Iron Hills Pack (Box Set)

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 59,300
0 Ratings (0.0)

Box Set containing Wolf Charming, Beauty & Her Beast, and Little Red & Ryder Wolfe

Wolf Charming Weston Drake is a lot of things. Player. Bestselling author. And stubborn as fuck werewolf. At least, he's stubborn when it comes to his mate. He's known that Abril Forrest belongs to him for the past five years, but their fourteen year age gap has kept him away. She's more than legal enough now, but his thirty-five to her twenty-one still makes him feel like a lecherous old man. No matter how much his wolf craves her company, and his body craves her touch, he resists the lure of his chosen one. What would a sexy woman like her want with an older man like him?

Beauty & Her Beast Broken wolf Zach Drake is appalled to find the small, stuttering woman living in a box behind the town bar. With dirt smudging her face, she could be anywhere from barely legal to thirty, but none of that matters to the insistent wolf in his head that is begging him to take her home. The thought of anyone harming sweet Maggie is enough to send him into a rage, but he holds himself in check as he coaxes her into his truck and back to his house. It's the first time his wolf has seemed happy since they lost their mate twenty years ago, and Zach isn't ready to let go of the sensation just yet.

Little Red & Ryder Wolfe Dr. Ryder Wolfe is taken aback when he finds the pregnant and bloody Saxen in the bed of his truck, but he knows he'll stop at nothing to save her. One sniff is all he needs to know that he wants to keep her. But first, he has to eliminate the threat to her life. He took a vow to save lives, but some people are better off dead.

Iron Hills Pack (Box Set)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Iron Hills Pack (Box Set)

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 59,300
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Story Excerpt from Wolf Charming

Weston Drake watched the young woman, from across the diner, with a hungry gaze. He’d seen her around town off and on over the years, had watched her grow up. The driving need to mark her made him feel like a lecherous old man. She couldn’t be more than twenty-one, and he had just celebrated his thirty-fifth birthday. The age difference didn’t stop him from wanting her, though. He’d caught her scent once when she’d walked past him on the sidewalk, and he’d been obsessed with her ever since.

Over the years, he’d tried to lose himself in other women, but it was always meaningless sex that never amounted to much. It had been ages since he’d been on a serious date, and even longer since he’d had a girlfriend. It wasn’t that he was against a committed relationship, but the only woman he wanted was the one he couldn’t have. His wolf howled mournfully in his head as he jerked his gaze from the perfection of Abril Forrest.

He’d studied her from afar, learning her schedule. Every morning, she had breakfast and coffee at the diner and then worked on her laptop for about an hour before going home. The only other times he saw her out and about were her weekly trips to the library and the grocery store. She seemed to be something of a homebody, except for when her friend, Rachel Matthews, could convince her to venture out of her apartment.

His brother, Zach, nudged him. “You’re drooling again. If you aren’t going to man up and talk to your mate, you could at least appear a little less like a stalker.”

Weston scowled at him.

“Look, you know the two of you are meant to be together. What would it hurt to introduce yourself and ask her out for dinner? If you don’t claim her, your wolf is eventually going to go insane.”

Zach wasn’t telling him anything he didn’t already know. His wolf was already going a little crazy without their mate. Weston had thought about approaching Abril several times over the last few weeks, as his wolf had gotten more insistent, but he always drew back and kept his distance. She was so young and had so many possibilities in front of her. It would be wrong of him to claim her. The last thing she needed was a serious relationship when she should be partying with her friends and having a good time.

“Weston, please talk to her. Don’t make me put you down. You know if you lose control of your wolf, I won’t have a choice in the matter. The town may know about our dual nature, and they tolerate it, but a loco wolf isn’t going to go over well.” Zach placed a hand on his shoulder. “She’s yours, and you know it. Go to her.”

“No.” Weston tore his gaze from his tempting mate and faced forward again. Keeping away from her was the hardest damn thing he’d ever done. He’d placated his wolf with a steady stream of faceless women willing to have a one-night stand, but the beast wasn’t happy with the situation any longer.

“Dammit, Wes. I’m not going to sit here and watch you throw your life away because you’re too chicken shit to make a move. You’ve screwed anything in a skirt for as long as I’ve known you, but the one time you need to put the moves on someone, you sit here like a lovesick calf. Call me when you’ve come to your senses.” Zach tossed his napkin on the counter and stood.

Adult Excerpt from Wolf Charming

“You like watching me?” she asked.

He groaned and nodded.

“Touch yourself. When I come, I want you to come too.”

Weston’s lips parted as if he were surprised by her words, but he reached for his cock. She watched as he stroked himself. Abril scooted down the bed a bit and bent her legs, bracing her feet wide apart. Her ass was at the end of the mattress, and Weston was close enough to touch. She’d never been so turned on in her life, and she hoped he’d want to take things further.

As the toy buzzed her clit, she knew she was close to coming. “So close,” she murmured.

Weston stroked himself faster.

“I want you to come on me,” she said, watching as his breath hitched at her words.

Her body tensed a moment before she shattered, crying out as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. Abril tossed the toy aside, the sensations too intense. She heard Weston give a shout a moment before spurts of his hot release hit her right between the legs. He reached out and smeared his seed along her lips and eased a finger inside of her. A tremor raked her body, and she lifted her hips, begging for more.

“Where did this naughty side of you come from?” he asked.

“I read an erotic romance the other day. It gave me a few ideas. Besides, I didn’t know what else to do to get you to touch me.”

“Are you sure you’re ready?”

She nodded.

“Then come get me hard again, baby, and we’ll do this right. The next time I come, it’s going to be inside of you. You’re so damn tight. I can’t wait to feel you squeezing my cock.”

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