Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 (MM)

Kaldor Saga 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 75,744
39 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires]

Eric is building a new life at Keenan’s side. An unlikely visitor from a different world changes the course of his destiny.

While out on an expedition to eliminate the threat of the demons in New York, Keenan and Eric rescue Gabriel from his captors. Almost at once, Eric befriends Gabriel, finding kinship in the other man's pain. But Eric’s closeness to the young Kaldorian stirs Keenan’s jealousy. With Keenan’s possessive instincts rearing their ugly head, Eric’s relationship with his lover becomes increasingly strained.

As tensions grow, Kaldorians Cade and Kalin arrive in search of Gabriel. They request Keenan’s help to find Cade’s missing brother. All the while, Keenan is still looking for the traitor who escaped his grasp. Eric and Keenan embark on an impossible quest to aid their new friends and fulfill their duty. What secrets will their journey reveal?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 (MM)
39 Ratings (4.6)

Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 (MM)

Kaldor Saga 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 75,744
39 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
OMG i could not drop this book fantastic read. It is a must to read
Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: "This second part to Destinies in Darkness totally rocked! The relationships between all the characters are really fleshed out as are the emotions. I really enjoyed, in particular, how Ms. Hyacinth showed the growth of the relationship between Keenan and Eric. I loved reading about the expansion and explanation of the different worlds. The reader gets a more in depth view of the paranormal world on Earth. I was also very happy to see one more loose end tied up, and that Ms. Hyacinth left plenty of room for more books in this series. This series just keeps getting better and better, and I am totally ready to buy the next book! If you enjoy sagas, m/m romance, and the paranormal, then you simply must get copies of all the books in this series. They do have to be read in order, but it is money well spent!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance

4.5 NYMPHS: "Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 is the second part of the Kaldor Saga 3. In this fast-paced episode, the saga continues with highlights from part one. The council knows who is responsible for the recent killings. However, before Keenan and Eric can trace the perpetrator, they are presented with a new dilemma. Kaldorians Cade and Kalin arrive in search of Gabriel. Also, they are appealing to Keenan for assistance in finding Cade's missing brother. Eric and Keenan must take on a dangerous mission to help their new friends, plus accomplish their duty to the council. By the end of all the turmoil, Keenan realizes the connection with Eric seemed to be getting stronger. Keenan learned it all depended on trust and to see Eric not only as his lover, but as his equal. Scarlet Hyacinth has created an exciting conclusion to Kaldor Saga 3." -- Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 SHELLS: "Destinies in Darkness Part 2 closes a couple of doors but also opens more when they search out Cade’s brother. Scarlet Hyacinth has done a great job continuing the Kaldor Saga. Even though the story is centered around Eric and Keenan, Gabriel’s appearance and the ripples it causes is the base. When he’s reunited with Lucien the focus shifts to finding Cade’s brother which sets off a tidal wave of emotions and revelations. Eric and Keenan’s relationship is severely tested in Destinies in Darkness Part 2. Eric’s desire to help and protect Gabriel sends Keenan on a downward spiral into the depths of jealousy. When Keenan finally realizes what’s going on, he is instantly contrite and will do anything to make Eric happy, even protect Gabriel. After the Kaldorians are reunited, Eric and Keenan head off to search for Cade’s brother. Along the way they stumble across former friends. All of this leads down a path none of them were expecting. I have really enjoyed the Kaldor Saga and look forward to seeing what happens next." -- Jaymes, The Reader's Roundtable After Dark

"An action packed, tension-filled story with passion and emotional drama, Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 is powerful entertainment. From the first page until the last the roller coaster excitement never stops. Guessing what happens next is futile because of all the neat twists and turns taken in Destinies of Darkness, Part 2. There are a few less characters to deal with in this storyline, yet there’s still a full cast here. Various threads in multiple plotlines are successfully dealt with. Also, even though this epic storyline has already begun, this particular tale has just enough back story for readers to enjoy and understand Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 alone, although I’m betting readers will want to get their hands on the previous books as well. Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 is fascinating, wild, sexy, and ultimately satisfying." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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The penthouse was silent and dark, and the hour late, at least by human standards. For vampires, this was the time when they fed, partied, had sex. Lately, though, Eric had been deprived of much of the vampire nightlife. His lover had left the Tower yet again, in a fit of anger caused, as always, by Gabriel.

Over the past few days, Eric had become good friends with their guest. Gabriel had yet to share his past with Eric, but he seemed to be working on it. Unfortunately, this friendship didn’t come without a price. With each passing moment, Keenan became more and more jealous of Gabriel, a fact which hurt both of them terribly.

