreme)

Unexpected Angels

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,726
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Angelic Union


“It’s our wedding, Mar. You gotta calm down.” Erik was whispering, but Levi could hear him all the same. “You’re always worried about our protection. Well, now we have four extra bodyguards to help you out with that.”

The wedding present that Levi’s father Perc had given the threesome was four Elite Guardian angels to assist Marius in guarding the two half-angels he protected. On the surface the wedding present looked perfectly legitimate. Hunters, a radical faction of angels, sought to kill all half-angels, known as nephilim, that they could. They viewed them as an abomination, and Levi had found out firsthand a few years ago how deep that hatred ran. The burn scars that decorated his back were clear evidence of it. So the fact that Perc and Desc, Erik’s father, were giving them guardian angels made sense. However, even Levi, as naive as he knew he was, could see the not-so-subtle dig at Marius. Not many angels tolerated the fallen. When their fathers had accepted the invitation to their wedding, Levi had thought that they might try. He’d been wrong.

“They’re never going to replace you, Marius. We married you. We’re in love with you. No one can take that away.” Erik’s calm words didn’t detract from the veritable line of tension that Levi could see in his aura. The ability to see auras was a trick Levi had always been able to use, and it served him well to note the emotions of the people around him. Levi sighed heavily as he watched Marius’s aura darken as his fears were spoken.

“They want you to choose them over me.” Marius spat the words. He looked downright sinister now in his black suit and with a vicious look in his eyes. Levi never forgot that Marius was just one step up from being a demon. He didn’t play by the same rules other angels did, and if he thought that the Elites were going to threaten their relationship, he wouldn’t hesitate to take action for it. Unfortunately, it would also damn his soul. The idea made Levi sick.

“We won’t do that. Please, Mar, calm down. You’re going to spoil the wedding for Levi. He wanted this, remember?” Erik dangled the flag effectively. The one thing that was guaranteed to calm Marius down in a hurry was the idea of hurting Levi. Whereas Erik and Marius could argue and scream and fight each other on practically everything, they both treated Levi as if he were a precious porcelain object. It was a wonderful change from how Levi was used to being treated, but he still didn’t like to be used like a choke collar.

“We all wanted it, Erik,” Levi said, reaching out with both of his hands. They reached out to him in unison, each taking one of his hands. He was small even compared to Erik, who was medium height, and both of their hands swallowed his. It may have made him sound weak, but he liked the differences in their sizes. He’d always had a thing for overpowering men, and he got that in spades from his two lovers.

They stood on either side of him, Marius in black, Erik in white that matched Levi. Both had on the pale-pink ties that Levi had picked out. Both wanted their happily ever after to begin. Marius was a good foot taller than Erik with pale-white hair that had a green tinge to it, like a white rose, pale-white skin the color of milk, and green eyes. His hair color matched his wings almost exactly when he had them out. They were invisible to the guests at present thanks to a makeshift rune placement that had been sewn onto Marius’s back. Where Marius was pale, Erik was tan, displaying his mother’s Latina heritage, no doubt. He had dark-brown hair and teddy-bear-brown eyes.

Levi glanced behind him at the still-silent guardian angels dressed in their black and navy uniforms, silver sabers at their sides, and realized that they may have hit yet another bump in getting to that happily ever after. They’d moved to the town of Titanvelle, or Urun as the angels called it, more or less a week ago but had been planning the move here for months. Marius had already purchased them a house in one of the better neighborhoods that surrounded the city of sanctuary’s epicenter and had the entire thing decorated when they’d arrived. The rambling colonial was everything that Levi had ever wished for in a house as a little kid. But beyond the sheer aesthetic appeal of the house, the fact that it was in a town of sanctuary had made the location infinitely appealing. Founded by an archseraphim for his two nephilim lovers, the city was a celestial neutral ground, a haven for those who were seeking refuge from the hunters. It had been the one place in the world where Levi had felt safe.

“We’re going to enjoy tonight, angel,” Erik said in his ear. “Nothing is going to spoil it. We’re going to go into the reception hall and cut our wedding cake and act like everything is just fine.”

“Until we go home and have to let them ride with us.” Marius snarled from Levi’s left. Levi squeezed the fallen angel’s hand.

“We will redefine normal, lover man,” Levi said, his usual optimism rearing its head. “They might not be so bad.”

“If your fathers hadn’t planned on you sleeping with them, I might say you’re right. As is, I frankly don’t give a flying fuck.” Marius was in a hell of a mood if that was the attitude he was assuming.

Levi’s heart fell. He’d just wanted one day, just one, one day of perfect and absolute happiness. It had started out so good! They’d woken up to presents from Marius, two beautiful teardrop necklaces of sapphire that had been mined by Marius himself along with a note that said simply “Something Blue,” which Levi had found beyond adorable. Their friends, Madigan and his five guardians, had made them breakfast and escorted Erik and Levi to the beautiful historic hotel where they’d be spending their wedding night, and the day had gone according to plan. Until his and Erik’s fathers had decided to ruin it by pissing Marius off.




