Three Hearts Beat as One (MMF)

Hell's Delight 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,276
15 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, public exhibition, pegging, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

In Hell’s Delight at a Valentine’s Day charity auction, newly divorced Lacey Dvorak is won by two smoking hot—but unfortunately gay—merchants. She is pleasantly shocked to discover the bidding is no empty gesture. The men have been looking for a third, a woman, to complete their union.

Rancher Devin Jonas and sex toy shop owner Chase Moran want Lacey in their bed to initiate her in the intricacies of their BDSM power plays. And Chase has an entire store full of toys they can play with—if they can learn to share. Testing each other’s limits and boundaries, each one wants the upper hand.

But when Lacey’s cheating ex gets wind of the new lovers’ arrangement, his wounded pride leads him to a hateful campaign of vengeance against Chase’s store, and the sleazy mayor uses his leverage to get his heart’s desire Devin to do his bidding.

Don’t they know? Cheaters never win, at least not in Hell’s Delight.

Note: Each book in the Hell's Delight series is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Karen Mercury is a Siren-exclusive author.

Three Hearts Beat as One (MMF)
15 Ratings (4.1)

Three Hearts Beat as One (MMF)

Hell's Delight 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,276
15 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
The storyline was really good but there just seems to be something lacking in the three of them bonding, Devin and Lacey seem to have this connection but its almost like Chase is a third wheel or just not quite there and then theres the role reversaland fight for Dominance between the men that just doesn't feel quite right and Lacey doesn't really fit into that side of it. Its just a little hap-hazzard in their roles. So that side of this story was disappointing for me but as I said the storyline itself is quite good.
This was a great MMF book by Karen Mercury. I really enjoyed the story line and how these three individuals became one in the end. I love to read about two very Dominate men in a relationship where they both fight for control when it comes to sex. Lacey was the woman that Chase and Devin needed to make their relationship complete and real. There were some pretty HOT sex scenes in this book. I highly recommend Three Hearts Beat as One to anyone. This was a great read and it was definitely hard to put down.
Erika Reed
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "As always, Ms. Mercury’s amusing dialogue, fun storytelling and sexy as hell MMF scenes make for a fabulous read. Devin and Chase have amazing chemistry. They are so loving and open with one another and their relationship. I love that the two completely own their sexuality, and they don't try to tamp down their lust for the voluptuous Lacey. She’s fantastic as well…even though she’s insecure about her body, she doesn’t let that stop her from being a wildcat in the sack. I have to say that I was a bit bummed that Chase and Lacey didn’t seem to have a ton of interaction, especially since he was the one who wanted to bring a woman into their relationship to begin with! The dialogue did lean toward the cheesy side once in awhile, and the plot felt a little scattered with too much going on at once. That said, Three Hearts Beat as One was a great, fast-paced read that will definitely stir your libido. When the three of them make love, it was such a huge turn on, and the power plays and competitive nature of the men had me wiping up drool frequently. This is a perfectly lighthearted and fun read that fans of MMF action will be head over heels for." -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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Pivoting on one foot, Devin swiped up the bid sheet. Aha. Lacey Dvorak had easily won the bid, as she’d added about two hundred dollars to top the next highest bidder. Maybe she doesn’t even recognize me, and just likes to give money to the community. This idea was out the window when Devin turned back to the main dining room and smashed directly into Lacey.

Her voluptuous bosom remained plastered to his chest, as a crowd milled around, clamoring to see who’d won the bids, and crushed the two together. Lacey’s flowery perfume wafted up to Devin, and her pretty cornflower eyes sparkled brightly. “Oh! Devin Jonas! So good to finally meet you.”

This isn’t going to work. I can’t be near this woman without becoming aroused. He’d make sure to have his ranch manager show her the ropes when she came for her long weekend. The cook, wranglers, and hands could occupy the rest of her time. They’d be so shocked to have a pretty, straight woman on the land they’d stampede each other to get to her. How could that moronic yogurt shop guy have let her go? Devin had seen Ben earlier, not with the very young lingerie shop girl but with a different inappropriately young girl. “You’re Lacey, right? Looks like you won the bid.” He tried to distract Lacey by waving the bid sheet, but a worker came by and whipped it from his hand. Good. Don’t want her to see she left two hundred bucks on the table.

“Oh, I’m so glad,” she said sincerely. “I always wondered what goes on at a ranch. Is it all right if I bring my girlfriend as my plus one?”

Girlfriend? Dear God, no. Maybe that Ben idiot had driven Lacey to play for the other team! Well, that would solve his dilemma. Chase could lust all he wanted, Lacey would never reciprocate. “Oh, yeah. You can bring whoever you want, of course. There’s something about the ranch that just attracts lesbians for some reason. This is the sixth year I’ll be hosting a couple of women.”

“Oh, no,” Lacey assured him. She even placed a hand on his chest by way of protest. “We’re not lesbians. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” She had a lovely giggle, and her front incisors reminded him of a perky cartoon rabbit. He liked that she was somewhat “flawed” by current standards. It was tiring keeping up with Chase. One couldn’t walk down a street with Chase without a hundred people stopping dead in their tracks, inviting him to appear in their television commercials. It really didn’t enhance a guy’s feeling of security. “No, Katrina has been my best friend since childhood. Isn’t it funny how best friends seem to last longer than spouses or partners? Ah, well.”

