Smoking Hot (MM)

Geeks and Dragons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,971
17 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

When socially awkward recluse Toby meets a smoking hot dragon shifter who doesn’t accept no for an answer, sparks fly and hearts are set on fire.
Toby likes being a work-from-home recluse. He’s never understood people and lately, he’s been spending way too much time on his favorite MMORPG. When another player suggests they meet in real life, Toby panics. When it turns out Smoke is a six-foot-plus sexy titan who claims he’s a dragon shifter to boot, Toby feels way out of his league.
Smoke’s certain that Toby’s his one true mate and he’s determined to lure the shy and cute human out of his shell. When Toby finally lowers his walls down, Smoke is determined to claim Toby as his but an unexpected enemy catches them both off-guard. Smoke’s done playing nice. He’ll incinerate anyone who’s foolish enough to get in the way of his and Toby’s mating.
Smoking Hot (MM)
17 Ratings (4.4)

Smoking Hot (MM)

Geeks and Dragons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,971
17 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Ron knew this could only be Smoke, because who else had the gall to wear a shirt with the words ‘Warning: Smoking Hot’ over his broad chest? Smoke didn’t seem to notice that the woman at the other table was giving him suggestive looks or the guy at another secretly taking a photo of him with his phone.

What if the real Smoke hired an actor, and this was some kind of practical joke? His stomach clenched. Tobias was ready to bolt, except Smoke suddenly leveled that handsome face at him. Smoke didn’t take one look at him and bail. Instead, he flashed this huge-ass smile that, if possible, spiked up his sexy meter. His pants felt uncomfortable. 

Smoke waved at him, as if he knew exactly who he was.

Ron gave him a little push. “Go on. What’s stopping you?”

“What if this is a practical joke?” he whispered.

“You’re overthinking things, Toby. If our positions were reversed, I’d definitely hit that.”

For some reason, he bared his teeth like some kind of animal. Ron raised his hands. “Hey, I was just joking.”

He knew Ron was, but he didn’t know what came over him. Tobias didn’t even think he had it in him to be jealous, possessive of a man he just met today. A stranger, except they weren’t that. Those hours they spent in BeastWorld chatting, laughing, joking—those moments were real to him. Tobias knew that for some people, gaming was just a kind of pastime, but not to him. He chose to spend so much time in that make-believe world, because the real world was too hard to handle, to understand.

Smoke frowned, stood up. He panicked, gripping Ron’s shoulder. He felt ready to hyperventilate. “I can’t, Ron,” he whispered.

“Okay, Toby,” Ron said with a nod. “Let’s leave before he—”

“Are you Toby?” someone interrupted.

Both of them turned in slow motion. Bloody hell. Did Smoke teleport or something? Smoke suddenly stood right in front of them, all six-foot-plus of him. He knew that voice, proving this wasn’t some actor, but the real Smoke.

“Say something,” Ron whispered in his ear.

“I don’t know what to say,” he whispered back furiously.

“Aw, you don’t need to be so anxious. Relax, Toby. It’s just me,” Smoke said. Smoke ran a hand through that amazing hair. He wanted to reach out, touch the strands. Was it as soft as he imagined? What a strange dye to pick.

“How in heaven’s name did you hear what we said?” Ron demanded, suddenly putting himself in front of Toby.

Incredibly touched his friend came to his defense, he stood by Ron’s shoulder, because who were they kidding? With those arms, Smoke looked like he could easily rip a person in two, and Smoke’s next words didn’t help one bit.

“Don’t you know? I’m a shifter.”

Both Ron and he traded shocked looks.

“What? You never mentioned that,” he blurted.

“Huh. Half of the gamers in BeastWorld are paranormals.”

“Did you know that?” he whispered to Ron, who shook his head.

“Who’s your friend?” Smoke asked, curiosity in his voice.

“This is Ron, he’s a fellow guild mate and a friend.” Crap. Was he talking too fast?

“Then, Ron, I appreciate you accompanying Toby here, but we’ll be fine. I promise you I don’t mean him any harm, not when I waited my entire life for him.”

Entire life? Smoke’s words stumped them both, until Ron stomped over to Smoke and pressed a finger into his chest.

“Listen here, you might think you’re a smooth player or something, but it won’t work on Toby,” Ron said.

He touched Ron’s shoulder. Ron looked like he had plenty more to say but bit his lip.

“I’ll be okay, Ron. Thanks.”

“Well, you have my number and that thing I gave you,” Ron said, walking away but stealing glances at him.

“A true friend, that one. Known each other long?” Smoke asked.

“Um, not really, but I’m lucky to have him,” he answered, fidgeting. Say something witty, he wanted to yell at himself, except he was a loss to what to do next.

“Well, why don’t we head back in? Get that coffee and cake? My treat.” 

“Um, okay.” He shuffled after Smoke. In the queue, he stared at Smoke’s powerful back muscles. 

“What are you in the mood for?” Smoke asked, and he realized they were in front of the cashier. Standing this close to Smoke, he became all too aware of how good Smoke smelled. Like pine and fresh mountain air. 

“Coffee, black,” he managed to answer by some miracle. They grabbed his drink and began making their way to Smoke’s table. He began to despair. Meeting Smoke left him tongue-tied. How was he supposed to engage in an entire conversation with a guy so way out of his league? Smoke was a ten, and he was what? A one? Even lower?

