Hard to Resist (MM)

Mercury Rising 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,891
32 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]

Rio was a charming, sexy man whom Jamie found hard to resist. He showed up one night and saved Jamie from a vampire who wanted to taste him. Now Rio kept popping up in Jamie's life. He spoke softly into Jamie's ear, barged in on him when Jamie was having a disastrous dinner, and now Jamie found himself in the back of Rio's Blazer, having sex with the guy in the tavern parking lot. It was simply scandalous and Jamie loved every second of it. Until he found out he was pregnant.

There was something about Jamie Davis that attracted Rio like no other guy had before. Maybe it was Jamie's innocence or the fact he'd been hurt by a feral shifter and Rio wanted the young man to regain his confidence. But whatever the case, Rio couldn't stay away, and he didn't want to. Especially when he found out Jamie was his mate and carrying his unborn child. 

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Hard to Resist (MM)
32 Ratings (4.7)

Hard to Resist (MM)

Mercury Rising 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,891
32 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




"You don't mince words, do you?" Jamie gave him a flirtatious smile, but the tiny hairs on his nape bristled again. There was something off about Andreas's eyes, but Jamie couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. They appeared normal, dark, and sexy, and he could stare into them all night.

Mr. Sexy returned with their drinks. He set the glasses down, Jamie's water and Andreas's dark red concoction. Jamie grabbed his glass and drank the water down like he was in a beer-drinking contest, but the coldness felt amazing going down and he didn't stop until the water was gone and all that was left were the few ice cubes at the bottom.

Andreas chuckled. The sound was like waves of warm, inviting water washing over him. "That bad?"

"I could really use some air." Jamie set his glass down and looked toward the door again. "It's too hot in here."

"Come on." Andreas downed his drink in one gulp, then grabbed Jamie's hand and led him through the throng of people. Jamie stayed behind him, using Andreas as his shield against the onslaught of partiers.

When they spilled onto the street, Jamie threw his head back and sucked in a lungful of cool air, happy to be out of the club. He tried to pull his hand free, but Andreas wouldn't let it go.

"Why don't we go for a walk?" he asked.

Jamie pulled his phone from his front pocket—because keeping it in his back pocket in a crowded club was asking to get it stolen—and checked the time. It was well after two in the morning. "I really need to get home. I have to be up for work in the morning."

Cars were packed in the lot adjoining the building and even more lined the street, but when Jamie looked around he didn't see another living soul. It was just him and Andreas standing under a streetlight as a welcoming breeze slid over and around him, cooling his heated skin.

Andreas took a step closer, cupping Jamie's cheek with his warm hand. The guy stared at him, and Jamie felt as though cotton was filling his head. Everything became a bit blurry as he tried to blink the fogginess away, but he still couldn't focus.

"Why don't we go down the alley?" Andreas's voice was smooth and silky, and Jamie felt himself nodding. He swayed, and Andreas slid an arm around his waist, helping Jamie walk as they took a few steps forward.

"N-No." Jamie pulled back, but Andreas's arm tightened. "I'm not feeling so hot. I-I think I should go home."

"I'll make everything better." Andreas swung Jamie around until they faced each other, their bodies so close he felt Andreas's hardness pressed against him. Andreas looked Jamie in the eyes again, and Jamie's resistance faded away. "I promise you'll have a good time."

"He said no." A voice came out of nowhere. Jamie tried to turn to see who it belonged to, but Andreas's hold became painful.

"Stay out of this, wolf." Andreas's tone turned icy, biting, menacing.

Jamie shoved at Andreas's chest, desperate to get away, but his movements were sluggish, as though his arms were encased in quicksand, and his brain was still fuzzy. He could make out what Andreas and the newcomer said, but the words sounded distorted, as though they were talking on the other side of a closed door.

Someone grabbed Jamie's arm and pulled him away from Andreas. When Jamie looked up, he sucked in a sharp breath. If he'd thought the bartender and Andreas were gorgeous, they had nothing on this guy. The newcomer was tall, broad, and looked like he could snap Andreas in half with all the muscles that rippled over his body. Jamie's gaze zeroed in on the fingers touching him, on the strong hand that had saved him.

Then the guy let him go.

"This isn't your territory, Rio," Andreas hissed.

Jamie gripped his head and shook it, telling himself he hadn't really seen fangs in Andreas's mouth. Something had to have been in the ice water. God, Mr. Sexy had drugged him. That was the only plausible explanation.

"It'll wear off." Rio touched Jamie's wrist. "Just give it time."

A shiver chased down Jamie's spine. "I need to get home."

"Tell me where you live and I'll take you."

Jamie's butt was parked against the brick wall of the club. He could still hear the throbbing beat of the music behind its doors. It matched the throbbing beat in his head. "No more strangers."

He scooted to his left, his butt scraping along the bricks.

"In your condition, walking home on your own wouldn't be a wise idea." Rio waved a hand at the row of parked cars at the curb. "I'm right here. I don't mind giving you a lift."

Jamie looked to where Andreas still stood, glaring hatefully at Rio. He no longer appeared sexy to Jamie. Fangs. Now he knew why his hairs had stood on end. It must've been some self-preservation thing trying to warn him. If he walked home, would Andreas catch up with him?

Rio shifted his weight from one leg to the other, seeming unconcerned about Andreas standing so close.

"Okay." Jamie prayed those weren't his dying words.

"A guy's gotta fucking eat." Andreas stormed off.

