His Imperfect Mate (MM)

Brac Pack 26

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,218
82 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]

Dudley has been taught that shifters are savage beasts that will sooner tear out a vampire's throat than mate them. He was also taught that shifters would rather let vampires starve than feed them. When he discovers his father has lied to him his whole life, Dudley starts chasing after his mate. Sloane Brac has been very patient with Dudley, coaxing the vampire gently into their mating—until Dudley calls a hit down on his head. He feels he can never forgive the man, but then Dudley shows up at his newly purchased home in a panic. Sloane forgives his vampire and tries to start a new life with him, but Dudley's brothers show up to finish what they started…or so he thinks. Can Sloane convince Dudley that their mating is something sacred to him, or will Dudley run in the other direction when his father comes to exact his revenge against the wolf for claiming his son?


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

His Imperfect Mate (MM)
82 Ratings (4.7)

His Imperfect Mate (MM)

Brac Pack 26

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,218
82 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Excellent, really interesting from start to finish.
This book was a perfect find following the relationship between D and Sloan. It shows that a relationship can happen when no is perfect and that is the best kind there is. It's when you can finally get to know someone with out pretending to be someone your not.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "His Imperfect Mate by Lynn Hagen is the twenty-sixth book in the Brac Pack series. Sloane always thought that when he found his mate his life would be perfect, but things didn't work out that way after he met D. Dudley. Dudley was raised to hate all shifters from his vampire father. Sloane tried everything to earn his trust and all he got was having Dudley place a hit on him. Sloane decided to move out of the pack den because seeing all the happy couples makes him feel even more alone. Sloane moves into his own home, but he still feels something is missing and he knows it is D. D has tried everything he could think of to get his mate back without success. When Sloane goes on a run one night, he runs into D and is shocked of how gaunt and sickly D looks. D is overjoyed when Sloane agrees to try again, until his father calls, telling D that since he can't take care of his problems, he will handle them. Dudley can't think of anything except to get to Sloane as fast as he can, forgetting that Sloane told him to stay inside. Will Dudley finally find the love and acceptance he's never had? Can they overcome the obstacles ahead and become the mates they both desire? It is terrible how some people hate others just because they are different, but when parents teach their children to hate, it could alter their lives forever. The sorrow and shame Dudley felt about the way he treated Sloane was heartbreaking, but his attempts to make amends proved that you can overcome your past by changing your outlook on life. Sloane's willingness to forgive D was beautiful, but his need to see the real Dudley was inspiring. All his life Dudley tried to be what others wanted him to be, but for the first time, someone wanted him just the way he was, imperfect and wonderful. I loved how Dudley's brothers arrived to tell him that they were sent to kill Sloane, but they wanted to break away from their father's control. Dudley may be quiet and a klutz, but just like the saying goes, you need to keep your eyes on the quiet ones. The love between D and Sloane was seen in their need to protect each other against any odds." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Dudley’s been listening to his father tell how evil shifters are from the time he was born. When he finds out his mate is a wolf shifter, he runs. Not only does he run, but he calls his brothers to take Sloane out. When his brothers fail, and Dudley realizes that everything his father told him was a lie, he knows he has a long way to go to make things up to his mate. His Imperfect Mate is another Lynn Hagen addition to the Brac Pack series. This book actually picks up on a sub-plot that has been running through a couple of the author’s previous books. Both Dudley and Sloane are characters we have met before. Dudley is a young vampire who has left his family, after taking all he could from his father. He’s a little hyper, especially when he has had a cup of coffee, he’s unsure of what he truly wants and he’s afraid of his mate. Sloane is a wolf shifter; in fact, he’s Maverick’s cousin and he’s hoping to reconnect with the large alpha. He’s just as surprised as Dudley when he realizes that the little vamp is his mate. But he’s devastated when he finds out that Dudley put a hit out on him, regardless of how innocently. When His Imperfect Mate begins, Dudley’s is trying to make amends to Sloane, but the wolf shifter wants nothing to do with him. While I could understand where Sloane was coming from, I really wanted to shake him and make him patch things up with the vampire. Although Sloane decides to give Dudley a chance, the men still have a few things to iron out. This story is not all angst-ridden, however. When Sloane decides to ignore everyone’s warnings and let Dudley have some coffee, I could not help but laugh out loud. Just as the two men are working things out though, Dudley’s brothers show up, followed shortly by their father. I liked that the author used this time to let Dudley settle things once and for all with his brothers and then his father. Since the brothers have stayed behind with the Lakelands, I am sure we will be seeing new mates showing up shortly. Ms. Hagen continues to add stories to her Brac Pack series that keeps this series fresh and entertaining. The characters are easy to care for while the story lines keep the reader turning the pages. I can’t wait to see what more she has planned for this series." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

