[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, werewolves, spanking, cropping, caning, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Two’s company, three’s a crowd? Not for Brax Mason and Conner Parker when they discover they have another mate who’s found passed out on their land.
Sarah Jane Hadley doesn’t know who the two men whose house she wakes in are, but her heart and soul tells her to trust them. When she explains she is on the run from not only the mob but her own father, she thinks they will kick her out, or worse. What she doesn’t expect is for them to turn into wolves and to tell her she is their mate.
When Sarah thinks she has finally found a home and is truly loved, her world is shattered when she overhears Brax and Conner talking. Not wanting to wait for them to tell her it is over, she runs. It doesn’t take long for Brax and Conner to realize Sarah has run and why. The question is can they find her before someone else does?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Blackwood Falls (MMF)
14 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Good start to a series!! Loved it.
I just love this book and can't wait for this series to continue




Standing in the doorway, was a God of a man. That’s the only way Sarah could describe him. Standing well over six foot, with a head of midnight black hair, just long enough to curl at the ends. The only word that came to Sarah’s mind when she looked at his lips was kissable. His body—Wow—he was massive, wide shoulders that blocked most of the doorway, chest full of muscles that stretched his blue T-shirt slightly, just enough to draw the eye to the them and make a person think about tracing the muscles with her tongue over them and down to what Sarah was sure was an eight-pack at least. His waist slimmed, drawing her eye down to his tree trunks of legs. She noticed a large bulge at his zipper and quickly looked up to make sure he hadn’t caught her staring. Bright electric-blue eyes met hers and Sarah lost her breath. That’s what they are, she thought, breathtaking. He really is a god, Sarah thought as he made his way into the room.

“Hi,” he said looking at her, he seemed unsure of what to say next. “I’m Brax Mason.”

Sarah opened her mouth, hoping what came out wasn’t the mumbling that was running in her mind.

“Hi, I’m….” Sarah was about to say her own name but paused. Even though she had an instinct she could trust these people, and her instincts were normally good, she couldn’t risk telling them the truth in case Anthony or her father were looking for her. “Lucy…Lucy Jones,” she continued, hoping they wouldn’t notice her pause. Brax raised an eyebrow at her. She knew he knew she was lying, but until she knew who these people were, she would keep the truth to herself.

Never taking his eyes off her, he asked the others in the room to give them some privacy. They left, looking between Brax and Sarah.

When they were alone, Sarah felt nerves all of a sudden, wishing she could have put some makeup on and have washed her hair. “So, Lucy, whose purse were you carrying when you passed out? The driver’s license in the wallet says Sarah Jane Hadley, from Michigan. The photo on the license is the double of you, so I’m guessing it’s your twin maybe? Then I have to ask what you were doing wandering around on my land with your sister’s wallet and wearing a wig. And I’m guessing that was your Focus we found a few miles behind where we found you?”

Shit shit shit. Sarah cursed herself, what the hell was she going to do? Before she had a chance to reply, he spoke again.

“By the way, ‘Lucy,’ you should know that liars in this household get punished.”

Was that a threat? she thought. And why the hell did the thought of being punished by this man turn her on so much? “Yes, it is my sister’s license, she left it behind when she moved, I was taking it to her and got lost.” she lied again. She was beginning to remember how she ended up miles from her car. She ran out of gas, and decided to walk along the road in the hope of finding a town or something to get some gas. She had hoped to be able to stay in the town and find a job for a little while, save up some cash to get back on the road. She only had a hundred and thirty dollars left to her name. She had been on the road about three weeks now, driving until she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Jumping from state to state, and leaving cold trails for anyone following her. She had slept in the back seat of her car since leaving home. Eating at gas stations. As her money went down, she started eating less and less, saving money for gas. The last few days she had survived on chips. She knew it was no good for her, but it was cheap. She hadn’t been keeping a check on the gas as she made her way through the side of the Rockies. When she ran out and the car stopped, instead of panicking she put on a few layers of clothes in case it got cold and started walking, hoping she could reach a town soon. As the hours passed by, her feet started hurting and her mouth dried up, but she kept going. By night fall, she all but gave up. She had been walking for hours, she was starving, dehydrated, and so tired her eyes stung. The last thing she could remember was tripping over on the side of the road. Sarah thought of a few questions of her own.

