Alpha Province: Danger and Mayhem (MFMM)

Alpha Province 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,855
10 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Fantasy Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMM, reverse harem, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]

After being attacked and stabbed for doing her job as a social worker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sierra Langley is on the run. Weeks of recovery behind her and her attacker still at large, Sierra is frightened of her own shadow. Terrified that the man who’d hurt her was going to hunt her down, she packs up her things and leaves everything behind.

Justice, Weldon, and Rhys Channing know that Sierra is their mate as soon as they enter the diner and when they hear she has nowhere to stay they offer her their spare room.
Trying to convince Sierra that they are the men for her is difficult after she inadvertently learns they’re wolf shifters. Nevertheless, the blazing attraction between them can’t be ignored forever and Sierra finally agrees to be their woman.
Just as Sierra begins to believe that Rhys, Weldon and Justice have strong feelings for her, peril follows her to Ambrose, North Dakota.
While she’s fighting for her life she isn’t sure she’ll ever get the chance to tell the Channing men how much she loves them.
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Alpha Province: Danger and Mayhem (MFMM)
10 Ratings (4.7)

Alpha Province: Danger and Mayhem (MFMM)

Alpha Province 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,855
10 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What the…” Sierra Langley glanced around the parking lot when the hair on her nape stood on end. She felt as if she was being watched, but she couldn’t see anything or anyone about. She put her trepidation down to being exhausted after putting in just over twelve hours working at the women’s shelter. Trying to push her anxiety aside, she started walking again, but this time she moved faster. The small parking lot didn’t have many lights to illuminate the area since some of the globes had either blown out, or had been broken by vandals.

While she hated the thought of walking the streets of Pittsburgh alone, she had no other option. It was Friday night and the cab company was so busy ferrying people to and fro that there was almost an hour wait before a cab would be free to take her home. Since she knew it would be faster to take a bus, that was what she’d decided, but now Sierra wished she’d stayed back at the Womanspace East shelter where she’d have been safe. She only lived nineteen minutes away on the suburb of Upper Hill where she shared an apartment with a nurse.

Sierra spun around when she heard a noise behind her and sighed with relief when she saw a stray cat. Although she hated seeing abandoned animals, if she softened her heart, she’d likely have a menagerie big enough to start her own animal rescue center.

Pushing her thoughts aside, she turned to face the street. She was only about ten yards away from the road and the bus stop. She weaved around a couple of cars but came to a halt when a large masked man dressed in black emerged in front of her. Her heart thundered hard and fast, and she began to pant. Sweat sheened over her skin, and she trembled.

Sierra took a step back, and when the guy didn’t move she took another and another. Her fight-or-flight instincts kicked in as adrenaline surged through her body with her rapidly beating heart, and she spun on her heels intending to run. She didn’t even hear him move, but in the next moment, he had a hold of her long red hair in a cruel grip and yanked hard.

“Ow!” she cried out as loudly as she could so that if someone was close by they would hear her. Before she could scream at him to let her go, he had his free hand over her mouth.

Tears welled and flowed down her face when he kicked at the back of her knees, sending her falling to the concrete with a hard jolt. The impact to her knees sent pain jarring up through her legs. Before she could try to gain her feet again, her assailant had her flat on her back, his large body pinning her to the ground.

Sierra tried to punch him all the while screaming, but with his hand still over her mouth, her cries for help weren’t very loud. She bucked and writhed and clawed at his arms with her nails, but he didn’t even seem to feel her claws scoring his skin.

“You need to pay for what you’ve done, you fucking bitch.”

She stared into rage-filled brown eyes and quaked harder. Just as she thought about trying to gouge his eyes out and lifted her arms, he stabbed her in the shoulder.

Sierra screamed in agony until she had no air left in her lungs. She kicked her legs and swallowed back the threatening sickness. When she saw the glint of the steel blade as the asshole raised his arm again, she braced herself for more pain and continued trying to escape him.

She punched and slapped at his face, but he was much bigger than her, and his arms were longer and stronger. The knifed seared into her upper arm on the opposite side to where he’d first stabbed her. The pain was so intense she couldn’t even scream this time, all she could do was sob as she once more lost her breath. A flash of light caught her eye and it took her a few seconds to fathom they were headlights.

