Valiant (MM)

Milson Valley 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,725
8 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Vampires/Werewolves, MM, HEA]

After years of suffering the rare cold condition, Valiant Durand was weary. For so long he had endured the oppressive cold that drained away his emotions, leaving him with nothing but a vast emptiness inside.

Tiago Durango would not have considered attending an interview for a bodyguard position at the Durand coven if it weren’t for his need of money to help his family. He had nothing against vampires, his father, Salvador Durango was a vampire and Tiago half gargoyle, half vampire. It was the thought of constantly being in a coven that caused his reluctance.

But when Tiago met Valiant Durand, he was stunned to discover his potential client was his mate.

There was little time to know one another, the cold condition grew worse every day, the moments Val was lucid were fewer and didn’t last long. Tiago had to act fast and save his mate and work on their mateship later.

Valiant (MM)
8 Ratings (4.6)

Valiant (MM)

Milson Valley 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,725
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Val dropped into an armchair and waved a hand at the chair across from him. The big man sat, body stiff.

“I would have returned sooner, but no one informed me you were lucid.” Tiago waved that away. “You gave me time to think. Thank you, I appreciate it. Have you been okay?”

“I’m rarely okay.” Valiant clenched his right hand into a fist, then shook it out to control the tremor. “What’s your decision?”

“I claim you and we mate. No part-time mateship either. Tell me now if you have a problem with that.”

“Huh, I wasn’t expecting that.” Valiant felt cold. “I’m fine to claim each other. I should thank you for that.”

Tiago shook his head, expression stern. “To have a mate is very fortunate. A blessing. I want my mate, you, Valiant. If that means living in New York, fine, as long as I’m with you.”

“That’s profound.” Val shrugged and looked away.

“You don’t know me well, yet, so I will let you know I am never profound. I am simple and honest, and straight to the point. Like now. The coldness is creeping back into you. I can see it in your eyes and sense it. Let me begin the bonding between us. It will slow the coldness down.” Tiago rose, walked two strides then knelt in front of Val’s chair, the man’s hands landing on his hips and holding Val tightly, but not causing pain. His intention was clear. Tiago wanted to claim Val. “Let me.”

Valiant didn’t have the luxury of time, not to get to know his mate, or decide if he even liked the man. The fates though were said to know what they were doing and didn’t make mistakes. So, Val would probably like Tiago a lot, and fall in love with him quickly as that was the way of mates. Except, his condition might foul up the fates’ match-making.

“Let you what?” Val hissed as hands pulled him closer.

“Claim you.” Tiago’s fangs were down. “Mate you. Say no now if you don’t want me to do either.”

Valiant shivered, and not from the cold that seeped into him. Tiago’s fangs brushed lightly over his throat, lingering on his Adam’s apple. He didn’t want Tiago to stop, and it had nothing to do with halting the damn cold condition and everything to do with how the man made him feel when he didn’t feel much of anything for a very long time.

Strong, sure hands slid beneath Val’s T-shirt.

“Yes or no, Valiant.” Tiago’s deep voice was harshly erotic.

He could do sex, he guessed. Who knew if he’d feel anything more than physical though? With a shrug and a ‘sure,’ Valiant wasn’t prepared to be picked up and deposited on his feet, and because he didn’t like to be jostled, he scowled and hissed under his breath. Tiago smirked and tapped Val’s chin.


“Don’t tell me what to do.” Valiant straightened and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at Tiago.

“You’re adorable. We’re mates. We’re going to tell each other what to do occasionally. You pick when you want to do it. I’ll pick when I want to do it. You want to get laid?”

“Fine.” Val kicked off his shoes and strode into the bedroom, removing his T-shirt and tossing it aside as he went.

“You need new clothes. That T-shirt is full of holes and those jeans are threadbare. I’ll take you shopping later.”

“Leave my clothes alone,” Val retorted, stopping beside the bed and unsnapping the buttons of his jeans.

Tiago grinned and was quick in shucking his coat, scarf, sweater, long-sleeve shirt, shoes, socks, and jeans.

The man didn’t wear underwear and he was aroused. Valiant was riveted to the half-hard thick cock that sprung from a neatly trimmed dark bush. His gaze wandered down over thickly muscled thighs, legs that were long with a light covering of dark hair, to Tiago’s feet. Val dropped his jeans and underwear, kicking them aside as he looked up Tiago’s body, lingering on the now fully erect cock that was long and thick and looked fucking delicious.

The man was well formed. Solid, hard, and strong. Valiant didn’t choose a bed partner, long ago when he had bed partners, because of a specific build, or type. Just whatever attracted him at the time. A sharp tongue. Good hair. Musicians really did it for him, and he liked guys that were kind to animals and a touch anti-social to people.

Coldness spread through his bones, but before he could dwell on that, Tiago stepped close, their bodies touching. Leaning down, Tiago took Valiant’s lips with a hunger that drove out all thoughts and dulled the coldness. He didn’t even notice they’d made it onto the bed until he was flat on his back with Tiago over him and the man’s lips now on his throat.

But the coldness spread. Hissing, Val pushed against Tiago’s big shoulders.

“Hey, look at me.” Tiago cupped Val’s chin, not budging from the push. “I’m going to claim you—”

“Get off.”

