Jaden's Double Doms (MMM)

TomCats 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,968
27 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, light bondage, HEA]

Jaden West and his Dominant lover, Kyle Norman, live on an island in the Florida Keys. Despite the idyllic setting, there's trouble in paradise. Jaden isn't getting the love and affection he needs and he's beginning to think he and Kyle are a mismatched pair. After a bad fight, Jaden ends up in TomCats, a gay resort known for its beautiful, top-heavy clientele. Jaden only wants one drink but he gets more than he bargained for when he becomes the prey of a psychopath.

Owner Tom Kay comes to Jaden's rescue and sparks fly, but Tom is hiding the fact he's a cat-shifter. Unable to forget the beautiful blond human, Tom tracks him in catskin, but things go bad when he's trapped and taken to a feral cat shelter.

When vet tech Jaden shows up on the night shift, he plans to adopt the tomcat and make a house cat out of him, but first the orange tabby has to be neutered…

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jaden's Double Doms (MMM)
27 Ratings (4.4)

Jaden's Double Doms (MMM)

TomCats 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,968
27 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great start to a new and interesting series, I liked it so much bought the next one already
Great reading and quite funny at times with the interaction between Tom and Kyle especially with Kyles adversion to cats.



Kyle was acting like an ass wipe.

What else is new?

Jaden and Kyle were living in Paradise—sun, sand, and sea, Key West had it all. But lately, Kyle had made Jaden’s life a living hell. Normally, Jaden kept his mouth shut and accepted Kyle’s criticism, along with whatever punishment his Dom decided to mete out, but there was only so much a man could take.

Jaden was madly in love with his Dom, and he wore his heart on his sleeve. In the beginning of their relationship, he couldn’t keep his eyes—or his hands—off his roommate, but Kyle considered public displays of affection a form of exhibitionism and he discouraged it. Kyle didn’t pretend to be straight, but he didn’t flaunt his sexual preferences either. Jaden wouldn’t have minded a little PDA, but it didn’t seem worth arguing about.

Jaden wasn’t a 24/7 submissive, but being as inexperienced as he was, he let Kyle take the lead in most situations. They were polar opposites who had been fascinated by their differences and infatuated with each other. But as time went on, the differences were becoming more and more pronounced, and Jaden was beginning to think he and Kyle were a mismatched pair.

Resentment and bitterness had been boiling just under the surface for far too long, but Jaden waited until they were home before exploding like Mount Vesuvius. “What the fuck did I do wrong this time?”

For a shocked second, Kyle just stared at him. “Watch your mouth,” he warned in a clear, cold voice.

“Fuck you! I don’t deserve this.” He hadn’t done a damn thing. His only wrong move had been to beg Kyle to go out in the first place. Every single time they went to a restaurant, a bar, it didn’t really matter where, the evening always ended the same way.

Every fucking time. Damn stupid on my part to think tonight would be any different.

“I decide when you deserve to be punished.” Kyle’s deep, noisy breaths were the only evidence of his tightly controlled temper. “You were flirting with the waiter tonight. Don’t even try to deny it.”

A submissive had a right to air his views—respectfully. But Jaden didn’t feel respectful. He felt royally pissed off, and he pushed against the bonds of Kyle’s authority. “Are you crazy?” Jaden looked at him incredulously. “He was just being nice.”

“The man was drooling all over you, and you lapped it up like a cat with a bowl of cream.”

“You picked out the restaurant, and my outfit,” Jaden snapped back. “I think you got the reaction you wanted.” His head throbbed from the force of his anger, and he stuck his hands under his armpits so Kyle wouldn’t see how badly they were shaking.

“Are you complaining about my choices?” Kyle ground out between clenched teeth. His chiseled features were set in a tight expression, and his eyes sparked in the low light of the foyer.

“If you pick out skin-tight jeans, I have to assume you’re okay with me wearing them. I don’t expect you to act like a raving, jealous lunatic when we get home.”

“This has nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with your behavior. And for future reference, there’s a big difference between wearing sexy stylish clothes and acting like a cat in heat.”

“I wasn’t doing that.”