Eric tried to reason with his lover. At first, Keenan accepted his words and, to a certain extent, his friendship with Gabriel. But things gradually became worse until just the evening before, Keenan actually refused to touch him. Keenan had never done anything like that before. Even when Eric had been just recently turned, Keenan had never denied him. Back then, his lover would carefully give Eric everything he needed, without even taking his own pleasure. The thought that in a few days, that stability and relationship could shatter drove Eric crazy.

He’d been unable to sleep, more so since Keenan practically ignored him all night. Cassandra had been reluctant to interfere, but Eric knew that if things continued like this, she would become involved as well. She was fiercely protective of him, and somehow, that sentiment extended to Gabriel.

Eric didn’t know what to do. At this point, whatever course of action he attempted only made things worse. As much as he hated the thought, he’d have even stopped seeing Gabriel. It wouldn’t work, though. Keenan could see into his mind and he’d know Eric missed his friend. Even if that didn’t happen, Keenan would find some way to twist his actions into something malicious or sneaky. It almost seemed that Keenan wanted to believe Eric was cheating on him.

In Keenan’s absence, Eric paradoxically ended up with Gabriel. Loneliness called out to loneliness and while their two situations were vastly different, they both missed the other halves of their souls, in Eric’s case Keenan, and in Gabriel’s, the mysterious mate he sometimes mentioned. Tonight turned out to be a particularly bad night and they just stared out into the darkness, neither of them speaking for the longest time.

“Eric, you should sleep some,” Gabriel advised him in the end. “You look very tired.”

Eric gave Gabriel an exhausted smile. “Vampires don’t sleep at night, Gabriel.”

“Please? For me?” Gabriel coaxed.

Eric sighed, getting up from the couch they were currently lounging on. He couldn’t say no to Gabriel. Besides, Gabriel had enough on his mind. He didn’t need to be concerned with Eric as well. “Fine.I don’t know if I can, but I’ll try.”

“Come on,” Gabriel said. “Let’s get you to bed.”

Eric followed Gabriel out of the living room and into his sleeping quarters, the bedroom he shared with Keenan. His heart twisted in his chest at the sight of the cold, empty bed. It almost seemed to echo the state of his own body. Without Keenan by his side, Eric felt drained and bare, naked in the dark.

Gabriel pulled him along and pushed him on the large four-poster. As his friend tucked him in, Eric saw Gabriel’s expression change. His eyes went hazy, and he swooned, collapsing on top of Eric on the bed.

Eric hastily pulled Gabriel by his side and checked on his friend’s condition. After a few seconds, Gabriel opened his eyes and smiled. “I’m fine. Thanks.”

“You should take better care of yourself,” Eric said, concern sweeping through him.

Gabriel nodded and lean forward to brush a kiss on Eric’s cheek. A jolt of emotion hit Eric as their skin made contact. Gabriel felt very restless. His thoughts revolved on reaching Luce. Gabriel also hoped that at least he could somehow help his friend with his relationship. He felt guilty about the problems between Eric and Keenan.

Unfortunately, Keenan chose this exact moment to come into the room. Eric turned to look at his lover, suppressing a wince at Keenan’s expression. The other vampire stood in the doorway, his eyes flashing with barely restrained fury. “Eric,” he growled between gritted teeth. “What are you doing?”

Keenan must have seen Gabriel kiss Eric on the cheek. Damn it! As if things weren’t already bad enough.

Eric couldn’t deal with Keenan’s jealousy anymore. He offered his lover a tired smile, hoping Keenan would leave him alone. “Hi, Keenan. Just thought I’d get some sleep. What’s up?”

He almost winced when Keenan turned to look at him, the unbridled fury in his gaze driving a dagger through his heart. Why? Why did Keenan have to doubt him like that? “Eric, can I talk to you a few minutes alone.”

He didn’t say it as a question, but as an order. Giving Keenan a frightful look, Gabriel got up. “See you later, Eric.”

Eric nodded, trying to silently reassure his friend. He knew his friend’s concern was justified, but Gabriel couldn’t help him. The damage was done and Eric would have to face the consequences alone. He got up from the bed and faced Keenan as he threw a reply Gabriel’s way. “Bye, Gabriel.”

Gabriel walked past Keenan, out of the room, and Eric breathed a sigh of relief. At least Gabriel was out of the line of fire and wouldn’t get hurt if Keenan got mad again.





Eric licked his lips, reveling in the phantom taste of his lover, wanting more. Keenan’s kisses were addictive and Eric could never get enough of them. He wanted to feel Keenan’s lips take his mouth, his body, his dick. God, just the thought of having Keenan suck him off made Eric burn. When had they been together last? It felt like ages ago.

