To Fill an Empty Heart (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,336
11 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Romantic Suspense, Military, MFMMM, HEA]

Alyssa Scallon has an emptiness in her heart that nothing seems to be able to fill. Not even focusing on her career and helping those in need.

As she struggles with fears from her past and distrust in men, especially soldiers, fate steps in and draws her closer to brothers Donny, Connor, Logan and Keever Flay. All soldiers, all with their eyes set on her. When she saves two of their lives during a tragic accident, it reminds her of things from her past, and ultimately draws her closer to them.

The brothers can't seem to resist the attraction they feel and as they learn about her fears and the abuse and loss she experienced, they become even more protective.

So when her ex returns fresh out of jail and ready to rekindle where they left off, it causes more pain for her and danger that no one even suspects. Especially not Alyssa.

When she is shoved into a dangerous situation, her men use their connections to find her and rescue her, but they may be too late. Alyssa doesn't think anyone is coming and must take matters into her own hands to survive or die trying.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

To Fill an Empty Heart (LoveXtreme)
11 Ratings (4.4)

To Fill an Empty Heart (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,336
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“What are you doing? Who are you looking for?” Connor asked Keever. His brother had been acting funny since the funeral. He knew that he was close to his old commander, and Miles would come in here a time or two, but something went down at the funeral that had him looking for someone in particular.

“I’ll be right back.”

As soon as Keever said that, Connor followed his line of sight and then his back as he headed over towards Fay Scallon and some blonde-haired woman who had her back turned away from him. Connor watched with curiosity, and as the blonde turned around, he felt his chest tighten and his heart begin to race. Holy God, she was gorgeous. Connor actually stood up straighter and stared, wondering who she was. Where did she come from, and how his brother knew her? He wanted to head over too, but he didn’t have to as Keever motioned with his hand to head Connor’s way. As she moved closer, he took in the sight of her body. Sexy, thin narrow waist, abundant breasts, toned arms, long, tanned legs, and sweet Jesus, her eyes were incredible and a turquoise color.

Keever nodded toward Connor. “Alyssa, meet one of my brothers, Connor.”

Connor reached his hand out for her to shake. She was incredible and he was shocked when he felt a spark of interest and then desire. It was fast, instant, and he must have looked as confused and caught off guard as he felt because Fay laughed and then gave her a nudge. But then Connor got his shit together and greeted Fay with a kiss to her cheek hello.

“My cousin knows Violet who sang here for a bit.”

“Really? We like Violet. She was always so sweet and what and incredible voice, too,” Connor said.

“Yes, I agree she sure can sing. They’re going to be expanding Mulligan’s and putting in a side bar, you know where people just sit around the bar and start singing.” Just as she said that, the music began to play. They all looked toward the band and Jimmy Hayes, who started to sing an Irish tune. She chuckled and smiled, looking so beautiful and sweet, and that affected Connor big time.

“Have a seat here. We can grab some beers or whatever you would like to drink.” Keever said, placing his hand on her hip as he pressed next to her. The sight aroused Connor and he locked gazes with Keever, who looked at him as if not expecting Connor to be so in tune.

She glanced at Keever, but then removed his hand from her hip and moved toward the bar where Fay and a few other women were ordering drinks. Keever looked shocked at her doing that, but he stepped closer and the two of them remained nearby hoping to get to know Alyssa better.

“So how are things at the hospital, or are you doing more private care still?” Fay asked her.

“It’s been good. I am still doing both. I recently just finished helping a family in Cherry Hill,” she said and took a sip from her glass of white wine.

“You work in a hospital?” one of the other guys next to Fay asked Alyssa.

“She works at General in the E.R., and she also does private home care too when needed,” Fay added.

“That’s great. I bet you see a lot of crazy things in the E.R,” he added.

“She sure does. Alyssa was there after the motorcycle accident on Fremont avenue, and the highway when those kids were racing a few months back,” Fay told them.

“I heard that was a pretty bad scene, and that kid, Ryan something, I don’t remember the last name, but he was sixteen and nearly died,” Connor spoke up.

She looked at him. “It was pretty grim and wasn’t looking good by the head trauma injury, the broken legs, and several other major injuries, never mind the blood he lost, but he did. He fought through. He’s stable, working through his injuries and physical therapy, and recovered fully from the head injury so far. He’s a great kid, just did something stupid.”

“That’s usually how it happens. Someone doing something stupid,” the other guy at the bar chimed in. Then they started talking about some upcoming outdoor concert in Warriorville and a gathering at Mulligan’s in a couple of weeks.

“Excuse me a moment,” Alyssa said.

Connor watched her walk away, and so did Keever.

“Your cousin is absolutely gorgeous. How come she never came here before?” the guy talking to Fay asked.

“She keeps pretty busy, and her friends hang out at Mulligan’s, so if she does take the time to hang out that is more than likely where she will be,” Fay told him.

“My friends Corey and Jake were checking her out. Is she seeing anyone?” he asked Fay.

Connor felt annoyed and a bit jealous, yet he had no reason to feel that way. Alyssa had even pushed his brother’s hand off her hip as he tried guiding her to the stool.

