[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, public exhibition, paddling, caning, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Where can an IT geek take two chefs on a date? Ion Varga is a werewolf and a Dom. Evan Huber is also a wolf, but Anastasia Golubev is human. Apart from that, they start work insanely early each day and work a seven-day week. By the time Ion solves that riddle, trouble has broken out in the Castle Kitchens.
It’s the height of the tourist season at Werewolf Castle, Anastasia has three big, bossy, older brothers, the new banquets are creating an enormous amount of work, and Evan thinks Lev is spying on them all. Ion worries Lev wants Anastasia for himself. Anastasia just wants them to take her down into the dungeons for some nice relaxing BDSM scenes. Lucky for her, Ion knows exactly how to please her and teach her and Evan some new games. But can his IT skills help solve their problems? Or will Lev’s people succeed?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Two Wolves and a Cook (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Ion Varga was a geek. He almost never wore medieval costume. He stayed in a nice quiet office, tucked away behind various security doors in the east wing, and did geeky stuff with mathematical models, statistical analysis, and computer programs the average tourist didn’t even know existed. There was a lot more to running a successful tourist attraction than sweeping the courtyard and having a few pretty girls dotted around to redirect lost tourists. He got to do the fun stuff without having to face the crowds and be nice to overweight, overtired paying customers.

Unfortunately, he was one of the few wolves who knew how to joust with a medieval sword and make it look exciting and dramatic, without actually hurting anyone. When his fellow geek, Grigori, had told him about the plans for the banquets, he’d thought it sounded like a great way for tourists to spend more money and have an added adventure without making an inordinate amount of extra work for the castle wolves. When Grigori had mentioned having some entertainment during the banquet, he’d agreed happily. When he found out that extra entertainment included him having a sword fight with someone else, he’d even thought it might be fun. Until he’d figured out just how much practice it took to make the moves look fluid and unexpected.

The practices had been long, and draining, and then he’d had to rearrange some of what he’d planned to do, as the banquet rooms were fairly narrow. However, they’d had their final rehearsals in the rooms themselves and he was fairly sure the customers would enjoy the show. Damask played a lute and Tatiana a wooden pipe similar to an early flute and they both sang an old medieval-style ballad about the wolves of Werewolf Castle. Then he explained a little about the swords he and Grigori would use.

Finally they had their fight, and apart from Grigori almost falling over at one stage, it went as planned. Actually the almost-fall just made it look even more realistic but he wouldn’t suggest they add it into their choreography in case one of them really did slip in the future. They bowed and left the room, walking the few steps to the identical room next door and doing at all again, minus the slip. After that, he took the second sword from Grigori and returned to his nice quiet office.

But seeing Damask there with Jairus and Grigori just reminded him of how badly he wanted to get to know Anastasia better. She’d been working here in the castle for years now, and he’d scarcely progressed beyond “hi” with her. Oh, he was a geek so he knew all about her human mother and werewolf father, her three older brothers—two wolves, one human—her home in the mountains, and the wild nature of her father and brothers. He knew she’d done very well at the specialist cooking school she’d attended, and he also knew she was single. All of that he’d gotten from the records in the castle computer files. He had access to all sorts of things other wolves knew nothing about.

What he didn’t have access to was her mind and her heart. Was she interested in forming a relationship with a couple of wolves? Was she ready for some dungeon play? Being from a wolf family she’d know all about BDSM but that didn’t mean she wanted to be involved in it and wanted that lifestyle herself. Maybe she was more like her human mother.

Then there was the matter of the second man to be included in the relationship. Watching her, Ion thought she was attracted to Evan. That was natural. She worked with him all day long and he was a talented man, an expert in the field she’d chosen. But did Evan like her? Ion had no idea at all.

The obvious way to find out was to invite her out on a date. But her first question, quite reasonably, would be, who is the other man? And if Evan wasn’t interested in joining them he was in big trouble. He’d be in even bigger trouble if she specifically wanted Evan and he wasn’t prepared to join them. Ion cringed at the kinds of disaster that could be.

Besides where could he take a couple of cooks out for dinner? The nearby town had a range of eateries, but whereas a bowl of Hungarian goulash or a burger would suit him just fine, they were not likely to be what Anastasia and Evan were looking for. There was a much bigger town an hour away which likely would offer better dining choices but he knew they started work very early in the morning. Cooking all the food for so many people was a huge job. Plus they made a lot of the treats sold by the Village Traders, as well. All of which meant it couldn’t be a late night out or they’d be tired the next morning. So an hour road trip each way would be a no.

