Healing Hearts 13: The Name of the Game (LoveXtreme)

Healing Hearts 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,351
11 Ratings (4.5)

[LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMMMM, light spanking, HEA] 

Francesca has a secret, and coming from a family of criminals just adds to her need to play the game and pretend she is normal like her friends. She's been doing fine for the last two years, putting the danger, the bad memories behind her, and avoiding temptation to help her family run their businesses more smoothly. Organized crime, loan sharking, you name it and she would be awesome at it, but her secret holds her back and the fear of history repeating itself. Then she meets six men. Soldiers who not only make her feel things she thought she could never feel after a broken heart, but they share a similar family connection, and they become too hard to resist.

With happiness at her fingertips for the first time in years, playing the game from the sidelines puts her family and her men at risk, and now she has no choice but to reveal her secret, use her natural capabilities to trick the bad guys, and secure the family business in a world not made for the faint of heart.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Healing Hearts 13: The Name of the Game (LoveXtreme)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Healing Hearts 13: The Name of the Game (LoveXtreme)

Healing Hearts 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,351
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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“You remember Jaxon, Almando, Hunter, Notaro, Mason, and Kingston, don’t you?” Melina asked as she pointed to each of them.

Oh boy, did she remember them. Jesus, they were as big as Gabriel, and that made her nervous. They were each gorgeous, and holy shit, her body reacted. She put on her smile and gave a wave hello to them, not wanting to touch their hands or make any kind of physical contact. She would feel nothing anyway, or perhaps she feared she might feel something so it was better to avoid it. Ultimately, she never followed through because she feared intimacy and the vulnerability of being naked and having a man explore her body and possibly see the scars beneath that work of art.

“Of course I do. How are you gentlemen doing? Are you all moved into your home?” she asked. They stared at her. Notaro licked his lips, and Kingston looked dead serious. Kingston could grunt and women would drool. She turned away as Jaxon spoke and slid right next to her. Morris said something to Melina and then he was introducing her to someone else. The music was kind of loud, and she had to lean in closer to hear what Jaxon said to her.

“We’re all moved in. Thanks for asking,” Jaxon said.

“What are you drinking?” Mason asked as he stood by the bar.

“Here, pass this to Frankie,” London said, and handed a drink to Mason.

“Thank you, London.”

“No problem. When you’re done, Scallon said he has your T-shirt. Something about leaving it at the airfield,” she told her, and Almando widened his eyes.

“Thanks, I’ll talk to him in a few minutes,” Francesca said, and then took a sip from her cranberry and vodka.

“Air field?” Kingston asked.

“I was there two days ago. Left my shirt.”

“What were you doing there?” Notaro asked her as some people started walking by. Jaxon slid his arm around her waist and pulled her between him and Almando near the bar. Both men towered over her. They smelled incredible, as well. Their cologne was fresh, unique. All those bulging muscles and narrow waists indicated they were trim and fit, and Jesus, they had stunning, deep, dark blue eyes. Like a color an artist could only create, and were identical.

Hunter, Notaro, Mason, and Kingston moved closer, and now she was surrounded by these intimidating men. Holy shit, all these muscles, good looks, and enticing cologne, and damn a woman could get into some serious trouble with these six men. It was crazy how one man flirting did nothing to her, but with these six she actually felt something. She sensed the simmer of annoyance at herself. She knew she wasn’t capable of screwing around, even with eye candy like them.

“I went skydiving,” she said, and they all squinted.

“By yourself or you mean tandem?” Kingston asked with a bit of attitude.

She smirked, looked him up and down, and he held her gaze, nearly throwing her attitude for a loop. “By myself. I’ve been jumping for the last year.” She stepped from Jaxon and Almando to look for her friends until she felt the hand on her hip. She looked to the right and up toward Almando.

“Stay. You’re always running off,” he said to her, and glanced at her breasts, then her lips. When Kingston stepped up behind her, she moved closer to Almando. Her eyes went to his neck, and the tattoo there stood out to her almost as much as Jaxon’s, but Jaxon’s was higher and more visible. “You smell incredible,” Almando continued as Kingston ordered another beer, pressed against her, his hand on her other hip, and inhaled.

“She sure does,” Kingston said, and she shyly looked away. Her eyes locked onto Jaxon’s, and man, did he look fierce. She saw that tattoo, and then she looked at Mason and Notaro. Hunter was on her other side, and she couldn’t see him.

Beers were passed around and she felt Almando’s large, warm hand slide a little lower nearly to her ass. When she imagined what it would feel like against it, and whether or not she wanted him to, she panicked. She pulled back and turned toward Hunter.

“Do you all have the same tattoos on your necks?” she asked.

