The Sir Series Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Sir Series

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,709
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[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Consensual BDSM, Romance, Spanking, Sex Toys, Public Exhibition MM, HEA]

Call Me Sir

The night Logan subbed for the bartender at his club, he had no idea that the love of his life would walk through the door, but he knew he wanted Joey the moment he saw him. He just wasn’t sure Joey was prepared for the lifestyle Logan wants. As sexy as Joey is, he seems too innocent for the life Logan wants with him. So, Logan bides his time, waiting for Joey to get to know him better.

Joey came to the city to find someone, anyone. Logan, however, was more than he had ever dreamed of. Still, Joey had hope, and many late night fantasies. After a year of waiting, Joey finally gives up and goes to another club, a BDSM club. He’s totally unprepared for what he sees there and what he discovers about himself.

Hoping to save Joey from himself, Logan comes to his rescue, taking him home. Once there, things get heated. But all is not easy for these two. Just as they begin to settle down into domestic D/s bliss, Joey’s father comes around to mess things up.

Call Me Sir, Too

Dante knew Daniel was right for him the minute the gorgeous little man said his first curse word. He was everything Dante could ever want in a sub, sexy, spunky, and totally into the lifestyle Dante wanted with him. But some things are harder to get than others. When Dante gets called away on business he expects to be gone for a couple of weeks. He figures to claim Daniel when he comes home but two weeks quickly turn into six months.

When Dante finally returns, everything he’d been looking for in a mate is gone. Daniel’s been assaulted and beaten by a Dom out of control. His trust for anyone, including Dante, is gone. Dante could lose the man of his dreams forever

Determined to find the man he knows Daniel can be, Dante moves Daniel into his home and his life. But along with Daniel’s insecurities and lack of trust, Dante has to fight the Dom that assaulted Daniel in the first place and a host of other misunderstandings before he can prove to Daniel that what they have is worth fighting for.

Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Sir Series Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Sir Series Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Sir Series

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,709
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Call Me Sir


Logan James glanced up when the bell over the main door chimed. Normally, the music was so loud that the bell couldn’t be heard over the thundering beat. Whoever was walking in was there before the evening crowd had arrived and the music was merely background noise for the early birds in the bar.

Logan had been pissed when Mack called in sick. He had already worked since early in the morning going over the books, putting in orders, and generally making sure the bar was running smoothly. The last thing he wanted to do was man the bar for his sick bartender. But there were things he had to do as owner of Club Refectory, and filling in for his sick bartender was one of them.

And then Logan got his first good look at the handsome man that walked into the bar, his eyes darting around the large room as he scanned the place. Logan didn’t know if the man was looking for potential danger or a potential hookup.

He knew what he hoped for.

“What can I get you?” he called out to get the gorgeous man’s eyes on him. The little cutie didn’t need to be looking anywhere else. The man’s eyes sparkled with delight as he sauntered over to the counter and slid onto one of the barstools.

“What’s cold?”

Logan winked. The man shouldn’t be surprised. He was in a gay bar after all. “Everything but me.”

S–Arctic blue eyebrows perked up, and then the sweetest, hottest little smile Logan had ever seen in his life slid across the man’s gorgeous plump lips. The guy held out his hand. “Joey Macintyre.”

So that was the name of the love of his life…Joey Macintyre.

Logan shook Joey’s hand, smiling at the tingle that shot up his arm when their palms met. Yep, Joey was the one. Logan could feel it in his bones. Call it intuition. Call it love at first sight. Call it an overactive libido. Whatever it was, Logan just knew Joey was the one he had been waiting for.

“So, what can I get you, handsome?”

Joey’s cheeks reddened as he grinned. “Just a beer.”


Logan could barely hold his amusement in as Joey dug out his wallet and then handed over his identification card. Logan was pretty sure that Joey was old enough to be in the bar and drinking. He just wanted to be sure.

