Lucy's Inheritance (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,203
7 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Lucy Snyder Grant has just found out that her grandmother has died, leaving her a home in a small town in Tennessee. With her best friend Micah Bentley, they travel to Snyder Falls, where her inheritance awaits.

Kaleb Johnson moved to Snyder Falls to get away from everything and everyone. He is enjoying his peace and quiet while working hard on his art. Within hours of Lucy and Micah’s hitting town, his life is turned upside down…

How do three different people with pain in their past and secrets about themselves in their present make a future together? If they can get their act together, maybe they will find out that the farm and house are just the beginning of Lucy’s inheritance.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lucy's Inheritance (MMF)
7 Ratings (4.3)

Lucy's Inheritance (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,203
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
very funny and hot was a fast and easy read.maria



The walls of Kaleb’s cabin were pine but finished with a dark veneer, the ceilings were vaulted, and the floors were finished in a dark veneer. His artwork hung everywhere, and there was a giant black leather couch in the middle of the living room with a huge flat-screen TV sitting in front of it. Wonders of all wonders, what else would be in this house. Micah walked into the kitchen, and it looked professional. The ranges, the walk-in freezer, and the granite countertop were all a polished black. On the kitchen table there was a sleek, black laptop.

“Do you have Internet?” Micah shouted at Kaleb.

“Yeah, I’ve got satellite, too. What’s the big deal?” Kaleb replied.

Micah shoved him hard. “What do you mean, what’s the big deal? I can’t even get a reception in this godforsaken town, and you have TV, Internet, and a gourmet kitchen. Seriously, and, oh yeah, by the feel of it, you have central heat and air, too. Meanwhile you’ve been camping out in a shack with me and Lucy when we could have been living in comfort across the field. I bet you have a bathtub and a walk-in shower, too.” Micah flew past him and went straight upstairs to find the master bath.

Kaleb rushed after him, pausing in the entrance of the master bathroom. Micah was kneeling in front of the Jacuzzi tub, his head down on the lip, his hands pressed together as if he was praying. What the hell? Starting to worry about Micah’s mental health, he turned and yelled for Lucy. If he was going around the bend, he wasn’t going to be alone with him. Lucy would be riding the crazy train with him. He yelled again for Lucy. Where the hell was she? Just then Lucy came into the bedroom.

“You bellowed,” Lucy said in a very condescending voice.

“Micah is praying at the bathtub. I think he might be having a mental breakdown. And I’m not going through this without you. If he’s going, then I’m afraid to be by myself.”

“You're afraid of him? Hehehe, you could bench-press him,” Lucy replied.

Kaleb just stared at Lucy. “What are you laughing at? You know that you’re afraid of him, too. Don’t pretend otherwise.” As she talked, she walked into the bathroom. Micah was still kneeling in the same position. Lucy followed, and much to Kaleb’s surprise, she was soon kneeling beside Micah within seconds, her hand and head in the same position as Micah.

What the hell was he going to do? Now both of them had gone crazy. Kaleb had finally found people that didn’t mind his bad grumpy moods. These two nuts even came back day after day. Thinking for a moment more, he then knelt beside Micah and put his hands and head in the same position

“What are we praying for?” he asked.

“To the bathtub gods. You have to show a certain amount of respect, or we will be back bathing in that horrible little tub at the farm,” Micah informed him.

Okay, that might make sense somehow. Kaleb decided that he wasn’t going to give his opinion. He would just do whatever it took to keep them all together.

Who would have thought bringing these two people back to technology would have such an effect. It was almost like after all these weeks they finally were cracking. As he sat there staring at the bathtub, Kaleb realized he was in love, not just with Lucy, but with Micah, too! He had never felt this way about a man before, so comfortable, and so turned on, but not just the sex stuff. It was easy with Micah. The three of them had fallen into a routine, and it was so easy that he couldn’t see himself without Lucy or Micah. It seemed like it was just natural this way.




He could hear her pacing down the hallway. Maybe she was scared. Maybe separate rooms weren’t such a good idea, but then again, he couldn’t continue to hide his feelings from her or his sexual identity if they continued to share a room.

“He thinks I’m crazy. That’s it. Maybe I am crazy. The fact I want to spend my life with a gay man makes me crazy. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I am just not attractive enough,” she began rambling, exhaustion taking over. She was talking out of her head. “Maybe if I were taller. He always says women with curves are beautiful. Maybe if I were twenty pounds heavier. No, this is ridiculous. He’s gay, that’s why he doesn’t want me, but it’s time we talk about this. I can’t go on loving him. Fuck it, he’s my best friend. I’ll just go ask him myself.” And with that last sigh, Lucy stormed into his room, eyes swollen and puffy, face streaked with tears.

Micah put his head in his hands. How could he have done this to her, rejected her so badly, so many times? How could he not have seen the damage he had done to her? Well, it was now or never. Micah was going to tell her the truth about how he really felt, Micah thought to himself as he took a deep breath.

“What the hell is wrong with me? Why don’t you want me? I love you. You’re my best friend. I want happily ever after with you, but no, you don’t like women.” Lucy screamed and then slammed the doorand left his room again.

He heard a thump as she sat in the hallway. He listened to her trying to breathe, trying to pull herself together. After tonight, things would never be the same between them ever again.

“Come here, Lucy,” he called in a stern but gentle tone. She was right outside the door and he knew she heard him.

After a minute or two, the door slowly opened.

“Shhh, there’s a girl. Come here to me,” Micah whispered as she sat down at the edge of the bed. She refused to make eye contact. It was like she was ashamed.

Micah leaned toward her and lifted her face and then he kissed her, just on the forehead like a brother would do, but then Micah quickly and forcefully lifted her onto his lap, facing him. The next kiss wasn’t brotherly at all. Tilting in, he ran his hands down her sides, resting his hands on her ass as he took her mouth, gently but with an urgency that made Lucy moan.

“Stop, this isn’t right. Don’t make out with me because I’m sad. I’m not a charity case,” Lucy said abruptly as she tried to get off of his lap.

“No, you don’t understand, Lucy,” Micah panted. “I do want you.” To prove the truth of this statement, he pulled her hand down between them to his hardening cock.

Lucy looked at Micah, confused. “But I thought you were…”

Micah stopped her midsentence as he kissed her again, pulling her harder against him. This time when Micah broke the kiss, he gently leaned her back onto the bed. He put his finger to his mouth, showing her not to say a word. He leaned down to kiss her neck, lifting her shirt over her head and then trailed his kisses down her stomach. And right above her navel, he stopped and untied the string on her pj’s as she lifted her hips to let him strip off her shorts.

He stopped to gaze at the beautiful sight. Just a triangle of fabric, sheer and red, trimmed in lace, was the only thing that separated Micah from his dreams.

Gently, his head dipped down again. He licked the fabric. Right on her slit. She moaned loudly. He nudged the fabric aside with his nose as his tongue lapped at her wet folds.

She spread her legs to let him go deeper. He tongued at her clit as he frantically tried to get the now-soaked fabric out of his way. Finally he just ripped the thong from her body to get at what he desired most, her snatch.

Finally, his tongue hit her tunnel and his lover screamed out loud. His thumbed worked her clit in a circular motion as she bucked her hips uncontrollably. When Micah stood up, she cried out. Micah quickly sated her when he was naked and on top of her in seconds.

His hard dick entered the space that craved it most, and Micah finally knew what heaven was like. Tight, wet, and hot.


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