Can't Fight This Feeling (MM)

Can't Fight This Feeling 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,159
3 Ratings (3.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romance, M/M, HEA]
Reid has a wounded heart and isn’t looking for love let alone a commitment. Then, his sister decides to open old wounds by telling him she’s going to find their mother. Mad at the world, Reid is sulking over dinner when Kendall Delong sits down at his table with a smile that makes Reid’s heart beat faster. 
Kendall has had an eye on Reid for a few weeks and is dying to get to know him. Not looking for anything casual, he’s hurt when Reid kicks him out after a one night-stand. Fate, however, brings Kendall back into Reid's life at the perfect time to save him from making a bad decision. 
Reid marvels at Kendall’s unconditional help and gives in to the chemistry drawing them together. Reid partakes of Kendall’s passion like a starving man. Then, Kendall puts his life on the line for Reid, making Reid realize love is a risk worth taking no matter the cost.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Can't Fight This Feeling (MM)
3 Ratings (3.3)

Can't Fight This Feeling (MM)

Can't Fight This Feeling 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,159
3 Ratings (3.3)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Reid tossed back a drink that evening as he sat at the bar alone. His friends had left with men they’d picked up. He wasn’t looking for company now. His mind churned and twisted with the blackness of chaos. His heart was shredded with the blood frozen around it.

He’d spent a lifetime hating his mother, thinking her love for them had just withered away. His heart clenched as he imagined the pain she must have been in during those last moments, and he prayed she’d been dead when her head had been severed.

She had been so sweet and giving. She wouldn’t have even seen it coming.

Tears filled his eyes and he quickly dashed them away as he balled his fists on the bar. He wanted to kill the person who’d taken her life.

He signaled for the bartender of Julian’s, an upscale bar with a high cover. The blond came over. “Honey, you’re on a collision course with a nasty hangover,” he said in a soft feminine voice.

He knew it, and he didn’t give a damn. “Just hit me again.”

“I’m going to have to cut you off soon. You got a ride home ‘cause I can’t let you leave like this.”

“I’m fine,” he muttered.

“You damn sure are,” he agreed with a little smile. “But you’re almost drunk. So, let—”

“Just hit me again, and let me worry about my own life,” he muttered coldly.

The blond put his hand on his hip and said, “Baby, don’t make me get the bouncers in here.”

He was about to speak when the cute blond’s gaze veered off of him to someone that had obviously just come up beside Reid.

“Give him his one for the road,” the deeper voice said. It caressed every nerve in Reid’s body and made him hard.

“You sure you got him?” the blond asked.

“Yeah. Is he running a tab?” Kendall asked.

“Yep, and he’s drinking the good stuff,” he said. “Always does.”

“I got it.”

“I don’t need your help,” Reid muttered darkly. Not after the callous way he’d treated Kendall two nights ago. Kendall should be shoving his ass into a cab and walking away but that was the last thing Reid wanted right now.

Kendall paid the tab. “I’ll take one. My usual.”

“Gotcha, handsome.” The blond took the money and winked at him.

“Keep the change,” Kendall said and then turned to Reid. “What’s got your tail all twisted?”

“Fuck off,” he said, not wanting Kendall to be nice even though he didn’t want Kendall to leave him, either.

“Yeah, I know. I’m too black for you, but you don’t have to pay for my services tonight. Besides, I like my dates sober.”

“Bastard.” He grabbed the drink set before him and took a swallow. It burned its way down his throat.

Kendall picked his up too and took a drink before leaning toward Reid. The look in his eyes was an intimate caress that made Reid shudder.

He wanted to fall into Kendall, to just sink into the warmth of his stare that closed around him like warm blanket. Everything inside him ached for the feel of Kendall’s arms around him.

Reid looked away, chest heavy with sadness and gut twisting with anger.

Kendall tucked Reid’s hair behind his ear allowing his fingers to lightly trail along Reid’s cheek. Reid felt branded, wanted.

“You ready to go now?” Kendall asked softly.

“I can’t leave my car,” Reid retorted.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home in it,” Kendall said in a soothing tone.

Reid looked at him. “The only thing I want you driving is your dick up my ass.”

Kendall gave him a faint smile. “You’re too drunk to be any good,” Kendall said. “Now, come on down off the stool, and stop being so damn vulgar.”

Reid started to turn away, and Kendall tugged him off the stool. He stumbled and fell into Kendall’s strong arms. He wanted to cuddle against him and fought everything in him that tried. He didn’t deserve Kendall’s kindness.


Kendall kissed his jaw in a tender gesture that made blurred Reid’s vision, and he quickly blinked the tears away. Then, Kendall wrapped an arm around his waist and led Reid out to the parking lot.

“Where’d you park?”

“I rode here with a friend. He’s already gone,” Reid muttered.

“You’re a real jerk tonight, darlin’,” Kendall murmured and took Reid to his car. He unlocked the door and pulled it open for him. “In.” Reid opened his mouth. “Get in, and stop stalling.”

Reid climbed in grudgingly, and Kendall slammed the door behind him before getting in on his side.

“Buckle up,” Kendall ordered.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Reid demanded.

“Let’s just say I like you enough not to want to see you hurting,” he answered and started the car. “So what’s wrong?”

