[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Things are heating up in Paradise City. Lonnie Winston's looks can get him any man he wants, but his sights are set on one bear of a man named Santos Alverez. The guy is pushy, difficult, and makes Lonnie want to pulverize the brute. So why is Santos the only person who heats Lonnie's blood with a craving that is driving him insane?  
Santos thinks Lonnie is a loudmouth, pain in the ass. He is the only man who can push Santos's buttons, sending him into a snarly fit. Lonnie is the total opposite of what Santos looks for in a man, and he knows that it would never work between the two of them. They are more liable to kill each other than have a romantic relationship.
But when someone close to Santos is killed, Lonnie proves just how much he cares when he goes after the Darlings in order to avenge Santos's pain and loss. Keeping the man at bay is becoming harder to do when Santos realizes he is falling hard for the tattoo artist who is quickly becoming his entire world.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Santos (MM)
54 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
Fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic loved santos.... can't wait to start next one
donna b buccella
So sexy. I would love to find someone like Santos. Lonnie was his perfect match.




“I’ll charge you ninety bucks,” Lonnie said to the stranger standing at the counter as he leaned on the glass display case with both arms. His blond dreads slipped over one slim, latte-colored shoulder to spill on the counter in front of him. “That’s a fair price.”

Santos grunted as he pressed his back into the wall, turning his head to stare out the window of the tattoo shop, Andromeda. He could see the bar, the Dirty Hole, across the street and wished he was over there having a drink instead of babysitting.

Santos’s gaze followed a stray dog who was sniffing at the black bags of trash lining the curb waiting to be picked up by the trash truck. The pavement released its heat in waves, fanning an asphalt wind over the street in the form of dry vapor. The day was turning out to be another hot one.

“Ninety?” the customer asked like the price was way too high.

Ninety bucks was too damn cheap in his opinion for what the customer was asking for. Unable to keep his eyes off the tattoo artist who got on his last nerve, Santos gave his attention to the men.

“That’s more than fair,” Lonnie stated in a syrupy-sweet tone that gave Santos a toothache.

 “Is that a special price just for me?” the man asked, a sensual invitation in his tone. It was grating on Santos’s nerves. He was ready to toss the man out on his ass. The guy reminded Santos of a grubby little rat that he would gladly squish with his boot.

“Depends,” Lonnie answered as he leaned a bit forward, his pale-green eyes filled with an expression that said he was looking to get fucked. “What are we talking about as far as special?”

Crossing his arms over his chest, Santos curled his hands into fists to stop himself from smashing the stranger’s head into the glass display case. He wasn’t sure why he was reacting this way. He wasn’t interested in Lonnie in the least. The guy was a pain in the ass and had a damn mouth on him. He was definitely someone Santos was not attracted to. He was merely here babysitting the shop.

Which I wouldn’t be here if Zane knew how to show up on time.

The Dark Riders had been hanging out at Andromeda ever since their president, Falcon, had hooked up with the co-owner, Garrett. It wasn’t a bad place to chill, but Santos could do without the dark, suicide-inducing music.

Who in their right mind could listen to this stuff all day?

“We could meet up after your shift is over and see how special things can get.” The stranger closed the flash book he had been looking through and gave Lonnie big, dumb, goofy eyes. Was that supposed to be a flirtatious look? It was more like the guy had something in his eye. Santos would gladly help the man dislodge the object…with his claws.

“Really?” Lonnie’s tone had dropped to something light and playful, teasing and alluring. Santos’s wolf gave a feral snarl at the way Lonnie was openly flirting with the stranger. “You’re on.”

Sauntering around the display counter, Lonnie waved for the man to follow him to his room where he would give the guy a tattoo. The dread-head was wearing patent leather boots that were thigh high, the heels about three inches thick, and there were fists for buckles running down the inseams.

Santos took a seat on the couch, and whether he wanted to or not, his eyes fell on Lonnie’s nicely flared ass in those tight red-and-black-checkered pants that fit him like a second skin. He was wearing a simple T-shirt today and a spiked dog collar around his neck along with his usual spiked wristlets. The guy had slashes of deep red eyeliner running under each pale-green eye, as well.

Growling to himself that Lonnie did not look hot as fuck, he grabbed a magazine off the table in front of him and flipped through the pages, but he wasn’t really reading anything. He wished the music was turned off. It was the same ear-piercing junk they always played in this place and today it was giving him a headache.

Giving up on the magazine keeping his interest, he tossed it back on the coffin-shaped coffee table and stared down the hallway that Lonnie had just walked down with the man he’d said he would meet up with later.

His wolf gave a deep, vibrating snarl.

“Oh, shut the hell up.” He normally didn’t talk to his wolf out loud, but even his beast was giving him a headache.

The door chimed—something Falcon had insisted they install—and in strode Zane, Falcon’s twin. His long hair was loose today, his jeans faded, and he was wearing a dark-purple dress shirt that was untucked. He dropped down next to Santos, grinning at him. “You looked pissed. What’s going on?”

Santos’s eyes flickered over to the hallway and Zane gave a low chuckle. His dark eyes smiled as he winked. “Why don’t you just fuck him and get it over with?”

His wolf whimpered in agreement.

Settling deeper into the couch, Santos let out a grunt. “Because I don’t want to have sex with him.”

Zane’s shoulders lifted in a shrug as he cast Santos an amused look. “Too bad. He’s definitely one hot-ass male. Very doable.”

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Nope, Santos wasn’t calming down.

Both Santos and Zane jumped up when they heard a loud crash coming from down the hallway. Before Santos could move in that direction, the punk who’d asked Lonnie out was racing toward them, a large, red bruise on his forehead as he made a beeline for the front door.

