Broken Toy (MF)

Suncoast Society 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,298
39 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Gabriella "Gabe" Villalobos survived a lonely, abusive childhood to become a dedicated cop who rescues children. Work is Gabe’s life. Which is why when she slugs a suspect, her boss orders her to leave town for three weeks of vacation she doesn’t want. When she stumbles into the Suncoast Society munch, she certainly doesn’t expect to meet a guy who makes her want more.
Det. William "Bill" Thomas is a widower who’s decided to fish in the BDSM dating pond after years of failed attempts. When he meets "Ella" at his first munch, he suspects she’s hiding a secret but doesn’t know exactly what.
Being assigned to a joint task force together forces Gabe and Bill to admit their true identities to each other and confront their feelings. Gabe has spent her entire life proving herself through her work, but Bill wants to show her what love and happiness feels like and convince her that she’s anything but a broken toy.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Broken Toy (MF)
39 Ratings (4.8)

Broken Toy (MF)

Suncoast Society 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,298
39 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love tymbers books!!
Tymber is an emotional author, meaning she will reach your emotions, and this story is no exception. The characters are real, as are their feelings & you feel them with them.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "I have read other novels by Dalton, who is well versed in the BDSM culture. Her books are well researched, well-presented, and are so much more than just an ordinary romance with BDSM elements. Here we find Gabe, a kick-ass police officer, meeting Bill, a widowed detective. They hit it off, but she is a product of an abusive and deprived childhood, and needs someone like Bill to take her in hand. There is no impact play here, but there are elements of domination, which help Gabe move beyond her self-described ‘broken toy’ persona. I loved the heroine’s journey, and I loved the way BDSM is woven into the story showing how elements of it can be utilized for more than just a sexual enjoyment. There is a psychological journey in Broken Toy that is marvelous to travel with Gabe, as she and Bill solve mysteries, and move toward love that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

4 STARS: "A dominant man in a uniform is something to behold. When the submissive female is also an officer of the law, what will happen? Gabriella Villalobos aka Gabe is a workaholic single woman without friends. Her entire life is to put away criminals. Her job in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) shows her only the worst in humanity. Her mission to rescue kids from bad situation stems from her own personal experience. It's not something she thinks about, but those who get to know her easily make the connection. Burned out, her concerned boss forces her to take a little vacation to decompress. Gabe doesn't know what hits her when she decides to slip into a Munch. She meets Bill, a newbie to BDSM. The two of them hit it off and take a rope class together. With Gabe's personal baggage, she runs scared. She thinks it is over only to find him assigned to a case she's been tasked to lead. This story could be all about the mystery and the nasty case Gabe is working on. Instead, it's about a woman's journey to healing and learning about herself. It's also a lovely story about Bill, a widower who finally decides to join life again. The characters in this book are so realistic it's easy to want them to become your friends. In fact, the camaraderie in this group of BDSM lifestylers is what is so appealing about this series. These are your average people with every day jobs getting their kink on. They have the same worries of being found out. They are so realistic, it makes one yearn to be in a group so closely knit and non-judgmental. Ms. Dalton excels in her BDSM contemporary stories because she writes what she knows. For all we know, she's journaling the life and times of each of her friends. Do they smile when they read a new book and see themselves showcased as characters? The BDSM practiced in this book are lightly touched upon. Yet one can tell Ms. Dalton is experienced based on how easily she presents the scenes of munches and classes. Even the play party is described in a way that could easily take place in my hometown. It's reassuring to read this kind of realistic BDSM story when there are so many billionaire dom books floating around. I do wish there were more detailed descriptions of the rope sessions. Then again, this isn't a bondage 101 course. The BDSM scenes and sexual interludes are all delightfully erotic. Gabe and Bill's chemistry is hot. Their playfulness and growth together is beautiful and all one can hope for as a beginner in BDSM. Their journey together isn't without bumps, yet Ms. Dalton does provide a happily ever after. For those who want to see how it can be when belonging to a BDSM group, this book is an excellent example. This book is definitely recommended as a Gateway to BDSM." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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They pulled into the parking lot twenty minutes before the scheduled meeting start time. “Where are we going?”

