Seducing His Two Knights (MMF)

The Spectrum 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,735
4 Ratings (4.3)
[PolyAmour: Erotic Fantasy Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/F, sex toys, HEA]
The two people he wanted were the only ones he could never have.
When it comes to love and life, Brett Wells is a tough realist. When his noble family loses everything, he sells himself to earn a living. When fate brings two drop-dead gorgeous city enforcers to his doorstep and offers him a way out of prostitution, he takes it. Gratitude should’ve been enough, but Brett wants both Carey Hartwell and Estella Rochford more than anything else in the world. Wanting them is unrealistic, but the more he ignores his desire, the worse it becomes. 
It took a near-death experience to make Carey and Estella realize their feelings for Brett is more than platonic. Losing their third years ago has made them wary of taking another, but the kid they saved claims he’s now a man who knows what he wants. Saving Brett is the easy part, letting him save them is harder.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Seducing His Two Knights (MMF)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Seducing His Two Knights (MMF)

The Spectrum 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,735
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Brett had been fucked, mounted in various positions and used in more ways than he could count.

He intimately had first-hand experience with every sex toy available on the market and the rich could be damnably creative, but the toy the woman held up could seriously fuck him up. The silver dildo wasn’t just long and thick as his arm, Brett was certain the little sharp ridges decorating its body could permanently damage his insides.

“Gods of Furor, Pam. That might kill the poor whore,” a voice murmured.

“What do you care? No one would miss a rube, especially a slut,” said Pamela.

A shiver passed through Brett’s body as she began to caress the toy with her gloved hands. Her statement was accompanied by more giggles. Brett’s entire body was frozen stiff with terror as Pamela began to trace the tool above his calves.

The only sounds coming from his gagged mouth were chokes and guttural noises.

Gods of Furor, he knew taking up this client’s offer had its risks, but the payoff was too great to ignore. Had he known he was just going to be a disposable piece of fuckable meat…but it wouldn’t have changed his decision to accept the job.

Desperation could reduce a man to nothing. Brett knew that now. His breathing grew shallow and his heart threatened to jump out of his chest.

Get on with it.

There was no salvation for him, but that was fine. He was never close to any of his family members, and all of them had fled New Furor. There was no one waiting for him at home either, because he had no time for love. Falling in love was unrealistic when each day was a struggle to survive.

Bloody hell. Is this how I’m going to die, being fucked to death? If the Gods wanted me to die, couldn’t they at least grant me a swift dead?

“Pam, how are you going to shove it in? Do we need to ask Garett and the boys in to turn the whore on his stomach?” asked one of the eager sadists.

The tool moving up his bruised left thigh paused. Loud noises from outside the door suddenly became prominent, but they weren’t drunken party sounds. They were shrieks and the sound of footsteps clamoring for escaped, Brett realized.

The awful mind-numbing fear beginning to fester inside him halted. Someone else replaced it.

“Marriane, can you check what’s happening outside?” Before Pam could say another word, the door to the bedroom was shoved open and two figures in black came in.

“Ladies, I’ll only say this once. This is what’s going to happen. I’ll going to read you your rights, and all of you will come quietly to the station with us as we sort this mess out. Easy enough?” Although the sentence was delivered in a casual, almost friendly tone of voice, Brett couldn’t miss the firm authority there.

Brett struggled to sit up in his restraints to see his rescuer despite the pain from the cuffs. He was rewarded with the sight of his delicious tall, gorgeous golden-haired knight. Bloody hell, even bound up and beaten, Brett could feel his cock stir at the sight of the man.

He was tall and lean, but Brett could imagine firm yummy muscles hidden beneath his black uniform. The man held no weapon Brett could see, but the light of a sapphire stone twinkled from the dog tags around his neck.

He continued, “All of you have the right to remain silent—”

“Who do you think you are?” Pam interrupted in an outraged voice. “Do you know who I am? With my father’s influence I can strip a low-ranking officer like you off your pathetic rank.”

If possible, the room began to feel much warmer after her outburst. Beads of sweat ran down the line of Brett’s body. The very air sizzled with heat. Not heat, he realized, but power. It was as if someone had just stupidly poked a sleeping beast with a stick.

“Pam, they’re not the normal police,” someone whispered in a frightened voice, but Pam ignored her.

“Don’t think wearing a sapphire stone can place you an on an equal standing with pure-blooded nobles like us? What are you, some minor noble’s bastard?”

Whatever words Pam was about to say was cut off by her own shriek of surprise. A thick ribbon of pure violet energy flew through the air and latched itself across her mouth like a gag.

Violet, Brett thought nervously, the highest caste in the Spectrum and the most powerful. Whoever these two were, they weren’t local enforcement.

“Estella, I was handling this rather peacefully,” the golden-haired man said in a reproachful tone.

“I’m not going to allow this bitch to continue disrespecting you, Carey.” The second voice was low, female and sexy even when she was angry.

The man’s partner, Estella, dislodged herself from the wall and into Brett’s line of sight. It wasn’t the formidable violet stone Brett first saw, but the lovely swell of breasts the stone was nestled between. They were well rounded and nicely shaped. Just the kind of breasts wanted on his woman, but he had feeling Estella belonged to no one.

More drool dripped down the side of his forced-open mouth as he devoured the sight of her. His second knight was golden-haired like his first. She was tall, leggy, blonde, and had all the right scrumptious curves. Prowling the edge of the room like a beautiful predator, she eyed the frightened nobles with a disdainful look.

A sinister smile appeared on her kissable lips when one of them flinched under her gaze.

