Darla's Three Troublemakers (MFMM)

Love in Stone Valley 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,190
14 Ratings (4.1)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Darla has always had a crush on the Willis brothers. Luke, Jon, and Ryan are all brothers who share one thing, they are all in love with Darla. They will do everything in their power to protect her. However, one drunken night spent with Luke leaves consequences. Pregnant and alone, Darla kept the identity of the father to herself.
With the truth out, the Willis brothers set out a plan to woo their woman. They’ve always wanted to share her and now is their chance to have the woman they’ve always craved. Can Darla accept three men in her life? 
Someone from their past is threatening their future. Whoever it is, is determined to hurt Darla and their knew found happiness. Can the three brothers save the woman they love before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Darla's Three Troublemakers (MFMM)
14 Ratings (4.1)

Darla's Three Troublemakers (MFMM)

Love in Stone Valley 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,190
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved the characters a good book
First, let me say I have not read all the books in this series. Some of the book descriptions just did not peak my interest. But I did look forward to reading Darla's story. With that being say, lets get started.

Okay, I really liked their was a prologue. I wanted to know how she got pregnant in the first place. Instead of just jumping right into the story. What I did not like was how everything came out to the Willis brothers. Right after the prologue Darla was moving into their home and everyone knew Luke was the father. I really wanted to read how they found out and the reactions to being a father. As well as Jon and Ryan. I think that took out some of the bite to the story.

Just and FYI, the webpage doesn't state if the book is a stand alone or has to be read in order for the series.

Otherwise, the book was okay. I like that they also had a epilogue. I always love to read how the character become after getting together.




Glancing behind him, he saw Ryan and Luke talking with her.

“What would you recommend?” he asked.

“Talk to her. Love her and don’t treat her like some disease. She’s clearly not ready to find out, but knowing Darla like I do, she probably already knows that she’s pregnant.”

“Thank you,” he said.

“Don’t thank me. You and your brothers have got a long road ahead. I also heard her mother was taken into hospice. Take care of your woman, Jon, or you’ll regret it.” Bessie returned her attention back to her burgers.

Taking a much-needed breath, Jon made his way toward the back of the diner. He nodded at all the diners and shook their hands, keeping a wide berth around Lucy. That woman was deadly with any kind of tray or plate.

Darla smiled up at him as he approached. Keeping his gaze on her face, Jon took a seat beside her. His two brothers filled the other side of the booth, leaving no room for him.

“How are you doing, little man?” Jon asked, ruffling the kids head.

Nathan glared at him, pushing his hair back into place.

“Only Aunt Tessie is allowed to mess with his hair,” she said.

God, her voice was so beautiful and light. He’d gladly sit and listen to her talk all day.

“Is everything ready for you to leave?” Luke asked.

Darla’s smile paused on her lips. Jon wanted to hit his brother.

“Dude, not yet,” Ryan said.

“Erm, no, it’s fine. He knows what he’s doing most of the time,” Darla said. “Everything is packed up. My landlord is holding it for me until after lunch.” Jon knew it had killed a part of Janet Rose having to let a landlord buy her house. All of Darla’s life, she’d lived in the house just across the street from the library.

“What were you doing in the back?” Darla asked.

“I was asking Bessie something. Don’t worry, it’s nothing important.”


* * * *


Luke stared at his woman across the table. He couldn’t stop looking at his kid. Staring at Nathan now, he saw the young boy looked exactly like him. Feeling his heart pound, Luke turned his attention back to Darla. She was staring at the table as Ryan and Jon ordered some food for themselves. He’d just put his coffee down when Lucy breezed past to fill the cup. Her hands were shaking and the coffee she’d been pouring spilt over the side of the cup, soaking his crotch.

Growling, Luke leapt to his feet, trying his best to keep the fabric from touching his skin.

“Oh no. I’m sorry, so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen,” Lucy said. Her face was flushed and she used a cloth to bat at his pants. He didn’t like how close her touch was getting to his dick.

“Enough, Lucy,” Jeremy said, cutting through the chaos. The waitress stopped what she was doing immediately. “Go and take a break while I deal with Luke.”

Lucy scampered away and he was whisked into the staff changing room. Tessie led the way and promised to guard the door while Jeremy had a look.

The door was closed, giving them some privacy.

“Crap, you really don’t need to do this,” Luke said.

“Unbutton your pants and let me look. Burns, even from coffee, can cause some serious damage and I didn’t waste the early years of my life not to put my doctoring to good use,” Jeremy said. “Drop your pants.”

“You’re not trying to get a sneaky look at the goods, are you?” Luke asked, feeling nervous to be dropping his pants for the doctor. Jeremy was in his late thirties or early forties and was a lifer in Stone Valley.

“No, I don’t swing that way. I love women.”

Jeremy waited while Luke dropped his pants. Thankfully, any erection he’d possessed was gone with the blistering pain of the coffee.

“That girl is a menace,” Luke said.

“She’s in a new town where everything is a little strange for her. Give her some time.” Jeremy knelt in front of him and started looking at the area around his crotch. “Do you need me to look at your genitals?”

“No, I’m good. They’re all good.”

The good doctor started to laugh and stood. “Will you tell Darla to give me a call when she’s ready to handle the truth about her condition?”

“What?” Luke froze with his pants half way up his legs.