“What makes you think I’m hurting?” He had to be a freaking shrink, and Kendall was picking up on some cues Reid was sure he was giving off.

“Fine. Keep it to yourself.”




“In the bedroom, the fewer words, the better,” Reid said breathlessly. “Touch me.”

The statement wasn’t just words. It was emotion that reflected in Reid’s eyes. The hurt little boy had a man’s hunger for touch and affection that Kendall was eager to satisfy. He started to pull back, but the heat in Reid’s eyes broke his will.

Kendall claimed Reid’s mouth with a soft moan. His tongue moved into Reid’s mouth tasting the sweetness of the wine. Reid’s tongue stroked against Kendall’s, and Kendall deepened the kiss. He groaned as Reid stroked his fingers over Kendall’s nape and speared his fingers into his thick curly black hair dragging his head closer.

Kendall pressed him into the wall next to the door and put one hand on the wall, the other at Reid’s waist. He ground against him, savoring the solid warmth of the man that was about to become his lover.

Kendall broke the kiss, and Reid’s lashes fluttered up revealing dark eyes lit with hunger. “You’ve got me on fire,” Reid rasped out. “Don’t stop now.”

Reid reached out to stroke a finger over Kendall’s jaw, but Kendall made no moves to continue. He didn’t want to stop. He wanted to soothe every hurt tearing Reid apart, and give him so much pleasure Reid couldn’t think of anything except repeating it.

Reid trailed kisses down the column to flick his tongue in the hollow at the base of Kendall’s throat. Kendall groaned, his hands moving, one up Reid’s back and the other down to cup his ass. Reid was a delicious weight against him that made his cock throb.

He traced kisses along Kendall’s jaw before claiming Kendall’s lips for a slow kiss. Kendall let him play, too hot to back away, and too enthralled to say no as their tongues came together in a duel that further shattered his control.

They tasted each other slowly, and Kendall’s hand moved between them to work the belt of Reid’s pants free. He unfastened the button and dragged down the zipper to push Reid’s pants open.

Reid broke the kiss dragging air into his lungs. “I need this off,” Reid growled and tugged at Kendall’s button-down. He ripped it from Kendall’s pants and quickly undid the buttons and pushed it open.

Kendall backed toward the bed and shrugged out his shirt and Reid stared.

“Damn, you’re so sexy,” Reid murmured as he kicked off his shoes and tore his own shirt over his head. Their eyes met. “I want you naked, so I can enjoy every inch of you.” He got rid of his own pants and briefs and looked up again to find Kendall kicking off his pants, too.

A moment later, Kendall stood before him all gorgeous coffee-with-cream skin, and he had a beautiful cock, standing rigid and looking like dark chocolate. Reid’s mouth watered, and he licked his lips.

“You’re so luscious, Kendall. I want to eat you up,” he said softly as he closed the distance between them.

“I’ll let you have your way this time,” Kendall murmured.

Reid glided his hands over Kendall’s broad chest sprinkled with dark hair. “Good.” Reid lowered his head and traced his tongue along the collarbone. Nipped hard and sucked.

“Reid.” Kendall said his name breathlessly. “Play with my nipples.”

Reid swirled his tongue around one taut peak and then licked over it before sucking and moving on to the next. He lightly pinched the vacated tip while he teased the other. Kendall groaned and buried his fingers in Reid’s hair.

“Oh fuck, Reid. Yeah.”

 Reid caught the nipple between his teeth to the tune of a harsh gust of air. He blew over the nipple as he pushed his hand inside Kendall’s briefs. His fingers wrapped around the erect flesh.

Kendall sucked in a breath as Reid’s thumb stroked. His touch felt so good. Kendall could come right now, but he didn’t. Reid met his eyes, and Kendall saw the heat and confidence and reveled in it. Maybe Reid wasn’t that broken after all.

“You’re so hot all aroused,” Reid murmured. “I want you so hot for me you can’t breathe.”

Heat slithered through Kendall as Reid released his shaft. “You’re getting your wish.” Kendall breathed out raggedly.

Reid trailed a path over the hard plane of Kendall’s chest and down to his stomach. “Good.” Reid licked over Kendall’s navel and down to his lower belly before sinking to his knees before Kendall. He pushed Kendall back onto the bed and looked up at him.

“I’m clean, but I won’t complain if you use a condom, just suck my dick, darlin’,” he drawled lazily.

“There’s lube and condoms in the bedside table,” Reid said and then grasped Kendall’s thick cock. He swirled his tongue around the mushroom head before drawing it into his mouth. He sucked, his head bobbing slowly up and down.

“Damn, your mouth is lethal, sweet baby,” Kendall rasped roughly as he pushed Reid’s hair to one side so he could watch. He loved the sight of his cock sliding over his pink lips.

 Reid lifted his head and licked down the shaft before nipping lightly at the steely flesh. His teeth scraped lightly over the tip before sucking it back into his hot mouth.

“Shit!” Kendall grimaced, his expression tight with pleasure.


* * * *


Reid reveled in the fire he saw in Kendall’s eyes. It matched the inferno burning inside of him. He worked Kendall’s cock with his hand enjoying the feel of it in his hand. “Damn you’re big.” He didn’t know if he’d be able to take all of this hard dick.

“You can take me, darlin’,” Kendall said as if reading his mind.

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