Their Majesties' Knight (MMF)

Knightly Bonds 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,617
13 Ratings (3.7)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Fantasy Ménage, M/M/F, with M/M elements, sex toys]

Arin chose Galena as his queen, which is an honor she could have done without. Unfortunately, besides being an arrogant, overbearing jerk, he is also a fabulous lover, and no matter how often Galena leaves him, she always comes back. She has only one way out: Arin can't claim her officially until they find their third.

Lan of the Lions is one of the most dangerous and famous knights, and he prefers sleeping with men. He is rarely attracted to women, but when he visits Hearthstone he is drawn to both Arin and Galena.

Each of them is attractive on their own.

Together, they are irresistible.

But Lan isn't used to staying anywhere for long. Will he stay when danger threatens his lovers? Someone wants Arin dead. And with Galena and Lan captured, Arin must make an important decision.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Their Majesties' Knight (MMF)
13 Ratings (3.7)

Their Majesties' Knight (MMF)

Knightly Bonds 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,617
13 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story excerpt


“I hate that woman!” King Arin roared, unperturbed by the presence of his knights and servants. He had just been informed that his future queen had left the castle. Without permission. Again.

He stared moodily at the tall windows cut in the stone. Damn it, what was wrong with her? She was promised to the most powerful man in the kingdom, was going to be the queen of a prosperous land, had a whole palace, all his riches and lands at her disposal—and was she thankful? No. She kept leaving the castle without even bothering to ask for his permission first. Not that he was going to give it, but still. She should have shown some respect for the man who was going to be her husband. But no, she continued to defy him at every turn. Arin stubbornly refused to remember that Galena’s spirit was exactly what had attracted him to the minor baron’s daughter. He scowled.

“If you really hated her, you wouldn’t care she’s left,” said a black-haired woman entering the room. 

Arin winced, turning around to face her. “Hello, Moira.”

At first glance, there weren’t a lot of similarities between him and his sister. She was slender, pale-skinned, with black hair and eyes. He was heavily built, muscles bulging from constant training, and red hair and eyes so light they were almost golden. At the moment, he also sported a short beard. 

Arin loved his sister. However, there were times he was tempted to keep her permanently locked in her tower. He narrowed his eyes. Moira and Galena got along famously. In fact, he could have sworn he had heard Galena calling him an overbearing ass and saw Moira nodding her head sympathetically.

“What do you want?” he asked bluntly.

Moira appeared unperturbed by his obvious anger. She stared at him with what was a decidedly unflattering gaze, her hands on her hips, lips pursed. “We need to have you dressed.”

A flicker of uneasiness went up his spine. Moira had inherited all their father’s magical power, not to mention his knowledge. “I am dressed.”

She waved her hand dismissively. “Dressed up, actually. We are trying to pass you off as this dignified, wise, and powerful king.”

Someone snickered then coughed as Arin’s gaze went in his direction. “Why?” he asked suspiciously. “We don’t have any guests we need to impress, do we?”

He went over the list of numerous people present in his castle. No. Kay would have warned him, if no one else.

“Wrong, brother dear.” Moira disappeared into the next room then returned with her hands full of clothes. With a humph, she unloaded them on the nearest page. “Go on, boy. Help your master.”
“What happened, Moira?” Arin asked as he came over to help the poor page, who was practically staggering under a heap of rich and heavy fabric. 

“The White Lion has just come into the castle,” she answered, sounding satisfied.

Arin blinked. “The White Lion?” 

A murmur rose from the knights who were present. “I would love to cross swords with him,” Nalik of Yellow Hills said.

“You are no match for him,” Moira said curtly. “Now, Arin might be, but I would be surprised if even he manages to win. This one is good.”

“No one is invincible,” Arin said in mild voice. Moira had absolutely no social skills. There was no need to be that rude, though poor Nalik really wasn’t a match for the famous knight. He appeared quite flushed now. Arin hurried to distract him. He wasn’t worried about his sister. But he had reason to be worried about knights who chose to tangle with his sister.

“That would also be the one you wanted to snatch by magic?”


Arin shuddered. Boy, had that been an argument. Moira was excited and insisted on transporting the knight right then and there. She could do that, too. She kept insisting the knight was important for him. Arin didn’t think anyone would appreciate being yanked to another place by a meddling magician. Somehow, he persuaded his sister to leave it alone for now. Now, however, the White Lion appeared to have come to Hearthstone of his own volition. Arin’s interest was piqued. The White Lion was rumored to be undefeated. The knights on his court who had met him all agreed he was uncommonly skillful in fight. Arin, no slouch in that department himself, was curious how they would fare against each other.


Adult Excerpt


Arin’s mouth worked, but no sound came away. Suddenly, he moved, his boots making sharp sounds as they moved across the floor. He stopped next to them. One fist closed in Lan’s short hair while the other was busily working on his pants. He had his cock out and was palming it in a minute. It was hard, stretching out to his full, impressive length. The plumed head was already dark and damp.

Galena whimpered.

Arin’s expression was unreadable. Spreading his legs, he pushed Lan’s head toward his groin. 

Obediently, Lan licked a long line down his thigh. Arin shuddered. His grip tightened. “Open up and suck me,” he ordered, his voice rough. Humming, Lan obeyed, letting Arin put his prick into his mouth. His eyelids dropped. 

Arin’s rough handling was enough to distract Lan from the pleasurable feeling coming from his cock. His nostrils flared. The combined sounds coming from both Arin and Galena were almost enough to push him over the edge. His arousal spiked.

Arin’s fingers tangled in Lan’s hair, controlling his movements. Lan growled in displeasure, letting Arin’s cock slip a little from his mouth.

“No, don’t do that,” Galena pleaded, and Lan’s eyes met her green ones, filled with lust. He realized Arin had deliberately chosen a position in which Galena could watch him pleasuring the king. He swallowed, realizing she was enjoying Arin’s presence as much as he. Deliberately, he moved his head so he could lap at the underside of Arin’s cock. He was rewarded with a sigh from both his lovers. He sank inside Galena again then rose above her, so he could swallow Arin’s dick again. Arin hissed but allowed him to control the rhythm of their coupling. Galena’s fingers dug into his arms, her gasps adding to his pleasure. 

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