Lust for Life (MF)

The Moreland Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,954
7 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Romance, public exhibition, light bondage, sex toys]

When Charlene “Charli” Anderson meets Deven Moreland, sparks fly between them and they hide mutual lust behind petty arguments. Neither needs money, but both are missing something.

Charlene is a beautiful woman on the outside and a frightened girl inside. She hides her true needs behind a cocky façade and her former less-than-legal profession. Her past haunts her, even as she ignores it. Deven is an adrenaline junkie by night and thriving businessman by day. His need for adventure is fueled by the desire to keep his insomnia at bay. To the world the pair appears to be different, and normal life and circumstances never meet. Like magnets, both feel the bitter burn of lust for their polar opposite. Can Charli let go of her bitter past to embrace the man in her future? Will Deven convince Charlene that they can find love from the spice of lust?

Note: This book contains drug use.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lust for Life (MF)
7 Ratings (4.9)

Lust for Life (MF)

The Moreland Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,954
7 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Loved it, story kept you interested. And the characters were intense yet relatable. The chemistry was off the scale between them! Highly recommend it, if u like an adult story.
Ms Willows warmed up nicely with her first book. This one too has loads of sex though there are a few more moments to take a breath than in the first (Bound by Accident). This is good because it then there is just enough room for a story and tension that means you can't put it down. Love Charli - this is a heroine that is very achingly real and gritty. Could do with Deven being a bit meaner but any guy where courting includes jumping out of a plane - hey this is my type of guy. And I guess if he was meaner Charli (despite being 5ft tall) might have had to knock him (6ft4)out. These books are interracial - fiesty black women and white men (that are built like what I dream black men are...)and she makes it just right. Not a social science lesson, nor moral conundrum just mutual attraction working and to hell with colour and social class and background. World needs more people like these characters.
Simone Sinna



Deven was going to have her now. Backing her to the bed, he stripped her jacket. He tossed it on the floor and pulled the hat off. The knit cap went the same way as her jacket. She leaned back, falling onto the bed. He tugged her shoes and pants off next, chucking them away. Her panties, a white lace boy short, left him panting. He was torn as he wanted inside her, but wanted her wearing the panties when he did. The problem was solved as he probed at her concealed smooth, wet sex, and his thick fingers ripped a hole through the crotch. His digits sank to the hilt inside her wet, fragrant warmth, and Charli chanted his name.

“Deven, please,” she asked beautifully, her hands grabbing at the invasion curling inside her.

 The next moment had her canting her hips, rocking against his open palm. Her short hair wrapped her face, hiding her eyes from him. He wanted to see the large eyes filled with lust, and he used his free hand to smooth the strands away. She looked at him as he wished for, and her pupils expanded, turning the whole iris black. Deven stroked his hand down her face, her neck, until he reached a soft breast. He palmed it, pinching her nipple in the joint of two fingers before tugging it away from her chest, and she arched back.

The bend of her back was so deep, her entire upper body, save the crown of her head, left the bed. He heard her grunt, teeth gritted, keeping the sound low and long. His fingers inside her silken wetness made slurping sounds, the copious juices heavy as cream. Her hands gripped him, her full strength no match for the large man she grasped. Her short nails clenched into his arms, and the barest addition of pressure would break the skin. He leaned over her, looking her in the eye. When he opened his mouth and swallowed her next panting breath, she teased his tongue with her own. Sucking a soft lip in his mouth, he rocked his palm against her smooth skin covered in juices. With a flick of fingers, the digits inside her pulsed against her spot, leaving her shuddering against him.

His fingers worked her, satisfied her. Deven felt her quicken inside, knew she was close to combusting. He increased the pressure, grinding. Charli cried out and he was glad that she couldn’t stop herself from making the needy sound. He refused to stop the pressure, and Charli shuddered and scrambled backward. But she wasn’t going anywhere and he stopped her flight with one tug of his arms, forcing her to take all that he offered, not just some of it, while he watched her thrash under his plucking fingers and seeking mouth for more of his touch.

Deven listened to her scream and felt more satisfied than he did their first time. He loved hearing her come. Nothing was more erotic than this woman begging him, calling his name, and pleading for more. He removed the fingers from her leaking orifice, and used them to cover his cock with a condom. His shoes were tossed aside, shorts and tee falling where they may. He fell over the panting, sweating woman, plunging half his cock inside her with the first stroke. She screamed again, and Dev gave her more, thrusting the rest of him home. She was wild beneath him, hips pistoning his. She clenched at the hard muscles of his shoulders and back, gaining no purchase. His flesh was slick and taut from lack of spare fat. He took the scrabbling digits, clutching them in one hand above her head. The other arm went behind her back, dragging her closer. She was captive to his lusts and could only throw her hips back at him. The delightful minx cocked her head, biting his arm, sucking the sweaty skin dry. He gritted his teeth and bucked into her spongy pussy harder.


* * * *


His thrusts, wild and snapping, slid Charli up the bed, begging for more. She tightened her legs, wrapping his hips before she gave in, letting him take her as he may. Every now and again, the head of him nudged her spot before butting the cervix. She could hear herself groaning but she was too gone to care. Even in the midst of the pleasure she could hear him panting, felt sweat splash her skin. He leaned closer, rolled with her, only to turn her ass up and give his cock back to her. She squealed, and he took both his arms, placing them beneath her. One gripped her shoulder, and the other her waist. She was 100 percent at his mercy, could barely thrust back at him. His fingers at her waist flicked in counterpoint to his rhythm, and her hips followed their guidance.

“Pixie, you feel so damn good.” The words were punctuated with dick, a handful of digging strokes that left her wordless.

“Ahh…” Her mouth was open in a semipermanent gape, which Deven kissed. There was no language to describe how she felt in the moment.

But he had plenty to speak on and verbalized every naughty and wicked thought that she could imagine. With each pass of cock he talked to her and made her wetter than ever.

He rewarded her cries with salacious praise. “That’s good, Charli. Scream for me again.” She always did. It was the only thing she could verbalize.

“Charli…” He punctuated her name with a hot bite below her ear. “So sexy…”

She lost count of the thrusts she parried with her hips. All she knew was each stroke was sublime. He whispered in her ear, paying homage to her body with words Charli never thought would describe her.

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