Lonnie came racing down the hallway, his eyes narrowed and his lips thinned as he shouted at the man hauling ass out the door. “If you come back here, I’ll feed your balls to my piranhas!”

“What the hell is going on?” Zane cocked his head to the side.

Lonnie turned, the anger slipping into a happy smile. “Oh, hi, Zane.”

Shaking his head, Santos took a seat back on the couch and wondered why his wolf was smiling from ear to ear, seeming very pleased that Lonnie’s fuck date had run from the shop.




“Loudmouth pain in the ass,” Santos replied before he nipped Lonnie’s lower lip, sending a spark of heat shooting down to his groin.

He spread his legs wide, inviting the man to settle between them. “You stripped me naked,” Lonnie accused. “You saw my goodies before I was awake.”

Santos pinned Lonnie’s hands above his head, nipping at his chin. “And you think I fondled an unconscious man?” Santos asked with a belligerent snort. “I’m never that desperate.”

“Shut the hell up and fuck me already.” Lonnie moved his body toward Santos’s large frame, that little voice in his head wondering if the man wasn’t too damn big for him. Santos was average in length, but the girth was incredibly thick.

Reaching for a bottle of lube on the nightstand, Santos released Lonnie’s wrists as he lathered his fingers.

“Had this all planned out?” Unable to stop himself, Lonnie reached over and grabbed Santos’s cock. The heated shaft pulsed in the palm of his hand.

“Mother fuck!” Santos dropped the lube, inhaling a deep breath. “You can’t do that, dumbass.”

Lonnie chuckled. “What…this?” He began to stroke the man’s dick gently, pulling on the flesh and watching the head turn darker.

“Yeah…that,” Santos panted as his eyes fluttered closed before they sprang open, the dark irises once again amber. But Lonnie wasn’t scared this time. If anything, the sharply contrasted eyes intrigued him.

Lonnie tried to tease the guy a little more, but soon forgot the wicked torment when Santos’s beefy fingers slid into his ass.


“Too much?” Santos asked as he began to pull his fingers free.

“Don’t move!” Lonnie shouted as he breathed past the stretch and burn. But not even that was enough to stop him from wanting Santos. His body was on fire like he was being raked over hot coals as his head spun with need.

Santos hovered, his fingers up Lonnie’s ass as his eyes searched Lonnie’s face. As soon as he started relaxing, Santos must have noticed, because he started moving his fingers once again, pushing and pulling, sweat building on his skin.

Pressing his lips close to Lonnie’s ear, Santos said, “I told you that you wouldn’t be able to handle me.”

Lonnie was speechless at the deep baritone voice sending hot spikes of lust through his body. Santos leaned back and he could see a raw, earthy, animalistic appetite in the man’s smoky dark eyes.

“Prove me wrong,” he challenged as his lips curled back into a smile that showed straight, white teeth. “Or am I right?”

Lonnie was momentarily stunned by what the man said, wondering if he could really handle Santos. But then his snarky personality kicked into fully loaded Lonnie. “Question is,” he said as he gripped Santos’s cock harder. “Can you keep up with me?”

Santos’s nostrils flared as Lonnie shoved at the man’s chest, feeling strength and agility he’d never possessed before take over. He had Santos flat on his back, looking shocked as Lonnie climbed on top of the man. “Keep your arms and head in the vehicle at all times while I take this baby for a test drive.”

Lifting his hips, Lonnie took Santos’s thick cock fully into his ass, gasping and groaning as he felt like he was being split in two. But he didn’t let Santos know this. Hell no. The man wanted a challenge, then Lonnie was going to give him one.

Resting the palms of his hands on Santos’s wide chest, Lonnie began to move his hips, rocking back and forth as he took the man, tamed the beast, and rode the hard shaft like he meant it.

Santos tried to lift up, but Lonnie kept the man down, his palms sliding over the guy’s sweaty skin. Finally, Santos gave up trying to be in control as his fingers sank into Lonnie’s hips, holding him as Lonnie set the sheets on fire.

He dropped repeatedly onto Santos’s cock, letting his head fall back as he felt the fire burning higher inside of him. He knew part of this was the conversion, but most of it was because Lonnie had wanted Santos like he’d never wanted anyone in his life.

“That’s it, baby,” Santos groaned as he planted his feet on the bed. “Fuck this cock. Take it.”

Lonnie reached behind him and pressed his hands over Santos’s knees, using them for leverage as he swiveled his hips, bounced, and then rocked forward.

Shivers raced over him when Santos’s hands slid over his skin, his fingers touching Lonnie everywhere. The man was so sensual, so evocative right now. His eyes hadn’t changed back to their normal color and Lonnie could see the fires burning deep in their depths.

“So beautiful,” Santos murmured.

“Stop being nice, lughead.”

Santos threw his head back and laughed. “So feisty. I love it.”

Lonnie stared at Santos in amazement. Had he ever seen him laugh before? The show of white teeth behind that gorgeous smile momentarily stunned him. The curve of his lips was breathtaking.

“What the—” Lonnie grabbed the man’s shoulders as Santos flipped them. He grabbed the headboard and started to thrust his hips forward in a fast and steady stroke. Lonnie could do nothing but wrap his legs around the man and hold on.

“My turn, loudmouth.” His cock drove deep, hard, and Lonnie began to cry out from the sheer pleasure the man was bringing him. This was like nothing he’d ever felt before. Lonnie’s past lovers were good, but Santos was off the hook.

He was getting his breath fucked out of him. Lonnie gasped for air, reaching up to pull on Santos’s arm, ready to ask the man to slow down until he remembered Santos’s challenge. Determined not to let the man get the upper hand, Lonnie drove his hips up, meeting the man thrust for thrust.

“Stop trying to keep up,” Santos said in a teasing tone. “But don’t worry, I’ll teach you…eventually.”

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