Macario's Salvation (MM)

Milson Valley 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,608
9 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Macario Aston would love a holiday, one that took him far from his overprotective, interfering family. He loved them, truly he did, but they wouldn’t accept what was happening.
Whereas Mac had accepted. He was ill. Now he just wanted to get on with living while he had time left, and he wanted his family to face the truth. So Mac was going to enjoy himself by indulging in the things he liked. A holiday would be good, dining out, and massages. Mac loved a good massage. And maybe he’d tell the fae where to stick their training accounts.
The moment masseuse Fale Taucher saw Macario Aston, he knew he’d found his mate. Unfortunately, Fale hadn’t a clue how to let the man know! When Aston's security caught him hanging around, it gave him the chance to tell Mac, but convincing the man to let Fale claim and bond them may take more time than his human had left.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Macario's Salvation (MM)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Macario's Salvation (MM)

Milson Valley 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,608
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Massages were one of Mac’s little indulgences. If he could, he’d have them daily, maybe even one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and then another as an after dinner treat.

The idea made him smile knowing just how his family would react. Layke, his eldest brother, would insist Mac was suffering from a motor or muscle condition and set up one painful test after another. Laykewas a bit off at times. Lacy, Layke’s twin, was the sensible, smothering mother type. She would analyze everything Mac did then say he probably had a kink.

Yeah, his kink was liking massages. Massive eye roll.

The rest of the siblings would all have something to say, no doubt, either to tease Mac or just wanting to join in and put forward their opinions.

Having so many siblings may actually have been the reason Mac needed so many massages. Dealing with them on a daily basis was enough to turn his reddish hair white and send him scurrying to a therapist’s sofa for the next hundred-odd years. Fortunately, he wouldn’t be tortured that long.

Macario was from a long line of immortal creatures, but he was actually human with only a strand of paranormal DNA, lion shifter. He wasn’t able to shift, but the strand provided Mac with slower aging, slightly enhanced strength and agility, and better health than most humans. Still, it wasn’t enough to stop time. At forty-one years of age, Macario was middle aged though he looked to be in his early thirties. He was finding it difficult to be around his family at times as each, and every one of them was an immortal creature with the appearance of a twenty-two to twenty-four year old.

The differences between them were becoming evident.

Mac had always lived with security dogging his every move and monitoring him everywhere, it was to be expected, he was an Aston and had an Avenger for a brother, as well as a very rare demon, a gargoyle prince, and a very powerful witch and wizard, so he understood the necessity. But his siblings had become so difficult. Lately, they were even refusing to let him out half the time!

It was driving Macario crazy. Just because he’d mentioned wanting to live like a human a dozen or so times was no reason to act like he was about to take off and do something stupid. For one, Mac wasn’t a risk taker. Okay, he may be a bit of a risk taker occasionally. He liked drag racing and rock climbing, dirt bike riding, and traveling. But he was careful when it came to his safety and Renegades.

Mac lifted his head to see the masseuse enter the room. This masseuse was new, only here a few months, but Mac had heard good reviews. As Mac enjoyed his massages, a lot, and may have hooked up with a few of the masseuses which were causing a few repercussions, he thought he’d try the new guy.

“Hello, my name is Fale. I will be your masseuse today, Mr. Aston.” The masseuse closed the door and turned to Mac, smiling.

“Hi.” Mac smiled and stretched. “I’m in dire need here. Did they tell you I pulled my shoulder yesterday? I made a point of telling the receptionist when I booked so if you could concentrate on that area, and my legs and feet, that’d be great.”

Masseuse Fale’s features flushed under his dusky complexion and warm brown eyes blinked a few times. Mac waited but the young paranormal, Mac would have to say no more than twenty-one, just stood there. After a full minute, Mac smiled slowly. He’d seen Jayce do this. His brother just stopping in the middle of doing something, or nothing, caught up in his own thoughts. It was kind of cute on this guy, not so much Jayce.

Clearing his throat, Mac gave a big, friendly smile. Fale blushed, whispering an apology and quickly began buzzing about the room asking what type of massage Mac would like, whether he liked deep tissue, or relaxing, what oils, music, and what scents. Macario cheerfully answered all the questions, yet wondered why he was being asked. All his preferences were already in his file, and the masseuses checked client’s details before giving a massage.

Fale was new though. Usually, Mac preferred female masseuse’s, he tended to enjoy females more than males, possibly because he had a lot of bossy, noisy brothers and only one alpha sister, or maybe it was because Mac enjoyed the feminine scent and though he was bi, he mostly chose women over men.

This guy smelt amazing. Mac wondered what cologne the man wore. Actually, everything about Fale interested Mac, and when he did choose to spend time with a man, Fale was definitely the type he went for. Except for being young. Mac liked his men, and women, older. He didn’t care about experience or their backgrounds, the job they did, or the job they didn’t have. He was in his early forties and felt the age difference with someone in their twenties was too much.

He groaned in delight as his sore shoulder was applied with just the right amount of pressure.

“Sorry!” Fale exclaimed, jerking his hands away.

“No, no, that was a good moan.” Mac practically begged. “You got just the right spot with the exact amount of pressure. Please, don’t stop.”

“Ah, right, okay, sorry about that.”

