Just a Taste of Me (MM)

Wolf Creek Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,334
226 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M]

Reece knows Keeley is his mate the moment he meets him. But Keeley is not only human, he's a man. Alpha of his own pack for just three months, having a man for a mate is a headache Reece doesn't need. But not claiming his mate is not an option.

However, Keeley is unlike any man he has ever met, from the top of his gorgeous honey blond hair to the bottom of his fire engine red painted toenails, Keeley is hot! Reece becomes even more enchanted with his new mate when Keeley loses his temper with Reece and hits him with a cookie sheet.

Just when Reece accepts being mated to a man and starts to care for him, Keeley is attacked and nearly dies. Reece discovers a plot that involves more than just the death of his mate, but his entire pack. Can Reece save Keeley and his pack, or will he have to choose between them?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Just a Taste of Me (MM)
226 Ratings (4.7)

Just a Taste of Me (MM)

Wolf Creek Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,334
226 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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LOL. Keeley was so cute with his eyeliner and nail polish....I laughed so hard with the cookie sheet. Awwww...so romantic. I love the chemistry between Reece and Keeley...so romantic and lots of love with each other. Another must read from Ms Glenn.
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5 CUPS: "Wow, talk about your fantastic sequel, this series just keeps getting better and better! Ms. Glenn really threw me for a loop with the whole straight guy falls for gay guy thing, but like the great writer she is, she had the perfect reason that made it all totally plausible. The world building in this series and this sequel is par excellence, and I am really looking forward to more stories. I really enjoyed how Ms. Glenn wrote the character of Reece, and his confusion over his instant attraction and nearly instant love for the admittedly adorable Keeley. I also liked the added dimension of the bloodsuckers aka vampires, they definitely added some real zest to the story. The lovemaking is positively scorching, and gives added depth to the emotions expressed between Reece and Keeley. I for one am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series, and all I can say is 'Keep them coming Ms. Glenn, keep them coming!'" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance & More

4.5 STARS:
"This book is second in the Wolf Pack series and is a wonderfully entertaining story. Even though it is part of a series I had no problems reading it without having read the first book, Full Moon Mating. Characters and events from the first book are incorporated into this story in such a way that the reader is never lost. Reece and Keely are interesting and entertaining characters. Keely especially grabbed my attention with his sassy attitude. I enjoyed the way they interacted with each other as they went from strangers to 'mated for life' partners. Another thing I really liked was that although Reece is the Alpha, and always considered himself straight, he was totally into learning all of the aspects of gay sex first hand. His open-minded attitude was surprising and a very nice departure from the 'I am Alpha and totally in charge' take of many other shifter stories. I found this book to be well written, interesting and fun to read. The plot is engaging and I enjoyed the buildup to the action packed ending. The supporting characters, especially Reece's beta Devlin, were all wonderful additions to the story. The sex scenes in the book are hot and while there are plenty of them they don't overpower the storyline. Overall I really liked this story and recommend it to anyone looking for a sexy, fun story with great characters, hot sex, and an entertaining plot." -- Lily, Rainbow Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Wolf Creek Pack 2: Just a Taste of Me picks up not too long after the events in Full Moon Mating. It can stand alone but when the stories are read together they are much stronger. I really enjoyed Keeley and his spunk and flair. Just the thought of this flamboyant man prancing around the big, bad, alpha and leading him around by his nether regions had me giggling...Reece was an awesome character; I thought his open mindedness about some aspects of his new relationship, especially as a straight man who finds himself mated for life to another man, to be refreshing. I also liked that he had moments of confusion because he has no idea what the "rules" are when it comes to being romantic with another man. I can't wait for the next installment in the Wolf Creek Pack series and I hope that it involves Devlin, Reece's beta!" -- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Just a Taste of Me burns up the pages in more ways than one! There's a delicious mix of wicked fun, sizzling sensuality and a dark mystery to solve. Carnal encounters with Reece and Keeley will have readers squirming in their seats at times. I also enjoyed the D/s interplay that goes back and forth between them. The dialogue moves the tale quickly, fun moments are noteworthy and the pacing is well done...The characters are engaging and their relationship is compelling and very hot. Im eagerly looking forward to any and all tales from Wolf Creek in the future. Just a Taste of Me will leave you wanting more, the sooner the better please!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Reece stared in disdain over the crowd gathered in the dimly lit bar as he fingered the beer bottle in his hand. He really didn’t want to be here, but he couldn’t figure out any other place that he really wanted to be either.

