Love at the Falls (LoveXtreme)

The Australian Farm Series 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,872
7 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense, MMMMF, with MM elements, light spanking, HEA]

Annie Winter is badly beaten by her former husband when she discovers he is a corrupt police officer, drug trafficker, and murderer. One year later, Annie is in hiding and due to give her testimony to the Royal Commission into Police Corruption.

Policeman Mike saves Annie from a dramatic attempt on her life. Mike takes her to hide out on the farm where he lives with his three partners, policeman Jarrod, and dairy farmers Tim and Dave. There is an instant sexual attraction between the five. The four men vow to protect Annie, and she joins them in their committed loving relationship.

The five lovers want nothing more than to have a long and happy future together but after another attempt on Annie’s life, they are forced to flee. Annie’s ex-husband and a whole underworld of people will stop at nothing to prevent her from testifying. Will Annie’s men be able to keep her safe, or will they die trying?

Love at the Falls (LoveXtreme)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Love at the Falls (LoveXtreme)

The Australian Farm Series 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,872
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Once on the veranda, Annie put their cups on the table and chose to sit where she could take full advantage of the garden vista. There was a perfect balance of Australian native shrubs interspersed with English country flowers, all under a canopy created by the flowering gum trees that grew along its border. She closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of the breeze, and allowed the birdsong and the distinct fragrance of the Daphne blooms to fill her senses.

Dave placed the shotguns and a bag on the table, drawing Annie back into the present. “Watch this, Annie.” He opened a zip-lock bag and dropped small pieces of minced meat along the edge of the veranda about four feet away from where Annie was seated. Then he sat in the chair next to hers to drink his coffee.

Annie had no clue what he was doing but then five kookaburras flew down from their hiding place in the trees to snatch up the offering in their large beaks. “Oh my gosh! They’re beautiful.” Once the birds had finished their meal they flew back into the treetops and began a chorus of their cackling call that lasted several minutes. “They’re singing a song of thanks.”

Dave wore a broad smile as he observed Annie’s reaction to the demonstration. “Now, I want you to get up and stand over here on the grass.” When she complied, Dave handed her a large rimmed plate which he covered with birdseed. “Hold this tightly with both hands and stretch your arms out in front of you.” As soon as Dave stepped away, a whole flock of rosellas swooped down to vie with each other for the seed.

Annie was engulfed by bright crimson and royal blue birds, which landed not only on the plate, but also on her head, shoulders, and arms. “Dave! What do I do?”

Dave laughed as he snapped images of her with his phone. “Just stand there and look beautiful, honey.”

“I think I’d rather watch them from a distance.” Annie tossed what was left of the seed onto the grass and ran back to the relative safety of the veranda.

Dave was still laughing when he joined her. “I’m sorry that freaked you out. It was supposed to be fun.”

Annie was busy counting the birds. “There’s thirty-four of the little buggers. I might have been fine with a couple of birds, but thirty-bloody-four is a few too many.”

“You survived. Here, sit down and drink your coffee while I clean these guns.” They sat in relative silence while Dave continued with his task.

“It is very peaceful here, Dave. Apart from the bird incident, I don’t remember when I last felt this relaxed.”

“It’s probably because you feel safe for the first time in a long while.”

Annie thought for a moment. “You’re right. I do feel safe, but it isn’t because of where I am, it’s because of who I’m with. I now have hope for a future, and I want that future to be with my men and our children.”

“That’s what we want, too, sweetheart, even if one of our children has red hair.”

Annie smiled and reached across to run her fingers along the red bristle of his jaw. “I think I’ll go in and make a start on lunch.”

“I’ve finished cleaning the guns, and they’re good to go. I’ll come in, too.”

Dave held the door opened for Annie. She had just gone inside when they were startled by the sound of a speeding vehicle coming to a screeching halt in the yard.

“Run, Annie! Go to the falls. Wait for me there.”

Annie ran through the house, heading for the back door. Dave stood in the open doorway and aimed a double-barreled shotgun at the vehicle. Two men wearing balaclavas got out, their handguns aimed at Dave.

“Hand over the girl and no one gets hurt,” one of the men called out.

Dave didn’t waste time talking. He aimed his gun and fired once, then twice, shooting both men dead, but in the split second between both shots, the second man fired at Dave, hitting him in the left upper arm.

Dave lay on the veranda. Blood was seeping through his shirt sleeve. What the fuck just happened? He had just taken his phone out of his back pocket to dial Tim’s number when Tim arrived in the campervan.

After first surveying the carnage in the yard, Tim saw that Dave was down and bleeding. With his heart in his throat, he ran to his partner. “Where’s Annie? Are you okay? What the fuck happened?”