He also wanted an address. He smiled when he realized Joey didn’t actually live that far away. It was a little more than walking distance but close enough that he could see Joey on a regular basis without seeming like a stalker.

He handed the ID back and then went to get Joey a beer, choosing his favorite brand. If Joey was going to become a part of his life, the man needed to know what Logan liked to drink. Now was as good a time to start Joey’s training as any other.

Logan handed over the beer, watching Joey bring the bottle to his lips and tilt it back. His throat muscles moved as he swallowed. It was such an erotic motion that Logan’s cock started to ache with need. He had an insane urge to jump he man right there and then.

And yet he knew he couldn’t.

The uncertainty and hesitation Logan could see just under the surface of Joey’s demeanor said the man was innocent of the ways of the world—at least Logan’s world.

And that meant Logan needed to wait before claiming the gorgeous man until they knew each other better and Logan could introduce Joey to his world slowly.

Logan sighed as he watched Joey sip his drink, his arctic-blue eyes dancing as they darted around the room.

This so sucks.




“I’m going to go check on the coffee,” he said as he quickly jumped to his feet and headed for the kitchen. He needed to put some space between him and Logan before he made a complete idiot out of himself.

Joey grabbed two cups and set them on the counter. He reached for the sugar and creamer, setting them down next to the coffee cups. Spoon… he needed a spoon. Reaching into one of his drawers, he grabbed one and set it down next to the cups, sugar, and creamer. Did Logan take sugar and creamer in his coffee?

Maybe he should ask instead of assuming. He turned to go back into the living room and ran smack into Logan, who was leaning against the kitchen doorframe. Joey let out a surprised yelp.

“Sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t see you there.”

He closed his eyes, half in embarrassment he’d run into Logan, half delighted he’d run into him. Joey could die a happy man pressed against all those hard, sculpted muscles.

He raised his gaze to Logan’s face. “Sorry, I was going to ask you—”

“Ask me what, Joey?” Logan asked after a moment when Joey didn’t continue with his statement.

Joey’s eyes nearly crossed at the low, rough sound of Logan’s voice. If he didn’t know better, he would think Logan was aroused. But that was ridiculous. Logan didn’t desire him… did he?

“Logan,” he whispered, his gaze dropping to Logan’s lips. This is a really, really bad idea. But even as he told himself he was making a mistake, Joey rose up on his toes and placed his lips against Logan’s. He ran his tongue over Logan’s lips, begging for entrance. His hands curled into Logan’s shirt as he pressed his body against him. He knew Logan could feel his erection, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t help it. Logan turned him on more than any man he had ever met.


“Yes?” Joey whispered against Logan’s lips. Yes, yes, yes, anything you want.

“Joey.” This time Logan’s agitated voice worked its way through the deep haze of lust surrounding Joey’s brain.

“Joey,” Logan repeated again.

Joey lifted his head and looked up into Logan’s eyes. What he saw there made him wish the floor would open up and swallow him whole. Logan’s eyes were half-closed, his dark brows drawn together. But it was the tight clench of his teeth, the tic in his cheek that said it all.

He didn’t want to kiss Joey.

Joey quickly dropped his gaze and released Logan’s shirt. He took an unsteady step back and tucked his hands together against his chest to hide their trembling.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered. He couldn’t believe he had attacked Logan like that. He had no right. He wouldn’t be surprised if Logan didn’t want anything to do with him after this. The man had just come up for coffee, and Joey had practically attacked him.

No wonder no one wanted him.

Joey turned to face the counter, his back to Logan. He couldn’t face him. He couldn’t stand to see the contempt and disgust on Logan’s face. Doing so would take away the one thing he had left—his fantasies of being with Logan, no matter how impossible they may be. And Joey didn’t know how he would survive if he lost his fantasies.


“I made a mistake. Please, just go,” Joey begged, his eyes filling with tears at the softening of Logan’s voice. He could take anything from Logan except for his pity.