A vein visibly pulsed in Kyle’s temple, and his eyes burned like the lit ends of two cigarettes. “When I came back from the men’s room, that ginger asshole was leaning so far over the table, his face was almost in your dish. What was he whispering to you? His number?”

Jaden rolled his eyes. “I didn’t ask for the attention.” Here we go. Jaden had always had a thing for redheads, and Kyle knew it. “It’s you I go home with.” He swung his long blond hair over a shoulder and put his hands on his hips. Righteous indignation was swiftly turning to rage. Kyle had stoked a flame into a raging fire, and Jaden wanted to shake his lover so badly his hands itched.

Kyle jabbed a finger in Jaden’s ribs. “You were flirting and batting your eyelashes like a goddamn teenager.”

“You see what you want to see.”

“You think I want to see you coming on to another man? Why in God’s name would I want to see that?”

“That’s a good question, Kyle. Why?”




Tom rolled over—and came face–to-face with Jaden. When had he slid into bed with the naked blond? Big blue eyes locked to his. Tom went hot, and it had nothing to do with the warm Key West evening.He focused on Jaden’s lips, wanting to know if they were as soft and pliant as they looked. He imagined how good they would feel wrapped around his cock. Fuck. He rolled over, trapping Jaden under him. Jaden didn’t seem to mind. Two surprisingly strong hands gripped Tom’s head, and Jaden hooked his legs over Tom’s calves. Their lips came together in an urgent white-hot kiss. Nothing could have prepared Tom for the explosion of Jaden’s kiss or his own eager response to the touch of Jaden’s lips. Jaden tasted better than anything else, and far more intoxicating than catnip.

Tom fought to regain some control. “I should stop,” he muttered between kisses.

Jaden pulled him back and captured his lips again. Tom couldn’t help himself. He opened immediately to this new assault on his mouth.

Beneath him, he felt Jaden’s erection, like a steel rod against his stomach. The thought of taking the human into his mouth overpowered everything. When he tried to pull away again, Jaden grunted.

“Shh. It’s okay.” Tom kissed Jaden’s eyes, his cheek, even his nose. “I’m not going far.”

Tom worked his way down Jaden’s body, trailing kisses over his chest, his flat stomach, and along the tender flesh of his inner thighs. Jaden’s muscles quivered beneath the attention as Tom drifted back up to flick his tongue over the man’s nipples until they went hard. The blond sighed and whimpered, urging Tom on.

Tom lifted his head and looked down at Jaden. The man was so fucking beautiful it hurt. “Tell me what you want, kitten. And I’ll make it happen.”

Jaden moaned and arched his hips. “Want you… Want to come…”

Tom wanted the same things. Hmm… sixty-nine, the world’s sexiest number. Turning around, Tom straddled Jaden so he was facing the man’s stiff penis. The tip of his own erection brushed against Jaden’s lips. Oh, fuck. He felt a few tentative licks as Jaden tasted him. Tom bent his head and swirled his tongue around the head of Jaden’s cock. More whimpers and moans.

Jaden raised his knees, allowing Tom access to his ass. First Tom gave a tongue bath to the area between the base of Jaden’s balls and his hole, and then he spread Jaden’s cheeks and pressed his face into the crease between them. The first touch of his tongue to Jaden’s puckered hole elicited a cry from the blond that almost made Tom go off. No way was he ready for this to end so soon. He got a grip on his libido, licking and sucking Jaden, then driving his tongue inside to explore the tight sheath.

Suddenly, pleasure shot up his spine as Jaden took him deep, the muscles in his throat squeezing Tom’s cock exquisitely. Tom stilled for a minute to enjoy the sensation. Then he went to work on Jaden’s cock, determined to give him the same sweet attention. For a while, the room was silent, except for the sounds of sucking and throaty moans of encouragement.

As he sucked, Tom teased Jaden’s hole with his finger, finally penetrating past the tight ring of muscle. Both men moaned in unison, and Jaden’s body fairly vibrated beneath him. It was glorious to have such a responsive partner in his bed. It made Tom want to do more to increase Jaden’s pleasure.

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