Charlotte's Dilemma (MF)

Libertine Island 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,747
5 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, cropping, caning, HEA]
Dr. Charlotte Montgomery is just looking to relax after years working in war zones. A job on a resort island and a fling with a younger man sounds like just the ticket. 
Jedidiah Jesperson, also known as JJ, has dropped out of the rat race and now looks after the boats on Libertine Island and ferries the guests around. He falls for Charlotte at first meeting and must now convince her that even though he’s eight years younger than her, he’s more than just a boy toy. He’s looking for a real relationship and not just a fling.
Charlotte’s convinced that one day he’ll wake up and realize their age difference is too much so she proposes they be friends with benefits. Can she get past the age difference to see JJ as the man for her, or will her doubts push him away forever? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Diane Leyne is a Siren-exclusive author.
Charlotte's Dilemma (MF)
5 Ratings (4.8)

Charlotte's Dilemma (MF)

Libertine Island 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,747
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love these Libertine Island fantasies... you go Charlotte :)
Another excellent book!
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Just when I think Leyne has run out of characters and ideas for her sexy BDSM series, she comes up with yet another interesting boy meets girl scenario. In Charlotte’s Dilemma, Charlotte, weary of war and famine, has left Doctors Without Borders, for a year of fun and sun as a resort doctor on the island. Along the way to her new job she meets JJ, eight years her junior, for a long weekend affair. However, feeling the age difference is insurmountable, unused to the BDSM lifestyle, and unsure if she wants a boating guy with little income, she breaks off with him. I loved Charlotte’s journey, and was impressed with JJ’s patience and maturity.  As usual, we got re-acquainted with some of the people from previous Libertine novels to find out where they are in their lives, too. I have enjoyed this series a lot, and I hope Leyne keeps finding new stories to add." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

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She felt the color rush back into her cheeks. She’d done it. She’d really done it. She’d told him where she was staying and invited him to visit her. Hell, she’d practically asked for a booty call. She swallowed hard. What if he showed up? What if he didn’t?

The plane taxied to a halt, and then there was the usual jostling as passengers retrieved their belongings and deplaned. By the time she got to the front, it was empty and JJ was gone. Just as well. Hell, she’d probably never see him again, but at least now she’d have a face for her X-rated dreamed.

Sighing, she made her way up the gangway, through immigration, and then out to baggage claim. She realized that she was scanning the area for the tall stranger, but there was no sign on him as she watched the revolving carousel, waiting for her bag. On one hand, she was planning to stay on the island for at least a year. On the other, she’d been living out of a suitcase for five years and really didn’t have too many belongings. Cin had demanded that she trash the clothes she’d come home with, and she was happy to comply. She’d been wearing some of them for almost half a decade, and it was more than time to get some new things. Cin had jumped at the chance to help Charlotte get outfitted for the island and had dragged her from store to store, and Charlotte had had to restrain her. Even so, she’d filled a large suitcase with all the clothes and lotions and potions and lingerie that Cin has pushed on her.

Her medical things had been shipped out by a specialty courier and would be shipped directly to the island. She’d just had to carry her laptop on the plane in a small overnight bag. It was always wise to travel with a change of clothing just in case one’s checked luggage didn’t arrive. For a while she thought she’d have to make use of her emergency change of clothes, but then she saw her green and black bag come out just as the belt ground to a halt.

She walked over to it. It was half inside and half out on the conveyor belt. Sighing, she put down her carry on and reached for the handle just as she felt a large, warm body beside her and a deep voice stating, “I’ll get that for you.”

It was him. JJ. Charlotte found she suddenly couldn’t speak. She just stepped to one side and watched as he easily freed her bag and set it at her feet.

“Do you have a ride prearranged?”

Charlotte was startled out of her contemplation of his arm muscles as they’d flexed when he’d grasped her bag and how they relaxed when he set it down. She reached out and slid a hand over his bicep and felt his tense under her touch.

“Do you have a ride prearranged?” She heard his voice again, but this time the words sunk in and she dropped her hand to her side.

“I, uh…” She felt herself blushing as she took in the meaning of his words. Unable to speak, she shook her head.

“No problem. I’ll take care of everything.” He extended the handle of her suitcase and then looped the handle of his duffle over the handle. Then he grasped the handle with his left hand and turned to her and held out his right hand. Without thinking, she took it and found herself being lead through the terminal toward the warm St. Maarten sunshine.

She felt the eyes on them as they moved. She had experienced this before in tropical destinations as the locals hawked taxis and time shares and whatever they could to the arriving passengers, but it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t the usual situation. The men and women clearly knew JJ and called him by name. He called back, answered good naturedly, also using their names.

Did that mean he wasn’t a tourist? He was a local? And what about that suit he’d been wearing when she’d first bumped into him? When she saw him in the shorts, she thought he’d just changed, but there was no way it was scrunched up in that small duffle. Had he thrown it out? And if so, why?

