Powerful Alpha (MM)

Twin Pines Grizzlies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,980
49 Ratings (4.3)

Note: Powerful Alpha [Twin Pines Grizzlies 1] was previously published as Waterboy [Gridiron Gods 1]. Due to popular demand, the series has been revised to emphasize the bear shifting. The changes are minor in the first 7 books. If you have already read Gridiron Gods 1 to 7, you do not need to read Twin Pines Grizzlies 1 to 7 in order to continue with Strong Alpha [Twin Pines Grizzlies 8].

Powerful Alpha will be available on its release date in your bookshelf for download if you have already purchased Waterboy directly at BookStrand (this option is not available if purchased elsewhere).

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[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

The power of two… Shy loner Danny Jones lives in a world of vivid dreams, mostly kinky sexual fantasies in which the football players he caters to indulge their lusts upon him in every conceivable way. Lately, though, the slump-shouldered waterboy’s dreams are being invaded by a golden-brown grizzly bear who reminds him of someone on the team. When Matthew Edwards is offered a full scholarship to Twin Pines College, the chance to pursue both his athletic and academic dreams is all he needs to switch schools. That the college is all male and rumored to be gay friendly is just the icing on the cake. When Matthew meets the timid Danny, he sees right through his camouflage. All Danny needs is a little encouragement to come out of his shell, and with Matthew’s help, Danny transforms. When he discovers Danny has been attacked and left for dead, Matthew is surprised to find himself shifting into a bear, and he’s even more shocked to learn Danny—and the whole team—might just be bears, too. Will Danny and Matthew’s love be enough when their bond unleashes a startling new legacy? Or will the unknown enemies who want to prevent the team from fulfilling its fate prevail?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Powerful Alpha (MM)
49 Ratings (4.3)

Powerful Alpha (MM)

Twin Pines Grizzlies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,980
49 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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4.5 SWEET PEAS: "Okay, I admit, I wasn’t sure about this book. I love shifters, but sports aren’t my favorite thing. This story had a LOT of things going for it, though. A hot football player has feelings for the waterboy. He doesn’t understand them, but he knows there more to the young man than it seems. This book surprised me on many levels. The story is strong, the characters are engaging, and the set-up is definitely unique. When a tragedy occurs, everything begins to fall into place. Secrets are revealed and are future stories are laid out. I’m eager to get involved in this world." -- Lucky, Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

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Story excerpt


Danny Jones was surrounded by football players. Sweaty and randy and insatiable. Walls of muscular flesh encased him, and big, strong hands bent his body this way and that, using him in whichever way they saw fit. As soon as he satisfied one guy, another took his place.

It. Was. Heaven.

No matter how diligently he worked, Danny couldn’t keep up with their lustful demands. Cock after cock filled his hands, his mouth, and the tight channel between his cheeks. A chorus of dirty talk echoed in the locker room as the entire team used him to ease their relentless sexual needs. They called him the waterboy, but he was really the team fuck toy, and he was loving every second of—

“Hey, watch where you’re going.”

The snarled demand wrenched Danny right out of his most frequent and favorite fantasy. He didn’t respond. No point, really, given that the guy he’d bumped into was long gone down the hall. He slumped his shoulders a little bit more and lowered his head to hide his eyes behind long strands of brown hair. Daydreaming while walking to the gymnasium wasn’t the brightest idea, especially not when doing so made him so hard he had to lower his duffel to hide his erection.

The school mascot, a blond-brown grizzly bear, face caught in a perpetual roar, emblazoned the side of his black and green duffle. The bear’s open mouth was right against his boner. Just like in real life, the only thing that even came close to his dick was make-believe. Still, he wouldn’t want a real bear near his privates, so the cartoon emblem was fine with him. What he’d really like to find was one guy who wouldn’t mind trading a blow job for a blow job. Hell, at this point, being twenty-one and still a virgin, he’d settle for mutual hand jobs.

“You’re late.” Coach Miller tossed him a stack of Day-Glo orange floor markers, which he caught only because he dropped his duffel. “Set these up for drills.”

