Bound by Accident (MF)

The Moreland Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,905
21 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Consensual BDSM Romance, public exhibition, sex toys]

Makenzie has given up much to help her loved ones. She gave up on her hopes and dreams of artistic fame. Her life consists of her job, making love with herself, and painting in the wee hours of night. Until one fateful Friday ends with her car pinned to a tree. The man who helps her that evening belongs to her. She sees it in his eyes, intense and burning.

Charyn Moreland is a Master of bondage arts, yet no woman ever touches him. He stopped looking for Ms. Right after catching his ex in bed with his brother years ago. But once he encounters Makenzie at the scene of a terrible car accident, their gazes lock and he is going to have her regardless of what he has to do. She is his.

But after a single night of scorching passion, can he convince her to trust him?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Bound by Accident (MF)
21 Ratings (4.4)

Bound by Accident (MF)

The Moreland Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,905
21 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
fine but that is it
Fi O
Makenzie thinks she’s ordinary but the hero Charyn certainly doesn’t thinks she is and nor will the reader. Not that there’s anything ordinary about Charyn either (least of all the ten inches). They are however delightfully real and down to earth – Mak is sassy (though not quite as much as her friend Charli who I note appears in the next book and am about to sart that) and Charyn a man who knows what he wants but is patient in getting it. If this means making his woman wait (and enjoy things all the more) well that’s what he’ll do. They meet as the title suggests at an accident and from first sight the chemistry is there. Amazingly Ms Willows keeps the chemistry going and the sex steamy – and pretty much continuous. Most others I’ve read in this genre build you up to the sex at the end more or less – this just keeps building but it’s hot from the start. There’s some great light moments (love the visual imagery of the ass-out gown – I remember working in a hospital!) and I want the address of that restaurant Dojo!!!
I haven’t read much BDSM so can’t compare, but what is woven into this relationship is done beautifully. Educational and erotic at the same time, you can just feel those ties (and knots) at all the right places.
I recommend not reading it all at one once. If you want to spice up your sex life, there’s enough here to keep you going for quite a while.
The first in the Moreland brothers series – there’s three hot brothers so I’m hoping for three hot books, the second I note is just out.
This book is hot – searing!
Simone Sinna
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Does love at first sight really exist? To know that when you first look into the eyes of the other person you feel like you can't breathe or you just want to go to them and take everything you want from them. You want to be bound to them and never leave their hipbone. Then you get that first kiss, that first sacred touch and you are gone. That is exactly what happens to Charyn and Makenzie, they both know that they want each other but for Makenzie, it is hard because of the past. Makenzie Stafford-Jones moved from New York to be closer to her mom because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is an artist at heart but she can't seem to take that leap of faith and start a new career. Charyn Moreland has been alone for nearly five years after he found his fiancée in bed with his brother. He already knew that he wanted to break the engagement with her but he felt bad. So, was it fate that brought these two totally different people together one fateful night? The moment Makenzie opened her eyes, it was lust at first sight just like what Charyn felt. At that very moment, Charyn knew he found his wife and no matter what he knew she would bolt the first chance she would get but he was very prepared. Only Makenzie had no idea that she was going to fall head over heals with Charyn, but she was going to do her best to resist him before he could break her heart. Not only is this a hot read but it really enthralled me. Makenzie and her crazy friend Charli were a hoot. Just beware there is some drug usage in this book. Then you have Charyn who, after a small heated discussion, actually cleans house for her before she comes home a little on the stoned side. Just reading how Makenzie would fall into some kind of a trance from looking at Charyn in the eyes it made me want something like that. I want to feel that when I looked at the man that is stealing my heart that he could look directly into my soul. I loved the strong connection that they had but still Makenzie could not believe that Charyn loved her and would not leave her. Okay now let's talk about the sparks that ignited from the very start. Let me just forewarn you before I go any further, there some BDSM in this book, mainly spanking, some sex toys, bondage, oh how could I forget a little voyeur scenes to help illustrate what Charyn wanted to do with Makenzie. Oh my, did Mr. Moreland know how to work the ropes. When he clothed Makenzie in rope oh my, did she fly from the sheer pleasure—no, let me rephrase that—oh my, she went into sub space. He keeps his promises and never actually makes love to her until a couple of days later from when they met. When they joined for the very first time, it was magical and that is when Makenzie ran. I know that their relationship started quickly but I knew that they were meant to be. Charyn let her know too soon that he meant to keep her and not let her go. He is a very strong dominant man that knows what he wants but he knows that he cannot keep Makenzie from fleeing but gives her the space she needs but he has his eyes on her. Makenzie thought she was safe and sound at home with her mom but think again because he has been keeping an eye on her since she ran so get ready for the punishment. Oh and what a punishment! This is my first read of Ms. Willows and believe me I cannot wait to read what brother is next to have their happily ever after. Pick up this book today, you will not regret it." -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

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“Makenzie, you’re so soft, baby.” No other woman felt like this. Supple and strong, able to take all he had to offer without him coaxing or prodding for more.

