Demon's Fire, Merman's Storm (MM)

Kaldor Saga 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,620
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, mermen, HEA]

Despite his love for his family, Cain has always felt like an outsider due to his lack of wings. Attempting to soothe his wounded soul, he leaves his native Xeetha for Earth. His path crosses with that of young merman Astred.

Unlike other mermen, Astred cannot split his tail into legs. When he meets Cain, he realizes he’s found his life mate, the one person who can understand what he’s going through. He opens up to Cain, and before they both know it, they fall in love.

But their relationship is threatened by Astred’s inability to walk and his reluctance to leave his family. Astred’s deep bond with the ocean clashes with the one with his mate. To make things worse, an enemy from Cain’s parents’ past emerges, threatening Astred’s very existence. Can Cain protect his mate from enemies not his own? Can their love weather the coming storm?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Demon's Fire, Merman's Storm (MM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Demon's Fire, Merman's Storm (MM)

Kaldor Saga 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,620
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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"Secrets, lies, and past grievances come to a dramatic conclusion in Demon’s Fire, Merman’s Storm. A tumultuous tale of jealousy, guilt, and redemption is neatly tied together in this suspenseful and exciting romance. Fans of this series will love it! New readers however need to start with the first book to truly enjoy and understand all the action. Characters from each book make an appearance and add their own twists and turns to this enchanting love story. Cain and Astred begin as misfits who ultimately prove their worth in so many ways. Demon’s Fire, Merman’s Storm is a satisfying, character driven tale that answers all the questions and leaves the reader thirsting for more." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Furious rain fell down from the skies as bolts of lightning tore the clouds open. It was only his Xeetahn speed and strength that kept him from finding his watery grave. It would have probably been wiser to head back toward the shore, but cries reached his ears, coming from the ship.

He’d continued to go forward, his muscles straining against the force of nature trying to push him under. Distantly, he thought that wings would have been very useful right about now, but he didn’t relent. At one point, a huge wave swept over the deck of the ship. It was almost as if the sea itself was unleashing its anger over whoever had dared to breach its territory. Unable to resist the elements, the vessel began to sink.

Cain caught sight of a smaller boat fighting to move away from the ship. He swam toward it, knowing that it was likely the survivors would have a hard time braving the storm. But much to his shock, his keen vision noticed something outrageous. The men on the little ship were manhandling what seemed to be an injured mer. One of them kicked the unconscious creature, cruelly stepping on his or her tail.

Anger assaulted Cain. He had heard of human hunters, people who preyed on earthling paranormals, from his parents. Gabriel’s friends on Earth often had contact with them, and even Cain’s uncle had suffered from cruel treatment at their hands. In spite of all this, so far they’d been something vague and nebulous in Cain’s mind.

The pure hatred that he could read from that simple action awakened the fire within Cain. Slipping through the furious waves with striking ease, he reached the boat and tossed a fire ball at the man who’d hurt the mer. With an agonized cry, the human collapsed, while his cronies tried to figure out where the attack had come from.

Shouts sounded inside the small vessel. “Take cover!”

“What the hell is happening?”

“I thought the mer’s magic was under control.”

“Fucking deceitful bitch! I knew she couldn’t be trusted.”

“It’s not a mer!”

Before the group could figure out that the latter comment had been correct, Cain forced the boat to tilt over. The humans all collapsed into the water. Cain created a couple of fire spears, which he sent after those who tried to cling to the sinking vessel, then abandoned the hunters to their fate. He focused on the little mer who’d been injured, and who, in spite of everything that had happened, still hadn’t moved. The waves were threatening to swallow his small body. Cain caught him before he could drift away. With all the chaos around him, he couldn’t tell much other than the fact that the mer was a young male, his tail a peculiar white-cream color now tainted with crimson blood. His breathing was shallow, though, and Cain’s senses screamed that the stranger needed medical attention at once.

Cain tried to focus his powers on his precious burden, but it was hard to navigate the agitated waters while attempting the delicate healing process, and he didn’t think he could keep a portal stable if he summoned one. It seemed to take forever, but at last, the island loomed ahead. Cain dragged the unresponsive body of the young mer onto the beach. There were already people in the area, staff from the house who must have seen the explosion and worried about him.

“Move,” Cain told them. “Give me space.”

They did so, and Cain immediately focused on the injured mer. The ugliest wound seemed to be over his shoulder. Cain’s stomach turned as he took in the severe burn in the area, concentrating around a large puncture injury. His tail fins had been crushed, and he also seemed to have taken quite a blow to the head.

Cain’s powers had already stabilized his condition, but now, there were no longer any distractions to keep him from healing his patient. He bathed the merman with energy, taking each injury at a time, carefully mending the destroyed flesh and scales. He reached out to the mer’s consciousness, telling him it was all right to come back to the real world, that no one would hurt him anymore. He didn’t know if the little mer had heard him, as he didn’t quite have the experience his Kazyan did.

