Two Wolves and a Builder's Daughter (MFM)

Werewolf Castle 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,957
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, fisting, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Werewolf shape-shifters Brody Dietrich and Roman Meyer “borrow” a gigantic yellow tractor-scraper to stop the SUV following their Alpha. Leonie Baum’s father owns the vehicle, and she is not happy. But the board of directors say a woman’s place is not in construction, so Leonie’s career has come to a grinding halt anyway—just like the construction vehicle.
With the death of the Supreme Alpha of Europe, the werewolf packs are vying to take control. Roman and Brody just want to go home to Werewolf Castle in the mountains, but their Alpha loans them to the Alpha of Vienna. At least this means they have time to get to know Leonie a little better despite their dramatic first meeting. They invite her on a hot air balloon flight, which they all enjoy, but their erotic sessions stop dead when they arrive for their first day of work and learn who their supervisor will be.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Two Wolves and a Builder's Daughter (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Two Wolves and a Builder's Daughter (MFM)

Werewolf Castle 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,957
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Brody Dietrich stared down at the joystick and pushed it forward. If only this was an Xbox or a PlayStation he was sure he could do far better than he was managing right now. Nevertheless the huge construction vehicle was going in the direction he wanted it to, which was some kind of bonus, he supposed. As long as he timed it just right.

Roman Meyer was sure the black SUV was chasing after their Alpha and it had to be stopped. Roman was riding a motorcycle following both the Alpha and the SUV, giving Brody a running commentary via an earbud plugged into his cell phone, of where they were and where he, Brody, needed to be when the SUV reached him. He’d have only nanoseconds to push it off the road and into the ditch and it wasn’t like the huge yellow tractor scraper would be maneuverable enough to chase after the SUV and have a second attempt if he fucked up the first one.

Sweat was pouring down his back, making his one and only dress shirt stick to his hired suit coat. That was another thing. He was damn well going to have to pay a cleaning fee for the fucking suit as well as try to find bail money when he ended up in jail for doing this.

Brody inched the tractor scraper closer to the edge of the road. He didn’t want it so close it would alarm the driver of the black SUV but he was very aware of how much slower he’d be traveling compared to the other vehicle. He wiped his sweaty palms on his suit pants. Since he was going to have to pay a cleaning fee and since his shirt was soaked in sweat already and he couldn’t wipe his hands in it, there was no sense in risking his hand slipping on the joystick when his pants were right there to dry his hands on.

“Five cars.” Roman’s voice echoed in his earbud.


Brody placed one hand firmly on the joystick and the other on the steering wheel, one foot resting lightly on the accelerator, the other flat on the brake.


Brody hit the gas a bit harder. The engine was already so noisy it wasn’t exactly a secret this machine was here.


Brody took his foot off the brake and stomped with all his weight on the gas. He pointed the nose of the construction vehicle straight ahead and hoped to hell that he could do what was expected of him. What he had to do. What the Alpha required of him.

The yellow monster lumbered across the packed dirt beside the road. He could see the oncoming flash of black out of the corner of his eye and pumped the gas pedal up then all the way down. Pointing the nose of the vehicle immediately in front of the black SUV, Brody hoped the driver would expect him to stay on the dirt, not drift into the traffic lane.

He was almost too slow. The SUV was flashing past him as he clipped the back fender and pushed it off the road into the dirt. He took his foot off the accelerator but kept the giant yellow truck pressed against the SUV so it couldn’t easily escape from him.

The driver was trying to open his door but the impact of the construction vehicle hitting the SUV must have buckled it as he couldn’t seem to force it open. A buxom blonde woman climbed out of the passenger door, followed by the driver, a man in an expensive-looking suit. Brody just had time to realize the woman was Kersten Pichler, daughter of the dead Supreme Alpha of Europe, when she unleashed a tirade of Austro-Bavarian at him. Although it wasn’t his native language, and neither was German, he understood enough to know his family history was being called into question. He had to suppose that was fair enough since he’d just damaged their car. But hey, he couldn’t think of any other way to prevent them following the Alpha, and the Alpha didn’t want anyone knowing where he lived.

“No one else is following them. I’ll turn around and be there in five,” came Roman’s voice in his earbud. Since this was a divided road, Roman having passed them, would have to go a couple of miles before he came to a legal place to cross to the opposite side of the road and turn back, then cross again to get back to where he was.