The bar itself wasn’t so bad as far as bars went. The music was loud, the beer cold, and the individual wooden booths offered some semblance of privacy. Reece could just see a couple of pool tables past the back of the wooden bench seat across from him.

Still, there was something in the air tonight, something that was making him feel very edgy, but damned if he could figure out what it was. It was making him feel restless and irritable, not a good thing for one of his kind to be.

Reece signaled the waitress, holding up his beer. Maybe he just needed to get drunk and find a nice piece of ass to fuck for the night. Lifting his head, he gazed out at the crowd, perusing all of the women there for their fitfulness.

He liked sex, the rougher, the better. It kind of cut down on who he could have sex with. His partner needed to be strong enough to sustain his forceful appetites, the dominant aggression he couldn’t keep at bay when he had his dick deep in some woman’s pussy.

His eyes briefly settled on a slender woman standing next to the bar before dismissing her and moving on. She had been interesting at first, attractive even, but for some reason she just didn’t hold Reece’s attention for more than a moment.

No, he was looking for something else, something—fuck! He wasn’t looking for that! A small man had just walked through the door. Reece was confused as to why he even noticed, but damned if the man didn’t make Reece’s cock stand up and shout its interest.

The man was unlike anything that Reece would ever have looked at, so small Reece almost missed him. He had to be at least a foot shorter than Reece and nearly a hundred pounds lighter. Much too small and fragile for the kind of sex Reece enjoyed.

And he was male. Reece had never been interested in men before so why was this one captivating him so much? Oh sure, Reece could look at a man and appreciate his looks, but he had never been with a man sexually.

So, why couldn’t he pull his eyes away from this man? What was it about the little man that held Reece so captivated? Was it his collar-length, curly, honey-blond hair? His pale green eyes? It certainly couldn’t be the small delicate body hidden under the baggy jeans and dark green sweatshirt he was wearing. Could it?

Reece moved his eyes away, forcing himself to keep looking for his night’s prey but his eyes kept coming back to the little man, time and time again, almost against his will. There was just something about him that fascinated Reece.

As Reece watched, the man leaned over the bar and talked to the bartender, turning his head to look where the bartender pointed before nodding and walking in the same direction. Reece felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up when the bartender smiled at the dark haired man dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt who was standing at the bar, then gestured after the little man with his head.

The man in the slacks snickered and then followed after the little man. Reece knew instantly that the man who had captivated his attention was in trouble. Something serious was about to go down, and the intriguing man was going to be right in the middle of it.

Just the thought made the wolf in Reece rebel. He could feel his hands starting to clench, his claws coming out as he growled low in his throat. Reece got up from his seat and began making his way towards the bathroom, the direction both men had gone.

The closer Reece got to the bathroom, the stronger the faint scent became that he had first picked up where the man had walked. It was heady, making him almost dizzy. It was sweet, but tangy at the same time and totally intoxicating.

As Reece pushed open the door of the men’s restroom, he could hear a frightened squeak, a lot of heavy breathing, and the sounds of a struggle. His eyes immediately went to the far stall. He knew he should just turn and walk away. This wasn’t any of his business.

The last time he had stuck his nose in a situation like this, he had paid for it. He was still paying for it. What did he care if someone was assaulting the little human? And he could now tell that the man was a human. He could smell it. It was wrapped up in that intoxicating scent that seemed to shoot straight down to his hard cock. Damn!


“Where are we going?” Keeley finally asked when the curiosity got to be too much for him.

“My house,” Reece replied without even taking his eyes off the road.

Great! He was going home with a straight man that kissed better than anyone he had ever met. Could his life get any more complicated? As the strong, manly scent of the man next to him reached Keeley, making his cock sit up and beg for attention, he sighed deeply. Guess so!

“Is something wrong, Keeley?” Reece asked as he turned to look over at him.

Keeley smirked. “Well, let’s see. I’ve been attacked, not once but twice, bitten by some weirdo, forced to drink his blood, kissed by a straight man, and now I’m being kidnapped and taken to god knows where against my will by said straight guy. What could possibly be wrong?”