And then finally, they were outside and JJ let go of her hand to warmly greet and shake the hand of an elderly man standing in front of a taxi.

“It’s good to have you back, my boy. Did you get your business on the mainland done, JJ? You back for good now?”

“Yup. And I’m here to stay this time, Roy. I’ve tied up all the loose ends, and I’ve left the rat race for good.”

“You not planning to be sitting around on your ass doing nothing, boy?”

“No, sir. I wouldn’t dare. I’ve got my boat and a job waiting for me looking after island’s boats and ferrying the guests around. It’ll keep me busy and still leave enough time to relax and enjoy life.”

“You’ll be happier here, JJ. Island life. Nothing can compare. Your father is a good man, but he never understood that you have to live life. All the money in the world can’t buy happiness. And I see you’ve brought a lady friend. Good. It’s time you settled down and maybe made some babies.”

The old man grinned broadly and extended his hand in greeting.

“Roy Dupris, at your service.”

“Hi. I’m Charley. But I think you may have the wrong idea. I’m not. We’re not…” She looked helplessly at JJ, who just grinned, so she tried again. “I’m just visiting St. Maarten for a few days. I, er, have a job nearby. I start on Monday, and I’m taking a few days on St. Maarten to relax before I start my new job.” Charley knew she was babbling, but she couldn’t help it. She was shocked at how much she wanted to be just what Roy thought she was, JJ’s girlfriend. But that just wasn’t in the cards. He was so young and hot. She couldn’t imagine what he wanted from her except for a fling, and that, she decided, was just what she wanted, too. Three days and nights of hot, sweaty sex and then she’d go to her job and he’d go to wherever it was he was going and she would see his face when she spent quality time with her battery-operated boyfriend.




Charlotte found herself shivering with arousal. His words, his expression, his body left her with no doubt at all that he was hot for her—her, Dr. Charlotte Montgomery, not some anonymous roll in the hay—and that turned her on even more.

She lay back at his command and spread her legs, her face turning pink as she watched the delighted expression on his face.

“Now bend your knees and pull them back until you can slide your hands under them and hold yourself wide open while I eat your pussy.”

Charlotte closed her eyes, but not before she saw the expression of delight and lust on JJ’s face before he dove between her legs. He was so good for her ego. And then he licked her and she stopped thinking.

She could feel his tongue moving up and down her slit, avoiding her clit completely. She could feel his fingers holding her pussy lips even further apart so he could lick each and every millimetre of skin, except for the one spot she wanted his mouth.

In her present position, she had no leverage or she’d have pushed her clit toward his mouth. Damn him. He knew that she’d be helpless like this. She started to release her knees so she could brace her feet on the bed and push herself toward his mouth when she felt a sharp slap on her inner thigh.

It stung a bit, but it was more shocking than painful.

“Did I tell you to release your knees?” She looked down and saw JJ gazing up at her, his eyes dark with lust. He held her gaze as he slapped the inside of her other thigh. “Well?”

Quickly she grabbed her knees again as some more cream dripped out of her pussy.

“Good girl. Now don’t let go or I’m going to have to improvise some restraints to keep you in position.”

Charlotte found herself moaning at his words, more turned on than ever. The thought of him tying her up so he could feast on her pussy almost made her come on the spot, and she could feel the moisture leaking out.

“Like that, did you? Was it the threat of being restrained or the light bite of pain or both? Hmm. I may have to do some experimenting later, but first, let me taste your honey.”

She could feel his tongue going lower now, licking at her slit and then pushing inside. Oh, god. He was pushing his tongue into her, moving it in and out like he was fucking her with it. The thought almost made her come on the spot, and then he pulled back for a second, inserting a finger inside her and scooping up some of her moisture. Then he was fucking her with his tongue again, and his finger started rubbing against her clit, using her own cream as a lubricant. Then he pinched it lightly and pushed her over the top. Her climax slammed through her with no warning, her pussy trying to clench down on his tongue as if it were a cock. And then his tongue was gone and his fingers were inside her. First one and then two and then three and stretched wide and her climax seemed to keep going and going and going. She felt almost painfully full, but aroused, too, and when his mouth moved to her clit and suckled strongly, she came again, even harder this time, bucking against him as she rode wave after wave of pleasure.

He wouldn’t let her stop. When the waves started to abate, he curled his fingers inside her, rubbing against her G-spot and setting off another wave of orgasms as he gently bit down on her clit.

And still, he wasn’t finished. He licked and sucked and bit her clit even as he finger fucked her harder and harder, wringing orgasm after orgasm from her until she lay spent on the bed unable even react as she felt yet another spasm roll through her body.

Was it possible to die from too many orgasms? she wondered as she whimpered through yet another. And then he was moving, sliding up her body until his mouth was level with her breasts. He took one turgid nipple into his mouth and then the other, but he didn’t pause long as he continued upward.

“You can let go now,” he commanded, and she let her hands slip from her knees. “Hands over your head and don’t move them.”

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