Brody wasn’t sure whether or not he should climb down out of the cab of the vehicle. The SUV driver looked like a big strong man. Well, likely he was a wolf, but either way, human or shape-shifter, Brody didn’t plan on having his nose broken or his ribs either. Jail was going to be tough enough to survive without him being injured as well.

But it was Kersten, who apparently tired of screaming at him in Austro-Bavarian, hitched her already far-too-short-for-a-funeral skirt even higher up her thighs and jumped up onto the bottom step of the construction vehicle. Brody just had time to snap the door lock down before she took the other couple of steps bringing her face level with his. She switched to German and continued yelling at him, her mouth only inches from his on the other side of the window. He could hear her perfectly, even over the rumbling engine of the tractor scraper, and he was beginning to think the words he hadn’t understood before must have all been swear words, judging by her language now. What she was saying was basically a long, long string of adjectives. All of which would have gotten him thrown out of class if he’d tried them at the University of Vienna where he and Roman were studying Business.

Another car stopped. Oh shit! Not the police!




Brody swung her up into his arms, then took the few paces necessary so sit her on his motorcycle. Only this time she was facing backward. Roman pressed her down until she was lying with her head on the handlebars.

“Hold on to the grips with both hands so you don’t roll off the bike,” said Roman.

That sounded like good advice to her, although it did put her on a bit of a strange angle.

With four hands on her body undressing her, she was naked from the waist down in nanoseconds, her denim jacket unbuttoned, and her T-shirt pushed up under her armpits so Brody could suck her breasts. One leg was stretched wide to the side then Roman’s cock was sliding into her pussy. Already she was wet and aching for him to fill her. She expected Brody to ask her to suck his cock, and was already planning to scrape her teeth over the sensitive ridge where his cockhead joined his shaft, but instead he moved back to her feet and picked up her other leg, throwing it over her shoulder.

“What?” she asked, trying to concentrate on what was happening.

“We’re going to fuck you together,” said Roman.

Then Brody pushed his cock at the entry to her cunt. Leonie gasped in surprise. Two cocks? The two of them in her cunt together? Was that even possible? They were both big men, well-endowed in the cock department. One of them inside her filled her and stretched her walls wide. Yes, sure she’d fit them both in with one in her cunt and the other in her ass, but both in her cunt at the one time? She wasn’t sure that was achievable.

However, the men seemed convinced it was doable. Brody thrust deeper inside her pussy, and the tissues stretched to let him in. Leonie’s pussy felt full. Well, more than full. Much more than full. But it wasn’t painful. In fact, it was highly erotic. With both of them wiggling their way deeper and deeper inside her she really did feel as if they belonged together, a unit, a threesome.

Then the men began to pump into her. They weren’t thrusting as deep and hard as they usually did, but then her cunt was very crowded. Also, she was lying on a fucking motorcycle, not a bed, and they were on the side of a public road where anyone could see them if they stopped their car to look.

Well, she supposed they wouldn’t see her. Her body was pretty much obscured by the two men leaning over her, and Roman’s back was to the road. But it was his naked back. Oh shit! What if someone was curious as to what was going on over here in the trees and came to look at them?

Brody’s hand began playing with one of her nipples, stretching it, elongating it, rolling it between his fingers, then pinching it. Leonie sighed in pleasure. Her cunt was so very full, yet the cocks were rubbing against her inner tissues in a way that made her crazy with the need to come. One of them was hitting her G-spot with every outstroke as well.

“Oh, that’s so very good,” she gasped. She wished she could touch them, but she was scared she’d fall off the motorcycle if she stopped holding onto the handgrips. Actually, her fingers were so tight on them she wasn’t sure she could open her hands anymore at all.

Roman leaned farther over her body and began to kiss her. As he did his cock was driven deeper inside her and suddenly she knew she had to come right now. Desperately she kissed him back, sucking on his tongue, welcoming his tongue’s exploration of her mouth.

Brody’s hand on her breast became more demanding, holding the globe and teasing the nipple. His cock seemed deeper inside her now, too, as if both of them had forced their way another inch inside her, possibly because of them leaning forward. Her legs were over their shoulders, her ass in the air, only her back resting on the seat of the motorcycle.

Roman lifted his mouth from hers, dropping a gentle kiss on her nose. “Please, I need to come.”

“That’s the plan,” he murmured, then grabbed her hips, and the two men withdrew somewhat from her pussy, then drove in again. One of them nudged her cervix sending a sharp jab of pleasure-pain through her body and she exploded in a climax, biting her lip to stop herself screaming and hoping in a vague, distant part of her brain that she didn’t fall off the bike.

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