If you frame your husband by using a pre-paid gigolo, be careful who you hire to record it . . .

When private detective Max Allen is hired to prove a husband’s infidelity, he could never guess the peculiar path his life and career was about to tread.

Accustomed to recording husbands straying into the arms of younger women, he is astonished when he is steered toward the unfaithful husband, who is in bed with a man.

But the circumstances of the case trouble Max, and his integrity drives him to investigate further, revealing a deeper, darker secret that involves money, sex, and deceit.

Should Max have walked away when he had the chance, or will the embroiled case leave him bitter and resentful?

In Flagrante Erecto is a dark and humorous tale of sexual encounters, unlikely friendships, and stubborn integrity in the midst of heartbreak, betrayal, and deceit.

READER ADVISORY: If you are offended by stories of multiple sexual liaisons between men in their prime, with unexpected romance and companionship . . . try In Flagrante Erecto anyway. You might just love it.

PUBLISHER NOTE: A M/M Romantic Suspense, containing scenes of voyeurism, bondage, spanking, anal sex and sex toys. 34,349 words.

Red-Hot Romance

M/M BDSM Mystery Romance

In Flagrante Erecto (MM)
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Cover Art by Poppy Designs

Curious, Max crept back up to the window, to see the leather-clad James standing in the bedroom, chatting companionably to the helpless Eric. As he did so, James glanced briefly at the window, staring straight at Max’s darkened outline. A chill skittered down Max’s spine, but instead of reacting with anger, James gave him a thumbs-up. Whether he recognized Max from the bar, he couldn’t be certain, but he was clearly expecting a voyeur armed with a camera.

The camera! Max switched it on and swung it into position, cursing his stupidity. As the focus shifted and corrected, James positioned himself behind Eric and carefully withdrew the butt plug. Eric’s mouth fell open, and he swore softly. James then aimed his condom-covered erection carefully. When he pushed inside, Eric released a long groan but didn’t put up any kind of a struggle. Max was torn; he didn’t know whether to interrupt the tryst or not. He’d promised to protect Eric, but if he tried to intervene, Mandy would get to hear about it, and his complicity would be uncovered.

He weighed up his options. Eric was tied up, but he wasn’t struggling or protesting against the invasion of hard, masculine flesh. Quite the opposite, he appeared to be relishing the slow fuck. His mouth hung open as James withdrew, then pushed deep, withdrew and refilled Eric’s passage over and over. He used the leather straps around Eric’s wrists as a grip, pulling against them as his hips pushed forward. Max felt the first stirrings in his groin and tried to relax as the two men had slow, slippery sex only ten feet away.

And so, Max relaxed, leaving James to fuck his friend. The strokes were audible through the glass, James slapping against Eric’s cheeks as he pushed deep and fast. Eric groaned in time to the thrusting. He wasn’t in any discomfort; Max could tell by the gentle frown and his half-closed eyes. Pain would have been indicated by loud cries, struggles, and wide-open eyes. Perhaps the two doubles had helped to soften the shock.

With Eric’s consent assured, Max shifted carefully on the ladder to give his growing erection more room. He couldn’t see if Eric was hard or not, but James was stiff, having no trouble pushing into his partner’s tight passage.

Eric’s body shook as the thrusts grew harder and faster. His cries carried through the window, and Max could clearly hear his cries of “More, more,” and “Fuck me. Fuck me, please,” as James hammered his lower body against Eric’s cheeks. Max felt a twinge of jealousy, mixed with frustration. He was watching hot sex between his new friend and a seasoned professional, but he was unable to participate. If only James had hung around long enough to hear his request for a threesome. He must have high-tailed it out of the bar, so he could complete his paid assignment, rather than become embroiled in a complication, or risk Eric changing his mind because he wanted to be with his buddy.

James grunted several times, exhaling noisily with each thrust. Max guessed he was close to coming and listened for the expected groaning and swearing that normally accompanied the male climax.

But before the crucial moment, James withdrew, pulling off the condom to drop it into a nearby bin. Eric was pushed onto his side, and then onto his back. He watched with unfocused eyes as James pumped his cock hard and fast, groaning as his orgasm hit and squeezed out his cum. Eric grinned as spurts erupted from the cockhead hovering above him; his chest and neck were coated with white spatters. James’s body jerked and twitched as muscle spasms gripped him. Eric spoke quiet words of encouragement and approval as more cum oozed out, coating James’s hand.

With barely a pause, Eric’s cock was gripped by a slippery hand and pumped firmly; his head dropped back, and his mouth fell open. James nodded as he leaned closer, then took Eric into his mouth. Eric’s heartfelt groan of relief carried through the glass to Max, who was now fully erect, and aching for relief. But playing with himself would have been a dangerous undertaking at the top of a ladder. Instead, he pressed his cock against a rung and rocked his hips gently. It was all he had at that moment.

Bound tightly, Eric writhed on the bed as best he could. With his hands trapped behind his back, and unable to spread his leather-bound ankles, he rolled his hips instead, cursing and swearing as James bobbed his head. His cheeks were hollowed as he sucked; his knuckles were white as he gripped Eric tightly.

“Fuuuck!” Eric wailed. James lifted his head a second too late. A thick string of cum leaped from Eric’s cock and landed across James’s cheek. The second spurted into the air and fell onto Eric’s stomach. James kept pumping hard as the writhing Eric squirted again and again, before forming a thick pool within the circle of James’s fingers.

“Wow . . .” Max breathed.

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