Thankfully the masseuse got back to massaging, much to Mac’s relief. He’d just try to keep his moans and groans of bliss to himself so as not to startle the jumpy guy again.

Half an hour into the massage, Mac was so relaxed he was nearly asleep when for the first time since the massage began Fale spoke. Mac was sort of sorry for the interruption, he liked quiet when having a massage, but strangely enough, he liked the guy’s voice.

Mac really liked the sound of Fale’s voice.




Mac didn’t stop, thank the heavens. The man tugged Fale’s top off, very quickly followed by his own, then Fale’s pants and underwear. All the while his mate never stopped kissing, licking, and nibbling his way down Fale’s body and his hands touched, caressed, and cupped every inch of him. When his balls were fondled and his cock taken into a warm, wet mouth, Fale cried out and jutted his hips a little, needing a little pressure and suction. Mac accommodated, sucking Fale’s cock deep into his mouth, his tongue rubbing against nerve endings Fale never even knew were there.

What Mac could do with his tongue and hands was amazing and had Fale thrashing around, moaning and trying to last as long as possible. He wanted to feel Mac inside him, have them connected in all ways, but holy magic, he never wanted Mac to stop. The man’s mouth should be given an award!

His tongue rubbed and licked, Mac moving up and down, sliding along Fale’s cock, fingers wrapped around the base and holding it like a treat. There wasn’t much chance of Fale holding off an orgasm, Mac was too skilled, and Fale was too horny. With a loud moan and moving his hips, his balls pulled up tight, and he came, the feelings so intense he saw stars behind his eyelids.

Mac swallowed him up and licked him clean, kissing his way back up Fale’s body. “You taste sweet, Fale.”

“That was great.” Fale panted, looking down Macario’s body. His mate was semi erect. Reaching down, he glided the tips of his fingers over Mac’s dick. “I want to taste you.”

“Sorry, sweetie, doesn’t work. But,” Mac pulled away and rolling over, opened the drawer of his bedside table and took out a small container. “I can use a little help in that area.”

Fale gaped. “Viagra?”

“Yep. Modified a little. I’ve had the tablet for a year but haven’t found a good enough reason to use it.”

“Isn’t this the best reason?” Fale nibbled Mac’s jaw. “Unless the pill will hurt you in some way?”



Fale jumped his mate. Right now he didn’t care about claiming and bonding, he just wanted Macario. He smothered his mate in kisses then climbed off the bed and rushed to the bathroom where he filled a glass with water and hurried back to the bed. As soon as Mac had taken the little pill, he took the glass and placed it on the bedside table, eyes locking in on Mac’s body and where he wanted to enjoy first.

“Come join me.”

Fale climbed back onto the bed and then onto his mate, urging his lover to lie back. Encouraged by Macario’s compliance, Fale explored every inch of the pale skin beneath him, gliding his hands over sensitive places, caressing and nibbling Mac’s waist, licking his belly button and sucking nipples. By the time he made it to his mate’s impressive cock, Mac was fully hard. Delighted, Fale sucked the long appendage down, earning a growled groan from his lover.

He loved how Mac slid his fingers through Fale’s hair and got a good grip but left him to do whatever he wished. And Fale did. He sucked, licked, nibbled, and stroked. He used his hands and fingers, his tongue and lips, and his teeth, until Mac pulled him off.

“I want to be inside you when I come.” Mac kissed Fale so very sweetly, so sensually.

Fale offered himself to his mate as soon as the kiss ended. Lifting his legs, he bent his knees and spread himself wide. He couldn’t wait to feel Mac inside him, connecting them.


* * * *


What a beautiful sight. Mac took a few moments to appreciate the view of Fale’s tight hole displayed before him and the way the man was offering himself.

He couldn’t ever recall a time he’d been so horny. Taking the lube, he clicked the lid open and covered his fingers then drizzled a good amount along Fale’s ass crack. Moving closer, he gripped the back of Fale’s left leg as he rubbed lightly across his mate’s hole. He took his time to make sure he didn’t cause the man a moments discomfort or pain. After a few minutes the muscle loosened and Mac was able to easily sink a finger inside to the first knuckle, Fale groaning and murmuring words of encouragement to go faster.

He did, just a little, sliding his finger in and out until he was able to get another finger inside, scissoring to stretch the muscles. By the time he had three fingers in, Fale was moving around so much Mac knew if he didn’t get inside his mate soon, the man would be climaxing. Picking up a condom he’d collected from the bedside drawer when he got the lube, he quickly tore open the packet, slid the latex over his cock and lathered it in lube. He tossed the bottle aside and lined himself up.

“Ready?” he asked, nudging his mate’s hole with his dick.

“Oh Lord, yes! So ready,”

Mac pushed in, panting at the tight grip. Once past the guardian muscle, he sunk further into his mate’s tight channel, groaning as he thrust bit by bit, Fale rising to meet his every move. Letting go of Fale’s thigh, Mac sunk in deep and took his lover’s lips at the same time, loving the taste of the man and the little passionate noises he made.

They were soon moving in time, Mac stroking that little bundle of nerves inside Fale that had the fae groaning loudly and gripping Mac so tightly he was sure there would be nail impressions in his back and arm. He didn’t care, he loved the open passion, the way Fale lost himself in what they were doing.

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