Dammit. This was going to be more difficult than he’d thought. How was he supposed to get to know Anastasia? Was he going to have to wait until winter when Werewolf Castle only opened weekends and holidays?




Ion stood at the foot of the cage and pulled Anastasia down until her ass was on the very edge of the furniture. Then he kneeled, held her legs wide apart, and licked along her slit. Once again Evan’s eyes almost crossed with lust. He could imagine what she’d taste like. Just like her breasts only even better. He continued to watch as Ion took another little velvet bag from his pocket, extracted another tiny clip, and buried his face in her cunt. Oh, a clit clip. I bet that’s a clit clip.

Ion held her legs wide apart when he finished and Evan could see the tiny piece of jewelry decorating the top of her slit. His cock twitched with excitement as he waited for Ion to tell him what would happen next. Slowly Ion ran his hands over her body, touching her clit, her breasts, and then her face. “Well, Anastasia, would you like to be fucked now?”

“Yes, please.”

Once again her voice was just a whisper, but with no hesitation in it.

“Have you ever deep throated a man?” Ion asked her.

“I know how to do it.” Her face flushed as she spoke, but her eyes were open. Evan’s mind boggled at the thought. Had she been practicing on a sex toy or something? Or on a banana or carrot in the kitchen? He’d heard some women practiced rolling condoms on carrots, but deep throating them? Oh, wow. He had to ask her about that one day soon.

Ion moved Anastasia back up the cage then kneeled at the other end of it, his cock close by her mouth.

“Evan, you fuck her cunt, while she deep throats me.”

Me? I’m going to fuck her first?

He climbed on the cage, sliding her legs around his hips, touched a finger to her cunt to feel her wetness, and then drove deep inside her in one long stroke. She was extremely hot, and so tight she gripped him harder than he’d ever been held before. But she was also very wet, so he knew he wasn’t hurting her. The only question was whether she’d drive him over the edge before he gave her an orgasm. It was going to be quite a challenge, although he could tease her little clit clamp, that should add to her passion.

“Begin,” ordered Ion.

Instead of stroking in and out of her, Evan pressed his weight forward onto her pelvis, hoping to put pressure on her G-spot and tugged on her clit clamp. He withdrew from her for a minute so he could lick over the hot little bud, sucking hard. Next he used his tongue to flick it from side to side, before sucking on it again. He pushed inside her cunt again and her cream coated his cock, which was a good sign, but he really needed to move. His dick was aching with need, and she was so wet and tight it was pure torture to just remain still inside her without fucking her.

Slowly he withdrew, before slamming in hard and fast. The second time he swiveled his hips, right, then left, then right again, before withdrawing and powering into her over and over again. His cock had never been this hard before, he was certain of that, and if she didn’t come soon he was going to be a dead man.

Evan lifted her legs from his hips and sat them over his shoulders, raising her ass higher and driving into her cunt again. He was able to go a fraction deeper this time and made use of that for his next few thrusts. She was driving him crazy though, with her wiggling body, and her constant clenching of her internal pussy muscles. She was making their fucking so good his brain was about to explode. Even the happy little noises she gave around Ion’s cock were the sexiest things he’d ever heard.

Anastasia gave a sigh and her cunt held his cock so tightly he couldn’t move. He was bathed in her heat as she started to shake all around him. He gripped her ass cheeks and pumped into her harder now, in and out, twice, three times, and then his cock began jetting his seed into her pussy. He kept pumping a few more times, the wonder of her body making him come more and more, until finally he was done and he dropped onto his forearms and to played with her clit jewelry one final time.

He looked up into her face just as Ion erupted, his cock driving in and out of her mouth, his hands on her head holding her just where he wanted her, and her eyes glazed with passion. His cock still inside her cunt, and still half hard, Evan continued watching as Ion sucked each of Anastasia’s nipples, then kissed her lips. Evan knew Ion would be able to taste his own cum on her mouth, and he knew how erotic that could be. But he was more than happy to have fucked her and shared this very special first time together as a threesome.

Ion was a caring and inventive Dom and Anastasia was the most perfect woman he’d ever known. Evan could only hope their relationship would grow, develop, and be a successful one leading to a mating.

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