[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

The day former exotic dancer Camilla O’Neal began working at The Dancing Pony, she told co-owner Ben Lawrence and head bartender Quinten Parks that “work is work and pleasure is pleasure” and she kept the two very separate. Working with their tiny dancer brings Ben and Quinten as much pain as pleasure. After two years of secretly lusting over and loving this blonde temptress, they have a plan.

Camilla goes about her job as assistant manager at The Dancing Pony with boundless energy in outfits designed to distract. Her plans for owning her own nightclub are a driving force within her. She’d left the world of stripping and pole dancing at a gentlemen’s club behind to pursue her dreams but finds Ben and Quinten an increasing distraction from her goals. Can she handle mixing business with pleasure when her men decide it’s time to claim her?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.

Tiny Dancer (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Great book! I have loved all the books in this series so far.
FABULOUS!!!!!!! Love love love this series
donna b buccella

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Bending over to place bottles deep in the cooler, Camilla heard what sounded like a painful groan from Quinten. She caught the sight of his back as he quickly retreated into the storage cooler. Ben stood in front of the sink, his hands braced on the edge, and looked as though he was thinking…hard.

Once more, her gaze was riveted to the strong lines of his masculine physique, the way his bulky biceps were delineated, and the carved granite of his jawline. Her heart palpitated, along with other girlie parts, as she noted the virile bulge at his groin, visible as he stood in profile. What a man.

Something about the intensity of his posture drew her to him. “Is everything okay, Ben?” Camilla asked as she scooted close so none of the patrons could hear her. His masculine scent, a mix of woodsy bodywash and his own unique musk, made her pulse throb as he met her gaze with those dark, unfathomable eyes of his. Some deep, primal part of her wanted to rub up against him, but she held herself in check.

Don’t flip that switch, girl. He’s so off-limits.

Ben let out a long sigh, gave her a halfhearted smile, and shook his head. She went back to putting the bottles in the cooler and he helped by removing them from the box and handing them over two at a time. The work took less time with his help but her heart rate sped up as her hands occasionally brushed against the warmth of his as she took them from him.

Once the case of cold beer bottles was empty, he scooted around her in the slightly cluttered space behind the bar and gathered up all the boxes. He lifted them over his head and made a move to go back around her. Unfortunately, he “zigged” when she “zagged.” She lost her balance and wound up with her backside to his front. His hot, heavily muscled body was in contact with hers from her shoulders to her ass. Heat sizzled up her spine and awareness of him shot through her like a bolt of lightning.

“Sorry, Camilla, I didn’t mean to knock you off balance,” he murmured in a low drawl as he paused, bracing himself against her until she was steady on her feet again.

“Th–that’s okay.” She was glad the bar wasn’t full because she had a feeling her expression would probably give her away. The desire to rub against him was almost overpowering.

Once she was steady, he pulled away but not before she noticed the hard ridge that brushed against her ass as he moved. His voice sounded a little strained as he muttered, “Gonna go put these boxes away.” Without further comment he rounded the end of the long wooden bar and strode toward the storeroom.

She tilted her head in appreciation as she watched his Wrangler-clad butt.

She turned to face the customers and found Vance sitting on his tall chair, elbow braced on the bar, resting his chin in his hand. He grinned at her. “You have no idea how gorgeous you are, do you, Cami?”

Camilla cleared her throat as she stepped up on the ledge Ethan Grant and Jack Warner had installed to make it easier for her to reach the bar. In addition to being married to her friend Grace Warner, Jack was also a building contractor. Ethan had asked him to build the narrow footrail for her since, at five feet one inch she was a bit “height-challenged.” At eye level with Vance, she wiped the bar down with a towel as she smiled at him. Vance was a nice guy, if a bit of a horndog.

“You know I go by Camilla now, Vance.”

He pouted, and Camilla mentally tallied his beers. “I know, but I have such fond memories of Cami.”

Camilla snorted as she cleared his empty bottle and nodded at his signal for another one. “You make it sound like we had something going, Vance. Heck, you never laid a hand on me.”

Vance sighed melodramatically as he took a sip of his fresh beer. “I know. But in my fantasies we did. You always turn me down, but I’m gonna keep asking—”

Here we go again.

Camilla had to laugh as she cut him off. “No, Vance. You cannot ‘motorboat’ my breasts for fifty bucks. But thank you for the offer.” He asked to nuzzle her every time he came in, with his naughty cowboy grin and his twinkly eyes. Mostly, his requests just amused her. He opened his mouth, probably about to teasingly haggle with her when Quinten reappeared from the storage cooler. Camilla caught the way Vance immediately clammed up and tried unsuccessfully to look innocent.