“She doesn’t date,” Fay said, and then took a sip from her glass of wine.

“Why not?” the guy pushed.

“She just doesn’t, Derek. It isn’t her thing. She works hard and is in a very demanding profession and her focus is that. It took the last two years to study hard, to pass her exams and get her certification. She’s very independent and she prefers being alone.” Fay stood up.

“Where are you going?” Derek asked.

“To talk to other friends. Do me a favor and tell your buddies to stay clear of my cousin. She isn’t interested, and if you bother her then she’ll leave,” Fay said, and then walked away.




Keever dropped the tube of lube onto the bed as Connor carried Alyssa into the bedroom. He placed her feet onto the floor and Connor cupped her cheeks then kissed her. She was running her hands all over his body, around his waist, and right to his bare ass. His cock hit his belly and he pressed her to the bed and gripped her hip and lifted her just a little bit higher, but still had her ass and cunt hanging off the edge.

“We’re all going to make love to you. Keever and I will take you together, then Donny and Logan again,” Connor said.

She pulled him down by his hair and kissed him right back. She was feeling what they were.

“I got the lube right here,” Keever said and tapped the tube in his hand.

“I need to feel her hot, wet pussy first, bro, then you get her prepped,” Connor told him as he gripped his cock and held her gaze.

Alyssa kept her hand against his neck and widened her thighs in acceptance.

“No turning back now, you’re mine,” he said and nudged his cock into her pussy. She held his gaze, full, lush lips parted, chest blotchy, and nipple hard. “Fuck.” He rammed into her and they both moaned. That was it for him. He needed to claim her to, mark her and then let Keever join in, too. As he lowered down to feast on her tit, she held his head there as he rocked his hips. “God damn, bro, how the fuck am I going to last?” he complained as Keever gave his shoulder a tap.

“My cock is so fucking hard. I need her.”

Connor held her gaze as he lifted up and slid his cock slightly out.

“Together, Alyssa. We need to make this official. We aren’t taking any chances on losing you.”

“I want to. I want it all, Connor. I won’t ever be the same after tonight. I haven’t been the same woman since meeting all of you.”

He smiled and stroked her jaw. “Forever starts now.” He pulled out and then lifted her up. “Let me get a little preview of that talented mouth.”

She knew what he wanted as he sat on the bed, legs wide, cock in hand. She bent forward as Keever moved in behind her, grabbing her ass.

“Oh man, have I dreamt about fucking this pussy and ass and hearing you beg for more from us. It’s happening. For fuck’s sake, it’s happening,” Keever stated, and she lowered down and began to suck on Connor’s cock, and then moaned as Keever thrust into her cunt from behind.

‘Holy Christ! Oh my God, Alyssa. Oh my God!” He exclaimed and thrust and thrust over and over again.

Connor caressed her gorgeous blonde hair. She was so feminine and sexy, and they were so much larger than her. He was able to caress down to her ass as she sucked his cock and Keever fucked her pussy from behind.

“Get her ready,” Donny said and squeezed lube onto his fingers and placed it over her asshole. Keever grunted, but then eased the lube into her asshole slowly.

She pulled her mouth from Connor’s cock. “It burns. Oh my, what do I do?”

Connor cupped her cheeks. “Look at me.”

She locked onto his eyes and he could see with every finger stroke that she was getting accustomed to the feel of it. “Let your body relax and accept our control and possession of you. We do this, baby, and we’re bound together forever,” he said and pressed his lips to hers.

“Fuck yeah, I’m already bound to her,” Keever said as he thrust into her cunt and fingered her asshole.

She cried out her release and came.

“She’s ready,” Logan chimed in.

“Here we go,” Keever said, and he eased out of her and pulled out his fingers.

As she protested, Connor lifted her up so she straddled his waist. “Ride me, woman. Now,” he commanded, and she sunk down over his cock and grabbed onto his shoulders and rocked her hips up and down, back and forth. She gasped and tilted her head upward, crying out and moaning.

“So nice and wet. I’m just adding some more lube, honey. I don’t want you feeling any pain, only pleasure,” Keever said.

Donny climbed up onto the bed. He cupped her hair and tilted her head so she looked him in the eyes. “Only pleasure. We aim to please.” He nodded to his cock. She knew what he wanted, and as Connor pumped his hips upward, she opened her mouth and accepted Donny’s cock next.

“Here I come,” Keever said, and the moment Keever slid his cock into her asshole, Connor felt her pussy muscles grip his cock.

“Oh fuck. Fuck.”

“Let me in, woman. Relax those muscles and—"

They all moaned as Keever thrust all the way into her ass, and then it got crazy. Connor could barely move, but he and Keever were stroking into her pussy and ass together. As Keever grunted and cursed, he roared and came, then stumbled to the side, only for Logan to growl out deeply, making Alyssa tighten up, but then she was pushing her ass back.

“What a perfect ass. Here I come,” he said, and Logan thrust into her asshole, and they all kept moving and stroking.

“I want to come in that ass, woman, ease up,” Donny said as he pulled from her mouth and got off the bed.

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