Elian Glinkobia is the youngest son of his family. Born on the planet, Kardalusia, he is the only breeder, the only coração, born to a family full of Kartusian warriors and soldiers. He was born with no other purpose than to be the coração of a marriage group, there to serve them in every manner that they needed. Or so he thinks. Attending his final marriage soiree, Elian believes that he will not be picked by any marriage group and is destined to live his life alone, or as a prostitute. He is beyond shocked to find out that he was chosen by the royal marriage group the year before. He is to be the coração, the heart, of the three kings, Nevin, Corbin, and Gaige. However, things are not always as easy as they seem. Before Elian can even settle into his position as The Royal Coração, someone attempts to murder him. Placed under lock and key in the palace by his husbands, Elian begins to discover that the gods of the Kartusians gifted him with a lot more than he could have ever expected. Will Elian's special gifts come in handy when he needs them to save his husbands and their people, or was everyone right about his worthlessness?

WARNING: This story contains double penetration, sex between multiple partners M/M/M/M, male pregnancy, violence, interracial couples, the possession by a deity on numerous occasions, and multiple orgasms. Read at your own risk.

Elian (MMMM)
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Cover Art by Vicktor Alexander
I Love this book. So far Alexander has become one of my FAVORITE authors!!! I hope he has more coming out in this series!
After reading the free short last year this is the much anticipated first book in the Marriage Groups Series. it does not disappoint. Elian and his Husbands are all very different personalities. Their world is in flux, changing with the reintroduction of females into their lives. There is a good selection of secondary characters to continue the series. Vicktor Alexander manages to deliver humour, intrigue, danger, and multiple births in this very sexy read. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves MPreg and sci fi romance.

Sodom and Gomorrah 87 B.C.

A decision had been made and Andalusia, the Supreme Being, had dispatched his most trusted angels to carry it out. The two men travelled down to Earth to mete out he harsh judgement to those who were deserving of it. All of Sodom and Gomorrah would be punished, for their hearts were filled with greed, evilness and murderous intent. While there were those who were innocent, the majority of the cities were corrupt and unrepentant. They had been chosen to be created loving those who were of the same gender and Andalusia had been extremely generous when he allowed them to co-habitate.
They consisted of the Kartusians and the Sapphricians. They had been given an opportunity to have a certain area of their choosing to be joined with that of the human planet, Earth. At this joining they had given the cities the names Sodom and Gomorrah. Andalusia had known that in the end they would rebel. There was just a matter of time before children would grow to become rebellious teenagers who would become adults who hated authority and became products of their rebellion, atmosphere, environment and corruption that surrounded them. But when he looked down at the chaos of Sodom and Gomorrah he felt himself growing angry. He burned with a rage that he knew would not be quenched by mere apologies. They had disrespected him and misused his gift by becoming a people full of rapists, murderers, thieves and pedophiles. He would not stand for their disregard of his law and his commandments. Because of this he was forced to send out his fiercest warriors, Michael and Zariel to abolish the city. He would mourn those who were lost, but he had allowed it to endure for too long.
Those who survived, there were not many and they only survived because Andalusia willed it be so, were told of the new laws and the new structure of their people.
A group, four men or four women, would be required to marry. One would represent the body of the group, their purpose to take care of the family, the quartet, physically. Then there was the mind of the group. They would be in charge of the family’s education and mental growth. There was also the Soul of the group, the one who would be required to look out for the family’s spiritual well-being. But there was one who was even more important.
The Coração. The heart of the family. The emotions, foundation and childbearing was required of the Coração. Whether male or female the Coração would give birth to the family’s offspring. It was an honor and a privilege to be the Coração of a family, but Andalusia knew this would not be the mindset forever. Laws were given to the people, birthmarks appeared on their body and Andalusia revealed their significance. The priests and the scribes rushed to keep all of the information and the laws given. Just as they assumed they were finished with the laws, Andalusia delivered his final blow: the Sapphricians, the term given for females, would be placed on the planet Sapphro while the Kartusians, the men, would stay on the planet Kardalusia. There would now only be same sex relationships on the two planets. There would no longer be any contact with the humans on planet Earth and like that the veil between the three planets was torn.
On Kardalusia the priests gathered together and had every new law and rule created and printed for distribution for the inhabitants. Every man was instructed to adhere to the rules with the strictest of punishments if the consequence of not obeying was needed. For days the smallest of Kartusian men, those small, short and/or thin in size were crippled by pain and plagued by sickness. There soon appeared the birthmark of a heart on their flesh and as the god Andalusia had stated, they were marked as Coraçãos. These men were immediately taken to the largest home on the planet and pampered. At the end of the month they were brought out and a soiree was held to pair each Coracao with three men who would complete a group. The men who appeared had also received birthmarks on their bodies and with the help of the god Andalusia’s words, career, education and status were given to every man there.
While the Kartusians seemed to thrive a small group of survivors from the Sodom and Gomorrah tragedy were chosen by the god Andalusia to inhabit the darkest recesses of the planets Kardalusia and Sapphro. They were given the name Zevinxian and their spirits were fused with that of animals. Special gifts were given to each person, the ability to hear thoughts, to communicate with animals, to manipulate time, there was no rhyme or reason to who received what and while they too bore birthmarks on their bodies, in their hairline there was the mark of the five moons that labeled them as Zevinxians. It was not long before the Zevinxians integrated into the population of their people, just as it wasn’t long before they were banished and returned to the darkest recesses from whence they came. Before long the Zevinxians were being hunted by their brethren who feared their substantial power.
And then a gleam of hope. When Kardalusia began to experience massive deaths, strange storms and a decrease in births, the priests pleaded with the god Andalusia before seeking out their extremely religious brethren, the Zevinxians. A prophecy was given, one that filled most Kartusians and Zevinxians with happiness, joy and hope and others with fear and anger. There would come a Coracao who would give birth to the first female Kartusian in centuries. The Coracao would be powerful, he would have powers that were typically given to Zevinxians, the ability to speak to unborn children, to animals, to control the weather, stop time, and to manipulate metal. He would be special and as such the three men who married him would be special, the strongest mind, body and spirit members in existence.
One man, hearing this gathered a group of men together and they were determined to not only find the Coracao in question but to kill him before the prophecy could be fulfilled. And so generation to generation, their offspring and descendants continued to look for this Coracao in order to dispose of him, but they did not take into account the three men who would be married to the Coracao, the three men who would love him and protect him.
The Marriage Group.

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