A New Beginning (MFM)

Liberty, Wyoming 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,957
12 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Sara Holloway was lonely. She had been alone for two years and had nothing in the future to look forward to. When she gets the chance of a lifetime, she prays for the courage to follow every dream she’s ever had and get everything she’d ever wanted—or the strength to not let it devastate her beyond her limits if it all falls apart. Sara finds she is much tougher than she ever thought when her and a loved one’s lives are put in danger and she fights to protect them.
Grant and Jacob Collins had their own fears. Each man had their own demons to face and would struggle with their own choices. But something inside them snaps when Sara is put in danger. Will they allow her in their hearts…or let the tragic past keep them from what could possibly be the best thing in their lives?
Note: This book contains double penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
A New Beginning (MFM)
12 Ratings (4.3)

A New Beginning (MFM)

Liberty, Wyoming 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,957
12 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great book! I have been looking for a new author to try and found this gem. I can’t wait for the next installments!




A clearing of a throat brought her attention to the man standing beside Jake. Holy cow, he was just as handsome as Jake. Maybe an inch or so shorter, both had an intimidating presence. Both domineering, and exceedingly arrogant, by the way they moved and held their bodies.

Her gaze roamed over them. They both had dark hair and dark eyes. Jake’s hair was longer and a tad darker. His brother’s hair was cut close to his head. They both wore faded jeans, boots, and western shirts. A person could tell they were definitely brothers, she thought, they looked so much alike. The only differences were this man had a little grayer in his hair and, most importantly, he smiled.

Sara noticed both men staring at her with different degrees of emotions, sending a shiver through her body. Sara took a deep breath, lifted her chin, and stood, moving toward the man with her hand out, and with a shaky smile. “Hello, I’m Sara Holloway.”

Jake’s brother grasped her hand. It felt like a jolt of electricity ran up her arm. She gasped, and tried to pull her hand away from his, but he just tightened his hold and smiled broader at her, his eyes growing darker.

Her body’s reaction to his touch seemed to affect her as much as it did him. He had dreamed of finding another woman for them. He was tired of the one-night stands he had when the pressure in his body became too much. He wanted something permanent. A woman in his bed every night. A woman just for them. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Sara. I’m Grant Collins. I’m the one that interviewed you on the phone. I see you’ve met our daughter.”

Sara’s eyebrows furrowed, uncertainty when Grant said, “Our daughter,” like Jake had. That sweet girl could not be the daughter to both, could she? She shook her head. She must be more tired than she thought.

She smiled at him and then Callie. “Thank you for letting me interview. It was nice talking to you. And yes, I did meet her. She’s precious.”

His gaze ran over her, lazily appraising every curve. Damn. He wanted to hum, hunger for her already eating at him. She was beautiful and so tiny he could pick her up with one arm. She would fit perfectly between him and Jake, although they’d have to guard against crushing her. Grant smiled. “Why don’t we go into the office so we can talk?”

Sara nodded solemnly, and was relieved when he released her hand. He turned and indicated she proceed. When she passed, he put his hand on the small of her back, making another jolt soar through her body and made her steps falter a bit.

She was walking toward the office when she heard Jake and Callie talking softly behind her. She turned suddenly, making Grant stop abruptly so he didn’t collide with her. She turned, smiled apologetically at Grant, and walked back to Callie. Sara smiled at the girl, gently touching her arm, and ignoring Jake. “It was very nice to meet you, Callie. I’m sure your dad will find the perfect nanny for you.”

“What about you?” Callie stammered, wiggling to get Jake to set her down.

“Oh, honey.” She smiled gently at the girl. “Your dad loves you very much, and will know when the right person comes along to take care of you. You just wait, you’ll see.”

Sara swallowed the tears that misted her eyes and moved to go into the office. She placed a shaky hand over her stomach and took a few deep breaths to settle the turbulent feelings darting through her. She turned when she heard the door close quietly behind her and was taken back when she saw both men standing there, staring at her. Grant stood with his legs spread, and hands at his side, watching her with a spark of determination in his eyes.

Jake leaned against the door, his arms crossed over his chest and one ankle crossed over the other. He should have looked relaxed, but she got the feeling it was a façade and he was ready to leap at any time and was ready for anything.

Sara gasped, overwhelmed at the powerful feelings streaking through her that made her feel bare and exposed. She took a step back, putting a hand to her chest to calm her rapidly beating heart.

She needed to get this over with and get out of here as soon as possible, before she broke down and made a fool of herself. She cleared the tears that clogged her throat and started talking before they could. She looked at Grant. “If you’ll just have someone drive me back to the airport, I’ll be out of your hair.” She tried and failed to smile, wanting to ease what looked like anger on Grant’s face.

