Price to Pay (MF)

Her Canadian Dream 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,185
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Aiden and Alyssa Price have settled down to married life. They are beginning to make headway into their new lifestyle, and Alyssa loves her new life, learning about the BDSM lifestyle. She also meets Aiden’s family and is drawn into their warm embrace. Life couldn’t be better.

Then things start happening which mar their happiness.

Vandalism and small incidents, both at home and at Aiden’s office, start to escalate. On top of these events, Alyssa is frightened by some malicious phone calls. Not wanting to worry Aiden, she keeps these to herself, convinced they are not intended for her.

However, on New Year’s Eve, they attend a party in town. In the blink of an eye it changes from a happy event, into a time of terror for Alyssa. As Aiden is driven out of his mind with worry, the police are involved to resolve the situation.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Price to Pay (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Price to Pay (MF)

Her Canadian Dream 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,185
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What a great book. Loved how Aly and Aiden learned more about each other and the relationship they both wanted. Liked that May added a little suspense to the story. Looking forward to more of their story and hopefully more of Jan and Brett.
This second part to this story was just as good as the first. A well written story and very entertaining.




As they walked through Pearson Airport, they were separated momentarily as the legal paperwork was checked but were reunited for a brief walk through customs, after which they made their way to the exit.

A loud scream caught their attention and a whirlwind of energy, in the form of her friend Jan, flew at Alyssa, hugging her until she could barely breathe.

“Aly! You’re back! Don’t ever do that to me again! I was worried sick.”

Extracting herself from the tight embrace, she gave her friend a broad smile.

“Oh. Jan. I’m really sorry. I just panicked. I didn’t know what to do and this seemed to be the best way out. Now I know it wasn’t.”

Alyssa gave a shy smile in the direction of Aiden, who was chatting with Brett as they walked to retrieve the car. Jan chattered on. “So come on, tell me what happened with you two over there. Have you sorted out your problems now? Are you back in Canada for good now?”

“Well,”—Alyssa grinned at her friend,—“Aiden asked me to marry him.”

Again Alyssa was hugged, until she almost passed out from lack of breath.

“Yes! I knew it! I always knew you two were made for each other. When are you getting married?”

Again, Aly glanced across at Aiden, who gave her a sexy wink. She held up her left hand and wriggled her finger, on which Jan saw a broad gold ring.

“As I was saying, he asked me to marry him. I said yes. We were married yesterday. That’s why we took so long to come back. We had to wait for paperwork to be sorted.”

“Oh…my goodness, I don’t believe it! You didn’t let us know.” A hint of hurt tinged her voice. “But I can see why you did it.”

“Oh, Jan. We wanted you and Brett with us, but because of the legalities it was easier for us to marry there and we didn’t want to have to go back. You know you’re my dearest friend and Aiden really wanted Brett there but we couldn’t work it out any other way.”

Looking at the happiness on Aly’s face, Jan couldn’t stay miffed for long and she ran to catch Aiden in a big hug as they reached the parking lot.

 Alyssa watched as her friend thumped her new husband on the arm and cautioned him,

“You had better take care of her, you great lummox, or you’ll answer to me. You understand?”

Alyssa blushed as she heard him reply.

“I will definitely ‘take care’ of her. And I will be starting tonight in fact. Technically, this will be our wedding night.”

Embarrassed, Alyssa walked across to Brett and so missed the next part of the conversation between her husband and best friend.

Jan’s face had now became grave as she continued quietly,

“You know that’s not what I meant. I’m serious, Aiden. She’s been through a lot and is still fragile. You are going to have to take things slowly. Things have happened so quickly for her. I’m worried she might end up hurt again if you move too fast.”

 Aiden was quick to assure her, “I promise I’ll look after her. I don’t want to lose her again. I love her too much. We’ve had a lot of time to talk and have agreed to take things at Alyssa’s pace, so you have no need to go all mother hen on me. And I have told her that if she has any questions I can’t answer as a man, she should come to you. I hope that’s OK?”

“Of course it is, you idiot. So…she still wants to explore the scene?”

“So she says. But I want her to be sure, so we won’t be going to the club anytime soon. After all, we have a lifetime to get things right.”

As they reached the car, Jan squeezed his arm and nodded her approval.


* * * *


Alyssa climbed into the rear seat of the car with Jan climbing in next to her. Buckling up, she leaned back in the seat and gave a small sigh. She felt as if she were home now. She was on her way back to the life she loved, with her three favourite people in the world. She felt blessed.