“I told her to run to the falls and wait there. Then I shot both the bastards, but I copped one in the arm.”

Tim tore Dave’s shirt away from his arm to check the injury. “You’re fucking lucky. The bullet has gone straight through the flesh. Here, let me help you up.”

“I’m fine. Go and get Annie. I’ll call Jarrod and Mike while you’re gone. Hurry, we need to get out of here.”




“Oh my gosh,” Annie said, relaxing back in her seat while the men did the dishes, “that meal was amazing. You guys sure do know how to cook.”

Dave gave her a wink. “We have a lot of other talents, too, Annie. Care to put Tim and me to the test tonight?”

Annie laughed. “I’ve been looking forward to that. Do you mind if Mike and Jarrod join us? I think a fivesome is just what I need to catch up on my year of celibacy.”

There was some laughter, but the atmosphere changed from fun and friendly to hot and heavy in an instant.

“We don’t mind at all,” said Tim breathlessly, tucking her hair behind one ear to gain access to her slender neck.

“The more, the merrier,” Dave whispered into her other ear, then began nibbling on the lobe.

Annie’s heart rate increased, and her breathing became labored. “I’m already wet with anticipation.”

“Oh yeah! It looks like we have dessert after all.” Jarrod reached in, lifted Annie off the chair, and laid her gently on the cleared table.

The four men stripped and then helped each other remove her clothing. Jarrod raised her legs, propping them over his shoulders and dove head first into the pretty curls covering her pussy. Lapping at her cunt, he slurped her feminine flavor and hummed his approval. Then he teased her clit until she was crazy with the need to come. He inserted two fingers into her vagina and curled them upward until he found her G-spot and brought her to a satisfying climax. Jarrod then moved to the opposite end of the table, raised her arms above her head, and held her by the wrists. He bent down to kiss her thoroughly, and she could taste herself on his tongue.

Tim and Mike moved the chairs away from the table and stationed themselves on either side of Annie. They put their mouths over her nipples, both sucking firmly, which made her squirm and moan. Dave stepped between her legs and munched on her muff until she spiraled into an all-encompassing orgasm.

While she was still shuddering, Tim released her swollen nip with an audible pop and swapped spots with Dave. While Dave latched onto the vacated breast and drew the erect nub deeply into his mouth, Tim tasted the sweetness of her cunt and moaned with pleasure, then ate her like he was a starving man. Her love button was so sensitive that she came again, arching her back as colors flashed behind her closed eyes.

Tim moved to the side to let Mike take his turn. Mike lifted each of her legs high for Dave and Tim to hold in place. The action revealed her pretty rosette to his view, and he tongued her ass until she was writhing with need. Then he rubbed circles over her clitoris, and Annie went off like a rocket.

“Let’s get you somewhere more comfortable.” Dave scooped Annie into his arms and carried her into their bedroom, laying her down on the king-sized bed.

The four men stood before her, their erections straining up against their abs. Annie scooted up to lean against the headboard and take in the full view.

“You guys are incredible. You all had me seeing stars. I’m going to reciprocate now if that’s okay with you.” Annie crawled down to the end of the bed. Then, working on one man at a time, she licked, sucked, and deep throated each cock, stopping just before they could come.

Tim took hold of his dick with a tight grip, in an effort to delay his orgasm. “You’re making me crazy, Annie. I want to fuck you so badly that it’s painful waiting another minute.”

“I’m all yours, fellas. Take me however you want, as many times as you want.”

Tim sank his cock into her cunt first, then rolled until he was on his back and Annie was speared on top of him. Dave moved in behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. His lubed shaft slipped into her back passage, then he stilled while she adjusted to the tightness of the dual penetration. Mike and Jarrod knelt on either side of the trio, and Annie reached out to fist a cock in each hand. Tim held fast to her tits, and then Dave took the lead. He lifted Annie up and down over Tim’s dick as he thrust in and out with an alternating rhythm that had everyone moaning in ecstasy. Their five-way sex session continued until everyone was covered with a sheen of perspiration from their efforts. Mike went in search of Annie’s clit and rubbed until she screamed out a body-shattering, mind-blowing orgasm, which called to all the men to spurt their semen simultaneously.

Still breathing heavily, Mike and Jarrod lay on either side of Tim. Dave pulled out and lay next to Mike, while Annie collapsed on Tim’s chest. When Tim had caught his breath, he held onto the condom at the base of his dick and pulled out of Annie’s tunnel.

“Holy fuck!” Tim’s tone was one of horror, and they all looked to see what was wrong. “The condom broke!”

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