Fetish Xtra 44: Gloves and Satin

by habu


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 6,271
0 Ratings (0.0)

Going beyond Fetish Galore!

The lure of Gloves and Satin.

Habu’s Fetish Galore! anthology explored the concept of gay male sexual fetishes. Included in the series were stories indexed to 40 fetishes that met the broadest definition of fetish: obsession with the unusual in sexual gratification. These have been serialised in the Fetish collection.

Now more Fetishes have been written about - Fetish Xtras - ones not included in the original Fetish Galore! anthology.

A survey of readers and practitioners has revealed almost as many separate understandings of what a fetish is as there were respondents, with some opining that “anything goes” and anything beyond the missionary can be included. Others believe that only a limited number of practices can be considered unusual in this regard. A frequent mention of the latter was the requirement that a nonsexual object come into play in the process (which accords with one of the definitions in the Urban Dictionary).

Whatever your take on fetishes, we hope you enjoy these Xtras.

Fetish Xtras

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Fetish Xtra 44: Gloves & Satin

Fetish Galore Serials

The full Fetish collection is available in e-book and print in “Fetish Galore!”.

Fetishes Galore

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More to come!

Fetish Xtra 44: Gloves and Satin
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fetish Xtra 44: Gloves and Satin

by habu


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 6,271
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Count Gregor Arninov towered over his elegantly dressed host and hostess in the foyer of their winter dacha as his sleigh was being brought around. He was leaning over them and holding the admiral’s wife’s small silk-gloved hand in his appreciably larger satin-clad one while he murmured how wonderful their ball had been and that, yes, he had enjoyed dancing with their daughter immensely. The hostess was lost to his charm—and to his handsome face and broad shoulders and slim waist. He was elegantly dressed in evening clothes with satin lapels and finishes and gave off the aura of a powerful, sensual man, whose well-developed muscles were barely contained by the confines of the formal attire. Some who knew him well likened him to a wolf—intelligent, handsomely and powerfully built, but with a dangerous, wild, loner, almost ravenous streak in him that lent an incongruity to wearing the formal attire of Russian winter balls. In the realms of ambition, money and power, however, he was seen to fit right in. Any family seeking what he had to offer—and there were many—held its daughters out to him; the ones that didn’t hid their daughters whenever he was nearby.

He could have told them all that they needn’t have bothered.

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