“Where’s my purse? And my clothes? And what day is it?” she asked on one breath.

“It’s Monday afternoon, you were found Friday evening. Your clothes are all washed and dried, hanging the wardrobe. Which brings me to my next question, why the hell were you wearing so much? Your purse is in the chest of drawers over there.” He again raised an eyebrow. “And tell the truth this time.”




“I need you now and you walking up here wasn’t fast enough,” he said, dropping her on the bed. When she went to sit up, he covered her body with his, pinning her arms above her head with one hand. “It’s time Sarah, for all three of us to be together at the same time. Don’t worry about anything, I’ll make sure you’re ready for us, besides, you’re our mate, you were made for us.” He kissed her again before making room for Conner. He moved to her side, lying down on the bed keeping her hands pinned while Conner took his own kiss. Brax could smell her arousal. The most beautiful smell he had ever smelt. It was driving his wolf crazy, it wanted to taste her again, to roll around in it like a pup in wet mud. Conner began unbuttoning her shirt, after only one or two he said “fuck it” and ripped it in two. He did the same with her jeans, leaving her in a simple cream bra and matching panties. They were nothing fancy but looked sexy as hell on her. Conner ripped them off her as well, promising to replace everything. Sarah was wriggling on the bed as Conner captured one hard nipple in his mouth and began sucking while pinching the other with his fingers. While Brax wanted to join in, but he wanted to watch his two mates for a little while first. Conner kissed his way down her body. Brax could smell both of their arousals mixing in the air and it smelt like paradise. When Conner got to her navel, he pushed her legs apart and looked at what Brax knew was the prettiest pussy there ever was.

“Holy fuck, she’s plugged,” Conner blurted out. Unsure what Conner meant, Brax let go of Sarah’s hands and made his way down to the bottom of the bed.

“Holy shit that’s so fucking hot,” he said, looking at the black butt plug in Sarah’s ass.

“One of the girls gave it to me this morning as a little present. Said I no doubt would be needing it soon. Guess she was right,” came Sarah’s reply.

“Remind me to send them a thank-you card tomorrow,” Brax said, making his way back up to her face. As he was kissing her, he knew the moment Conner started licking her pussy by the way her breathing changed. He captured her sweet little moans in his mouth. He broke the kiss and looked down to watch Conner work her over, his own arousal rising higher and higher. He couldn’t take it much longer, but wanted Sarah to orgasm before they went any further. It didn’t take long before Sarah came all over Conner’s face. When the man lifted his head, Brax grabbed him and kissed him, tasting Sarah’s juices. He would soon become addicted to it. Sarah was watching them through hooded eyes.

“That’s so hot,” she said. Brax pulled away from the kiss, looking down at her spread legs. Time was up, he couldn’t take it anymore.

He turned to Conner. “You’ve been a good boy, haven’t you?” he asked, dropping his voice.

“Yes, Sir,” came the breathless reply.

“Hummm. Yes indeed, you get your reward now. You can take her ass, while I take her pussy, but I get to take that plug out.” He didn’t wait for a reply, simply moved between Sarah’s spread legs. Taking hold of the base of the plug, he turned it right then left, then pulled it out a little before pushing it back in, loving the noises she made. He pulled the plug all the way out, loving the way her ass tried to hold onto it. Chucking it on the floor behind him, he picked Sarah up and lay down at the top of the bed. Kissing her again, he allowed her to shimmy down his body until her dripping pussy was over his cock. She sat up, eyes glazed with arousal. He noticed Conner getting a tube of lube out the bedside cabinet. His attention was drawn back to Sarah as she grabbed his cock and sat up, lowering herself onto him. Fuck, she’s so fucking tight. Brax thought he would come just from her tightness before Conner joined them, hell, even before he was all the way in her. When she sat down on him fully, he growled it felt so good. She was like a warm, tight silk glove engulfing him. She sat still, adjusting to his size as Conner kissed her neck from behind. When she adjusted, she started moving on him, rocking her hips forward and back. Their combined moans were getting louder and louder. She stopped suddenly and Brax felt Conner’s fingers in her ass, through the thin skin, stretching her more. Brax sat up and pulled her down on his chest. “Hurry up, Conner, I’m not gonna last much longer.” Conner didn’t have to be told twice.

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