“Sure, Coach.” Luckily for him, the coach didn’t notice his hard-on since he didn’t even look at him. Rather than being insulted, Danny was relieved. His main goal in the new school, Twin Pines College, was to stay the hell off everyone’s radar. To go unnoticed meant the likelihood of getting the shit beat out of him for being different would be pretty much nil, which was exactly what he wanted.

“And don’t forget to set out the towels and water.”

Danny nodded, but the coach didn’t see that either. The lord on high had issued his orders, and therefore, they would be obeyed. Or else. Since his scholarship was in part tied to his work as equipment manager, which Mr. Miller oversaw, staying in his good graces was not only smart, but surprisingly easy. Much like everyone else, the coach didn’t pay too much attention to him as long as Danny got things done.

Once Coach Miller exited the gymnasium with his all-important clipboard tucked into his sweaty armpit, Danny rolled his eyes. He knew exactly what he had to do to prep the area for team training. It was the same thing every time, and yet the coach was always reminding him.

“For crying out loud, I am the waterboy after all. If I forget the water, that would be a primary failure of my most basic function.” Danny stopped talking to himself when two team members came in the gym. Well, more like flew in. Their sneakers squeaked on the pristine, clean floor, and they were already in mid-conversation. They talked so fast he sometimes compared them to squawking magpies.

Tyler Morgan and Kevin Henderson. Both of them were hotter than hell, and they knew it. The two men had a lot in common. They were both first-string defensive guards, both blond with blue eyes, and both of them were outgoing. Frankly, the two of them were so cheerful and upbeat they were almost annoying. Almost. If not for the fact they were genuinely nice to him, he might have despised them. But it was hard to hate two guys who made Danny feel like a real member of the team. They’d even stood up for him when Dylan Peterson freaked out on him. Christ, all Danny had done was accidentally bump into the guy while he was getting dressed.

Using the lines painted on the hardwood floor as a guide, Danny placed the Day-Glo stickers in a staggered V pattern. When he was done, it looked like a drunken ladder. Rubber backings gripped up on the thick layer of varnish, holding them in place. When the men of the Grizzlies got here, they would have to double-time it through the maze of stickers, darting and weaving their way almost like skiers doing moguls. He loved watching them move, especially through this obstacle course, since even the baggiest shorts bunched up around their junk and displayed their tight buns.

Danny finished setting up the other items for indoor training while covertly watching Tyler and Kevin interact. To him, it seemed they had what he most wanted—an easygoing grace and ability to relate without the crush of self-consciousness. Danny would give just about anything to spend one hour in their shoes. How would it be to live a life where he wasn’t afraid all the time?

“You’re just jealous because you just can’t get a date, loser.” Tyler yanked his body-hugging T-shirt over his head, twisting his sun-bleached hair into a sexy-messy tangle.

“You got a date?” Kevin plastered his hands to his face in mock surprise. “How much are you paying her?”

“Fuck you!” Tyler tossed his shirt at Kevin, who ducked.

“No, sorry, your mom has me booked.” Kevin managed to get his T-shirt about halfway up his bronzed chest before Tyler tackled him. Lucky for them both, the mats were already out, so when the two men crashed to the floor, they weren’t hurt.


Adult excerpt


Once they had the gear stowed, they headed back to their dorm rooms to gather their personal gear. Afterward, Danny made a detour into one of the off-season sports equipment rooms.

“You realize that once we’re on the road, we won’t be able to do anything?” Danny asked.

“We can sneak away.”

Danny shook his head. “It’s an honor code violation.” He lifted his right hand. “As a representative of Twin Pines College, I promise to uphold the spirit of the school and blah, blah, blah. No alcohol, drugs, or sex.”


“Really. I could lose my scholarship, and so could you.” Danny flicked off the light. “So, this is going to have to tide us over for three whole days.”

In the dark, it was difficult to see what Danny was doing, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was up to, not when he grasped the top tab of Matthew’s jeans and yanked hard, popping apart the buttons, right down to the base of his cock.

