Cain's Salvation (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,603
7 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, HEA]

Cain was designed in a lab to be used as a super warrior called a Genophyte. Genophytes are programmed with military training, psychic powers, and diminished emotions.

After buying out his contract with the company that built him, he uses the talents, including his empathic abilities, to run his own security firm. He was built without emotions, but that all changes when a dream shows him a female, Samantha, who needs his help. A glitch in his programming makes him susceptible to a primitive possessiveness when he meets the one female that can deal with his issues. From the moment he first sees her, he desperately wants her. His firm receives a call from her father. Sam was kidnapped and held for ransom. Cain and his employees are hired to fix the botched attempt to get her back.

Their happiness rides on Cain’s ability to find her in time.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cain's Salvation (MF)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Cain's Salvation (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,603
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
OH MY GOODNESS! One fantastic book, Cant wait for the next one.
Barefoot Okie
good writing and story line
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4 STARS: "Cain’s Salvation was a very sexy read. Lea took this idea and went in a direction I didn’t expect. She did this on several fronts and it kept the story original and world unique. Cain and Sam’s romance moves at a quick pace. They are hot together, especially with Cain and the newness of the whole situation for him. I’m definitely looking forward to reading about more of these sexy Genophyte’s!" -- Vanessa, The Jeep Diva

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“Are you Samantha Bridgestone?” the man asked. His voice was a commanding baritone with a slight southern accent.

She edged back against her vehicle, trying to decide the best course of action. She’d taken two semesters of self-defense in college and was a pretty fast sprinter, but her fear had locked down her muscles. Her heart was pounding in her chest, making it hard to hear anything over the rush of blood in her ears. She slowly slid the bag of food onto the ground, mentally calculating the number of steps she’d have to run to make it to the doors.

“Um, no,” Sam squeaked. She glanced around, hoping to see someone, anyone, who would help her. “She does live here, though.”

“You look like her,” the shadow said. He studied a piece of paper and glanced up at her with black eyes. He was a very large man, dressed in a black long-sleeve shirt and cargo pants. His boots were black leather, much like the military boots she’d seen some of the teenagers sporting lately. “Yep, looks like you. Long, red hair, curves, and gray eyes. And ain’t you parked in her spot?”

With a smooth glide forward, the male placed himself between the apartment building and Sam. He was within a yard of her huddled form before she could react. His face was shadowed, all hard planes and clenched muscles. Terror spiked so fast that she nearly passed out. She couldn’t catch her breath. Each gasp felt like her last as her chest constricted.

“Stay back,” she breathed and tried to move along the side of her vehicle, backing toward the storage area. She threw a warning hand up in an unconscious attempt to ward him off. Her instructor’s words slid through her mind about how to stand and where to strike an assailant. Never allow an abductor to take you to another location. The mantra of her self-defense class pounded in her head. “I know self-defense and will kick your ass if you come closer.”

The male chuckled and made a quick grab for Sam’s outstretched hand. He clamped a meaty palm around her wrist, twisting her around, and slammed her body against his chest. Breath was forced out of her lungs in a swift huff. Even being tall for a female, five nine, didn’t keep her from feeling like a child in his grasp. Her captor had to be well over six foot and built like a bouncer or a football player. His chest was a brick wall of muscle. With a fast move, his other hand slammed across her mouth. His breath came in slow, warm streams against her right cheek. She silently screamed, terror edging through her entire body.

“You, little missy, are in deep trouble. Now, you’ll be silent and won’t fight me, or you will be hurt,” he whispered. “Nod your head in understanding.”

Sam nodded as directed and tried to slow her breathing. Her lungs were burning, and her body was fighting to get enough oxygen through her nose. Blackness was already edging her vision. She started counting between breaths and tried to remember her breathing exercises from yoga class. Adrenaline raced through her bloodstream, making any attempt to calm down almost impossible.

“We’re going to walk quietly to my vehicle, and you’re going to get in like a good little girl, right?” he asked. He trailed one hand down her arm, sending goose bumps over her skin. The other hand still held her firmly to his body and covered her mouth.

Sam nodded again to show her understanding. Her thoughts were still fuzzy as she tried to wrap her head around what was happening. Please, let me be dreaming. She shuddered as his hand skimmed down her side before circling her waist. Her memory was dragging up stories she’d read in the last few years about women who were abducted and then killed or raped, or both. Terror tasted metallic on her dry tongue.