“Make love to me?” The question was answered by a low needy growl. He never had to ask twice with his lovers.

Marius claimed his lips in a kiss, and Erik’s lips traced the curve of his spine. The colors in both their auras glowed a bright gold that had Levi shutting his eyes. Basking in their light was wonderful but so beautiful that it hurt sometimes. Nephilim hunger boiled through him, necessitating wicked wanton behavior in the worse way. Before he’d found them, he’d been so hungry for touch all the time. He hardly believed that they were okay now. Really okay. Married. We’re married, and we have Elite guardian mates, and everything is going to work out. Levi was sure of it.

Erik’s hand found his cock and started stroking him slowly, building the heat to a fever pitch in much less time than Levi had thought possible. He needed so bad…Marius broke the kiss and rolled, pinning Levi’s smaller body beneath his own. Erik’s hand came off his dick, but that was all right because then Marius was humping against him, grinding their arousals together as Levi gasped and squirmed against him. So good. It’s always so good. Erik straddled his head as Marius pushed two fingers into Levi’s needy hole. This was one of their favorite positions and one guaranteed to have Levi mindless in two seconds flat.

Erik traced his already-slick cockhead against Levi’s lips, asking for entrance into his mouth. Levi lapped at the sensitive tip with his tongue as Marius stretched his body with his fingers. He was so turned on by what was to come he thought his head might pop off.

“Suck it, Levi, baby. Suck it real good.” Erik’s growling words were perfect, and Levi opened his mouth eagerly to accept the thick length of his lover’s prick into his throat. He whimpered around it as he heard the sound of the lube cap come off. Yes. Yes. Fill me. Make me yours all over. Marius! Erik! Yours, yours, yours! He loved belonging to them. Loved being protected by them.

He writhed as the head of Marius’s cock breached his tight ring and began the slow glide forward into his body.

“Erik, lean forward. I want to taste you,” Marius commanded as he sank to the hilt inside Levi. Levi went nuts. He loved that Erik would be fucking his mouth while Marius was fucking Erik’s ass with his tongue. Oh. Oh. Oh. Please. Please. Do it. Do it. Do it. He tended to take up internal mantras when they had sex, and this time was no different. If anything, this felt even more desperate. Tomorrow things would change, but right now it was just them as they’d always been, making love like tomorrow would never come.

Erik groaned above him as Marius started to move his hips, pounding into Levi and scoring his pleasure spot with each desperate lunge. Levi sucked and swallowed around Erik’s prick, using the action as a point of focus while his body was catapulted into a land of pleasure.

“Not gonna last,” Erik grunted, gripping the head of the bed as it thunked against the wall. “It’s too good.” He was careful not to fuck Levi’s mouth too deeply, but the smaller nephilim could tell how close he was by how hard and how much he was leaking pre-cum in a steady stream.

In my mouth. Come on, Erik. Let me swallow you down, lover.

“Come down our Levi’s throat, Erik,” Marius demanded against the swell of Erik’s behind. Levi’s body jerked at the command. Oh how he loved when Marius talked like that.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! That’s so–fuck–coming! Levi! Mar!” Erik’s pleasure splashed against the back of his throat and filled his mouth with Erik’s warm cream. Levi swallowed eagerly, loving how good it was between them. He lapped at Erik’s spent shaft, cleaning it while Marius growled and drove himself against Levi’s prostate with every feral lunge. One of Mar’s large hands gripped Levi’s hip while the other reached between them and kneaded the tight sac between his legs. Levi whimpered and moved restlessly against the stimulation. He used to be ashamed of his wants, of his desires to mix a little pain in with his pleasure. Marius and Erik had changed that.

Erik rolled to the side so that Levi had an uninterrupted view of Marius fucking him.

“Harder, please, Marius, please.” He needed that hand that was playing with his balls to tighten just a bit. It would send him off the edge like nothing else. Erik’s hands went to Levi’s now sweat-slicked chest and ghosted across the pebbled nipples he found there. “Yes. Yes, Erik.” The anticipation of what was to come made Levi just a little bit needier. Still, Erik and Marius continued to torment him, not letting him get the essential pressure he needed to orgasm.

“Now! Please, now!” he begged. He was almost to the point he’d start crying. He needed. God, he needed so much.

“Our baby needs us,” Marius said, his voice a guttural rumble of approval. He loved playing with him, the sadistic bastard. My sadistic bastard.