“You sure have a mouth on you,” Reece said. “I sure hope you know what else to do with it besides flap your lips.”

“Why would you care? You don’t do guys, remember?”

 “I think that’s about to change,” Reece replied ruefully.

“Why?” Keeley asked. “‘Cause I’m so damn cute?”

Reece shook his head. “You are that, Keeley, but no, that’s not it.”

“Then what is? You suddenly decide to switch sides and see what a gay man feels like? Did curiosity get the better of you? Or are you just hoping to get some kicks trying something new and kinky?” Keeley drawled sarcastically.

“Keeley—” Reece started to say, hoping to calm him down. He could feel the agitation and resentment coming off of Keeley in waves.

“Why me? Couldn’t you find some other poor sucker to kidnap? Because I have to tell you, as sexy as you may be, I’m not into straight guys,” Keeley stated, crossing his arms over his chest as he glared across the truck cab at Reece.

“Damn it, Keeley, this isn’t about sex!”

“Oh, really? Then why the kiss?”

Reece rolled his eyes. “Okay, it is about sex, but not just sex. There’s more to it than that.”

“Well? I’m waiting,” Keeley said after Reece was silent for several moments.

Keeley yelped a moment later when Reece suddenly swerved the truck and pulled off to a side road, slamming on the brakes, and put the truck in park. Keeley’s eyes widened in fright, and he pressed back against the door when Reece unbuckled his seatbelt and scooted across the bench seat, reaching for him. Oh shit!

“Reece!” Keeley cried out when Reece ripped his seatbelt in two and yanked him across the seat. He pushed his hands against Reece’s chest, trying to lean away from him, but Reece was having none of it. He wrapped one arm around Keeley’s waist, the other around his neck, his hand clenching in Keeley’s hair.

When he pulled his head back, Keeley could see the long canine teeth in Reece’s mouth as he pulled his lips back and growled down at him. “Enough! Not another sound out of you. Understood?”

Keeley quickly nodded his head, wondering what he had just unleashed. He should have kept his big mouth shut. It was always getting him into trouble. He just couldn’t seem to keep it shut.

He stared up at Reece, wondering if he was about to die, when Reece leaned down and started sniffing at his neck, his long tongue coming out to lick at the skin he had bitten in the bathroom back at the bar.

Keeley couldn’t stop the shudder that went through his body, nor the further hardening of his cock in response to the man holding him. He let his head drop back to the seat as Reece continued to lick and nibble at his throat, moving slowly down to his chest.

Lifting his head when he heard a small tearing sound, Keeley realized that Reece had just used a very sharp, very long claw to split his sweatshirt right down the middle. He was about to protest when Reece’s lips latched onto his nipple.

Keeley stifled his groan, remembering that Reece didn’t want to hear a single sound out of him. Part of him was terrified of the violence he could feel in Reece. The other part glorified in the strength apparent in Reece’s massive body.

He knew, logically, that he should be scared out of his mind right now. He knew without a doubt that Reece could kill him without breaking a sweat. Maybe that was why he was so turned on by the strength of Reece’s body, but also the gentleness of his touch.

Illogically, Keeley never wanted it to end. Everywhere that Reece touched him, burning desire followed. Keeley felt like he was going up in flames. And Reece’s hands were touching him everywhere.

By the time Reece reached the buttons of his baggy jeans, Keeley was breathing rapidly. He was ready to rip his jeans off himself. Luckily, Reece took care of that for him. Keeley heard another tear, then felt cold air pass over his body.

As the warmth of Reece’s body lifted off of him, Keeley realized that he was totally naked. He was a little self-conscious until he heard the deep growl above him and looked up. Reece was staring down at him like a man possessed. There was even a faint glow to his eyes.

Keeley felt as if time had stopped as Reece stared down at him, not moving. He slowly reached up and cupped his hand to the side of Reece’s face. He let his fingers move over him, his strong cheekbones, aquiline nose, his soft, luscious lips.

Just as suddenly as time stopped, it kicked back in again as Reece growled, reaching for him. He was all over Keeley, kissing him, biting him, touching him. Keeley became mindless with pleasure. He wasn’t sure there was an inch of his body Reece hadn’t touched in some way.

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