Haunting Memories (MM)

The Garden of Elich 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,651
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Sivney Forsàidh is a vampire with a sordid past. As one of the main forces of a paranormal investigation in Rome, he has a full plate that rarely gives him time to think about anything outside of work. He has spent too many years alone, and has trouble seeing a life that revolves around anything other than solitude.

Kyrien has lived his entire life in his uncle’s shadow. He struggles constantly with the knowledge he was made into a vampire solely for the purpose so another can discover his existence. He opens a popular nightclub named Calamity and focuses on little else. He resigns himself to eventually being revealed to his mate—or not, as the years that pass come to show.

A rash of crime breaks out across the holy city and brings the duo ever closer. They try and soothe their solitude with each other. The bodies start to pile up, and the ghosts of the past show their faces. These two must fight to stay together, and keep their newfound life together from falling apart.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Haunting Memories (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Haunting Memories (MM)

The Garden of Elich 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,651
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Positioned in front of the door was a large man that smelled distinctly of lycanthrope blood. He was easily over six-and-a-half feet tall. If Sivney had to guess, the guy was most likely from Spain. The bouncer had dark brown hair, equally somber eyes, and a naturally honeyed color to his flesh. If vampires didn’t find the smell of lycan blood repulsing, he quite possibly would have wanted to take this one to bed. As it was, he only shared his body with those he might be able to taste in the process. Not that he did a whole lot of that, but it was always fun to entertain the possibility.

The man, who presumably had quite an adept scent of smell, seemed to almost instinctually be able to pinpoint his specific scent. Without a single word or straight glance exchanged, the bouncer opened the door with a sense of urgency. As Sivney passed into the dim darkness of a bustling nightclub, he caught the lycan murmuring something into what Siv assumed was a microphone or two-way radio. He couldn’t make out the exact words over the pulsing beat of what was known these days as “dubstep” music, but he figured he was calling out the first warning. Siv was too distracted by the music to care. He kind of liked the deep bass drops, the spotty vocals, and the bright personalities that it usually brought with it.

The only thing that he hated about being a member of the Garden is that he could not just blend into the crowds. No matter what he was doing or where he went, paranormal creatures always thought that he was there to arrest them. No sooner than Siv took another step forward another vampire approached him to obviously intercept him. From the looks of it, this guy had to be one of the ones that ran this club or at least one of the proprietors. He had that confident kind of look about him that reeked of self-importance and misplaced entitlement. Siv hated those types. Whoever this guy was, he was one of the ones that was noticed when he walked into a room for all the wrong reasons. That went without saying. Sivney knew what that was like.

Siv’s brows rose slightly when the vampire came to stand before him along with two of his brethren. The notably younger vampire was a handsome one, but he needed that cocky smirk smacked off of his face. He had high cheekbones, a straight nose, and a head full of tightly wound blond curls. Strange amber eyes bore into his and Sivney was quick to meet the hard stare with an utterly un-intimidated one of his own. This was a kind of stare off that he often found himself locked within. For some reason or another, younger ones of his kin liked to think they could step toe-to-toe with him. If they only knew what it was like to be one of his kind, or the pain that came accompanied with meeting his fist, they wouldn’t be so high and mighty.

It was the silk voice of this blond vampire that spoke with velveteen superfluity towards him. “What brings you to Calamity?”

“Just having a look around,” Siv commented idly. He slowly folded his hands across the dark button-down that he still wore from the ceremony at the Council’s headquarters. He was trying to be nonchalant. Whether it was working or not, Siv couldn’t say.

The young blood was quick to narrow his eyes at Siv’s evasive answer. “So this isn’t a visit that we should be concerned about? You haven’t been sent by the Council?”

“Do you always greet your house guests so warmly? I would think if you were worried about me causing a scene that you would be offering me a drink and perhaps some company for the evening,” Siv stated with a smirk.

The kid looked like he might lunge right for Sivney. He bristled and instinctively dropped his hands to his sides, so that he might be ready to defend himself should the time call for it.

“That’s enough, Charlesely,” a voice that didn’t belong to any of the three goons before him sweetly sang with a singsong lilt. It brought shivers to his spine and a start to his loins that he hadn’t felt in a long, long, time. He knew that voice.

The ethereal creature whom had spoken those eerie words stepped out from behind the blond youngster was one that nearly made his blood run hot in his veins again. If Sivney hadn’t been a man of better senses, he would have fainted right then and there on the spot. His eyes widened as he attempted to take in the sight before him and it made his long dead heart quiver with anxiety.

It was as if he was looking right into the sullen grey eyes of his long dead lover, except what was reflected back at him was of a warm summer’s radiant gold. This boy that stood before him looked just like his Johann. Where his beloved had hair the color of silk spun from the star’s silvery light itself bustling from his crown, this doppelganger had hair with the hue of vulgar burgundy wine. The layers were pin-straight and fell in feathering waves about the pale flesh of his subtly masculine face. His exquisiteness was enough to take Siv’s breath right out of his lungs and leave him without words to say.

