Brazilian Cattle Baron (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 159,028
12 Ratings (3.0)

[Ménage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, with M/M/M, Consensual BDSM, flogging, orgies, sex toys]

An unexpected inheritance. A family secret. Bizarre religious rituals. Lust and love in an exotic land. Sebastien Leon experiences all this, and more, when he inherits his uncle’s huge cattle ranch in Brazil. Surrounded by beautiful, virile Brazilian cowboys who treat the new “master of the ranch” with an almost feudal deference, Sebastien must overcome his natural shyness and take charge. There are challenges and surprises at every step in the way, until Sebastien, after toying with indiscriminate desire, finds true love where he least expects it.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Brazilian Cattle Baron (MMM)
12 Ratings (3.0)

Brazilian Cattle Baron (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 159,028
12 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story Excerpt


Sebastien drank his coffee and spooned mousse into his mouth.

“You work very hard, senhor Sebastien, and long hours,” Estevao commented as he attacked his own cup of mousse.

“I have to, Estevao. I don’t have much choice. I have a lot to learn, if I’m going to understand how things are done here.”

“Still, you should take some recreation. Especially in the evenings. At night.”

“I haven’t had a chance to become bored, yet. And when I do go to bed at night I tend to fall asleep right away. It’s very quiet and restful here at night.”

“You will have noticed, I am sure, that there are many more men than women working here on the fazenda. Of course, many of the men have families, in the nearby towns and villages. Those who do not actually live here on the fazenda go home to their wives and children at night.”

Sebastien didn’t quite know where this conversation was headed, so he said nothing, but waited for Estevao to go on.

“Many of the unmarried men who have no homes to go to turn to one another for companionship at night,” the valet said blandly.

“I imagine they do. That would be only natural.”

“Even some of those who think of themselves as great womanizers have been known to form such attachments.”

“Estevao…are we talking about what I think we’re talking about?”

“We are talking about how some of the men amuse themselves in their leisure time.”

“And are you suggesting that I amuse myself in a similar fashion?”

“There is no reason why you should not, if your inclinations lie in that direction. I could easily arrange it.”

“I think we’ve known each other long enough, Estevao, for us to be a little more forthright with one another. Are you telling me you would be willing and able to find me a sex partner?”

“I am here to attend to your needs. And to your wishes.”

“But this task might put even your resourcefulness to the test.”

“I must disagree. Nothing could be simpler. Remember that I know these men well. Many of them are excited to have such a handsome young master.”


“I do not flatter. They speak openly of it—among themselves.”

“Really? And exactly how would you go about recruiting one of the men for this project you propose?”

“Nothing could be simpler,” Estevao repeated. “I would point out to you those I consider to be the most likely candidates. You would make your choice. I would approach the man, and say to him, ‘The mestre would not be adverse to having some companionship this evening, in the main house. To play cards, or billiards, or chess…or simply to converse, to give the mestre a chance to practice his Portuguese.’” Estevao made it all sound as easy as going to a supermarket and pulling an item off a shelf. Easier, in fact! Sebastien thought about the escort service, back in New York. Here, apparently, he wouldn’t even need to make a phone call!

“The man—this purely theoretical man, about whom we are speaking purely theoretically—would expect to be paid, I assume.”

“Oh no, senhor. He would expect nothing of the kind. He might even be offended, if he were offered money. He would do this only for the sake of the mutual pleasure, his and yours. Of course, should some sort of an ongoing relationship develop between the two of you—an understanding—then he would not refuse some small gift, as a token of the bond between you. Some practical item, perhaps, which he might be saving his pay to buy, and which would not arouse the curiosity or the envy of the other men.”

“You seem to have it all figured out, Estevao, quite carefully and in detail.”

“I believe you norte-americanos have an expression, which I sometimes heard senhor Gilberto use—‘My mother did not raise me to be no fool?’” Estevao smiled sweetly.

“Estevao…are you telling me that you performed such services for my uncle? Or even that you and he?”

“Oh no, senhor Sebastien. Not that I would have been unwilling. I would have given myself freely. But there was no such occasion. Your uncle’s tastes lay in quite the opposite direction. He admired beautiful women. I understand, from what I have heard from others, and from what he told me himself, that in his younger days he was considered to be quite a ladies’ man, and that he made many conquests. Until—”

“Until what?”

Estevao suddenly seemed to be choosing his words very carefully. “Until he reached the age at which a man begins to prefer a more settled way of life.”

“I’m not sure I have reached that age yet, myself.”

“No, you have not. All the more reason why you should…indulge yourself.”

“And you, Estevao…would you be willing to indulge me? Personally, I mean, in addition to recruiting other men for me?”

“Of course.” Estevao had stood up, and was replacing the empty mousse cups on the tray.

“Out of a sense of obligation? Forgive me, but that idea leaves me a bit cold.”

“It would not only be that.” Estevao moved a step closer to Sebastien. “I have a terrible confession to make to you, senhor,” he said, in a low voice. “Something that shocks even the priest in Guarás, whenever I make my confession to him. He makes me say many rosaries, on my knees, as my penance, and he tells me he despairs for my soul. But I am a sinful man, and I cannot help myself.”

“This sounds intriguing.”

“You may think it shameful.”

“I don’t think I’m particularly judgmental. Don’t leave me in suspense. Out with it.”