Angelic Sight


“Do you always let him wander around after a nightmare?” Axis asked, leaning his hip against the countertop as Marius drank a swig of milk right out of the carton. The rest of the men had just finished breakfast and had gone out to the small greenhouse that Levi was tending to help the nephilim in his daily watering routine. Axis figured they were probably just worried about their lover and rightfully so.

Axis had woken up to the rancid smell of terror and sweat, a nasty combination even in appropriate circumstances. Seeing Levi sneaking out of bed smelling like that hadn’t set well with the Elite. Not one bit.

“Levi is a private person. He’s half in his mind and half in his past. We’re lucky to get the pieces of him we do. Haven’t you noticed how Levi always seems a bit”—he seemed to search for the right word—“distant? He’s a beautiful scarred doll, Axis. He won’t let people handle his pain. He turns inward if someone tries. He needs space.”

Axis shook his head. “I think that may be part of the problem, Marius. He’s most secure when he is kept close. It makes him feel safe.”

Marius slammed the milk down on the counter. “Do not lecture me about how to make Levi feel safe. Look, we’ve been running so long that the distance he’s maintained is smart. When he’s ready to talk to us, he will. Why are you attacking me?” The formerly fallen angel was far from subtle when it came to confronting something that was bothering him. Axis had known better than to criticize the way Marius had been taking care of Levi. Not only was it unfair considering how they’d been living on the run, it was a good way to break down the fragile trust that Marius had given the Elites when they’d become angel bound.

“I’m worried, and I’m taking it out on you. I apologize,” Axis said, reaching for the blond-haired angel. He always wondered why Marius had chosen not to honor his archangel by reflecting his coloring. It was the trend in the heavens to mimic the appearance of the archangel one owed their allegiance to. Since a change of subject was in order, he went ahead and asked. “Why blond and green?”

Marius came into his arms and wrapped his arms around Axis’s waist. “I changed it when I fell. At first it was just a way to defy my archangel. Then I kind of liked being different. Levi loves it. He thinks it looks like a white rose petal.”

“Hmm.” Axis agreed with that assessment. “Do you think he would be open to going to see a counselor? I had IT look some up, and there are a couple who specialize in trauma due to hunter-nephilim encounters.”

Marius shrugged. “Oh, he’d probably go, but I doubt he’d get much out of it. He’d do it to please us, not because he thinks he needs help.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Axis allowed. “Maybe I’m being impatient.”

“You’re not the only one that wants to heal him, Axis,” Marius said softly.

Whatever Axis would’ve replied was interrupted when a very sweaty Jade walked into the room. Axis was immediately enamored by his bare chest, blond hair, and pretty red eyes. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Our little mate’s episode last night. Is Levi doing all right?” Axis asked, not letting go of Marius for a second. The former fallen still wasn’t used to the constant affection, but he was getting there.

Jade nodded. “He’s trying to nurse that orchid we bought at the Cosco, and I don’t think it’s going to make it. IT is dangerously fascinated with the Venus flytrap for whatever reason. He keeps trying to stick his finger in the buds, and Levi keeps snipping at him about it. Why did we have to make the minihothouse?”

Marius looked thoughtful as he answered. “Levi always loved plants. He wanted to keep one forever, but we were always moving. The one time we got one he had to leave it behind. So I bought him Miss Kitty.” The tiny white kitten ran the house and the men in it. It had taken a shine to Keer and Jade in particular and tended to curl up on them in the bed. However, Miss Kitty’s true favorite was Levi. The cat had good taste.

“You are a good mate,” Jade said. “It is admirable that you would seek to give him everything he was denied outside the sanctuary.”

Axis was proud of the way Marius had handled his lovers as well. He had provided for the two nephilim with everything within his power. Axis had seen the lengths he’d gone to secure their world, the odd jobs he’d held, the things he’d sacrificed. He felt guilty for questioning Marius’s dedication earlier.

Jade continued. “With the exception of last night, he seems to be getting stronger. Erik does as well. Their powers are heading in two separate directions, though. Erik will be able to summon heaven’s fire and create a weapon. His visions aren’t as sharp anymore.”

This was news to him. “And Levi?” Axis asked.

Jade hesitated. “I can’t tell. I know his mental powers are expanding, but he’s not letting it manifest. IT suggested the repression of his power is causing the nightmares, and I’m inclined to agree with him. Levi isn’t letting himself reveal anything. Whether it’s ingrained fear of the hunters or some deep self-hatred, I’m not sure. But I know he’s reluctant to let us see it.”




“How about I redden your ass?” Axis watched as Erik’s hard cock twitched at the idea. He considered it. Would he let his lover spank him?

He grinned. “You think you’re man enough to beat my ass? Make me come against your thighs while you do it?” His lover was significantly less strong than he was. He would need help.

“Hmm, I could get behind that mission, Commander,” Keer rumbled. At some point in their debate he’d gotten deliciously naked. As the biggest out of the bunch, Keer was probably strong enough to hold him down. It would just tickle his vanity to do it, too. Axis’s body thrummed with anticipation.