* * * *

Logan stared at Joey in shock. When Joey started kissing him, Logan had nearly gone out of his mind. Joey tasted so good. Logan wanted to go on kissing him until they both passed out. But if he gave in to that desire, Logan knew he wouldn’t be able to stop with just one kiss. He would want it all, every inch of Joey’s body. And there would be no going back from that point. The decision on whether to give Joey time to get to know him would be taken out of his hands. Joey would be his.

But seeing him turn away, knowing he thought he was being rejected—it was more than Logan could deal with.

He’s in agony, and it’s all my fault.

Logan stepped up behind Joey, pressing his body tightly against his smaller frame. He grabbed Joey by the hair at the back of his head and twisted his head around, plastering his lips over Joey’s. He wrapped his other hand around Joey’s waist to pull his body back against his chest.

He didn’t just kiss Joey. He devoured him. His tongue ran the length of Joey’s lips before pressing in, demanding entry, exploring every inch of his warm, sweet-tasting mouth. He felt Joey start to respond, slowly at first, and then it was as if a dam broke.

Joey opened up, throwing himself into the kiss with absolute abandon. Logan’s cock hardened against Joey’s hip as he ground against him. Heavenly. Joey moaned and whimpered as he pushed back against Logan.

Logan knew Joey couldn’t fail to feel his erection pressing against him. As he moved his hand down Joey’s waist to his groin, he wondered if he would find the same hard length in his jeans.

Damn! Joey was so hard his zipper was about to bust. Logan cupped him in his hand, squeezing, gently at first, then with more pressure. The harder he held him, the more unglued Joey seemed to become. He was so damn responsive.

“Logan, let me come,” Joey whispered against Logan’s lips as he thrust his cock against Logan’s hand.

Logan wasn’t even sure Joey realized he’d whispered the words out loud. He lifted his lips from Joey, growling into his ear. “How do you ask if you want something?” he demanded in a growly voice.

“Please,” Joey whispered.

“Please who?”

“Please, sir, please let me come,” Joey pleaded.

Logan flashed a feral grin as he unzipped Joey’s pants and pulled his cock out, wrapping his fingers around the thick shaft. His little man deserved a reward for asking so nicely.

“Good baby,” Logan said against the side of Joey’s neck.


Call Me Sir, Too


The bouncer was new. He didn’t even blink when Dante walked past him and through the doors of Club Refectory. Inside the bar, however, nothing had changed. Everything looked the same as it had the last time Dante dropped by, over six months ago.

Mack still mixed drinks behind the bar. Couples crowded the dance floor, and the loud music made it hard to think. People still seemed to be having a grand old time.

Dante let a small smile slip over his lips as he made his way to the bar and sat one of the red vinyl stools. He waited until Mack stood close enough then called out an order for ginger ale on the rocks.

Mack started to make the drink when he suddenly froze, a glass of ice in one hand and a bottle of ginger ale in the other. He lifted his head and glanced over to look at Dante. His face paled slightly.

Dante frowned. He knew he hadn’t been into the club in awhile, but it hadn’t been so long that Mack had to look at him like he was a ghost.

“Mack?” Dante asked. “Is something wrong?”

“Geez, Dante, you can’t be in here.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You have to leave, man, before Joey sees you.”

Dante watched as Mack dumped his drink in the sink and walked away. Once he reached the other end of the bar, Mack looked back. The stiff set of his shoulders matched the anger on his face.

What the hell? Why wouldn’t Joey want to see him? Dante had been out of the country for nearly six months. While he and Joey weren’t the best of friends, they were still friends. At least, Dante thought they were.

Confused and just a bit miffed, Dante turned away from the bar and walked to the side of the room where the stairs led up to Logan’s office. He was determined to get to the bottom of this, one way or another. Hopefully, Logan would have some answers.

At the top of the stairs, Dante paused, knocking on the door instead of barging in as he wanted to. The last time he’d visited Logan’s office, Joey and Logan put on quite the show for him. He didn’t want to walk in on another one unannounced.

