The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion (MM)

Mate or Meal 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,502
42 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters]

Angel or appetizer? The question never crossed Clark’s mind. Growing up, Angel was only his adopted little brother, a sibling he’d have done anything to protect. But twenty years seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye, and now Angel is a beautiful young man, and one Clark’s lion feels is his mate.

Angel doesn’t know when his brotherly affection for Clark turned into more, but he is well aware he can never let Clark know. The mere idea of Clark rejecting him, hating him, terrifies him.

But as they begin new lives at the United Paranormal Academy, hiding their love from each other becomes even harder. When Angel is put in charge of an incubus student, the new arrival’s flirtation awakens Clark’s jealousy. And while Angel and Clark struggle with their emotions, a murder shakes the academy and is pinned on Clark. Can their love prevail?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion (MM)
42 Ratings (4.6)

The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion (MM)

Mate or Meal 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,502
42 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Excelent read I look forward to the next bookk
Crack is illegal and so should this series, ever so addictive, in such an amazing way. I have no idea how, but I cannot stop Turing the pages and seeing how this all evolves over time. It's just that good, and a stellar job breaching into the next generation of well done, looking forward to you merging the storylines with paranormal , magic and so much more....superb
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"During their growing up years, Clark’s protected his adopted brother Angel as best he could. Now they’re adults and off with their friends to the new United Paranormal Academy where different shifter races learn to get along with each other while receiving an education. The campus is filled with lots of beautiful men and woman but Clark only has eyes for one person…Angel…and his lion wants to claim its mate. Angel’s crazy about Clark but petrified of him finding out. Going to the same school and attending many of the same classes put them together often, making it difficult to keep his feelings hidden. When Angel becomes the mentor of a new incubus classmate, Clark’s jealous, giving Angel hope his feelings are returned. But then a cheetah classmate’s murdered after he attacks Angel, embroiling them in the investigation after Clark’s accused. Can their newfound love survive in the face of so much adversity or will their mating fail? The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion is the newest release in Scarlet Hyacinth’s Mate or Meal series. While not absolutely necessary it would be better to read the books in order. I have to admit that I was surprised the series jumped into the next generation but in reality, it makes sense to progress the plotline in this manner. It allows changes in a few basic premises without a lot of excessive explaining. I liked seeing the adult Angel and Clark, along with their friends we knew as children. To know that some of the things the elders had been fighting for had come about…and the Academy was one of them. Ms. Hyacinth’s done a nice job not only with the further development of Angel and Clarks personalities but given us a detailed look into the new world in which they’re living. Into that, she’s woven their friends and a couple of side plotlines, pushing the story forward, not just to the end of this book but into the next release and beyond. But back to Angel and Clark. I really enjoy these two. They’re so different but still so alike. Loving each but afraid the other will learn the truth. And there’s new evil here too, forcing friends, lovers and cousins to fight together to save the ones they love." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

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Story excerpt


The Academy placed a lot of emphasis on its students training their abilities and learning how to control them. A very important section was strong physical training, each according to each shape-shifter race. To that, psychology and sociology were added, so that the students could understand themselves and their society. There would also be a course in practical magic once enough students from magical races applied. For the moment, they only studied it in theory.

 Of course, the PE class was one of the most difficult ones for Clark, not because of the actual exercises, but due to the way Angel looked in the shorts that emphasized the swell of his bottom and the delicious scent of his sweat. Angel was on the track team, while Clark had gone with wrestling. He could run track, too, but other felines were faster and he got easily distracted by Angel.

The main sports room was huge, and each team had their own coach. Here, shifters were not separated according to what they ate. PE focused on teamwork, so it was very likely for students from various races to be paired together. The track team, for example, held a lot of herbivores, but also their traditional predators, like cheetahs. It was a way for the coaches to point out that here, between the walls of the academy, they needed to learn to control their hunting instinct.

For Clark’s part, he needed to cooperate with rhinos, hippos, boars, and gorillas, as well as with other carnivores. Thankfully, they each had their own weight category, so Clark would never risk being squashed by an out-of-control elephant. It was actually an interesting exercise because his lion always rose inside him when challenged. It took a good deal of control to keep the beast leashed. In a sense, PE class was always the most dangerous because all their instincts were simmering, just waiting to be let loose.

