A Bride for Two Tycoons, Part 1: The Courtship (MFM)

The Male Order, Texas Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,691
173 Ratings (4.5)

[#250 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Determined to secure funding to save her non-profit, Madeline Spencer heads to Male Order, Texas, a town just east of Dallas known for its enormous wealth and generous philanthropists. Her first stop is Ellis Enterprises, and she hopes a corporate donation from the elite multinational company will help make her dream come true.

Unbeknownst to her, Male Order is menageamous and the powerful Ellis brothers are loaded in more ways than one. The moment Dalton and Garrett see her, there’s no denying their overwhelming urge to claim this single-minded and sensual woman who thinks a romantic entanglement can only be a liability.

During a whirlwind courtship the brothers introduce her to the lavish pleasures of a Male Order lifestyle but learn they don’t need to open their pocketbooks to open Madeline’s heart. They just have to convince her that mixing business with pleasure isn’t so bad after all.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

NOTE: You are purchasing the first half of A Bride for Two Tycoons. This purchase does not include the conclusion, which is available for purchase by clicking on this link.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Did you know Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday write M/M/F Western romance as CHRISTINE MICHAELS? Check out the duo's Kat Rides the Iron Men and Anna Rides the Desperados.

A Bride for Two Tycoons, Part 1: The Courtship (MFM)
173 Ratings (4.5)

A Bride for Two Tycoons, Part 1: The Courtship (MFM)

The Male Order, Texas Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,691
173 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Maddie is trying to save the youth center before it runs out of funds.

The problem with being behind in my writing of reviews and not behind in the reading is that when I get to the notes for a book I read and find that there are few to no notes and then I realize that I can barely remember what if anything I liked about said book. Which makes me think real hard because most of the books I have read I remember with clarity and especially my favorite parts. My favorite part of this story took place at the beginning at the fountain. Other than that, the story though fairly thorough is more of an introduction to all the players mixed in with some mostly steam worthy moments. What I think surprised me the most was the ending, because I know this is only the part one so I expected a cliff hanger but this book could be a stand-alone for the lack of a cliff hanger to hook you into a strong desire to read part 2.

I did read book 2 after finishing this book and will get that review out as soon as I can but for this book I think a three-star rating fits this book for the story line that was way less climatic than the sex scenes.

I originally posted this review here http://lauralusbookreviews.blogspot.com/2016/11/a-bride-for-two-tycoons-part-1.html
Really enjoyed this first part.
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4 TEA CUPS: "Madeline Spencer heads to Male Order, Texas, a town just east of Dallas to get money for her nonprofit organization. Who would have thought that she would meet the men of her dreams? The Ellis brothers were well off and had an enterprise in Male Order , TX they also were cowboys who love sharing their women but they didn’t think or even realize that Madeline would be the one until it happened. Madeline was tongue tied when she was around the brothers. Garrett was all business and Dalton loved to have fun. Through their courtship and on to the proposal they had fun and Madeline stayed in a sexually aroused state the whole time. She thought for sure that everyone would notice. When danger came to threaten their well laid plans the brothers would do anything to protect what they had with Madeline and to keep her safe. Ava and Sydney did a wonderful job of bringing you along for the ride in A Bride for Two Tycoons and their interpretation of a life with two men and one woman had the reader wanting Madeline’s life and also to get to Male Order, TX as fast as one could if it existed. Great work Ava and Sydney." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

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Madeline swallowed, her throat feeling like sandpaper. She was terrified and yet completely tempted. Her cunt throbbed with such need, she questioned her own sanity. Madeline found herself wanting to do exactly as she was told, and part of her hated herself for it. The other part didn’t care a bit and screamed for more.

Garrett had moved off the bed and now kneeled beside her. He held up a strange object so close to her face she couldn’t even focus on it. The tears of pleasure blurring her vision didn’t help either.

“What is that?” Madeline flipped to her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows.

“Ah, Garrett, sometimes your genius amazes even me.” Dalton chuckled as he took it from Garrett’s hands. “This is a butt plug.”

“It is?” It didn’t look like any butt plug she had ever seen, though, granted, she hadn’t seen many. Most of the time they looked like small plastic torpedoes, not something she’d want near any of her orifices. But what Dalton held in front of her looked like art, like sculpture. It was carved from jade and had a lotus flower on one end. The plug end was smooth and tapered. She wasn’t sure whether it was something she wanted to put in her ass, but she wouldn’t mind humoring her men for a while. She knew deep down that every time she’d felt a hot breath or soft caress against her there, it made her excitement level rise tenfold. But she didn’t understand it. Her rear had never been an area she felt compelled to explore, but now she didn’t know what to think.

“We’ll work you up to this, though.” Dalton gestured for her to take the diminutive stone sculpture.