“Come in,” Logan called out. Dante smiled and opened the door, eager to greet his friend after his six month absence. He’d missed Logan, and even Joey. It felt good to be home again.

“Hello, Logan.”

Logan’s head swung up. His face turned pasty white then a deep, burning red. Dante frowned. Why was everyone reacting like he’d kicked their dog or something? If the clenched fists were anything to go by, Logan looked ready to punch him out.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Logan snapped. He jumped to his feet and strode around his desk.

“I thought I came to see an old friend,” Dante replied. “Was I mistaken?”

“I think our friendship ended about the time you used Danny for an easy fuck then left him high and dry.”

“Daniel?” Logan asked. “What are you talking about? I never used Daniel.”

“Is that a fact? Then why in the hell haven’t you contacted him in six months, Dante?” Logan smirked, crossing his arms over his chest. “Too busy out sewing your wild oats?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Where have you been for the last six months?”

Dante stepped back. He looked away, unable to hold Logan’s intense stare. That was a question Dante couldn’t answer, not truthfully. He clenched and unclenched his hands, trying to relieve their sudden tension. “I had business overseas to deal with.”

“Business?” Logan snapped. “You had business to deal with? And you couldn’t pick up a fucking phone and call Danny just once? What? You didn’t have time in your busy schedule to send a postcard, an e-mail? Something to let Danny know you hadn’t fucked him and forgot him?”

Dante quickly turned to look at Logan. What was the big deal? Sure, he and Daniel slept together, but Dante hadn’t done anything to hurt the other man. In fact, he’d promised to keep him. Dante couldn’t help he’d been called away right after, and he was back now, to claim what was his. So why all the anger?

“What concern is it of yours?” Dante asked. “What happens between Daniel and me is none of your concern.”

Logan snorted. “That’s what you think. As you’ve shown me what an upstanding guy you are, I’m asking you to stay away from Danny.”

“Stay away from Daniel?” Dante asked. “I came back for Daniel. Why in the bloody hell would I want to stay away from him?”

“Because I’m asking you to stay away from him.” Logan’s face tightened. He suddenly turned and walked back over to his chair and sat down. He looked sullen. “Danny’s been through enough because of you. If you care anything for him, then do as I ask.”




“I like ‘sir.’” He stepped around to stand in front of Daniel and rubbed his thumb along the line of Daniel’s plush lips. “I like the way it sounds on your lips, but I imagine master would sound even better.”


The softly whispered word went straight to Dante’s cock like a gentle caress. Dante barely suppressed a groan. It wouldn’t do for Daniel to know the power he held at this point. He’d know soon enough.

“Stand here at attention, Daniel,” Dante ordered then made his way over to investigate the contents of the dresser. The first drawer held lube and condoms. Dante grabbed both. The next drawer held many other more interesting items.

Dante chose a black silk mask and a small butt plug. He dismissed the paddle for now. He wanted their first time together to be more intimate, flesh against flesh. His hand ached to feel the rosy red curve of Daniel’s ass without anything between them.

Dante walked back over and sat on the edge of the bed. He laid his prizes down next to him and gestured for Daniel to lie across his lap. “We need to address your disrespectful behavior before we can continue.”

Daniel fairly vibrated as he quickly moved to lie across Dante’s lap. Eager boy! Dante held his smile until Daniel faced away from him. He’d have to make spankings a regular part of Daniel’s routine. Obviously, Dante couldn’t use them for punishment. Daniel liked it too much.

“Count out loud for me,” Dante said as he brought his hand down across Daniel’s rounded ass. “And don’t you dare come until I give you permission.”


“One what, Daniel?” Dante asked, pausing with his hand in the air.

“One, master.”

“Very good, Daniel.”


“Two, master!”

Daniel wiggled just a bit when Dante’s hand came down again. By the fourth swat, his ass started looking a tad bit rosy. Dante massaged the red globes for a moment, enjoying the heat beneath his hand, before delivering another stinging swat.