The vampire’s build was slight like his Johann had been, but spoke of telltale power still within those preternatural muscles. He was a little shorter than his mate had been and was a slight more waifish in stature. This gentleman looked like he had more of dancer’s build where his mate’s had been that of a seasoned swimmer. Either way, it was a close enough resemblance that he could feel the blood drain from his very face. If vampires could become any paler, Siv felt that he would have resembled freshly fallen snow in that moment.

One delicate porcelain hand was thrust forward in the attempt of a shake, and Sivney just looked down to it as if it might scald him should he touch it.

“You are all dismissed,” the seemingly affluent vampire murmured to his little group of followers as he retracted his hand.

“This must be quite a shock to you, Sivney,” the male tried to say gently.

“How the fuck do you know me and why do you look like… Why do you look like him?”

“My name is Kyrien. Johann was my uncle,” he said simply.




Kyrien had just finished undressing from one of the many outfits that Kurasai dressed him up in. He could feel on the other side of his dressing room Sivney lingered. His eyes narrowed slightly at the mirror, which opposed him on the thin dressing room’s dark wood wall. He wished he could see through it completely and to the man that was most likely as scantily clad as he was on the other side. Kyrien brushed his hand along his stomach while he focused his senses on an attempt to distinguish the fleeting throbs of unlife he’d be able to feel from his mate on the other side.

Luckily for him, Kurasai somehow answered his prayers. The mirror began to smoke before him beneath the protective pane of glass. Like a dense fog clearing in the early morning, he watched on as the image shifted and rolled until he could see what was on the other side. Sivney stood in the middle of the dressing room, his back to Kyrien. He was in the process of disrobing the last of the outfits he tried on, and from the looks of it, the well treated black dyed leather would look delectable come this evening. Kyrien could no more help himself as he stepped forward to rub his fingers against the floor length mirror, upon Sivney's image, than he could stop what stirred in his own loins in low frequency throbs. He sighed and blissfully watched on as his lover turned to face him.

To Kyrien, Sivney was one of the most handsome men he had ever seen. Perhaps the most appealing features of the man were those eyes, deep and soulful, even for one of the dead. He was the kind of man when Kyrien looked at, he could tell that he had been through hell and back. All he wanted to do was kiss away those scars, bathe him in a new life, and give him the happiness and companionship he'd likely been stripped of for so long. The cloud of his own thoughts made him oblivious for a split second, and it was in that span of time, that he presumed the mirror in Sivney's changing room did the same as his. Sivney's gaze was no longer just looking aimlessly at his reflection, but Kyrien could feel it bearing into him. A small smile rounded his lover's lips as his gaze swept across his body. Kyrien shivered in delight of the feeling.

It would appear to him Siv liked what he saw, for soon enough, his hand wandered downward and was clasped upon the thick girth of that half-erect member. Slow and gradual pumps of his hand helped in the process that brought him to full mast. Sivney's cock was beautiful to Kyrien. It was thick, perhaps four inches at its widest point and tapered off into a slightly more slender tip. The flesh there was slightly tanned and more reminiscent of a deep crimson blush than anything. Veins snaked lazy trails up along his sides and along the top of his shaft, which seemed to throb as the elder vampire's hand clasped harshly about his base and helped flood his phallus with blood. It was a beautiful cock, and one worthy of worship, in Kyrien's mind. He'd do just that tonight at the club, in front of their peers to see.

To hold off until the meeting tonight was going to be a chore in an of itself, for his own cock sprung to life and let him know exactly what it wanted by nearly painful pulses. He gripped his own member for his not quite so mirrored reflection, and began to slowly work his fisted hand back and forth upon him. Kyrien laid his opposing hand against the glass that separated them, which happened to be just atop Siv's hand. Granted there was glass that separated them, but he felt more connected to his lover than ever. Their shared arousal brought slick droplets of pre-cum escaping the small slit at the tip of his broad head. Kyrien hissed as he felt it slide along his underside and slick the palm of his jerking hand.

For just a moment he let his eyes slip closed from the literal feast that was laid out before them. He hissed into the cool air of the changing room and inwardly wished that Sivney was here. A hot blush was upon his cheeks from the thrill he got knowing his lover was watching him here, stroking his member, and pining for him. Kyrien's hips arched, driving his cock through the tight fist of his hand as he had done so many times before this. This was different than being on his own though, different in the fact that Sivney was watching him. That knowledge in and of itself was enough to push him toward the brink of orgasm. When his eyes opened, to reaffix on his lover, the vampire had dissipated.

Kyrien’s breath caught in his throat and his hand slowed to a snail’s pace. Just as his mouth opened to call out the name of his beloved, the door to his own wardrobe snapped open and a very naked Sivney stalked in.

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