Rio led him to a cherry-red Mustang with blacked-out rims, tinted windows, and a spoiler on the back. The car looked as though it had just as much attitude as the guy who'd just rescued him. If Jamie hadn't been so out of it, he might've complimented the guy's ride.

Rio opened the passenger door and helped Jamie inside. He was instantly assaulted by the smell of leather, and the seat was so buttery-soft he wanted to wrap himself in the upholstery.

When Rio got in and started the car, its throaty engine came to life. But thankfully he didn't speed off. He eased down the street, looking around as though expecting trouble.

Jamie rattled off his address, then closed his eyes, unable to keep them open any longer.




Rio smirked when they reached the dirt parking lot of Grizzly's and Jamie pulled his hand free.

"Would you mind telling me what all that was about?" he asked.

If Rio knew, he would've told Jamie. At first, he'd been concerned for the young man. After all, Jamie had been through a lot. Rio had wanted to make sure he was recovering, both physically and mentally. He didn't usually check on the victims of preternatural attacks, but…well, he had this time.

Now he found himself attracted to Jamie. "What're you talking about? Saving you from that asshole?"

"You didn't save me from squat," Jamie argued. "I could've handled Weston on my own."

"So, about this party, what day and time should I be there?" Rio wasn't letting Jamie off the hook so easily. Call him petty, selfish, or whatever, but he liked seeing the guy squirm. He also liked Jamie's fire. The man was a blend of attitude and innocent, and the combination turned him on.

Jamie had caught his interest, and now Rio wanted to see how far down the rabbit hole this went. Shifters didn't know who their mate was until they slept with the person. He wouldn't mind getting Jamie under him, crying out his name as Rio fucked him just to see if the human belonged to him.

If Jamie wasn't his mate, at least they would have a good time.

When Jamie kept arguing, Rio grabbed his shirt and pulled the male to him, and their lips collided. Jamie was stiff at first, then melted against him as Rio tasted him for the first time. And damn if the guy didn't taste like heaven. 

Rio walked them backward until Jamie's back was pressed against someone's car. He pinned Jamie to him, eating at his mouth and growing harder by the second. Jamie squirmed and Rio loved how he felt against him.

Rio patted Jamie's ass until he found the cell phone in his back pocket. He broke the kiss long enough to call his own phone. When it rang, Rio hung up. "Now you have my number."

Jamie looked dazed as he nodded, staring at Rio's lips like he was a starving puppy who wanted to be fed again. With a smile, Rio kissed Jamie again, slower this time, drawing Jamie's tongue into his mouth and sucking on it. Jamie's moan nearly drove Rio over the edge. Had he ever wanted someone this badly? Had he ever felt this crazed to be inside a guy's ass?

Rio's SUV was parked two cars over. He was glad he hadn't driven his Mustang into town. The Blazer was roomier for what he had planned.

He kept kissing Jamie, lapping at his mouth, steering him toward his Blazer. He hit the fob and the back hatch glided open.

The windows were tinted, so Rio didn't have to worry about anyone seeing them in the back. Not that he cared, but Jamie might have, and Rio didn't want any protests from his soon-to-be lover about privacy.

He'd wanted Jamie since standing behind him in that damn coffee shop. No, that wasn't right. Rio had felt the attraction when he'd saved Jamie from Andreas.

Clearly out of breath from Rio's assault on his mouth, Jamie looked at him as Rio sat in the back of his SUV, then scooted backward. He crooked a finger, and Jamie crawled toward him, a sight to behold, licking his lips as he stared at Rio's mouth.

Rio hit the fob again and the hatch lowered. He grabbed Jamie, spun him to his back, then took up residence at his lips again. And Jamie was more than willing. He grabbed at Rio's shirt, sliding his hands underneath the material, and moaning like he wanted this just as much as Rio did.

They hadn't even gotten anything started yet, but the windows were steaming up with their heavy breathing. Rio wanted Jamie to touch him, wanted the guy's hands all over his body, but more specifically, he wanted Jamie's fingers curled around his aching cock…or his lips curled around Rio's cock…or his cock in Jamie's ass. Rio wasn't choosey.

As Jamie continued to touch his chest, Rio freed his length and guided one of those wandering hands to his heated flesh. A shiver racked his body when Jamie's fingers coiled around his boner. Rio hissed into Jamie's mouth, thrusting his hips forward into the tight fist. But the friction wasn't enough.

He needed more.

Wet lips or tight ass?

Rio wasn't sure which he wanted more. What was Jamie doing to him? Rio was so excited, filled with so much anticipation that his wolf snarled, trying to break free. Rio fought to keep his canines from descending and struggled to keep his claws from sliding out. No lover had ever made him lose this much control.

To distract himself, Rio worked at Jamie's pants, underwear, and shoes until he had them off. Jamie looked amazing lying there in nothing but his socks and shirt, his pale body contrasted against the black interior. 

Rio felt drunk as he undressed, his gaze glued to Jamie's perfection as Jamie drowsily stared right back at him, watching Rio's every move like there was a prize at the bottom of the cereal box. Rio had Jamie's prize, all right. All six inches of it.

Jamie nibbled on his lower lip as his eyes glinted with hunger. "I wanna suck you off."

"I ain't gonna stop you." Rio rolled to his back, then spread his legs as Jamie scooted down the back of the SUV until he was eyeballing Rio's dick. "I swear it won't bite you."

Jamie gave him a droll stare, then gripped Rio's cock and swallowed him whole. He was in Jamie's mouth, yet Rio still felt desperate, like he couldn't get his dick far enough down Jamie's throat.

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