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“I thought I told you not to leave the house.” His tone was clipped, filled with ice.

D rocked from foot to foot, wondering if he had the nerve to confess why he was here. The look on Sloane’s face was dark, angry. That couldn’t be good.

“I need to tell you something.” 

“And it couldn’t wait until I came back?” Sloane stepped aside, allowing D into his home. The wolf looked like he was ready to throttle D, even more so than usual. His eyes glanced around Sloane’s new home, taking in the way it looked as if the man had already settled in.

He liked the way it was furnished. It was modest, but comfortable looking in the way—


D slowly turned, afraid to be kicked out on his ass—again. Why did his father have to stick his two cents in just when Sloane had declared that he was giving D another chance? Magnum never cared before, so why start now? “M–My father called.” 

Sloane closed the front door, his eyes telling D that Sloane had an idea where this conversation was going. Oh, hell’s bells. He might as well get used to being alone for eternity because Sloane was going to raise the roof with this one.


Here goes everything.

“And he said since I’m such a screwup that he would take care of my little problem,” D blurted out quickly while he had the courage to do so. “Not in those words,” he added. His face heated as he drew in a slow and somewhat shaky breath.

Sloane crossed the room, taking a seat on the couch. D wasn’t sure he should follow, so he stood where he was at the front door. It was better to stay right there in case Sloane told him to get the hell out.

“And you had nothing to do with that?” 

D shook his head quickly as his eyes widened. “No, I swear. I’m not even sure how he got the number.” He squirmed a little where he stood, feeling Sloane’s eyes bore through him. This so wasn’t going well. It was, however, going about how D expected it to go. Sloane was pissed at him.

“You could have just called and told me. I asked you not to come back out by yourself.” Sloane rested his elbows on his knees, his fingers knotting together as he studied D.

D hated the disappointed look on Sloane’s face. It hurt more than Magnum’s ever did. Yet again, D had made the wrong decision. He had thought that by coming here, he could be sure that Sloane was safe.

Apparently Sloane didn’t agree with that decision.

“I’ll drive you back to your house.” Sloane rose from the couch and then cursed when the first rays of dawn began to lighten the world outside. His walk to Sloane’s had taken longer than he thought. “Get upstairs, now!” 

D scrambled to climb the steps. He knew he had time. Being only in his early hundreds, the sunlight would blister him quickly, but the first rays wouldn’t harm him. By the harsh command Sloane had given him, D wasn’t going to argue, though.

He reached the top of the steps and wondered where to go. There were four doors in the hallway. Sloane brushed past him and opened the second one. “In here.” 

D followed. He found himself in a master bedroom. Was it Sloane’s? The room screamed masculinity with its deep emerald greens and rich golds. Sloane went to the closet and pulled out dark curtains, as if the man had anticipated D being there.

“They’ll be up in a second. Get under the covers until then.” 


“Stop arguing and do what I say,” Sloane snapped as he hung the curtains. D crawled onto the bed and then scooted under the covers. Sloane was mad. That much was certain. He just didn’t know if the wolf was mad about D’s father or having to put D up for the day.

With the way D’s life was going, it was probably both.




“Do your worst, wolf man.”

D yelped when his legs were suddenly grabbed and pulled up. He could feel his cock rubbing against Sloane’s, and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Sloane was hard as a rock and leaking. It created just enough lube so that they could easily slide against each other.