Her sighs and moans were his road map over her body. He wanted to know her every reaction to his touch, wanted every sensation he gave to intensify her pleasure. He regretfully pulled his lips from hers, wanting to taste the skin he was feeling with his hands. The callused finger pads passed over every inch of her not plastered against him.

He heard her breath change when he latched on her breast, sucking the whole areola and surrounding flesh in his mouth. He laid his head on her chest, suckling, tugging, then tasting the wrinkles of her nipple. He heard her heartbeat, so fast his own stuttered. Leaving the nipple, he slid down, tasting her thighs and knees. Charyn heard her whimper, knowing she was close. He wanted to hold her back, so he licked the crease of thigh and hip. Sucking the skin there, he left a mark, could feel its heat. She cried out, needing him.

Makenzie was blubbering, random pleas falling from her lips. Charyn was hard-pressed not to come, as if he had never touched a woman. Truthfully, he never had. Every liaison he ever had was sordid and impersonal compared to this. He never touched a woman with intent to bind her to him forever. He wanted the others to walk away satisfied, but didn’t give a damn about them and barely remembered half their names.

He couldn’t even remember his last lover’s face well enough to pick her from a lineup. Charyn rose up on his forearms, looking at the object of his desires. Makenzie was a mass of contradictions, giving her body to him on a platter, but withholding something more important. The emotions she hid from him now, he never wanted or needed from any other woman. He was going to take them and her.

Charyn heard her curse him and knew she was on the brink of being unable to deal with any more of his sensual torture. He knew she was so close she could taste the next orgasm on her tongue. Exactly right where he wanted her. He smiled. He scooted closer to her, dragging his chest over her belly, her breasts as he blanketed her sensitized flesh. His mouth nuzzled hers, opening her lips with firm pressure and pointed tongue. She sucked the tip of the invader, caressing it with her own.

“Shit, Charyn…please…” Makenzie apparently wasn’t too proud to beg for him.

“Please what, Makenzie? Please you? Fuck you…or make love to you?”

“Oh God! I don’t care…anything you want.”

Charyn couldn’t help the smug look he knew was on his face. God, he adored this woman. “Good girl, my Makenzie.”

“Oooh…” The cry from her lips trailed into a choked gasp.

He felt her belly constrict with arousal against his, and Charyn nipped her neck, leaving rapidly fading teeth marks in his place. Although, he wasn’t expecting the nip he received in return on his extended arm, but he should have. Damn vixen. She was in for a hell of a ride tonight. If she walked away from his bed in the morning without aid, it was because he had mercy on her tonight. He didn’t feel merciful though. Not one bit.   

Charyn groaned and thrust his hips against hers. His cock, thick, heavy, was nudging her portal. She wanted it now, and shuttled her hips against it, attempting to help him gain entry. He cocked a brow at her and took over. Splaying his knees wide, he forced her thighs open, gaping, wishboned. He pressed her opening gently, the head propping her weeping pussy open. Using finesse, he stroked her, giving an inch. He could see she wanted the mile, though, and let him know that with her needy movements. She was circling her hips, the most his clutching arms would permit, as Charyn took control of her lower body with an implacable grip.

She cursed him again, wanting more, and he gave her another inch then took it back. After he seated half his cock, she was impaled, and he was left to wonder how she would take the rest of him. Charyn knew his hunger was more than she could take. But she asked for it, in fact was begging for it. Hot and rock-hard, he speared her with more, leaving just a few inches to go. Squirming, Makenzie keened out, the sound ringing in the quiet. He told her how good she felt, how irresistible.

“Give it to me!” she screamed at him, and his cock seemed to engorge further. The few inches he could see remaining outside her were darker and thicker than normal.

“So demanding.” He licked his lips and backed his cock away from her clinging pussy. Only the head was left to linger inside her snatching wet grip, and Makenzie began to rock vainly for more.

She was ready for more, all of him. He gave it to her, one savage thrust seating him fully.

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