“I knew you knew how to do that.”

Danny chuckled. “I like watching you wrench your pants open. It’s so fucking hot.”

Velvet blackness encased him as he felt Danny ease down the length of his body. He knew he was on his knees because he felt his hot, moist breath against his cock. Matthew shivered. Danny didn’t suck his cock. No. Danny worshipped his cock. Teeth, tongue, lips, even the sharp spikes of his after-five shadow were used to heighten Matthew’s arousal. What made the event even hotter was that Matthew knew his was the first cock Danny had sucked. Apparently, he’d perfected his technique via his kinky daydreams.

“Was this ever in one of your fantasies?” Matthew threaded his fingers through the length of Danny’s hair without disturbing his wanton work.

In between openmouthed kisses that led Danny from base to tip, he said, “Not quite like this.”

“Tell me.”

As he teased his prick, Danny told him one of his wicked imaginings.

“He was big, like you, and his body was drenched in sweat from playing one of the most physically demanding games ever.”

Easing his jeans down until Danny could cup his balls, Matthew pressed against the wall for support. He loved his dirty talk, especially when it echoed his movements.

“Furious at having lost, but realizing his body couldn’t stand any more physical punishment, he saw me gathering up discarded laundry in the locker room.”

Danny left off his tale while he bobbed his head over Matthew’s cock. Just when he was getting to the point of climax, Danny stopped.

“He ripped my pants off and pinned me down on the bench beside his locker.”

Visualizing what Danny described added to the increased tension. A blow job and a lusty story were a heady combination. Danny was a master of both.

“Prying my buttocks apart, he spit between my cheeks, then slid his enormous prick along the cleft of my ass.”

“Aw, fuck.” Matthew saw himself doing that to Danny.

“As he leans over me, I realize how big he is, but I’m not afraid. He’s angry, but not at me. I’m the only one who can soothe him.”

“Soothe the savage breast.”

Cupping his balls, licking them hungrily, Danny whispered, “Beauty and brains.”

“You’re surprised I know that quote?”

“That you know the correct quote, yeah. Everyone always says it wrong.” Danny was silent again while he bobbed his head.

“The others, do they watch?” Matthew was right in that imaginary locker room.

“They help him spit on his prick, slicking it up so he can fuck me.”

Matthew could picture a dozen hot guys spitting to ease the passage of one big cock into Danny’s perfect ass. He had no idea why it turned him on, but it did, and Danny knew it. While Matthew pictured the scene, Danny pulled back and spit lightly against the head of Matthew’s prick.

Gritting his teeth to stifle a growl, Matthew clutched the wall behind him, digging his fingertips into unforgiving drywall to try to keep his hands off Danny. If he touched him now, he feared what he would do. Pushed beyond arousal, beyond rationality, Matthew wanted to do to him exactly what he was describing in his story. Matthew wanted to bend him over and slide his prick between Danny’s perfect cheeks.

Sensing his dire need, Danny left off his tale and concentrated on sucking Matthew’s cock in and out of his mouth. Using his hands, one against his balls, the other wrapped firmly around Matthew’s shaft, he mimicked a deep throat that he couldn’t possibly pull off. But this, what Danny did, was better. Slicking his fist by opening his fingers and spitting gave sound to the image in Matthew’s head.

“I’m picturing you bent over that bench, with me spitting on my prick,” Matthew said.

Danny swirled his tongue around the crown of his cock.

“Ah, yeah, and I’m watching my prick ease into that tight and perfect ass of yours.”

Danny clenched his fist, lowering it slowly down, as if Matthew were sliding into him.

“Fuck, yeah, and you do that thing where you tighten and release your ass.”

Danny mimicked the motion by flexing his fist.

“I’m going to come, Danny. I can’t hold on.”

Matthew came in a gushing torrent. Danny didn’t miss a drop. Hauling him up, Matthew pressed him into the wall, kissing him wildly as he yanked at his jeans.

“I want these off, and then I want your sweet cock in my mouth.”

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