“Shit.” Tiago rolled off him and sat up. “If I claim you, it’ll slow down the coldness.”

Clenching his fists as he fought the coldness, he slid to the edge of the bed and stood. “Go.”

“Not going anywhere. I’m with you, that’s it.” Tiago stood. “Let me claim you.”




“Just hold still.”

Taking a firm grip of his mate’s hips, Tiago flipped Valiant so he lay on his stomach across the bed and tugged the black boots off, letting them drop to the floor. Turning Valiant back over, he pulled the lime green shirt up and off, dropping it on the floor on top of the lace-less black boots.

Need slammed into him hard. Before it had been a steady stream flowing through him, peaking occasionally when Valiant was lucid, and when his mate turned those intense pale green eyes on him. Tiago wasn’t certain anyone else saw it, the faint glow that was always surrounding his mate, but he noticed, he saw everything about Valiant.

“I’m holding still and you’re not doing anything.” Valiant reached up and grabbed a fistful of Tiago’s sweater to pull him down.

Tiago was finding it difficult to contain himself and sought Valiant’s mouth. His mate met him with equal fervour, their mouths locking together, Tiago growling at the taste of his mate, the feel and scent of the man.

As their lips tasted and teased, Tiago ran his hands over his mate’s torso, loving the feel of silky, warm skin, wanting to explore with his mouth, to taste and nip and love, but Valiant’s mouth was too good to leave yet.

Rising up, Tiago caught hold of Valiant’s slim hips. He lifted, placing his mate on his lap. Removing the hairband holding Valiant’s hair out of his face, he let the band fall to the bed. Valiant brushed Tiago’s lips with his own, nipping at the corner of his mouth then sucking the nick.

“I pledge myself to you, Tiago Durango, my mate.”

Pleasure surged through him, and he took Valiant’s mouth fiercely, his hold tight, pulling so their bodies were skin to skin. Pledging to vampires was more than a promise when spoken and blood exchanged. It was sealed with magic winding through them both and was never to be taken lightly.

Valiant gripped Tiago’s sweater and jerked it up, forcing them to separate long enough for it to be removed. Valiant’s hands immediately went to Tiago’s chest, gripping tightly at first as their lips joined once more in need and excitement, then the touch changed as fingers stroked his nipples, pinching lightly.

Valiant’s gift flooded him, seeping in deep. Mixed with the lust, hope and how he was falling for his mate, it was euphoric.

Tiago needed, wanted more. Snapping the button open and pulling the zip down on Valiant’s chinos, he set to work getting them off his mate. Valiant helped and at the same time, helped remove Tiago’s clothes.

Once naked, Valiant stretched across the bed and took a bottle of lube from a drawer of one of the bedside tables. Tiago slipped a leg between his mate’s, his hands running over silky skin and his mouth feasting. He ran his tongue over Valiant’s collarbones, sucking here and there while his hands stroked down his mate’s back, following the groove of ribs, along his spine to his ass which Tiago kneaded, liking the handful and softness.

“Fuck me,” Valiant panted, thrusting the lube at Tiago.

“Maybe later.” Tiago smirked, taking the lube, which meant letting go of one ass cheek. “After I pleasure you and make you come in my mouth.”

“Oh, fuck yeah.” Valiant lay back. “Pleasure away, T.”

Laughing, loving the irreverent ways of his mate, Tiago pressed kisses along where Valiant’s treasure trail would be as he made his way downwards. Vampires were nearly hairless on their bodies, only having hair on their heads, some facial hair, and their privates.

There was a lot to admire about Valiant, and Tiago admired his mate very much in many different ways. At this moment, he was admiring Valiant’s long slim body and aroused cock. He licked a dribble of pre-cum, moaning as the flavor hit his taste buds. He wanted more and took Valiant’s cock into his mouth, lapping at the little slit.

Valiant caressed Tiago’s bald head. He groaned and lifting his left leg, draped it over Tiago’s shoulder. Snagging the lube, Tiago took Valiant down his throat, swallowing, as he flicked the lid on the bottle open and poured out a liberal amount.

“Ahh, yeah—yes!” Valiant breathed out, his body tight with tension, the good type of tension.

He took his time teasing Valiant’s hole, loosening the little pink star as he sucked lightly, bobbing up and down, giving just enough to keep Valiant on the edge. When he finally slipped a finger inside and felt his man tense, he hollowed his cheeks, adding firmer suction.

Valiant’s channel was warm and tight. Tiago was careful with his stretching, making sure to keep his touch gentle and finding the little nub of nerves inside, distracting from any discomfort. Soon he had two fingers in deep and Valiant was riding them and demanding more. Tiago moved faster, bobbing his head. The cock in his mouth swelled, balls up tight and full. As he brushed his tongue to the underside of the sensitive cap, Valiant hissed and bucked beneath Tiago, crying out. He emptied his load as Tiago tasted cum and pushed another finger inside.

He was reluctant to release his mate’s pretty cock, the cum sweet like candy, and he’d enjoyed bringing pleasure to his vampire. Slowly he let the softening cock slide free and moved up over Valiant and sat up. Grabbing a pillow, he lifted and slipped it under his mate’s hips then taking himself in hand, positioned himself at Valiant’s ready hole.

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