Her Dream Come True (MF)

Blackwood Falls 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,682
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, werewolves, spanking, cropping, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Despite her dream of finding her true mate, Trish Shipley would never actually mate with him because of her past. That was before she meets Luke Pointer, her true mate and dominant wolf. He turns her world around and refuses to let her run from him.
Luke can’t believe his mate feels he would leave her and is willing to use all forms of erotic torture to prove her wrong. When rouge wolves try to overtake the pack and Trish is attacked, all he wants to do is hide her away and protect her, but she has other ideas.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Her Dream Come True (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Her Dream Come True (MF)

Blackwood Falls 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,682
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Finally finished.” Trish said to herself as she looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror inside the closet. She and Luke had spent all day getting things ready for the party and now it was almost time. She smoothed down her green strapless dress and double-checked her hair and makeup before heading downstairs. “Luke Pointer!” she shouted at her mate as she caught him at the dining table sneaking food. He turned and gave a sheepish look at being caught. His attention changed when he looked her up and down. She saw the flecks of gold flicker in his eyes and a tent growing in his pants. “I don’t think so, mister. There’s people due any minute and I haven’t got the energy to get re-dressed. So just forget about having your wicked way with me and go light the barbecue.”

He ignored every word she said as he stalked toward her. Just as he got close enough to touch her, she was literally saved by the bell. The doorbell, that is. She laughed as Luke pouted when she walked away to answer.

An hour later, Trish was having a great time. Most of the guests were there and the party was in full swing. Luke and a few of the guys were out in the garden manning the grill while Trish was in the living room with her friends. Donna and Eric had rung and said they were going to be a little late. After using the bathroom, Trish was about to get herself a glass of wine when the doorbell rang once again. When she opened it, she was greeted by the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

“Hi, I’m Rosa, and this is my mate Edward. Is Luke here?” The woman asked. Trish caught the woman’s eye and she froze. They were identical to Luke’s. She noticed there were a few more people with Rosa and Edward, who she looked in the eyes of. All but one had Luke’s eyes. Holy shit, it’s Luke’s family. Trish didn’t know what to do. She had wanted to meet them for a while but they had never come up.

“Is everything okay, hun?” Rosa asked. “Have we got the right house?”

“Yeah,” Trish managed to say after clearing her throat. “Sorry, come on in. Luke’s out the back. I’ll take you through.”

Trish let the group in and walked to the back garden. She started panicking when she made it. She had never had luck with family before and she had just made herself look like a complete idiot in front of Luke’s. She knew they were her family now and would bet both her arms that they wouldn’t want to visit her again.

“Luke,” she said as she approached him. She hoped he couldn’t see the panic in her face. She would drop his family off with him, then go and hide in the bedroom for the rest of the night. “Luke, there’s some people here to see you.” She said to get his attention. When he heard her and turned around, the surprised look on his face wasn’t as big as she expected.

“Mom, dad.” He greeted Rosa and Edward with hugs. Trish went to sneak away as he was hugging his parents, but she wasn’t quick enough. His arm came round her shoulders and he pulled her into his side. “This is Trish, my mate. Trish, this is my mom and dad, Rosa and Edward. My sister Jane and her mate Robbie. And this is my little brother Aaron. Guys, this is Trish.” She couldn’t move, could hardly breathe.

“Trish, it’s so good to finally meet you. Luke has told me so many things about you.” Rosa said. Trish was shocked the woman was smiling at her. She couldn’t believe it when she reached forward and pulled Trish into a hug. She didn’t know what to do at first. But, she was soon returning the other woman’s welcoming hug and thought that maybe, just maybe, she hadn’t scared them off with her idiotic welcome.

“It’s great to meet you too, Mrs Pointer. I’m glad you could make it. Luke told me about your job and how hard it is to get time off.” Trish replied as the two pulled away.

“Sweetie, you call me Mrs Pointer again, we’ll be having words, you hear,” she told Trish with a smile. “You call me Mom okay? I’d be honoured if you did.”

Trish didn’t know what to say. How did one reply to that? She was hugged by all of Luke’s family who were all kind and friendly. She didn’t want to, but she thought they might be acting to make Luke happy. She took a deep breath as Rosa hugged her again and nearly cried. All she could smell of the woman’s feelings were happiness and hope. The good kind of hope Trish realized. She couldn’t begin to think that this wonderful, loving family would want her.

After chatting for a few more minutes, Luke asked his family to excuse him and Trish for a moment and walked her into the house. He didn’t stop until they were behind their closed bedroom door. “Red, what’s going on, I can tell something’s wrong. Are you okay, baby?” His concern brought a tear from her eye. “I’m so sorry. I know I should have told you about them coming. I’d already arranged for them to come and meet you today before you set the date for the party. I’m sorry Red. Please, talk to me.”