Finally, Estella settled by her partner’s shoulder. She was all fire, Brett gathered, a force to be reckoned with. Carey meanwhile, held a quiet, unshakable and alluring strength to him.

Intense and unforgiving desire speared through his entire body at the sight of them. Curse the Gods of Furor, how can his body be reacting like this?




“Stick your tongue down her throat, Brett. Taste her.”

Holy shit. He didn’t realize Cary issuing commands could make him hornier than he already was. If Brett cast out his metaphysical senses further, he could taste the other man’s energy intertwined so closely with Estella’s.

“Open your mouth, baby. Let him taste you.”

Estella obeyed, and Brett thrust his mouth past her lips and down her throat. The sweet taste of her exploded on his tongue.

Fuck. She tastes so wonderful, and so does her warm violet energy.

When Brett withdrew, he noticed Carey was stroking her back and watching the two of them intently.

“Baby, do me a favor.”

“Mm?” Estella tossed a playful look at Carey over her shoulder, and Brett could sense her violet energy brushing against her partner’s.

Fierce pleasure coursed through Brett at the sight. It was still fucking unbelievable he was sharing this beautiful woman with a man whom he’d looked up to and wanted all his life.

“You’re awfully playful today. I haven’t seen you like this in a while.” Brett caught sight of Carey’s fingers trailing down Estella’s back, making her shiver. His jeans felt unbelievably tight.

“I’m passing you over to Brett for second, I need to get something.”

Without another word, Cary rose, easily lifting Estella like a doll and placing her on his lap. He positioned her so her legs dangled either side of him. Brett was hardly aware of the sound of his fading footsteps.

He swallowed, staring up at the gorgeous golden goddess dropped into his lap.

“If you don’t hold me, I’m going to fall off,” Estella teased.

Impulse made him hold her waist. He ran his eyes down her face, to the curve of her breasts where her violet teardrop dangled, and to the rest of the tempting line of her body. Brett’s eyes halted on the shorts she still wore.

“Tell me what you want Brett and maybe I’ll give it to you,” she whispered against his ear.

His grip on her tightened, but she didn’t complain about his roughness.

Brett’s mouth was dry, especially when Estella leaned against him and began to lick at his bottom lip. She enveloped him into another kiss. This time their tongues met, caressed and dueled with each other.

Reflecting their desires, the magic in their stones tangled and curled over each other hungrily, wanting and seeking more.

“Well, have you decided?” she asked, withdrawing and licking her lips.

“I want to see you naked.” The words left Brett before he could take them back.

“Simple enough.” Carey had returned, and positioned himself behind Estella’s back. “Hold your hands up for me, baby.”

She raised her hands, giving Brett a clear view of her well-defined breasts. Closing his hands over her wrists, Carey lifted her up in one jerk so she dangled in his arms. The violet teardrop around her neck shone in excitement.

“What are you waiting for? Strip her naked for me, Brett.”

Brett scrambled to his feet, and surprised the two of them by kneeling in front of Estella. His hands fumbled for the button of the shorts. Brett probably lost his brain when he was jerking down the zipper and easing the shorts down Estella’s hips.

Fuck. He’d always wanted to touch the curves of Estella’s perfect hourglass figure.

“The boy is sure taking his time.”

Two pairs of eyes stared down at him. Brett glared up at Carey, who was now holding Estella to him like he usually did, with one arm curled over her chest and another around her waist.

“Don’t call me boy.”

Carey ignored his comment, and steered Estella’s face to him for a kiss. Just watching the two of them kiss made Brett hastily pull Estella’s shorts all the way down, exposing a small triangle of black cloth and her killer legs. She stepped out of it.

“See? That seems to get his attention,” Carey pointed out.

He idly began to play with one of Estella’s breasts, pinching her left nipple. She sighed against him.

“Brett, why do you want to keep tormenting her?”

“What?” Brett asked, dumbfounded.

He tore his eyes from her face and swallowed when Carey’s hand wandered down her belly and slid under the hem of her panties. Something he did with his fingers made her gasp.

“Baby, tell Brett how wet you are for us,” he said against her ear.

“I’m thoroughly soaked.”

“Open your legs wider, babe.”

Estella did and Carey easily tore the piece of cloth, exposing her shaved pussy. Brett swallowed. He had the best view of the house. Brett emitted an embarrassing sound when Carey parted her pink folds to expose her clit.

Fuck this. He wasn’t about to let Carey enjoy his embarrassment. Clutching Estella’s legs apart, Brett leaned forward and began tonguing Estella’s swollen clit. Carey withdrew his fingers so Brett could enjoy her.

He felt her buckle against Carey, and her moan was music to his ears. Trailing his tongue lower, he began sucking at the cream from her slit. Carey must’ve claimed her lips, because the next few sounds from her came out muffled. Brett thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, keeping her quivering legs firmly apart with his hands.

“Make her come, Brett.”

Brett did. He used his tongue, mouth and occasional lips until he felt her body reach its limits. Only a soft lovely sound came from her lips when she orgasmed.

As she rode the waves of pleasure riding her body, she fisted one hand into his hair. She was trying to push him gently back, but he only pressed forward and lapped at her cream.

“Fuck. That’s hot. It seems he likes the taste of you, Es.”

Regaining her composure, Estella told him, “Really, Carey. You can sometimes sound so crude.”

“That’s how you like me, baby.”

Brett rose. The smile Estella gave him made his cheeks feel warm. She pressed one hand against the strained bulge in his jeans.

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