“I am a complete submissive.” But Estevao’s tone and manner, as he said that, were almost boastful. “My greatest pleasure is to service other men, in any way they desire. It excites me. You would be surprised—even men who say they are interested only in women have wavered, after they have been with me.”

“Actually, that doesn’t surprise me at all. I imagine you can be very persuasive.”




“All right, I can tell we’re all horny,” Sebastien declared, reaching out to stroke Uver’s penis. “Are we just going to let nature take its course and have ourselves a dissipaçao, a free-for-all—or do either of you men want to do something in particular to get the ball rolling?”

“I have an idea, senhor,” Estevao said. Somehow, Sebastien wasn’t surprised. Estevao’s eyes hungrily devoured first Sebastien’s body, then Uver’s, focusing mainly on the size and obvious potency of the other two men’s exposed cocks. “It is something I have seen in the porno films. I want you both to fuck me at once!”

Uver laughed. “You are so very greedy, my friend.”

“Okay, I have to admit it, men…I’ve seen it done, in videos, but it’s one thing I’ve never tried, myself,” Sebastien admitted.

“We will show you how it’s done, senhor,” Uver said. “Trust me, Estevao is agile enough to assume the necessary position—and his hot asshole can stretch wide open, far enough to take two big dicks, easily.”

Encouraged by his friend’s praise, Estevao hurried to move in front of Uver, turning around and pressing his buttocks against the uplifted bulk of the other ranch hand’s erection.

“You first, Uver,” Estevao instructed, as Uver put his arms around him and hugged him tightly under the chest. “Stretch my asshole wide open with your big stud prick!”

Uver obliged. He grabbed a condom and pulled it on, then seized the tube of lubricant which Sebastien also kept handy beside the bed. Once his fuck tool was thoroughly coated with the lube, he held it down at an angle, positioned it between Estevao’s firm, round buttocks, and pushed forward. A sudden bucking of Estevao’s ass resulted in him being impaled on the first few inches of Uver’s cock. The look on his face made Sebastien envious. Another eager backward thrust of his hips, and Estevao had managed to take almost Uver’s entire length.

“Ah! How he fills me,” Estevao exulted. “Big, hard cock!”

“This is where it gets a little tricky, senhor Sebastien,” Uver explained, looking at him over Estevao’s shoulder. “Move in here, facing me, and fuck him from the front.”

The kinkiness of the proposed double penetration appealed to Sebastien, who quickly put on a rubber and hurried to face Estevao, sandwiching the valet’s hard-muscled body between Uver and himself.

Estevao was obviously an old hand at this maneuver. He raised both arms behind his head, locked his fingers together at the back of Uver’s neck, and raised his legs high into the air. He stared into Sebastien’s eyes. “Fuck me, mestre!” he begged.

Glancing down, Sebastien could see Uver’s cock sunk deep in Estevao’s ass, the shaft splitting the young stud’s buttocks wide open. He slicked up his own cock with a palmful of the lubricant, knelt on the mattress, and pressed his cockhead against Estevao’s asshole. It was surprisingly easy to drive his dickhead through the already taut-stretched sphincter ring and inside the asshole next to Uver’s shaft. Estevao’s anal muscles put up some resistance at first, and to facilitate the insertion Sebastien reached down, grabbed the cowboy’s glutes, and pried them apart as he thrust. Slowly, his dickhead was sucked up inside. Then, abruptly, it slammed all the way in, and Sebastien could feel his cockshaft pressing snugly against Uver’s, both men’s dicks surrounded by Estevao’s hot ass flesh. The interior of Estevao’s body felt like a warm smooth fist gripping and squeezing both their cocks, compressing them tightly together!

“Fuck!”  Sebastien shouted.

“It’s exciting, isn’t it?” Uver asked. “But here’s the secret of doing it successfully…we can’t both thrust up into him at once. If we do, one of us is likely to slip out. We have to coordinate it. You fuck into him first, senhor, as deep and as hard as you can push yourself. Then, while you’re pulling back out, I’ll shove mine up into him. And so forth. We shall work as a team.”

Sebastien couldn’t believe how good it felt. Estevao’s legs were up over his shoulders, and Estevao’s asshole was stuffed with their cocks. Sebastien couldn’t see how his prick could move an inch inside that impossibly tight space, but he thrust upward, on Uver’s cue. He felt something give way, and sure enough Estevao took it, groaning and shuddering between the other two men. Sebastien began to fuck him, his dick rubbing against Uver’s cockshaft, against the walls of Estevao’s asshole. Uver fucked, too, his dark prick pumping in and out and grinding roughly against Sebastien’s lighter-hued tool. The latex sheathing both fuckers’ shafts squeaked as cock rubbed against cock.

“This is incredible,” Sebastien reported. “This has got to be the hottest fuck I’ve ever had!”

“Take him,” Uver invited, his lips drawn back from his teeth in a snarl, his body wet with sweat. “Use his ass, mestre! He loves it! He loves to get fucked! Don’t you, Estevao?”

  “Yes! Yes! I love to get fucked!”

  Neither Uver nor Estevao was exaggerating. Estevao was already ejaculating, his semen raining all over his belly and chest, stray drops of it slapping against Uver’s brawny arms and some of them even hitting Sebastien’s face. Coming like that, impaled on both men’s pricks, only seemed to inflame the young cowboy more.

“Don’t stop! Fuck me!” he moaned. “Oh please, go on fucking me, both of you…don’t stop until you both come in my ass!”


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