“Five, master!”


“Six, master!”


“Seven, master!” Daniel’s voice trembled.

Dante hardened his heart and raised his hand to deliver another blow. He wasn’t using that much force—he didn’t want to hurt Daniel or bruise him—but he did want Daniel to remember his first spanking.


“Eight, master!”


“Nine, master!”

“Last one, Daniel.” Dante stroked his hand over Daniel’s ass again before delivering the last, well-placed swat to the rosy red cheeks.

“Ten, master!”

Dante massaged Daniel’s glowing ass, his fingers digging deep into the reddened skin until Daniel squirmed. He could feel Daniel’s cock press against his legs. “Do you want to come?”

“Yes, please, master.”

“If I let you come now, can you get it up again? I want your cock hard while I’m in your ass.”

Daniel shuddered. “Yes, master.”

Dante squeezed some lube out onto his fingers then slid them between Daniel’s ass cheeks, stopping at the small circle of puckered flesh. He pressed his finger against the tight entrance, pushing in slowly.

“Then you may come, Daniel.”

Daniel trembled, rhythmically humping his hips.

Dante added a second finger, and Daniel groaned.

“Come for me, Daniel.”

Daniel’s entire body stiffened. He cried out. Dante felt warm cum soak into his slacks, reminding him he was still dressed while the man over his lap was not. He’d have to fix that.

“I do believe you’ve messed my pants, Daniel. I may have to punish you for that.” While Dante knew he’d ordered Daniel to come, he wanted to know what the man’s reaction would be to more punishment. Would he accept it or balk?


Dante grinned as he rubbed his hand over Daniel’s rosy red ass. Daniel sounded relaxed, melty. He was in a peaceful space. As much as Dante wanted him to enjoy that, he needed relief himself. He ached.

“Stand up,” he said as he patted Daniel’s ass. “I want you to undress me.”

Daniel jumped to his feet, waiting for Dante to stand. Dante smirked and stood. He watched Daniel unbutton his shirt and drape it carefully over the chair. His hands shook as he unbuttoned Dante’s slacks.

Daniel knelt on the floor and pulled Dante’s shoes and socks off, set them aside, then slowly—painfully slowly—he lowered Dante’s zipper.

“Finish it, Daniel.” Dante clenched his fists to keep from reaching out.

Daniel gripped the edges of Dante’s pants and silk boxers and pulled them down. Dante smirked when Daniel’s gaze zeroed in on the hard shaft jutting out from Dante’s groin. Daniel’s eyes grew wide, and he uttered a soft gasp.

“Can I—can I—” Daniel reached out, pausing a mere inch from Dante’s cock.

“You may.” Dante grinned. He knew what Daniel wanted, but he wasn’t expecting it to feel so good when the man’s warm, wet lips wrapped around his cock. Dante groaned, clutching Daniel’s hair as he experienced the best blow job he ever remembered receiving. This would have to become a regular part of his routine.

Between the suction power of Daniel’s mouth and the way his tongue stroked across Dante’s flesh, Dante was quickly close to losing it. Daniel was a marvel.

“On the bed, Daniel,” he ordered through clenched teeth. He needed to get his cock in Daniel’s ass before he lost what little bit of control he had left. When was the last time he’d felt this hot, this needy?

Daniel got on the bed and knelt on all fours, lifting his rosy ass. Dante’s handprints covered the soft globes, and the sight fueled the desire racing through his body at a breakneck speed.

Thankful Daniel had his head buried in his arms so he couldn’t see his shaking hands, Dante poured more lube on his fingers. It just wouldn’t do for a sub to find out his Dom was losing control.

Daniel groaned. Dante bit his lip. He thrust his fingers into the ass pushing back at him, stretching Daniel’s hole. Dante used his teeth to tear open the condom. He pulled his fingers from Daniel and rolled the condom down his aching cock, adding just a little more lube and spreading it over his shaft.

“Are you ready for me, poppet?”

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