Her pretty sigh made Devin want to put his arms around her and draw her close, and he knew his penis was elongating against his thigh. His boxer briefs and tight 501s helped keep things in check, but he knew from wide and unfortunate experience that an erection would still be noticeable a mile away. He’d better fade into the crowd fast. Instead, he found himself moronically saying, “I’m hoping that’s not always true. I’m hoping that a lover can be a best friend as well, that they don’t always come and go.”

Lacey looked wistfully at the pit of his throat. “Well, Katrina’s outlasted about ten boyfriends and a husband of mine. I know I need to just pick up my boot heels and move on, or whatever they say, but this is getting ridiculous.”

“Well,” said Devin, “you’re a gorgeous woman, and you seem very sweet and kind. Any man would be a moron to let you go.”

Lacey tilted her head and looked Devin in the eye. He could see a layer of pain beneath the false cheer she was affecting. “Well. You’re the sweet one for saying so. I have a bad feeling it’s only other gay men who agree with you.”

“No, I’m not—”

“It doesn’t really help,” Lacey said, leaning in confidentially and rubbing her satin-clad nipples against his chest, “that six months ago I agreed to auction myself off tonight, back when I was still married.” She laughed bitterly. “I know these dating auctions are a farce and most people don’t wind up actually going on the date and it’s all for charity, but still. It’s not going to help my self-esteem now that, obviously, my ex-husband isn’t going to bid on me but on some lingerie shop bimbo instead. I’ll probably wind up going for twenty-five dollars to some Folsom inmate who bids online.”




“A collar would look good,” Chase suggested dumbly.

The collar pegs were nearby, so Devin flipped one off and unsnapped it. It was black leather to match the corset, and Chase was right. When he snapped it around Lacey’s neck it nearly completed the look.

“There’s even a little ring for a leash,” Chase pointed out.

Inspired by Chase’s helplessness, Devin decided to push it a little farther. He stripped off his thin T-shirt and intensely watched Lacey’s face. He didn’t normally parade around the streets or the merchants association meetings shirtless, but he had a vague idea that he had an admirable torso. Sometimes he thought people were just wondering what his tattoos were, but both Incan bicep tattoos could be seen with the T-shirt on. Indeed, Lacey’s pupils dilated and her delectable lower lip shined as she watched him in the mirror.

He glued his naked torso to her half-nude back and wrapped one arm across her breastbone. She still kept her forearm clamped to cover her nipples, but the direct contact with his skin made her eyes slide shut and her head wobbled slightly on a weak neck. “Now, Lacey,” he whispered into her ear in between slurps to her neck. “We need you to relax. I’m not a brutal satyr like Chase likes to think.”

“He can be gentle,” Chase said helpfully.

When Devin lifted her hand from her tit, she allowed him. His free hand slid up the corset to cup the naked breast that now swung freely. Soft, heavy, full in his hand. He hadn’t even touched the nipple when Chase felt obligated to say soothingly, “Easy, buckaroo.”

Of course, Chase knew that Devin was about to shoot his load. He lightly touched the breast of this stunning, regal, yes, voluptuous woman, and it had been so long since he’d touched soft female skin he was overwhelmed with the sensation. Chase, of course, had soft skin, but this was different. Where Chase’s skin was velvet, Lacey’s skin was cream. And she had breasts. Big, rounded, aesthetically pleasing—

Without forethought, Devin found himself on his knees in front of Lacey, yanking the black panties down to her feet. Wrapping his hands around her thighs and lifting her, setting her down on a bookshelf, knocking books about blowjobs and G-spots to the floor. From her perch here, she could still watch in the mirror, still admire his broad, muscular back, his shoulders deeply tanned from riding around the ranch, his tramp stamp.

“Dear Mistress Lacey,” he said passionately. She looked beatific gazing down on him, her long strawberry curls flowing over her nipples. “I’m sorry, but I have an overwhelming need to dive into your beautiful muff. Right now.”

And he did.

She cried out like a little girl, but her thighs were spread, and Devin nudged his nose into the cleft between her labia. Her tight strawberry curls filled his nostrils as he lapped away at the prepuce. Long and plump, it was much juicier and fatter than he recalled a woman’s clitoris. Since allegedly he was an expert cocksucker, it was an easy shift to imagine it as a small cock. He lapped away with long, firm strokes, eliciting a whole series of ecstatic sighs and hisses from the woman.

This was good. This would build her confidence, show her that men were harmless, really, and give her a mind-blowing orgasm. It was win-win on all counts.

And Chase. Of course Chase couldn’t sit still and watch like a good boy. No, he had to scoot over on his butt. He couldn’t just admire Lacey’s long white legs, Devin’s strong tongue muscles, or even Lacey’s pretty pubic hair. No, he had to talk. And talk.

“Good Lord, Dev. You look delicious eating that pussy. You’re so hungry for it. Does it taste like you remember? Maybe I’ll get a taste of it, too. I can barely recall what it’s like. You must be as good a pussy-licker as you are a cocksucker. I can tell by her reaction. Look, she’s strangling you with her thigh, just like I do when you suck me off.”

Devin paused in his lapping to glare down at his partner. It was long enough for Lacey to whimper loudly, cry “no!” and grab a handful of Devin’s hair to urge him back.

Devin captured Chase violently by the scruff of the neck, forcing his face to Devin’s crotch. “Suck me,” he commanded huskily.

And Chase did.



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