Hunter lowered his collar slightly. The blue button down shirt was tight on him, and as he did that she could see his muscular neck, thick, wide. The man was a beast in a totally sexy, provocative way. All six of them were, as well as seasoned. She better be careful.

“A representation of our brotherhood,” Hunter explained. She stepped from Almando’s hold and looked at Notaro and Mason as they showed her theirs—an intricate tattoo of a black and grey American flag, with rays leading away from it and further under their shirts.

“That must have hurt a lot,” she said softly, thinking back on her tattoo, which took several appointments until Guston had perfected it.

“Not too bad, plus tequila helps,” Almando said and winked.

She chuckled. “Yes, it does.” She looked away as she took a sip of her drink. She felt the hand slide along her hip, then stroke her back. Hunter was touching her this time, and boy, did it feel just as good as when Almando or Jaxon touched her.

“You have any tattoos, Francesca?” he asked, his eyes gazing over her body as if he had x-ray vision. She was used to men like this, just not used to the effect these six men seemed to instantly have on her. If she was smart, she would disappear. No one got to her, and she had been flirted with by some of the hottest, sexiest bachelors around. This was different. Felt different, too. She was kind of caught between wanting to run and wanting to challenge the sensations and see if these men had something others before them didn’t. How absurd.

“Maybe,” she said flirtatiously, and then laughed as she saw her friend Sue talking to a few guys and using her hands dramatically as she appeared to be telling a joke. The men were laughing.

“Well, I should go mingle with my friends. We have a long night ahead of us.” She went to move, and Hunter pulled her back. She gasped at his quick reflexes and the fact that she was now pinned between him and Mason. Mason’s hands were on her hips and Hunter’s gripped her chin.

“Why leave when things are just getting started?” he said, flirting with her.

“Hmm, you do realize that I’m not easy? I’m not like some of the women you and your brothers are attracted to.”

He stared at her, his eyes narrowed contemplatively. She inhaled his cologne and felt the thick, hard, muscles of his body and Mason’s pressed against hers. There was an attraction here. She wasn’t stupid. Their palms felt so huge and warm against her body, but now was not the time to challenge her need for control and to play games.

“God damn,” Hunter whispered, “your eyes are gorgeous. You smell incredible.”

“She sure does,” Mason said, and she felt his lips against her neck from behind her. She tightened up and as she closed her eyes a second, trying to gain control, Hunter pressed his lips to hers. She was shocked and apparently so were his brothers. He pressed his tongue into her mouth, and holy shit, she was shocked at the sensations. At the instant arousal she felt as two men kissed her, pressed her between them. She needed to get this situation under control, and he must have sensed her need to slow things down as he softly released her lips but not his hold on her. She looked around her, panicked at the scene they surely made, but was shocked that all she saw were his brothers surrounding them. No one could see a thing.




“Damn, what a fucking ass she has,” Kingston said, and then she felt the fingers slide up into her cunt. She moaned into Notaro’s mouth, and his other hand cupped her breast. That meant it was Kingston stroking her pussy. She thought he didn’t even like her. She couldn’t believe how crazy this felt. How wild.

“You’re incredible, Francesca. Let go and let us pleasure you. Show you how things will be with us,” Jaxon said, and then he pressed his lips to her shoulder on one side.

“Her skin is perfect. Flawless,” Almando added, and she felt his lips kissing her other shoulder.

“Her cunt is hot and wet. She feels it, too,” Kinston said as he added a second digit to her cunt and thrust faster, deeper.

Her zipper on her dress came down. “Is that a tattoo? She does have one,” Mason said.

“Looks like a big one. Isn’t our sexy woman filled with surprises? I want to keep unwrapping her. I want to see all of her,” Hunter added.

She moaned as the orgasm hit her, and she pulled from Notaro’s lips and cried out against his shoulder.

“Easy baby. God damn, I want to taste her,” Mason said. She felt Kingston’s fingers leave her cunt, and as she glanced over her shoulder locking gazes with Almando first, she saw the hunger in his eyes. That gorgeous, sexy face, hard, determined expression, and then she looked at Kingston. He stuck his wet digits into his mouth as he stared at her hard. Holy shit, he would be a wild lover. Completely wild.

“Take her to the bedroom. Someplace we can spread her out and get a look at our woman,” Jaxon ordered. She gasped as Notaro lifted her up and began to carry her from the porch. She gripped his shoulders, felt the cool air hit her back and her ass.

“Wait. What are we doing? I’m not ready for more.”

“You’re ready for more. Let’s see where this goes. You’re beautiful when you come, Francesca. When you let go and just pull down that tough attitude and feel. I want to see more of that and so do my brothers,” Notaro said as he entered her bedroom. It was dark until someone turned on a light. The view of the ocean caught their attention. There were windows across the whole front wall facing the ocean. Her bed was against the other end so she could look out at night and see the moon, the stars, and the water.