“Nice and easy, now,” he directed. He pulled her tighter against his body and started moving them toward the back of the parking area. Sitting in the darkest corner was a large black vehicle with tinted windows. As they approached the right side of it, the cargo door slid open, and another male stepped out. He wasn’t as impressively large, though. His face was less harsh, and his body wasn’t as sculpted. He was dressed like Shadow in all black.

“Get the restraints, Jimmy. I think our little captive will be safer if we secure her before our ride.” Shadow spoke quietly to Jimmy, but with enough authority that left no doubt in Sam’s mind of who was in charge.

Jimmy grabbed a set of plastic straps and quickly bound her hands together in front of her body. He also bound her ankles together with quick efficiency. A whimper escaped before she could stop it.

Shadow half-walked, half-carried her two steps to the open vehicle, and picked her up with ease. He placed her on the seat and slowly removed his hand from her lips. He gave her a menacing look before pulling a cloth from his front pocket and wrapping it around her mouth, securing it behind her head.

“Easy, pet. I’m not going to do anything to you. Our job was to grab you and keep you safe for a while,” he said as he stroked a hand down her cheek. “I do have something to ease your trip to your temporary home, though.”

With quick movements, he pushed something against her thigh. She felt the prick of a needle and the spread of warmth through her leg as the injected heat traveled through her body. She’d only a moment to panic about being knocked out before darkness slid over her sight. Her last thought was a silent prayer to any deity listening to save her.




Cain walked to the edge of the bed, intent on burying himself in the warmth he instinctively knew was waiting for him. He watched Samantha stroke a hand down her own belly, drawing goose bumps from her skin. She slowly reached down her body and parted her pussy lips with her fingers. With slow, languid circles she rubbed her clit. She dipped a finger into her opening, and threw her head back with a sigh. Her other hand massaged a breast. She moaned as she rolled and tugged at the nipple. She opened her eyes and looked right into his soul.

“Please, Cain, I need to feel you inside me. Don’t make me wait,” she breathed out, just above a whisper. Her gray eyes shined with passion.

“No worries, love. I’ll be buried so deep inside you in a few minutes you won’t know where you end and I begin.” He climbed onto the bed, stalking her on all fours. He felt predatory, feral with need. He could smell her arousal perfuming the air, and it was driving him crazy. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips, stroking them with his tongue until she opened for him. He stroked his tongue into her mouth, caressed hers and dragged a soft sigh from her lips. He moved his mouth over her chin and down her neck, breathing her scent in. She smelled of warm woman and almond soap. When she leaned her head back to give him access to her throat, he licked down the column of her neck and nuzzled her shoulder. He bit her lightly, moving his tongue over the skin clamped between his teeth. The moan that escaped her throat made his cock throb.

He kissed the place he had bitten and leaned back to watch her face. Her eyes were closed and a slight smile tilted the corners of her mouth. He fought the urge to lean down and capture her lips once more. He wanted to be buried balls deep into her body, to feel the heat and tightness of her pussy milking his cock. “Now, roll over and show me that lovely ass of yours.”

Samantha opened her eyes and grinned. She slowly rolled over, keeping eye contact with him. She got on hands and knees, spreading her legs. She leaned down and placed her head on the bed, moaning as he rubbed a hand over her lower spine and ass. She leaned back into his hand and wiggled slightly, giggling when he gave her a light smack. The giggles dissolved into a moan of pleasure when he moved his hand down and under her mound, pressing firmly against her folds. He nearly came when he felt the wet heat against his palm. Her skin was so soft and slick with her passion.

Cain moved between Samantha’s knees. He could feel the heat radiating off her body, pulsing against him. Her skin was smooth and soft under his calloused hand. He slowly ran his hands up her outer thighs, and grasped her hips. He kneaded her flesh, grinning at the whimper that escaped her lips. He pulled her back against his cock, nestling himself in her slick folds. Pumping his hips, he enjoyed the slick glide of his cock through her juices. “Oh, God, you’re so wet for me. What do you want, Samantha? What do you want me to do to you?”

She moaned and shoved back against his groin, wiggling her pussy against his cock. “Fuck me, Cain. Make me come with you inside me.”

Her plea pushed him closer to the building release. That vulgar request from her beautiful lips was too much. He leaned back and ran a finger down her ass, lightly circling her anus and moving lower until he could plunge his finger into her wet opening. The whimper that escaped her was animalistic. He couldn’t wait any longer.


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