Despite a light dusting of snow on the highway, the journey back to Huntsville was uneventful and they made good time.

Brett headed for Aiden’s house and although he invited them in, they declined, stating that he and Aly needed to settle in on their own.

As Aiden unlocked the door, Aly made to enter, until she was swept up in his strong arms and carried over the threshold, in-to the hall.

Before setting her down, he gave her a hot, demanding kiss which left her panting. “Welcome home, Mrs Price.”




She could sense his movement up the bed and then felt the softness of silk as he covered her eyes with a dark blindfold. Aly felt her pussy flood once again and she could feel the evidence of this trickling down her upper thigh. Her skin tingled anew as he moved back down the bed, blowing softly on each nipple as he passed them. They peaked and hardened at the cool sensation. She wriggled, her senses heightened by the lack of sight and the fact that she was restrained. Her ample breasts swung at the movement.

Aiden spoke, his voice gentle but firm.

“Now, sweetheart, I want to start preparing your pretty little ass for me. I’m going to use a plug but it will be small. We’ll work our way up to the larger ones over the next couple of days until I feel you are ready to take me. If you want me to stop, don’t forget your safe words. What are they? I need to know you remember them.”

Aly’s voice was trembling as she answered. “Yellow and red. Uh, yellow and red, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now, I want you to relax.”

Alyssa almost smiled at the thought of being able to relax whilst in this position, but the smile soon faded as she felt cool liquid trickle down between her ass cheeks to her puckered private hole. She shivered, her whole body on edge, waiting for the touch she knew was coming.

Aiden gently inserted the tip of one finger inside her, whilst adding a little more of the cool lube. As he pushed further she tightened and he withdrew slightly, saying, “Work with me, sweetheart. Push back a little and it will be easier.” He re-entered her with his finger, this time pressing further into her, then adding a second finger. Alyssa did as he told her and pushed back.

The initial burn that she’d felt as he invaded her ass, turned to a pleasurable fullness as his fingers pushed further, until they were almost fully inside her. As he started to slowly move in and out, he added more lube, easing the passage of his two fingers which he wriggled a little, stretching her inner muscles, his thumb sliding down to lightly touch her clit as he did so. Aly didn’t know when she’d ever felt so turned on in her life. She pushed back more with a groan and muttered, “Oh, yes, that’s good.”

Aiden grinned as he withdrew his fingers again, this time replacing them with the smallest butt plug he had in his collection. She gasped as the hard tip entered her and hit the tightness of her muscles. With a small surge it slid past the barrier as Aiden added yet more of the cool liquid. He eased it in further until, with a gentle push, it slid home.

“Aaaah” She couldn’t hold back a soft groan as the plug filled her. His thumb continued to rub gently on her clit and it took but moments for her to suddenly start to shake and cry out, “Oh, God, I can’t…oh…oooooh.” Her whole body shook as a massive orgasm shuddered through her. He kept up the soft pressure with his thumb until she shrieked. “Nooooo…nooooo…oh God…”

Giving in to her plaintive cries, he removed his thumb from her clit, but patted her pussy as he said, “Stay there, sweetheart. Don’t move. I just need to wash my hands and I’ll be back.”

Alyssa felt him move away and heard him in the en suite, washing up. Her whole being was alive and tingling. The plug in her ass felt alien, but good, as she tentatively moved her butt a little. She could feel her cream running down her legs. Her orgasm had been so intense she almost felt like collapsing on to the bed, but she had been told not to move, so she didn’t.

She didn’t want to disappoint Aiden on their first night together. Disobedience seemed out of the question. It was amazing how she felt like this already. It was as if she had been waiting for this moment all her life and she wasn’t going to spoil it now.

With senses heightened by the blindfold, she heard him move back into the room. She jumped as his large hand lightly spanked her left buttock, then slid across to her right. His hand then moved down to her puffy pussy lips. He pressed a finger in to her pussy. Pushing in as far as he could, she couldn’t believe how full she felt. Groaning, she wriggled her ass and he laughed as he slapped her butt cheek again. “Like that, do you, sweetheart? How about this?” Another finger joined the first and she wriggled even more as the fullness increased and her arousal grew. “Open your legs a little more, Alyssa.” She did as he told her. She felt the bed dip as he lay on his back between her legs and almost screamed as she felt his warm tongue press against her clit. He licked at her with one long stroke, from her clit, all the way to where the butt plug was seated in her ass. After doing this twice more, she heard him move back on to his knees, saying, “It’s no good. I can’t wait any more.”

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