“Hey,” Smoke said, reaching out to give the back of his neck a squeeze. He nearly dropped his drink, but Smoke easily caught it.

The gesture surprised and calmed him at once. Smoke’s hand was warm, big, even callused, as if he had experience with hard work.

“Relax. We know each other, remember?” They finally arrived at Smoke’s table. Smoke set his drink down, sat. He remained standing.

“I’m just scared you’ll be disappointed with what you see, what you’ll discover,” he blurted, unsure why he told Smoke the truth.

Those laughing green eyes that seemed so relaxed, so friendly, suddenly turned serious. They even seemed to change color, to slitted amber, and he stopped breathing for a few seconds. That only happened if a shifter lost control of his emotions, he remembered reading that somewhere. 

Then he took a deep breath, said what was needed. “So please, spare me the heartbreak if you think that, and we’ll end this now.”




“I’m kind of full, but I could definitely hit some—” Toby faltered when he leaned in close. 

Smoke brushed his lips over Toby’s, this time taking his time. When he pulled back, Toby was blushing, but he could scent the human’s arousal in the air. Under the moonlight, his human looked so tempting. Toby was dressed simply in a comfy shirt and jeans, but fuck, it did strange wonders to his cock. He wanted to rip all that annoying fabric away, get his human all naked for him. His dragon rose up inside him, eager and hungry as the man. 

“Oh,” Toby said, as if he finally understood what Smoke intended. 

“That’s right. You’ll be dessert. Let’s get that shirt off you, then those pants,” he decided. 

“Then yes, please. I had an erotic dream about you last night,” Toby confessed, raising his arms so Smoke could peel off his shirt. That done, Smoke eyed his bottoms expectantly. Pleasure filled him as Toby rose to his feet and, taking initiative, took his bottoms off and kicked aside his sneakers.

Good boy. Toby struck him as shy, but tonight, his human seemed to be making all the moves. He liked that, but now, it was time for Smoke to take over.

“Did you, now? Naughty human. Well. Tell me all about it.” 

He grabbed Toby’s arm and made his human sit on his lap. Things were about to intensify, he thought, eying all that creamy skin, the little hickey on Toby’s neck. His dick rubbed against the zipper of his jeans. That was right. Smoke was tired of waiting and biding his time. By the end of tonight, Toby would be well-fucked, nestled next to him in his bed, and bearing his mate mark. 


* * * *


Toby straddled Smoke’s lap, all too aware of Smoke eying him up and down, seemingly taking his time to appreciate his thickening cock. Exposed. That was how he felt, and yet there was something so dirty, so arousing with the fact he was completely nude while Smoke had his jeans on.

It was unbelievable of the dragon shifter to not don a shirt throughout dinner, because he must have stared at the tight muscles on Smoke’s six-pack the entire time instead of looking at his face. Damn. He could certainly spend plenty of time admiring Smoke’s ripped body. Not only that, he’d been itching to touch Smoke’s warm skin, to finger those old scars and rake marks that looked like white lines under the moonlight.

Smoke had a warrior’s body, he decided. It should have made him feel awkward about his own skinny frame, but Smoke looked at him like he was the most desirable guy in the world, hadn’t taken his gaze off him the entire night. 

“I asked you a question,” Smoke said, voice coming out a little harsh, deeper.

Smoke put one steel-banded arm around his waist, probably to keep him from escaping or falling. Not that he planned on doing either of those two things. He’d already embarrassed himself last night, first by puking on Smoke, then coming onto him when drunk. What had Smoke done? He didn’t take advantage of Toby, did the noble things like take care of Toby instead.

How rare was it to find a guy like that? It was a miracle Smoke hadn’t lost interest in him, either. Those gold eyes seemed to demand an answer from him, and it felt okay to reveal and share his hidden and shameful desires with this man, who seemed capable of reading his soul.

“I dreamt of you pinning me down, kissing me senseless, playing with my balls, my cock. I imagined you taking me from behind, rutting me like you own me.”

Smoke pressed a kiss to his lips, rough, quick, and hot. Smoke curved his lips to a wicked smile that matched the wildness in his eyes. When Smoke ran one possessive hand down the line of his back, he shifted on his lap, becoming intently aware of how hard he’d gotten simply by sitting on Smoke’s lap. He blushed, but Smoke didn’t seem to mind. 

“Then we’ll do just that.” Smoke planted more kisses on the side of his neck, curled his big hands over his shaft, and began to stroke him. He groaned as Smoke began to alternate between fast and slow movements. Smoke lowered his head, took one nipple into his mouth, biting down just as he used one fingernail to swipe the pre-cum off his cockhead. 

He dug his fingers into Smoke’s broad shoulders. Unable to help himself, Toby found himself thrusting his dick into Smoke’s hands. Smoke left more nips and bites on his body, but he was hardly aware of the new aches, because Smoke’s fingers felt so good. 

“That’s it, baby. I want you to come for me, to see the expression on your face. Do it now.” Smoke tugged at his prick, and he let out a little moan. 

His mind hazed over as he came, spilling his load into Smoke’s waiting fingers, and knew he wanted so much more. Toby would give himself fully and without reserve to Smoke, because nothing ever felt so perfect and so right.


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