“Conference room over near the auditorium.”

Fortunately, the board of county commissioners wasn’t meeting there that day, or the place would have been packed inside and out. They walked in and found the conference room, where three men were already waiting. Bill recognized one of them from North Port, and as they made introductions and took seats around the conference table, Bill sensed at least these three men were all of the same mindset of him and Al, that they wanted to focus on the investigation and apprehensions and let the managers duke the rest of it out amongst themselves.

More people filtered in. Bill actually wasn’t paying attention when Travis Walker entered the room, followed by someone else. He’d been head down over his BlackBerry, responding to an e-mail from a deputy who’d been the initial responding officer on a case he was working.

When he looked up for the introductions, he froze. Well, except for his heart, which began thundering in his chest. Behind Walker, and wearing a deer-in-the-headlights look as she stared at Bill, stood one Ella.

“Thanks for coming here today, ladies and gentlemen,” Walker said. “We know this is a hassle, but since this case ties in with one that we’re working over in Miami, they decided it would be best to put an investigator already familiar with it in place. I’d like to introduce Special Agent Gabriella Villalobos.”

Bill watched her throat work as she swallowed hard before nodding to the room. Today she wore her hair back in a tight braid.

Well, I was wrong about her not being a cop. I must be slipping. It took all he had not to bust out laughing.

As Walker went around the conference table to get personal introductions, she stood there, nodding when appropriate, but her gaze never leaving Bill’s. When Walker reached him, Bill decided to play a card.

“Detective William Thomas, Charlotte County. Actually, Special Agent Villalobos and I have already met, albeit briefly.”

Her face transformed into a beautiful and—in his opinion—well-deserved shade of scarlet behind Walker.

“You have?” Walker asked.

“Yes. Sunday night, she apprehended a couple of muggers who attacked her. We didn’t get to talk long because it started storming.”

“Oh, yes, seems I heard about that,” Walker said, glancing back at Ella—Gabriella, Bill corrected himself—who was now looking at a legal pad clutched in her hands.

Bill’s eyes didn’t leave her face. Every time she glanced up, she looked away again. Walker took a seat at the head of the table as she unslung a laptop bag from her shoulder and got it ready to hook up to a monitor.

“I’m going to let Special Agent Villalobos take things from here,” Walker said. “She’s going to fill you in on the history and information we have so far, and she’s prepared handouts to e-mail all of you.” He passed out a paper to everyone. “Her e-mail and contact info is on there, as is mine. Just shoot her an e-mail so she can send it to you.”

She seemed to fumble the cable connection as she tried to get her laptop hooked up to the monitor. It took her a few moments to gather herself and start speaking, but once she did, shifting into what was obviously her work mode, Bill’s attitude started to adjust.

By the time she finished with the summation an hour later, he was full of admiration for her.

She still wouldn’t meet his gaze head-on.

He couldn’t blame her.

They needed to break for lunch and were all going to hit the Bob Evans a few blocks down the road. Bill excused himself from Al and stepped over to her, dropping his voice. “We need to talk.”

She started to say something, but he cut her off. “I’ll ride to the restaurant with you. Or did you come with your boss?”

“Fine,” she muttered.

He told Al to head over without him, that they’d be there in a few minutes. Al actually opted to ride with his friend from Sarasota county and a couple of others. Eventually the room emptied, leaving the two of them standing there.

It was obvious she wasn’t going to speak first, so he did. “So what do I call you? Ella? Gabriella? Special Agent Villalobos?”

“Car,” she muttered. She fished her keys from her pocket, slung her laptop case over her shoulder, and headed out the door without bothering to see if he was following her.




He began undressing her. “Time to turn the brain off, sweetheart,” he said with a smile. “You completely belong to me for the next twenty-four hours.”