“Come on, then. Take me, if you can,” Axis challenged a little breathlessly. Who would’ve thought he would get this turned on by the idea of getting his lover’s handprints on his ass?

Erik launched himself at Axis, tackling him to the floor of the hothouse in one leap. He growled and rolled, pinning the nephilim beneath him. Erik bucked his hips and usurped his position. Axis didn’t make it easy for him. He fought against Erik’s nephilim strength. He didn’t use his full angelic powers, but he pitted his body’s strength against Erik’s.

The smaller man was getting tired as the seconds stretched on to a minute. Their hard dicks probably had something to do with how effectively they were fighting, or weren’t in this case. Keer wrapped his arms around Axis’s waist and hauled him backward. Unfortunately, he was a bit overenthusiastic and sent them careening into one of the tables that was stacked with plants.

“Careful, guys!” Levi gasped as Brax bit into his shoulder. The smaller nephilim was watching them with hungry eyes, and Axis was turned on by the audience.

“Bring him to me,” Erik commanded, growling the words out. There was nothing better than sex and aggression between men. Keer forced him down over Erik’s thighs. The nephilim was resting his back against the wall of the hothouse and, in that position, Axis’s cock was trapped against Erik’s legs. He groaned as Keer ripped his jeans off, the sound of rending fabric only adding to the lusty atmosphere. He was now covered in a fine sheen of sweat and dirt from the combination of heat and wrestling on the floor.

“Do it,” Axis rumbled. He wanted to prove to Erik that bottoming could be strong and sexy either way. Everything they did together was wonderful, and there was no reason that Erik couldn’t appreciate everything their relationship had to offer.

He wasn’t quite expecting the sting of the smack that landed squarely on his right ass cheek. The hard pop was finished with a gentle caress to the suddenly hot flesh. Axis didn’t stop the groan that escaped his mouth at the action. The thick smell of flowers only added to the air of exoticness in the air.

“I learned a lot when Levi finally confessed to wanting this, Axis. Big angel that you are”—the nephilim sounded like he was smirking—“you don’t understand that I can make your bad ass beg for it.” Oh, Erik sounded hot when he talked like that. Axis found himself squirming for more. Erik’s hand came down against the firm swell of his ass.

“More,” Axis panted.

“Keer, please gag the commander,” Erik said sweetly to the other angel that knelt by his side, jerking his cock in time with Axis’s bucking hips.

Keer looked confused for a split second. “With what?”

“Your dick, Keer,” Erik instructed, grinning. Axis looked up at the warrior under his command. Would he dare? The idea that Keer might sent a shiver of pleasure through him. The hunger in Keer’s violet eyes said he was seriously considering it. Axis licked his lips. Come on, Keer. I’m your mate, not just your commander. Take me. Whatever Keer saw in his expression must’ve clued him into the fact that Axis was into it because in the next second Keer fisted his hair and guided his prick into Axis’s waiting mouth. Erik smacked his ass again, and Axis moaned around the hot length in his mouth. He sucked obediently, enjoying giving up control just this once.

No wonder Levi likes this, he thought, lapping at Keer’s plum head to gather some of the pre-cum he was leaking on his tongue. Keer groaned, his fists tightening in Axis’s hair. Erik’s hands continued to rain down on his ass, and their cocks were smashed against Erik’s thigh as they humped against one another with each strike.

“World above, Axis, your mouth,” Keer said in a strangled voice. Axis hollowed out his cheeks. Use my mouth, Keer. Take your pleasure. His eyes popped open as the door to shed slammed open to admit two of their very concerned-looking lovers. Marius and Jade looked on for a split second before they, too, started stripping off their clothes. They were both still flushed and damp from their shower.

“We got worried,” Jade rumbled, unbuckling his clean jeans before pushing them off his hips. “We didn’t see you guys when we looked out the side window.”

“Didn’t know you were having fun on the ground,” Marius said, his eyes burning into Brax’s backside across the hothouse. “So much for the shower.”

“Is there slick in here?” Jade asked.

Brax nodded to his jeans. “Small tube in the front pocket.”

Axis lost train of their conversation as Jade crowded behind Keer and spread his cheeks. The angelic commander looked up in time to see Jade whisper something in Keer’s ear that was much too low for him to hear before biting onto his earlobe.

“God!” Keer moaned, shuddering. His cock jerked in Axis’s mouth. He was close. Erik’s hand cracked as it came down on Axis’s red backside. It was Axis’s turn to groan then as his eyes rolled from the impact. He was playing on the edge between pain and pleasure, and damn if he wasn’t enjoying it.

“If I don’t fuck you, I’m pretty sure I’m going to die. Can I, Axis?” Erik asked.

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