She didn’t speak. Instead, she threw herself into his arms as more tears fell from her eyes. “Luke, I think they like me” she cried.

“Of course they like you Red. My mom’s already half in love with you from what I’ve told her. She’s been wanting to meet you since the day I told her I had met my mate. I can’t believe you thought they wouldn’t like you Red. Even if you weren’t my mate, they’d still love you. I wish you would believe me when I say the entire pack loves you.”

She sobbed into his chest. “I just thought, oh I don’t know. I love you Luke”

“I love you too Red. Come on now, tell me what you were going to say.” He encouraged her.

“Nothing, it’s nothing honestly. I’m just being silly.” She said pulling away and wiping her eyes. It looked like Luke was about to ask something else but a knock on the bedroom door interrupted him. She was grateful because she didn’t want to confess her biggest fear of not being lovable. “I’m going to look a mess now.” She laughed. “You see who’s out there and get back to the party while I clean up. I’ll be down in a few minutes.” She kissed his cheek before rushing into the bathroom.




“That feels so good,” she said, feeling the tension of the day fading further and further away. By the time he had massaged every inch of her body, front and back, Trish felt like Jell-O.

“Now, let the real fun begin,” he told her, jumping off the bed. She heard him moving around the room. It sounded like furniture was being moved. When he joined her back on the bed. He placed the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, lifting her to her feet. “Walk with me,” he told her before taking her hands and walking her a few steps.

She was so turned on she couldn’t tell where he placed her in the room and didn’t care. When she was facing the way he wanted her, he lifted her left arm and connected it in place with another cuff. He repeated the same move with her other wrist and both ankles. She didn’t know how he managed it, but he had her spread-eagled, unable to move her arms or legs in the middle of the bedroom floor.

After he stretched her ass with lube and fingers, he placed a butt plug in. Next he came and stood in front of her. “You look so fucking hot like this. But I think you need something with a little sparkle.” He told her. She sucked in a startled breath as he nipped and twisted her nipples before placing clamps over them. Her cursing earned her two sharp spanks to her ass. “Do. Not. Talk. Unless. Safe. Wording,” he said in a voice that never failed to get her juices flowing. “I did a little shopping yesterday. Bought a new little toy for you. Want a go?”

She wasn’t sure, but guessed she didn’t really have a choice unless she used her safe word. She knew she never would. She trusted Luke with every being in her body and knew he would never take her past her limit.

That’s what she thought before he opened her pussy lips and attatched a clamp to her clit. “Think about what will happen if you say those naughty words you’re about to, Red. You’ve had your warning. You probably guessed by now what your new toy is. It’s a pretty green clit clamp. It matches the ones on your nipples. Sexy as hell.”

Her words turned into a whimper at the feel of the clamp. She didn’t know how long she would be able to leave it on. Then she thought she never wanted it to come off. The pain of the blood rushing back to her nipples when the clamps came off them were torture, she couldn’t even begin to guess what it would feel like to her clit.

His fingers rubbed over the entrance to her pussy. “Feel how wet you are, Red,” he told her before removing his fingers. To her shock, he rubbed them over her lips. “Open” he ordered. When she did, he immediately pushed his fingers into her mouth. “Suck” came his next order. She didn’t know how she felt about tasting her own cream. It was dirty and taboo, but Luke making her do it was such a turn on.

When his fingers were clean, he placed them back at her entrance. Not giving her much more notice, he plunged two into her. Starting off slow, he quickly worked up to a fast hard rhythm. Despite the clit clamp, it wasn’t long before she was panting and moaning. He changed the angle and pushed against her G-spot, causing her to cry out. He knew just how to play her and it wasn’t long before she was at the edge of the cliff he never failed to take her.

“Come, Red” That was all she was waiting for. Just as she jumped off the cliff into the abyss of pleasure, he removed the clit clamp. The scream that tore from her throat was almost loud enough to shatter the window. Soon though, the pain intensified her pleasure and her scream turned to a moan, groan and what she could only describe as an attempt to communicate with wales.

She came down from the high to the feeling of being pushed forward. With her arms chained in the air, it meant she had to use them to take some of her weight as she leaned further over.

She thought he would remove the plug and fuck her ass but he didn’t, instead slamming his cock into her pussy. She still couldn’t get over how amazing it felt to have him entering her, stretching and filling her up. Their joined moans and shouts at the feeling sounded around the room.

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