They first went to the lockers, where they quickly changed into their PE clothes. Clark couldn’t help but steal the occasional glance at Angel. He caught a glimpse of Angel’s tight ass and forced himself to look away. He’d already gotten hard, and he needed to keep his arousal in check.

He counted to ten in his head and summoned the most distasteful images he could think of. His cousins naked. Tate and his girlfriend fucking. Alexis and Angel together at lunch. That did. His erection started to flag, and he finished dressing in a morose mood.

When he and Angel headed toward the main PE room, though, Clark pushed aside his own jealousy. As always, he squeezed his brother’s shoulder in a wordless advice to be careful. Angel gave him a brief smile then rushed toward the track team area.

Usually, most everyone practiced outside, but the weather on academy grounds didn’t always allow for it. While shifters could easily run in the rain and were often forced to, coaches preferred to alternate easier with difficult tasks. Today, clouds had gathered above the academy, so it seemed the track team would run inside. Clark was thankful for this because, this way, he could keep an eye on Angel. The football and basketball teams had chosen to risk it and go outside regardless.

The class started, and Clark was placed in front of his opponent, another lion shifter named Jonathan. A hippo from Clark’s team whispered a warning in Clark’s ear. “Careful,” he said. “I heard he was boasting he’d knock you out.”

Clark suppressed a grimace. Sometimes, the competitiveness typical to felines tired him. Right then and there, he just wanted to be with Angel and ignore the stupidity of his fellow students.

He shrugged, unconcerned. He could take the other lion, especially with his new motivation. Now that Alexis was busy, he’d be able to spend some time with the sweet antelope.

Clark and Jonathan circled around each other, two predators in a face-off made serious by the egos involved. Jonathan lunged at Clark, but Clark managed to avoid him. With the corner of his eye, he kept watch over Angel, now running across the field at full speed.

In a few brisk motions, Clark grabbed Jonathan and dumped him to the floor. With his own body, he immobilized the other shifter, holding him down in spite of Jonathan’s struggles.

Just as the coach declared him the winner, a sense of alarm coursed through him. Clark lifted his eyes, only to see one of the cheetahs in the track team, a young man named Leiland, shift into his animal form. The feline started chasing after Angel, dodging his teammates who attempted to stop him.

None of them were supposed to change into their beast form except on their private time. They were allowed to run or fly, but not while engaged in activities with other shifters who could get hurt in the process. Shifting during PE class not only went against the rules, but it was also very dangerous.

Without hesitating one single second, Clark jumped off Jonathan. In human form, he couldn’t fight a cheetah, so he allowed his body to melt into that of his lion. Cheetahs were faster than lions, unfortunately, but Leiland had chosen the wrong antelope to pursue. Angel didn’t always show it, but he was, in fact, much faster than other members of his species. Realizing the danger, Angel didn’t delay in shifting shapes as well. He managed to avoid the cheetah and headed toward Clark.

Leiland didn’t seem to realize what Angel intended, not until it was too late at least. Clark pounced on the cheetah, stopping him from his pursuit of Angel. His opponent tried to claw at Clark, but Clark’s mane prevented the cheetah from managing to get a good grip. He was bigger and stronger, and it would have taken him no effort to tear his sweet Angel’s attacker.

Luckily for Leiland, their coaches intervened. “Enough, Clark. Let him go.”


Adult excerpt


Clark’s grin was a dark promise as he joined Angel on the bed.  They didn’t speak, didn’t say another word. It wasn’t needed. Clark’s hands went to Angel’s clothing, slowly helping him out of the material. With almost excruciating gentleness, Clark did what Angel had been too distracted to achieve. Angel’s shirt was the first to go, then his shoes and socks. Those talented fingers hesitated slightly when they reached Angel’s fly. Taking a leap of faith, Angel lowered his own zipper, revealing his erection to Clark’s gaze.

He was by no means as impressive as Clark, but the lion seemed to like what he saw. He released another of those low growls, and Angel couldn’t suppress a shudder. He loved hearing Clark when he let loose his beast. Clark’s roars were particularly magnificent, and Angel had always secretly dreamed of hearing them while they were together in bed. It seemed that today, he would finally get his wish.