“God damn, that is very nice,” Hunter said, and Notaro placed her feet on the rug. She gripped his shoulders.

“I don’t think we should do this.”

He shook his head, sliding his palm under her hair and neck. “Just more exploring. Us exploring you, and maybe you exploring us?” he asked, and pressed his lips to her forehead. She thought of their bodies. Of Notaro’s as he held her, scattered kisses along her chin, cheeks, and neck as his brothers took different positions around the room and on the bed.

Six men. Six?

“Jesus, what the hell am I doing?” she said on an exhale as he unzipped her dress the rest of the way and it fell from her body.

All she heard was the sound of their intakes of breath. Their whispered words of appreciation for her body gave her confidence she didn’t think she would ever have again. The thought of sex, of making love, was intimidating with one man, but with six like this it would be life-altering. Could they be the ones to heal her? To at least get her back into the game? She wasn’t sure, and she forced the bad memories from her mind and focused on the three sets of lips and hands against her skin. Notaro stepped back, bringing her toward him. Almando stepped behind her, slid her panties off her hips, and used his lips to trail kisses along her skin, her back, her ass cheeks, the crack of her ass. He used his tongue as a whip to stimulate her body back there. Almando trailed his tongue between the crack and then lower to her cunt. She bent forward and gasped only for Jaxon to suckle her breast. Notaro suckled on her other breast, and then Mason was kissing her belly.

“Look at our goddess. Holy fucking shit, we hit the jackpot. Those abs, her big fucking breasts. Jesus, Jaxon, suck more into your mouth. Try to, it’s so fucking hot to watch,” Hunter said, egging his brothers on.

She moaned as a tongue slid into her cunt. “Mason!” she gasped, and that was it. She was over-stimulated, needy, and desperate for more.

“Yes, oh God, please don’t stop. Please,” she begged.

“You like it, baby? You need more?” Almando asked.

“Yes. Oh God, yes, it feels so good. Oh!” she cried out as the second finger slid into her asshole. “Almando!” she moaned and came.

Mason suckled her pussy and cream, moaning against her clit and pussy, and it drove her insane. Jaxon suckled her breast harder, and then Notaro pinched her nipple and rolled it between his fingers.

“I need a taste,” Notaro said as Mason released her pussy.

“No. Me first,” Kingston said, and she locked gazes with his dark eyes, he removed his shirt. There was nothing but muscles galore, and tattoos, that one intricate one on his neck that trailed down over his chest and arm.

“Oh God,” she said and creamed some more. Mason chuckled.

“She tastes delicious,” he said, and kissed her mouth.

The others moved. Almando slid his finger out of her ass and nibbled on her neck. He wrapped an arm around her waist and sat down on the edge of the bed, making her legs go over his thighs so she was wide open to all of them.

“God damn, I can’t wait. Hurry the fuck up, Kingston,” Hunter said to him.

She leaned back against Almando and moaned as he cupped her breast with on hand and stroked her thigh with his other. She began to pull her legs closed and Kingston reacted.

“No. You stay wide open. You offer us this pretty pink pussy and ass. You submit to us and what we all feel,” he demanded.

She gasped for breath. “I thought you didn’t like me, Kingston?” she asked with attitude, though she had no idea where she mustered it from.

“Not true. I want you. I want to make you come. Make you cry out for mercy and beg for our cocks. I want you obsessed with us, like I know we’ll be obsessed with you once we make love, baby. I don’t want you holding back,” he said and lowered down, massaging her inner thighs, letting his fingers tease her clit, gently whisking across them and then back along her thighs. She jolted forward, but Almando’s hold was firm, his muscles hard against her back and belly.

“Look at her pussy leaking cream. She’s hot for you, Kingston. She knows we’re powerful men. That we’re meant for her,” Hunter stated. When Kingston leaned closer and inhaled against her pussy, she moaned and came some more. Before she could even recover, he lashed his tongue out at her cunt and began to feast on her. It was wild and had her thrusting for more contact, moaning and panting for breath. When he slid fingers to her cunt then pulled them out just as she got used to the thick digits and his rhythm, he slid a tongue over her asshole, and she lost it again.

“Please. Oh God, I can’t take it, Kingston. I can’t.”

“You will take it. You’ll take all of us tonight. Filling you up, claiming every fucking inch of you. We’re tired of other men wanting what’s ours. Fucking tired of it,” Mason stated and cupped her cheek and thrust his tongue into her mouth.

She moaned and she let go. Fingers slid into her asshole and then into her cunt.

“She’s ready,” Jaxon said.

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