“Um, sure.” She rolled it around in her hand and looked at it from all angles, getting a sense of its weight. It really was beautiful, the varying shades of green creating delicate swirls of color.

“You don’t look so sure.” Garrett sat on the bed beside her and rubbed her back with one hand, his long fingers extended. He pulled a strand of hair from her eyes with the other.

“Don’t worry. She doesn’t need to look sure. She just needs to feel it.” Dalton edged closer to her hip and ran his firm hand in rough circles around the seam of her ass. Her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t stop her ass when it rose up to greet his hand, inviting it to delve deeper. “See? I think she’s ready to begin.”

Madeline swallowed hard but didn’t say a word. She just clutched the jade and stared at it, focusing all her attention on it instead of what was happening behind her.

“Garrett, hand me that vibrator again. Let’s try a little more warming up.”

At the subtle sound of eighteen karat gold buzzing, Madeline held her breath and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. Then the sound translated into feeling as Dalton gently rested the device on the seam of her ass, rolling it from side to side against her ass cheeks. Her cunt throbbed, slowly at first, but with each roll of the vibrator, it sped up and grew stronger.

More hands gripped her rear, and she realized Garrett had spread her cheeks apart. Dalton tipped the vibrator down until it touched her asshole. A moan escaped, and her body bucked. Dalton’s big hand rested against the small of her back, stilling her.

“Shh, that’s right, love. I’m going to take it nice and slow.” Drawling out the last word and bending down to her face, Dalton breathed against her skin. His voice was like plush velvet against her ears.

The sound of a bottle cap opening and closing was soon followed by gentle, oiled massaging against her shoulders, which loosened her up even more. “That’s a girl.” Garrett kissed her hair and smiled at her, so sweetly she thought she’d melt all over the perfect bedspread. A finger prodding her cunt told her Dalton may have believed the same thing. She certainly felt juicy inside.

“Oh, brother, she is wet. I’ll take this as a good sign.” Dalton lifted her pelvis and pushed his finger inside her while his other hand worked the vibrator more firmly against her asshole. A pool of cool lube in her backside made her squirm, and her eyes pop open.

“Wait, why are you doing that?”

“Easy, darling, easy. It’s just in preparation, just in case.” Dalton eased the vibrator away from her rosette, though it still remained wedged between her cheeks.

Garrett cupped her face with the tips of his fingers, forcing her to look him in the eye. “You need to trust us, trust that we only have the best intentions, that all we want is to pleasure you and you alone. Just let us do this for you.”

“What about your needs?” Madeline couldn’t believe a man existed, let alone two, who would put the woman’s needs ahead of his own. But these men had her questioning a lot of her beliefs and assumptions lately.

“Doesn’t matter, immaterial. We know that once you get yours, we’ll get ours. The other way around is never as good.” Garrett kissed the tip of her nose before moving to capture her lips. She marveled at how one brother could do something so sweet while another did something so naughty at the same time. “You’re like a cup. Once you fill up with pleasure, everything that spills over is all ours.”

“And I don’t think I’ll have any trouble filling you up, darling.” Dalton continued working his slicked fingers inside her cunt, tugging and rubbing her pussy lips. He rubbed her clit with another digit and worked her cunt masterfully, sending sensations racing up and down her body that had her pussy juices flowing. He pressed inside her vaginal walls, his thick fingers filling her up and massaging her until a warmth built inside her. It seemed to radiate from deep within her and, after a few more strokes, manifested in her screaming his name as she ground her cunt into his hand and her body bucked wildly with her release.

Garrett tilted her chin to look at his brother, and Madeline watched as Dalton lifted his hand to his mouth and took her juices in. He seemed to roll her fluids over his tongue, as if tasting some fine, priceless delicacy. “See,” Dalton breathed, “you’re already overflowing, and my cock’s as hard as a goddamn rock.”

Dalton returned his hand as if that were the most natural thing he could do, as if his hands were created for the sole purpose of giving her pleasure, as if their rightful place was inside her. His thick fingers worked over her clit again, massaging her. She couldn’t believe her body was even capable of experiencing all this pleasure. Could she even handle it or would she completely fall apart? The orgasm built again, and as it grew, Garrett leaned over from where he sat at her side and went back to slowly, sensually massaging her upper back and shoulders, his oiled fingers gliding easily over her skin.

She couldn’t help but rock her hips, chasing her release again. She had already had a taste for it and now was thirsty for more. When did she become this unquenchable lust-filled woman?

The way Dalton moved his hand with such focused and methodical movements told her that he was purposefully holding her orgasm at bay. She knew that he could have her coming in a heartbeat on command as if she were an orgasm machine and all he had to do was just a push a button to turn her on and have her going.