Clark’s motions began to get quicker when the lion saw Angel had no intention of protesting. Soon, Clark undressed Angel completely. They were both naked on the bed now, so close Angel could feel the heat emanating from Clark’s skin.

There was no going back now. Clark moved over Angel, lowering him to the mattress. Not knowing what else to do, Angel relaxed against the pillows and waited. He felt inadequate and poorly prepared to give Clark pleasure. At the same time, though, he knew Clark would not hold it against him, so his fears were chased away by the mix of lust and familiarity inside him.

Clark lavished him with butterfly-light kisses, taking his time in exploring every inch of Angel’s body. Clark’s every touch enflamed Angel more and more, and he almost came when his mate’s hot mouth enclosed his nipple.

“Clark.” He released a small bleat-gasp. “Oh, God, Clark, please.”

Clark lifted his mouth and met his gaze. Clark’s honey-brown eyes seemed almost black now with the fire of passion burning within their depths. “I love how you say my name.”

The words sounded animalistic, possessive, and Angel could tell Clark’s beast had been awakened. He arched against his mate, demanding more, needing more.

Clark crushed their lips together once again, and on instinct, Angel wrapped his legs around Clark’s waist. Still clinging to the lip-lock, Clark changed their position, pulling Angel upright and into his lap. The new situation made Clark’s prick nudge against Angel’s crease. His anus clenched in need, and Angel started trembling with the desire to come together with Clark like that, in the most intimate way two men could be connected.

Clark seemed to want the same thing. The lion’s hands went to Angel’s buttocks, kneading and massaging. His strong fingers separated the ass cheeks, and one dry digit rubbed at Angel’s hole. Angel’s gasp was swallowed by Clark’s kiss.

They separated their mouths when they found themselves forced to breathe. Much to Angel’s dismay, Clark released him from his arms and left the bed. For a few terrible instants, Angel thought Clark had changed his mind, especially when he saw Clark pick up his pants.

But then, he understood Clark was searching through his pockets. Angel wasn’t exactly naïve, so he realized what Clark was looking for. “In that nightstand,” he said.

Clark looked toward him, then, as indicated, opened the nightstand drawer. He retrieved the tube of lubricant Alexis had given Angel as a thank-you present for moving in.

Clark didn’t seem amused. “Why do you have lube?”

Angel would have felt offended, except he knew he’d baited Clark into jealousy with his comment from a few days back. Truth be told, Alexis always teased him, but he’d never actually made a serious pass at him. Angel had gotten used to it, although he still couldn’t bring himself to flirt back.

“A gift from Alexis.” He arched a brow at Clark. “I’ve never actually used it, and I was thinking we could try it now.”

Clark pounced on the bed, and the bedsprings protested at the sudden weight. The lion squeezed Angel in his arms, murmuring, “And I don’t want you to ever use it with anyone except me.”

“I’m yours,” Angel whispered back. “I always have been.”

Lions were by nature possessive, and in that, Clark was no different. Angel found it incredibly arousing to have that possessiveness directed at him. Now more than ever, he wanted to feel Clark’s cock inside him, to have his mate pound him, fuck him until nothing but the two of them remained in this world.

He admitted he didn’t know much about sex, but the mechanics didn’t elude him. He lay back down and lifted his legs, bending himself almost in half and exposing his hole to Clark’s gaze. Gazelles were naturally flexible, so Angel could do this and much more.

 Clark opened the tube of lubricant and poured a liberal amount on his fingers. Angel’s heart started beating even faster with every passing second, and he nearly jumped at the first touch of Clark’s slick digits against his hole. What if he didn’t do this right? What if Clark hated it and never wanted to be with him again?

As always, Clark sensed his apprehension. He supported Angel’s legs, removing the strain on his upper body, even if Angel didn’t particularly mind the position. Always holding Angel’s gaze, he slowly inserted a finger inside his body.

At first, Angel remained tense, so it didn’t feel very comfortable. The frown on Clark’s face didn’t help things. His fears and uncertainties returned with a vengeance. He might have lost his arousal altogether, except out of the blue, Clark released Angel’s legs, moved lower down on the bed, and in one smooth motion, swallowed down Angel’s cock.

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