All of a sudden, he pushed up off her to his feet. He stared down at her for a second or two before saying, “This isn’t over, you cunt. You’re a dead woman!”

He bent over and jabbed the knife into her right upper thigh. She screamed again, squeezing her eyes closed as she awaited more agony as he yanked the blade out of her leg, but when nothing happened, she opened her eyes. She sobbed with pain and relief when she realized he was gone. Was someone near? Had he heard someone? Had the person in the passing vehicle seen them and stopped? Whatever it had been, the light had likely saved her life.

“Help me, please?” The tears trickled from her eyes quickly, and while she didn’t want to move, she knew she had to. She was bleeding badly, and if she didn’t get help soon, she might end up bleeding out. No one had come to help her at her cry for help.




Justice released her lips, and she opened her eyes to look into his.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” he asked.

She nodded her head, skimmed her hands back up to his shoulders, and clung to him. He raised up a bit higher onto his knees, and she whimpered when the head of his cock kissed her pussy entrance. As he reached down between their bodies, his fingers tickled over her belly, making her muscles jump and her giggle. He smiled at her, and then his expression turned serious again as he grasped his dick and aligned it with her pussy.

She bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from telling him to hurry up. She was desperate for him but didn’t want to sound as if she was begging. She couldn’t help gasping when the broad head of his cock popped through her tight entrance. He stilled, pressed his forehead to hers, breathing fast and hard. “Are you okay, baby? Am I hurting you?”

“No.” She wriggled her hips.

“Stay still, Sierra. I’m hanging on by a thread here. You’re so wet and tight. You feel amazing on my cock.”

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what, baby?” he asked.

“I want more.”

Justice swallowed, and she watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down. “You’ll have me, baby. I’ll give you what you need. I promise.” He drew back slightly and then stroked in deeper. Her pussy rippled around his shaft. He was only halfway in and yet he was stretching her so good. He buried his face against her neck, warm puffs of air caressing her skin as he inhaled then exhaled rapidly. Each time he retreated and then advanced, he moved a bit faster, caressing along her sensitive flesh, making the ache inside grow stronger. When he was embedded to the hilt he stilled again, lifted his head, and pressed his mouth over hers. The kiss they shared was so intensely sexual she couldn’t stay still and she tried to writhe under him, but he was so much bigger, stronger, and heavier than her, she couldn’t move far.

He licked and nipped his way down her neck toward her chest and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Sierra moaned and dug her nails into the flesh of his shoulder as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She needed him to move, now!

Justice released her nipple and switched to the other one, then started to pump his hips with a slow, easy rhythm. The friction of his dick along her inner walls caused pleasurable heat to sear her sensitive nerve endings. She’d never felt anything so sublimely good in her life, not even with her ex, Tony. Tony had been more interested in his own gratification and hadn’t seemed to care about hers at all.

Every time Justice thrust in deep, the head of his dick rubbed against a hot spot on the top wall of her pussy, causing her to shake.  He began to move faster, and she wanted to cheer him on, but she was so breathless and feeling so much pleasure words were beyond her. All she could do was hang on for the ride.

All of a sudden, he stopped, but before Sierra could ask what was wrong, he was up on his knees between her legs with a hand under her ass. He squeezed her cheek, and then he started shuttling in and out of her pussy hard and fast. The angle of his cock rubbed over that sweet spot each time he surged deep, and she couldn’t stop moaning.

Rhys and Weldon scooted closer. Rhys crashed his lips onto hers while cupping and kneading her breast. Weldon suckled on one nipple as Rhys rolled and plucked at the other. The pressure inside began to grow, and her muscles grew tauter and tauter. Her lower belly was a pool of melted desire, and each time Justice shunted into her, she liquified a little more.

Justice panted and groaned as he stroked in and out of her pussy and the coil inside grew until she felt as if she was about to snap. He reached down between their bodies, pressed his thumb over her clit, and then he rubbed over the ultra-sensitive pearl harder and faster.

Sierra rolled her head back and forth on the pillow restlessly, and just as she sucked in a deep breath of air, Justice squeezed her clit between his finger and thumb.

“Justice!” she screamed as she hurtled toward the heavens. She trembled and quaked as rapture washed through and over her.

She was barely aware of Rhys and Weldon rolling away from her, and then Justice was covering her body with his as he drove his hard dick deeply into her pussy with a shout. “Sierra!”

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