When he had her naked, he kissed her, his clothes pressing against her bare flesh, sending tendrils of need coursing through her body. Her clit throbbed, a quick study in knowing what this man could do to her body.

He grabbed her ass with both hands, fingers digging in as he ground his hips against hers. Through his slacks she felt the rigid, swollen outline of his cock. “See what you do to me, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He reached into the bedside table and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. In one fluid movement, he had spun her around, cuffed her wrists behind her head, and pushed her facedown over the bed.

He stepped between her legs, folding his body over hers, his mouth barely inches from her ear. “Tonight, sweetheart, I plan on fucking you long and slow and using one of your own toys against you.” She heard the familiar click of the vibrator she’d brought with her, at his insistence.

Now she understood why.

It hummed to life and she jumped when he reached between her legs with it, pressing it against her clit.

“You belong to me tonight, sweetheart. And I want to hear you moan and scream my name.” The comforter rubbed against her nipples, which suddenly ached to feel him sucking or nipping or pinching them. “How’s that sound?”

“Good, Sir.”

He removed the vibrator and flipped her onto her back, lifting her ankles to his shoulders. It left her cunt open and exposed to him.

He slipped two fingers between her labia, into her pussy, and a grin filled his face. “You are a very wet girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Did I do that to you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He replaced his fingers with the vibrator, easing it in as deeply as it would go and leaving it there. Then he knelt down and buried his face in her pussy, her thighs shoved apart by his shoulders.

She let out a cry as the first orgasm hit her, between his tongue flicking at her clit and the vibrator hitting her G-spot, she was helpless to stop it. He reached up with both hands and found her nipples, adding deliciously sharp pinches to the sensations.

A second orgasm slammed into her. “Sir!”

He lifted his face from her pussy and sternly ordered, “Take it or code, sweetheart. You’re going to keep coming until I’m ready to let you stop.”

His tone triggered number three inside her even before he lowered his face back to her clit and began sucking on it.

She didn’t know how long she lay there taking it, pleasure so intense she burst into tears at one point even as she was moaning her way through yet another orgasm.

Wanting it to end, she never wanted it to end, and the paradox slammed into her just as hard as another orgasm.

Only when she was shattered and helpless and weak, trembling, did he relent. He withdrew the vibrator and turned it off, tossing it onto the bed. He sat up and unfastened his slacks, shoving them and his briefs down. Climbing onto the bed, he lifted her legs over his shoulders again and pressed her thighs back until they touched her chest as his cock slid deep inside her.

He reached up and clasped her hands. She lay cocooned in his embrace, the world no longer existing.

She stared up into his eyes in the dim light, wondering how she could ever love anyone as much as she loved him, terrified it might end one day, scared he might come to his senses.

He smiled as he took a long, slow thrust. “Oh, sweetheart, I plan on making this last. I want at least one more out of you, like this, if I have to stay here and fuck you all night long.”

His fingers tightened around her hands. She couldn’t have wiggled free, with the handcuffs securing her arms behind her head, if she wanted to. “You have no idea what this does to me, hearing you come like that, your eyes glazed over when you realize you have to lie there and take what I give you because you don’t want me to stop and you’re afraid I might.”

He knew. He’d seen it. How had he appeared in the middle of her heart like this?

“This is me,” he whispered. “You want me? You’ve got me. And I’ve got a brain full of dark desires, things I’d like to do to you.” As he talked he fucked her, his cock gliding along her clit with each stroke. “Rope ties I’ve seen that I would love to do to you. Fantasies of installing a hard point in the ceiling in here so I could tie you in a sex swing and fuck you all night long like that. Getting you used to nipple clamps and making you beg to come because I spend hours teasing and tormenting you without letting you get over the edge.”

His teeth grazed the side of her neck. “I never want to hurt you, sweetheart. I just want to own you as completely, as thoroughly as you’ll let me.”

The orgasm startled her, creeping up on her as his pelvis bumped against her clit with each stroke. “Yes,” she cried out, trying to rock her hips against him for more traction and unable to do so with his weight pinning her down to the bed.

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