“Sloane,” D groaned. So far they had rubbed off together and done the whole blow job thing. He had yet to be fully claimed by his mate, and he wanted it more than he wanted to feel sunshine on his face. “Please.”

“I’ve got you, hon.”

Oh, and he did. D could feel Sloane’s hands stroking along his sides. Each gentle touch ramped up the lust coursing through D’s body. Sloane seemed to know exactly where to touch him, and just how hard or soft, to make D squirm.

“You like that, hon?”

D nodded rapidly. There was no way on earth he could even begin to describe how much he liked having Sloane’s hands on his body. Besides the fact that his brain had melted, he couldn’t speak to save his life. That would have meant not groaning, and that just wasn’t possible at the moment—not when Sloane was licking and nipping at his nipples.

Hello, hot spot!

D arched into the air, pushing his chest closer to Sloane’s mouth and hot, slick tongue. His hands opened and closed on Sloane’s shoulders. He didn’t know whether to pull Sloane closer or push him away to stop the overwhelming sensations sweeping through his body.

D didn’t even notice that Sloane had slicked up his fingers and pressed them into him until they started to wiggle around—and then he couldn’t concentrate on anything else. He knew what those fingers meant. Sloane was finally going to claim him.

D almost came just from that knowledge alone. He had been waiting forever for Sloane to claim him, to want him for keeps. He had begun to think it would never happen. And yet, now it was. D was scared and horny and nervous and—oh hell, he was everything all at the same time.

He had never been good enough for anyone else. D was terrified that he wouldn’t be good enough for Sloane. Sure, he gave great blow jobs. So what? That didn’t mean Sloane wanted to keep him for the long haul. No one else did.

“Honey, you’re thinking too hard, and if you’re able to think, I must not be doing this right.”

D’s eyes rolled back into his head and then slowly flickered closed. His body stiffened when he felt Sloane curl his fingers. They brushed over a spot inside of him that sent an electrical pulse zinging throughout his entire body.

“Oh my fucking god!” D shouted.

“That’s much better.”

D opened his eyes and looked up at Sloane. The man was staring down at him with a feral heat in his eyes that D had never seen before. It startled him to shaking, knowing that Sloane wanted him that much, and it was all there in his emerald-green eyes to see.

“Sloane,” D whispered desperately as he snaked his hand around the nape of Sloane’s neck. “Please.” D didn’t know exactly what he was begging for. He just knew that he needed and he needed bad. He needed now.

D eagerly pulled his legs up to his chest when Sloane pressed on them, but the sight of Sloane kneeling between his thighs almost made him drop them. Sloane looked so incredibly hot kneeling there, cock in hand as he gently pushed the tip into D’s ass.

Once the head pushed in, Sloane leaned over D, his arms pressing against the back of D’s legs just under his knees. It gave D something to push against when he felt Sloane start to slide the rest of the way in.

D heard Sloane groan when he finally bottomed out, his balls pressing against D’s ass cheeks. He felt so full. There was a bit of an ache, but it only seemed to heighten the intensity of what he was feeling.

D whimpered when Sloane started to move. The head of Sloane’s cock seemed to know right where that hot spot was inside of D’s ass and dragged across it every single time Sloane thrust in and out of him. It was driving D out of his ever-loving mind.


“Are you going to come for me, mate?” Sloane asked, panting heavily between each word, each thrust of his hips. “Are you going to come all over my cock?”

D was sure his eyes had crossed at Sloane’s words. No one had ever spoken to him like that. It was hotter than hell. D tried to wrap his legs around Sloane as best as he could then grabbed the man’s face and pulled it down to his. D captured Sloane’s lips with his own in a kiss that curled his toes. He wanted to consume Sloane.

Sloane’s thrusts started turning forceful, harder. D felt the sweat on Sloane’s back as he scraped his fingernails down the man’s back. He could feel the muscles tensing, hear Sloane’s breathing becoming rapid.

He also felt a tingle begin in the base of his spine and work its way around to his balls and his cock. The pressure was building, and D wanted Sloane to explode with him. Just as the fire inside of him reached a fevered pitch, D arched his head back and offered his throat up to his mate.

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