“Darla’s pregnant. I see the signs and I want her to come and see me so I can get her started on everything. It took her a long time to build up the courage last time to see me. I don’t want her to risk any complications.”

Closing his eyes, Luke tried to focus on what the doctor was saying. “Are you sure she’s pregnant?”

“Sure, and I’m betting you’re the father,” Jeremy said.

Nodding, Luke couldn’t form any words. He was still trying to get his head around the fact he was going to be a father again.

“Is there anything I should know? Do you have any advice for me?” Luke asked.

“Don’t up and leave her this time. She struggled through Nathan’s birth. Don’t let her struggle again.”

Jeremy slapped him on the back and left.

Seconds later, Ryan and Jon walked into the staff room.

“Are you all right?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He pulled his pants up and turned toward his brother. “Where are Darla and Nathan?”

“They’ve gone home to finish their final good-byes to the house,” Jon said. “She was worried about you.”

“She’s pregnant again,” Luke said, staring at his brothers. They’d never given him a single complaint when he’d told them the truth. Taking a deep breath, Luke waited for them to curse and yell.




Staring down the line of Darla’s body, he licked his lips.

“Take your clothes off,” he said, touching his aching cock. He needed inside her. Tonight was going to be a long night. There was no chance he was backing away from her.

Darla was going to get everything without holding back. She was going to know how desperately he ached to be inside her.


“Take your clothes off.” Luke repeated himself, taking his hand off his dick in the process.

“I’d listen to him if I were you. He’s not the kind of man who likes to be questioned,” Jon said.

He nodded at his brother. Ryan said the same, and all their gazes were on her, waiting.

“What are you three going to do?” she asked, standing straight.

“We’re going to watch you get naked. I want you to go slow,” Luke said. “Ryan and Jon will tell you what they want as you undress. Remember, slow.”

She fingered the button of her white, buttoned shirt. Slowly, she eased each button open, taking her careful time. When she pushed the shirt off her shoulders, he was met with the white lace bra she wore. Through the lace, he saw the dark red tips of her nipples. Shifting his cock, Luke tried to ease the pressure, but watching Darla undress was a sweet torture that he’d have to endure.

“Am I doing this right?” she asked.

“Better than you imagine.” Ryan grunted the words. Luke knew his brother was gritting his teeth. Out of all three of them, Ryan was the least patient.

Her smile was sweet. The clasp to the bra was behind her back. She turned, hiding her body from view. Luke didn’t say anything to make her stop. He merely watched the show. With every passing second, she was getting more into it. Her body was starting to sway to some tune that only she could hear. He didn’t care, as long as she got naked in the process.

The bra fell to the floor and she turned. Her arms were crossed over her chest, obstructing their view of her tits.

Luke growled, Ryan cursed, and Jon looked ready to take over.

She swung her hips from side to side. He watched her lick her lips.

“Who’s being the tease now?” Luke asked.

“You’ve been teasing me long enough. I think it’s time I had my own fun.”

Chuckling, Luke leaned back, resting his head in his hand. “Give me a show, baby.”

Her hands fell and she pushed her breasts out.

Groans echoed around the room as they witnessed their woman turn into a seductress.

“You’re not playing fair,” Ryan said, moaning.

Her hands went to her jeans. His mouth watered. Anticipation seemed to be the topic of the evening and it was killing him.

You started this.

Now he’d have to wait until Darla finished it.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, wriggling the jeans down her thighs.

“You know the answer, Darla,” Jon said.

She giggled. The sound lightened his mood.

“I know, but you wanted a show. I’m giving you all a show.”

Where had this woman come from? Her stomach was nicely rounded and her thighs thick. Luke remembered what they felt like surrounding him with their warmth and strength. Grabbing his cock, he groaned, wishing he were sinking into her tight, hot cunt.

Fuck, he was losing his mind with need for her.

She kicked the jeans away and stood in nothing but a pair of white lace panties.

“Turn around and bend over when you remove them,” Jon said.

Jon had always been an ass man. He loved a good piece of ass to grab onto and Darla had all the curves they needed to keep them satisfied. Luke loved a good pair of thighs and hips. He liked to know his woman could take the pounding he was going to give her. Staring at Darla, he knew she could. Ryan was a tit man. Between all three of them, Darla had every part of her body covered with attention from them.

She turned away from them, bending forward. Slowly, Darla started to remove her panties. The round globes of her ass called to him, but not so much as the pink slit of her cunt. She was wet and in the light from the room. He wanted his mouth on her. She looked so tasty.

“Don’t move,” Jon said, when she made to stand up.

Darla remained bent over. Luke stroked his cock through his pants, needing to find some relief.

“Are you just watching me?” she asked.

“You’re a pretty sight to watch. Much better than any game or horror movie I’ve seen,” Ryan said.

“You’re a charmer.”

The silence in the room was filled with tension, not an uncomfortable tension, but a sexual one.

Darla was getting excited. He saw the cream gathering at her core, spilling out of her cunt.

“Are you done yet?” Luke asked, turning to look at Jon.

“Her ass is so fucking beautiful. I’m having her tonight,” Jon said.

Luke watched as his brother stood, peeling his jeans off. “Stand up, Darla and come to me.” Jon took the lead and Darla did as she was told, going to Jon.

“How is this going to work?” she asked.

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