Still, when he finally stopped and retreated from the mer’s mind and body, he noted with satisfaction that the wounds had disappeared. He also realized that his unexpected guest was absolutely beautiful. His silvery hair was still matted with blood in some places, but that didn’t hide the flawless features of his delicate face or the full lips that seemed to be made for kissing. His slender but toned torso practically begged to be explored, the tiny pink nipples making Cain’s mouth water. And for some reason, Cain found himself with the strangest urge to caress the mer’s tail. He had never had a particular liking for fish, but the smooth scales that seemed to have a pearlescent glow drew him like a moth to the flame.

Cain shook himself, cursing his idiotic thoughts. What was wrong with him? The poor mer had been steps away from death, attacked and possibly traumatized by hunters, and Cain chose this exact moment to lust after him. Fires of Kaldor, he must be losing his mind.




Even through the material of Cain’s trousers, the heat Cain emitted burned Astred, and he wanted nothing more but to lose himself in his lover’s desire and caresses.

As if guessing Astred’s thoughts, Cain flipped them over, and Astred oophed as he ended up on his back on the bed, with his mate looming above him. “I want you, baby,” he said. “I want us to be mates, in every sense of the word. Will you give me that?”

Astred couldn’t speak. He just nodded wordlessly. He’d craved this ever since he’d agreed to leave his old life behind for Cain. In fact, both of them had been waiting for the completion of their bond from the very moment they’d first met. Astred might have had his doubts then, but in his heart, he had known Cain was his other half.

Cain pressed his lips to Astred’s, his tongue demanding entrance with gentle insistence. Astred gladly granted it and wrapped his arms around Cain’s neck as they fell into a slow, almost lazy kiss. They fed on each other’s mouths for what seemed like forever, taking their time, reveling in the taste of their passion. Cain’s hands roamed over Astred’s flesh, lingering over the pattern of his scales, making him tremble in delight with every touch.

When at last Cain broke the kiss, he licked down Astred’s neck and started taking the same path with his tongue that he had mapped with his fingers.

Astred melted against the bed, his entire being focused on Cain’s sinful ministrations. Anticipation pooled in his belly as he waited to see what would happen. Cain had done this to him before, driven him crazy by tasting every inch of him. But now, there was another ingredient added to the cocktail of possibilities. What would Cain do?

Alas, when he reached Astred’s midsection, Cain unexpectedly stopped. He took Astred’s hand and brought it to his penis. “Touch yourself for me, baby,” he said. “I want you to see just how beautiful you are.”

Astred felt his face flame at the words, but he nevertheless wrapped his fingers around his dick. Having outer genital organs was a novel experience, and it certainly had advantages. Astred released a small whimper as pleasure flowed over him at his own touch. Cain’s palm guided his in a rhythm, massaging his dick, causing tiny explosions to burst through his body.

Cain’s other hand sneaked lower down. Astred was so distracted by the sensations assaulting him that he didn’t catch on to what his lover was doing. He couldn’t help but tense and release a startled yelp as he felt Cain part his ass cheeks and touch the hidden opening there.

He realized with dismay that he wasn’t even fully aware of how the new parts of his body worked. Sure, he could walk because his legs were basically the same muscles he used when he’d had a tail. However, the rest of it remained a mystery.

“It’s all right,” Cain murmured, withdrawing his hand. “We’ll take it as slowly as you need.”

Astred cursed himself for being an idiot. The opening of his anus was the same thing as the one that had existed between the lower fins of his tail. Why was he being so jumpy? He wanted this. He wanted Cain.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, embarrassed. “I’m just…”

“Don’t ever apologize to me,” Cain replied, his ice-blue gaze hypnotizing Astred. “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, the most beautiful gift I’ve received in my life. I want to go slow. I want you to understand your body. I need to make this special for you because you are so very special for me.”

What could Astred say? He nodded and parted his legs wider. Fixing his gaze on Cain’s face, he released his hold on his dick brought his own fingers to his anus. When his digits brushed the hidden hole, he jumped in surprise, but he breathed through it, telling himself he needed to get over his shyness.

He was just thinking about it too much, thinking and wondering. Apparently, Cain realized this as well, as faster than the eye could see, he crawled lower down over Astred’s body. Before Astred even knew what was going on, his lover took his cock in his mouth.

Volcanic heat engulfed Astred, propelling him into a whole different reality. He felt as if he’d swum to the very core of the earth and could not for the life of him find his way back to the surface. But he didn’t want to return. He craved to melt in the fires of Cain’s passion, and with every motion of Cain’s talented mouth, it seemed more and more that it would be the case.

When Cain’s finger rubbed against his opening again, Astred couldn’t remember to tense up. Instead, he accepted the pleasure his lover offered, torn between thrusting to meet the teasing touch against his ass and fucking Cain’s mouth.

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