Rugged Salvation (MFMM)

Rugged Savage Valley, Colorado 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,409
11 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, spanking]

When James, Jeremiah, and Johnny Greenwood return bearded and exhausted from a month in the woods, they’re looking for nothing but an easygoing night at the local honky-tonk, Catdaddy’s. But in walks country music starlet Marina Andrews, and all bets are off. Unfortunately, Marina doesn’t believe in magic or fate, and she especially doesn’t believe in love. Besides, her label is waiting for new material, and her life is so much bigger than some small, tucked-away town in Colorado. Despite these aversions, however, she can’t resist the wild attraction she feels for the scruffy brothers. As the Greenwoods get more and more tangled up in Marina’s heart, the idea of what she’s always wanted begins to blur. The longer she stays in Savage Valley, the more her life outside of the mountains begins to crumble. Can the Greenwoods show one disenchanted singer just how powerful love can be?

Note: There are two different series in the Savage Valley, Colorado collection. Rugged Savage Valley by Edith Dubois is bear-shifters. The Pride of Savage Valley series by Helena Ray is mountain lion-shifters. Each book features a different romantic trio or quartet. Even though the two series take place in the same setting with crossover characters and share an external story arc, each of the series can stand alone.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Edith DuBois is a Siren-exclusive author.

Rugged Salvation (MFMM)
11 Ratings (4.3)

Rugged Salvation (MFMM)

Rugged Savage Valley, Colorado 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,409
11 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Jeremiah led his two brothers through the crowd. He could smell her in the air. His lips still pulsed with the remembrance of that kiss. He’d kissed plenty of women in his day, but damn if that wasn’t the best kiss he’d ever been a part of. And that was just a kiss. Jeremiah couldn’t imagine what she’d be like in bed, between himself and his brothers. She’d be pure fire. She’d burn them up and then demand more.

He saw her dark head at the bar. She had a shot of whiskey in front of her, but she didn’t drink it. She dipped her finger into the brown liquid and then ran it along the rim of the glass, staring absentmindedly through the bar to the lights and activities of the patio.

He couldn’t help but think he was responsible for her lackadaisical state. She’d probably never experienced a kiss like that, either.

“Marina Andrews,” he said when he reached her. He noticed her immediately stiffen but didn’t think much of it. His presence probably excited her. Hell, he couldn’t blame her. He was excited by her presence as well if his erect penis was any judge in the matter. “I’d like to introduce you to my brothers, James Greenwood and Johnny Green—” He didn’t get any further than that because Marina had sprung up off her barstool. Right when he thought she was going to fall into his arms again, she reared back and punched him in the jaw.

“Ow!” she screamed, shaking her fist. “You asshole!”

“You hit me! How am I the asshole?” He rolled his jaw experimentally, but to be honest, he’d barely felt her hit. “Why’d you hit me like that? Are you okay?”

“Get the hell away from me!” She tried to shove him, but she ended up knocking herself back into the bar.

“Will you stop trying to physically assault me for a second and explain what’s going on?”

“This is our mate?” Johnny asked from behind, and Jeremiah didn’t miss the self-righteous sarcasm.

Marina turned to him, eyes dangerously narrowed. “Did you say ‘mate?’” She turned her glare to Jeremiah. “I’m not your goddamn mate, do you hear me? I know what you are.” She slapped his chest, trying to shove him away. To make her feel better about herself, he took a step back.

“Now, now, let’s all just calm down and—”

“You’re one of those bear-shifter-thingies.” She shoved him again, and this time Jeremiah stumbled in earnest.

“How the hell do you know about that?” James asked, whipping around Jeremiah’s stunned form to grab Marina by the elbow. “Who told you about us?”

“Get your hands off me! Help! Help! He’s assaulting me!” Nobody came to her rescue because everyone knew that the Greenwoods would be the last men in town to hurt a woman, but her hollering made Jeremiah uneasy, nonetheless.

“Settle down, Marina. No one’s hurting you. James, for god’s sake, let her go.”

Marina twisted her arm away from James and resumed glaring at Jeremiah.

“Marina, how do you know that about me and my brothers?”

“Why should I tell you?”

He stepped close, intending to disarm her with his proximity. What he hadn’t counted on, though, was her effect on him. His cock rose up as he brushed against her thighs, and he could smell a trace of rose petals, sweet and heady, on her skin and in her hair. He put his hands heavily on her shoulders and then ran his hands down along her arms until her reached her wrists. Then he pushed his body fully against hers and pinned her hands on top of the bar’s surface.

“You’ll tell me,” he said, making his breath tickle across her neck before he pressed a kiss there. “Because you want me to kiss you again.”

“I do not.” With her breathlessness and the way she pressed her hips against him, her denial was practically a request for him to do just that.

“Are you sure about that, Marina?” He moved his lips along her jaw.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I…oh hell, I don’t know. You can’t ask me questions and expect answers when you put your lips on me like that.”

He let his lips hover beside hers, letting his breath dance over her face. She whimpered. “You want me to kiss you?”


“You want more than that, don’t you?” he whispered darkly in her ear.