Turning to Quinten, words stuck in her throat when she saw the glare he cast at Vance. She wondered if he’d overheard their conversation, and also wondered why it would bother him. It was certainly par for the course with Vance and all the women in the club. She placed Vance’s beer in front of him and then moved down the bar closer to Quinten. “Hey, I thought I was going to have to rescue you from there before you froze to death. You okay?” He’d sounded like he was in pain when he’d retreated a few minutes before.




Rivulets of hot desire tingled in Camilla’s pussy as Quinten kissed her breasts and suckled at her nipples. “Beautiful,” he whispered as he looked up at her through slitted eyelids before feasting on her some more. His promise echoed in her mind. I’d never leave you like that.

Quinten, don’t give me reason to hope beyond this moment.

Closing the door on those heartbreaking fears, she concentrated on the feel of his hair sliding between her fingertips and the heat of his body. This moment is all that matters right now.

After dimming the lights, Ben came closer, his eyes glowing with desire that her body instinctively reacted to. Images of the three of them entwined swirled through her mind as her pussy swelled and ached with need for both of them. Her body, especially her breasts, had been on display for more men than she could recall, but these men made her feel like she was the only woman in their world.

Camilla was barely aware as the men shifted her from the couch to the plush area rug nearby. Her limbs felt loose and languid as she allowed them to slip the sweatpants over her hips and down her legs. Being completely bare before them, and hearing their soft groans created a wantonness inside her she’d never felt before.

Ben’s hot breath brushed against the skin beneath her ear, causing her to tremble and hold tight to him as he whispered, “Lie still for us, sugar. Just let us look at you, all of you. We’ve wanted you so long. Dreamed about this.”

She welcomed the overwhelming sensation of two pairs of hands and lips caressing her flesh. The silky fibers of the rug stroked her skin as she nestled into the thickly padded surface. She stretched out and let them maneuver her however they wanted to.

She heard the rustle of clothing as they one at a time left her arms and stripped then returned to her. Pressing against her on either side, their hot flesh touching hers drew blissful sighs from both of them. When she reached for them, to kiss and suckle on their flesh, they wouldn’t allow it and held her against the rug. She moaned, growing even wetter, loving the control they exacted over the moment.

Quinten’s tone was worshipful as he whispered, “You’re even more beautiful than I imagined, naked and spread out for us.”

Hands roamed over her breasts, gently squeezing and plumping, as lips suckled at her nipples and left damp trails in their wake as they descended down her rib cage. She arched and lifted her pelvis off the rug, but a hot hand encircled her leg, just beneath the apex of her thighs, held her down and still.

Ben murmured, “Sweet little pussy.” His hot tongue drove through her slit in a sudden assault, and he groaned then added, “I want to fuck you so much it hurts.”

Her cunt clenched at the surprisingly swift stroke, wanting him to return for more. She wriggled in his grasp and banged her heels on the carpet, a needy moan the only sound she could make.

Quinten chuckled and she smiled when he lifted her other thigh from the carpet. Her pussy liquefied as she felt his hot breath on her toes once and then his lips encircled her big toe. Her pussy swelled and grew hotter as he stroked her with his tongue and sucked the digit hard. Quinten stroked her calf with one hand as he continued her toe worship, and Camilla trembled as his hand gradually made its way to her knee and up her inner thigh.

She was bombarded by sensation as Ben renewed his assault on her pussy, licking at her opening but steering clear of her clit until she moaned with need. He chuckled as he tickled her clit with just the lightest flick of his tongue, causing her to fight their hold to follow his mouth, but they wouldn’t allow it. Quinten’s callused fingertips stroked the dip between her thigh and her labia before sliding back up to her knee. He repeated the motion, taking her higher and higher with each stroke.

“We love you, Camilla. I love you, and I want to give you whatever you need.” The sincerity in Ben’s tone made tears seep beneath her closed eyelids as he continued lapping with leisurely strokes at her pussy, edging closer to her clit. The command and regard in his voice earlier as he’d drawn those painful memories from her had reduced her to her most basic emotions.

Both men centered their attention at her pussy, and Ben’s mouth finally latched on to the swollen bundle of nerve endings at her clit. They held her to the rug, and Ben’s assault on her senses increased as Quinten returned his attention to her nipples. Being held down increased her vulnerability as they suckled, and the tension inside of her grew to astronomical proportions. Quinten stroked her jaw and her cheek in direct contrast to how hungrily he feasted on her breasts, and the gentleness in his touch, the love, sent her over. A sob burst from her throat as she arched between them, riding each hard wave of her climax until she was breathless and flushed.

“Open your eyes.”

She obeyed Ben’s gentle command and smiled up at them, crouched over her. Ben was between her thighs, the glint of lust and triumph in his eyes as he continued stroking her opening with one hand while grasping his tremendous cock with the other. Desire crested again inside her as she noticed Ben had already donned a condom and Quinten had one in his hand prepared to open. She was glad because she wanted both of them. Quinten’s cock was swelled to enormous proportions, and she licked her lips as her mouth watered.


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