Her breath caught, and her eyes rounded, when Grant crossed his arms, replicating Jake’s stance. Both men intimidating her with their arrogant poses and downright scary facial expressions.

Sara overlapped her arms and wrapped them around her waist. She looked away from them and tried to gather her thoughts and what courage she could to deal with them.

Grant saw the fear, arousal, and nervousness in her eyes. He needed to pull back his reaction to her, and what she just said, so he didn’t send her running. “Where do you think you’re going?” Grant softly asked, sending tingles down her spine.

Sara was confused. “What do you mean? Your brother doesn’t want me here and since he’s her father…” She shrugged and continued. “I’m sorry I wasted your time. I told him at the airport I would get a ticket home, but he insisted I come here…”




Jake drew his finger around one of her nipples making her groan. “Please what, baby?”

Mindless now with an intense craving for them, she needed them more than she’d ever needed a man. She tossed her head and inhaled raggedly. All thoughts fled, making it hard to voice her needs. She thrust her hips up, spread her legs, trying to get one of them to touch her where she craved to be touched, where she ached the most. Sara made a desperate whimper, trembling with a need that went far beyond anything she was used to. The towel under her bunched tightly in her fists until they ached, her stomach muscles rippled with the contractions of her womb.

Grant smiled and wiped his hands on the towel under her and moved between her legs. He draped her legs over his shoulders, making room for himself. His voice lowered, becoming huskier, rougher, his eyes darkened. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating. “We know what you need, baby. Don’t move and we’ll take care of you.” A humming growl escaped him. “I’ve been wanting to taste you for the four months you’ve been with us.” His thumbs spread her wide, and his tongue swept through her slit as one of his fingers dipped between her delicate folds and traced around her clit, not quite touching it. He hummed as the taste of her exploded on his tongue. “Yes, baby. Give me more of your cream. God, you taste good. Like cream and cinnamon rolled together.”

His finger moved to her opening, circling slowly, and spreading her moisture that dripped out of her pussy. His other hand slid up to span her lower stomach, preventing her from moving and hurting her ribs. When Jake took over holding her steady, he slid his hand down between her spread legs. As one finger roamed the outer edge of her pussy, another was pressing and circling at the entrance to her ass. His tongue stabbed at her clit faintly, never giving her the pressure she needed to fulfill her need.

Sara froze at the sensations. She’d never had anyone touch her ass before and it made her nervous even as it fired her arousal higher. She moved her hips experimentally, pushing against the fingers that strode over her cunt and ass and the tongue that caressed her clit. She growled in frustration as the fingers soothed but never invaded the hot flesh of her tight holes.

Jake snorted as he smiled down at her flush face. “Grant, she’s trying to get your thick fingers into her. Maybe we should give her what she wants.”

Grant pulled his tongue away from her and nodded. He bent and bit down lightly on her clit as he suddenly thrust a big, blunt finger into her pussy, impaling her completely, at the same time pushing another finger up to the knuckle in her ass.

Jake leaned down, taking her mouth while he pinched her nipple, pushing brutal slashes of pleasure to race from her nipple to her clit.

A vortex of colors and sounds circled as she screamed into his mouth, shaking, amazed that she could come so quickly and a little frightened her body no longer felt like her own, locked in the grip of something so powerful she had no self-control.

She was breathing harshly, vaguely aware of them crooning to her and rubbing her stomach and arms and legs lightly. A long moment later, she finally settled enough to catch her breath and looked at them in stunned disbelief.

Sara relaxed deeper into the mattress, her breath rasping in and out of her lungs, and tried to gain some control. With her husband, after sex, he’d roll over and go to sleep. These men wouldn’t stop touching her even though she could see the bulges under their jeans straining the fabric and the zippers that barely held them back.

It always took a long time to get her aroused and then to come, and her husband didn’t want to take the time or have the patience to arouse her. She had always thought she wasn’t a sexual person.

Grant moaned, his eyes never leaving the stunned look on her face. His nostrils flared at the heady scent of the woman laid out, her legs spread in invitation. “Why do you look so surprised, baby?”

Red with embarrassment, she lowered her eyes, unable to look either of them in the eye. “I don’t have orgasms. I thought I was one of those women who couldn’t achieve that level of arousal.”

“Bullshit. It has nothing to do with them and everything to do to the man she’s with,” Jake barked, startling her.

“He’s right, Sara. If you know how to touch a woman and look for the signs she gives you, every woman is capable of getting pleasure.” He leaned over her and nibbled on her lip, being careful of her bruise. She grasped his head to deepen the kiss and tasting herself, only to have him pull away. “Baby, you’re hurt. As much as we want to fuck you right now, we don’t want to give you any pain. When you’re healed, we’ll be able to take you the way we want to, the way we all need, and for as long as we can.”

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