Keenan smirked. “Just this evening, pet.”

“Really?” Eric said coyly. “I could’ve sworn it was at least a week ago. I need you so badly.”

Keenan’s midnight black eyes seemed to grow even darker. Before Eric could say anything else, he pounced, covering Eric’s body with his own. As much as Eric enjoyed their not subtle flirting game, he couldn’t be more thankful that in this case, Keenan was as impatient as he. Whether it was a delayed effect of the adrenaline of the battle or arousal stemming from the knowledge of Keenan’s desire to possess him, the fact remained that Eric wanted to feel his vampire inside of him.

As they kissed, Eric heard Keenan rummage through the nightstand. He guessed his lover had been victorious in the quest for lube when Keenan’s hands came to work on his clothes. “Off,” Keenan growled against his lips. “Off, now!”

Eric did his best to obey Keenan’s command and struggled out of his shirt and pants. In a flurry of ripped material, they rolled on the bed until they were skin to skin. Eric rubbed against Keenan wantonly, his dick hard and aching, his body throbbing with the need for release. And yet, as much as Eric wished for the ecstasy of orgasm, he wanted it to last. He wanted them to come together as one, lose themselves in each other’s bodies for hours, until the whole world faded away and the only thing that remained was their love, their union. He was passion made flesh, and nothing short of the full expression of their connection could satisfy him.

“God, yes!” Keenan gasped. “I’ll give you what you want and more.”

Keenan separated their mouths and pushed Eric down on the bed. He saddled the pillows, framing Eric’s shoulders with his legs. Eric found himself with Keenan’s dick right in front of him. His mouth watered at the sight, and as Keenan fed him his dick, Eric eagerly opened up to take it. Rocking into Eric’s mouth, Keenan groaned and supported himself against the headboard. The motions should have made Eric uncomfortable or cut off his breathing, more so since Keenan’s weight on top of him pinned him down. But as a vampire, Eric didn’t have the limitations humans did.

Still, the position didn’t give him the freedom to do everything he wanted to. He shifted them on the bed until Keenan was on his back and Eric on top. Flipping his hair, he eyed his lover with a grin. God, Keenan looked gorgeous. Eric didn’t even know where to begin.

In the end, he decided to continue with what he’d interrupted and went back to Keenan’s shaft. “Go on, pet,” Keenan urged him. “Suck me.”

Eric smirked at the need in Keenan’s voice, but nevertheless obeyed and lowered his mouth on Keenan’s dick. He shamelessly used all the expertise he’d acquired in his time as Keenan’s lover. He swirled his tongue in thecorkscrew motion he knew drove Keenan crazy. First teasing, sucking on the head of the shaft, even giving the tiny slit the smallest hint of fang, without drawing blood. Truth be told, he’d have loved feeding from Keenan’s dick in more ways than one. Keenan had done it to him, more than once, but Eric didn’t want to risk it. He was still young and not experienced enough with his vampire powers.

“Go ahead, pet,” Keenan said encouragingly, eyes dilated with lust. “I’ll stop you if something happens.”

Eric hesitated, still uncertain. Then again, he trusted that Keenan would keep them both safe in whatever circumstances. Their love play had been taken to the extreme since Eric’s transformation. He could now give his lover sensations he hadn’t been able to provide as a human, and he wouldn’t allow fear to stand in his way.

“Oh, something is going to happen,” he said through their connection. “I’m going to make you come so hard you’ll see stars.”

It wasn’t empty boasting or exaggeration. Eric fully intended to send his lover to the highest peak of ecstasy,and he set himself to doing just so. He started sucking on the shaft in his mouth with all he had, no longer teasing, reveling in the sounds of pleasure he drew from Keenan.

As he bobbed his head up and down, he alternated slow motions with fast ones, keeping Keenan on the brink of orgasm. His left hand went to toy with Keenan’s testicles, whereas the other sneaked between Keenan’s ass cheeks. With a gentle finger, Eric prodded at Keenan’s hole.

They’d never had sex with Keenan on the bottom. Eric loved feeling Keenan inside him too much and hadn’t felt tempted to try it. Yet, now it occurred to him that there was no sense in limiting themselves. If Keenan wanted to as well, they’d have to try it one of these days.

“Whatever you want, pet!” Keenan said. “But today I want your ass.”

Eric agreed with that assessment but didn’t offer a reply. Instead, he took Keenan’s cock all the way to the base and swallowed around the head. He allowed his fangs to descend and gently bit down in the tasty flesh of the shaft. Even in the heat of passion, he refused to take any chances. Blood seeped into his mouth, mingling with hot cumas Keenan howled and found his peak.

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