Touch by agonizingly slow touch, he worked his magic until she thought she would explode. He pressed the tip of the vibrator against her asshole then, and instead of wanting to shy away from it, she found herself wanting desperately to have it plunge deep within her. Dalton, as if sensing her innermost desires, pressed it even harder against her hole until she was bucking against it, trying to force it to penetrate her.

“That’s my girl. Now beg for it. I want to hear your need,” Dalton drawled, his voice husky with arousal.

Words that she never thought she would ever say in her life tumbled out of her lips in stutters and gasps. “Please, I want you to put it in me. I want more, I need more.” Madeline felt almost liberated after she finished. It was almost cathartic to express herself in this way. 

“Is that the best you can do?” Dalton asked, toying with her. “Is that what you call begging?”

“If you ask me, I don’t think she really even wants it. You might as well just put the vibrator back in the box it came in.” The mirth in Garrett’s eyes made her want to both slap him and stick her tongue down his throat and devour him.

“All right then.” Dalton began pulling it from between her ass cheeks. Unable to fathom the reason for her action, Madeline found herself panicking.

“No, no, no! Please, don’t. I’ll beg, whatever you want, just please, please put it inside me. I want it, I need it.” Her throat tightened as though she were about to cry and the frenzy seemed to overtake her brain. She couldn’t imagine not having the release they promised. At that moment, it was the greatest of injustices. She tried to reach her hands back to force Dalton’s hand, but Garrett gently slapped them away.

“No, no, sweetheart. None of that.” Garrett stood and moved back to the center of the bed. “Dalton, I think it’s time to take this to the next level. Plus, I’m getting a bit bored watching you have all the fun.”

The playful tone of his words bubbled over her and curiosity fought through her haze of pure need. She lifted her head up to see what Garrett was doing when the vibrator shut off. She watched it roll on the ground like a golden ray of sunshine. Before she could find Garrett in the dimness of the room, Dalton stood, lifting her with him, his fingers still plunged deeply inside her. He gently placed her on the bed facing the headboard, lying prone on Garrett’s hard, lean body.

“That’s right, beautiful. That’s exactly where I want you.” Garrett gently skimmed her body from her waist up to her arms, tracing the length of them before he wrapped his hands around her wrists. He gently gripped them as Dalton lifted her hips up slightly from behind her, silently commanding her to shift her weight. Madeline hastily rose up and scrambled to her knees, straddling Garrett’s torso in the process. From her new position, Madeline watched as Garrett, lying between her open thighs, tied a smooth nylon rope around each wrist, lifting them above his head to hang upon a hook on either side of the headboard. “I’m just preventing your wandering hands from causing any more mischief.”

Madeline considered arguing, but, truthfully, she liked the seductive feel of smooth rope caressing her bare flesh and then the tight strain around the bindings. Plus, she couldn’t muster the strength to work her mouth and hold her boneless body up, so she complied without a peep. She wondered if her men would be smart enough to take advantage of this situation, because she didn’t anticipate this being a common occurrence. Then she saw the dangerous glint in Dalton’s eye as he held the jade plug, and she knew her thoughts had been misguided. She knew without a doubt that they wouldn’t let this opportunity pass by without squeezing every last drop they could out of her, and she knew it would’ve been smart to resign herself to life as a pliable, oversexed mute.

She sucked in a breath when Garrett writhed underneath her body as he pushed himself up to a sitting position. Without warning, he licked her from the hollow between her collarbone, up the side of her neck, and finished by nipping her on the ear. Their gazes met, and he stared at her so intently, she almost felt embarrassed at the intensity of his gaze.

“What are you looking at?” Her voice cracked when she spoke, and she knew it was a feat for words to have come out of her mouth at all.

“It’s not what, it’s who, and I’m looking at someone who doesn’t know how wonderful she is and how happy she’s made this spoiled brat of a man.” He kissed her so lightly on the lips, she almost wouldn’t have been sure it happened if she hadn’t been able to taste the lingering sweetness he left.

She heard what sounded like an appreciative sigh before the bed dipped down and she felt Dalton’s heavy presence behind her. “Look at that marvelous ass.” He gripped her ass cheeks hard, kneading her flesh between his massive fingers. She jerked when she felt his teeth bite down on her before he soothed it again with a bouquet of kisses all over her tingly flesh.

“I have another surprise for you, love.” Garrett held up another gold vibrator, but this one was wider and shorter than the first one, reminiscent of a large bean.

“Eighteen karats?” she asked breathlessly, already knowing the answer and still not understanding the logic.

“Eighteen karats.” Garrett nodded and smiled as he lowered it to her cunt and it disappeared between their bodies. Madeline bucked and writhed, her wrists pulling on her restraints. She bit her bottom lip and even then her squeals of pleasure broke through. While the vibrator hugged her cunt, Garrett pushed two, possibly three, fingers inside her, working her, rubbing on all her inner walls, paying special attention to her G-Spot, Garrett’s spot.


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