She whimpered again, rolling her hips. “Yes, but…”

“But what?” He moved so that he could look in her eyes. With a quick motion, she moved forward, smashing her lips against his. Once her lips were on his, he couldn’t maintain his train of thought. All plans of taunting and teasing her into admitting how she knew about them flew out of his mind. All he knew was the feel of her lips burning against his, hot and needy and delicious. He moved his hands to her ass and pulled her tight against his body.


Adult Excerpt


“Let me loose,” she begged against James’s mouth. “Please, I need to touch. I need to move. I can’t stand still.”

James ignored her pleas. Instead, he moved his lips down her throat. He bent his mouth to her shirt and slowly unbuttoned the top button with his teeth. His mouth pressed against her hot skin below the fabric. He tasted and nibbled. Then he moved to the next button. He took his time, undoing each button and pressing kisses down her chest and stomach until her blouse was completely open.

“James, please,” she muttered, yanking her arms, trying to free them. She squirmed against his hold on her, but she could not budge. “I can’t stand this.” She jerked forward, straining with everything she had, but he just grinned down at her.

“If you promise to take your pants off, I’ll let you go free.”

She stopped struggling and glared at him, not trusting his promise. It couldn’t be that easy. “If I take my pants off, you will let me loose?”


“You’re just gonna let me walk away?”

He nodded. “I won’t touch you.”

She narrowed her eyes, looking for a small twitch or blink that would give him away. It was too good to be true, but his eyes met hers steady, and he didn’t grin or even move. He just held still and watched her, waiting for her answer.

“All right,” she heard herself say. “All right, let me go.”

Jeremiah’s hands slid from around her legs, and James let go of her wrists. She undid the button to her shorts and slipped them over her leggings. Then in a slow, measured fashion, she slid the leggings over first her hips, then her thighs, and finally pulled them off her ankles, dropping them on the porch. Her button-up shirt was wide open, and her bright-blue, lace bra and panty set allowed the cool night air to kiss her skin like she had nothing on. Her nipples hardened into buds, and goose bumps rose on her bare ass cheeks.

Jeremiah, still on the ground, put a hand to one cheek, touching her gently and with reverence. “Marina?”


“Can you turn around? I’d like to see you from the front.”

Rolling her eyes, she nevertheless obliged.

“Come closer,” he said. “I’ve got to see this cunt up close.”

“Jeremiah,” she gasped.

“What?” he asked, looking up at her with a guileless expression.

She drew in a strangled breath and stepped closer. As soon as she was within reach of him, he wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her tight against the railing.

“Jeremiah! What are you…” Her words trailed off as he put his mouth to her lace-covered pussy lips and began kissing her there. She moaned, rolling her hips toward him.

“You got her steady, Jeremiah?” She barely heard the question, and its implications hit her mind only half a second before the first slap landed against her ass.

She squealed and gripped the railing. She tried to whip around, but Jeremiah held her tight, his mouth working faster and harder against her cunt. His teeth dug into her flesh, but the lace kept the bite from being too sharp.

“Do it again,” she begged, her thighs trembling.

She heard a deep chuckle behind her just before a second spank hit the opposite cheek.

“Damn, this is a fine ass. You sure you don’t want just one little swing, James?”

James sighed. “Can’t. I promised I wouldn’t touch her.”

“You can touch me, James.” Her fingers clawed at the wood railing. “James, I want you to touch me. Both of you, spank me at the same time.”

Without hesitating, they did as she said, both of their palms taking a cheek as Jeremiah continued tormenting her pussy. He had pulled the lace aside with his teeth and was licking at her folds, sending hot shivers up and down her body with each swipe of his tongue. Then he moved the tip of his tongue to her clit and let go of one of her thighs. He thrust two fingers up into her pussy while continuing his attack on her tiny bud. His fingers pulsed into her body to the same rhythm as his tongue pulsing on her clit.

Marina began rolling her hips to that rhythm, and James and Johnny caught on, measuring their slaps to match the pace and intensity of her hips. The lower half of her body was nothing but hot, wanton flames, and she didn’t know whether she was climbing up to their height or plummeting deeper into the bowels of a raging fire, but either way she was going to explode.

Jeremiah slammed his fingers into her, his knuckles digging into the outer flesh of her lips as her inner muscles beckoned him further inside. Suddenly the spanking stopped and one of the brothers behind her grasped her ass cheeks and spread them wide. The cold night air danced over her back hole as the thin strap of her thong was moved to the side, and she trembled at the sensation.

She knew they wanted to touch her there, penetrate her there, and overcome with Jeremiah’s wild licking and plunging, she wanted that, too. She wanted every nerve alight.

“Touch me,” she whispered. “Put your fingers in my ass.” Jeremiah’s fingers paused for a moment.

“Are you sure?” James asked.

When she nodded, Jeremiah pulled his fingers out of her pussy to swipe and slicken her back hole. Someone pressed a warm kiss to the top of her shoulder and then two fingers pushed through her tight asshole. She rocked back, the strange sensation sending her pussy to new heights. “Yes,” she whimpered. “Keep going.”

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