Megan's Double Miracle (MFM)

The Men of Space Station One 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,577
10 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
What will it take for three strong personalities to learn to give in a little and let love work its magic? Alpha’s newest family is about to find out. Jeff Davis and Scott Tibbs’s new wife has finally arrived, and after years of waiting, neither man is ready to give over their control.
Megan Turner has struggled all her life to get people to take her seriously. As one of the youngest female members of the elite scientific community working on the problems plaguing a dying Earth, she’s fought to get her ideas and solutions recognized. Now she is finally on planet Alpha with her new husbands and feels as if her fight has only just begun.
Between trying to acclimate to a new way of life and learning about her new husbands, Megan feels ill prepared. With the various strange illnesses and injuries the people of Alpha have had to deal with, they are also finding that their children are not at all what they seem.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Megan's Double Miracle (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.2)

Megan's Double Miracle (MFM)

The Men of Space Station One 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,577
10 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“Hurry up, Scott. I don’t want to leave her waiting at the transport pad.” Dr. Jeff Davis stood waiting with his hands on his hips as his partner and nurse, Scott Tibbs, jerked a shirt on and buttoned it.

“I had to have a shower after getting blood all over me. Not my fault Ted got his hand cut and needed stitches.” Scott quickly tucked his shirt into his jeans then adjusted his belt.

Jeff sighed and tried to tamp down his impatience. It had been over three years since they’d arrived on planet Alpha. Three long, hard years without a wife. Their wife was coming with every future shuttle, they’d been told, only it hadn’t happened until this time. First it had been decided to send the men ahead to build a place for the future families. Then it had been that they needed her to finish up the work she was doing to keep their females fertile until they could get them all off planet. Now, finally, they would meet their future wife for the first time.

“I’m almost afraid to believe she’s truly here,” Scott mumbled as he followed Jeff through the door. “I mean for a while I was beginning to wonder if they even had a wife for us.”

“Yeah, I was beginning to think the same thing. More than likely the only reason we are getting her now is because of the problems we’re faced with now that our women are having children. This strange cell that mutates in our blood stream and the changes in the pregnancies and infants is worrying everyone.”

“I wonder what she looks like. You would think they would have at least sent us a picture of her over the years.” Scott climbed into the buggy transport and strapped in.

“Well, we’re about to find out. At least we know she’s fertile or they wouldn’t have sent her. That makes her under thirty by their standards.”

“Unless those standards have changed,” Scott pointed out.

Jeff didn’t blame Scott for his pessimistic attitude. They’d been jerked around from day one. The council on Earth had been lying to everyone about a lot of things all along. He supposed a lot of it had been to prevent general panic at first, but over the last few years, Jeff had decided that they also lied to further their own agenda. Who knew what that agenda consisted of?

They pulled up outside the transport bay where they were to meet their wife to be. Both men unbuckled and jumped down as soon as Jeff had the transport safely shut off. There were several women still waiting on their husbands and all eyes turned to them when they emerged from the buggy. Jeff felt a moment of panic as dozens of eyes appraised him, most of them soon looked away once they realized that Scott and Jeff weren’t who they were waiting for.

He zeroed in on a young woman of about twenty-four or so who continued to study them much as he did when he peered through a microscope. This had to be their elusive wife. She stood around five foot four inches with a nicely curved body and oval face. Her features appeared strong, yet very feminine with her plump pink lips and pert nose. He wasn’t sure how long her hair was since she had it pulled back in a bun, but the color reminded him of rich, black satin sheets, thick and luxurious. He couldn’t wait to test his theory on that.

A pretty yellow dress that accented her lush hips and curvy waist dipped just low enough to afford them a glimpse of tantalizing cleavage. With her dark hair and a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes, their future wife looked feminine and maybe even a little dainty.

Evidently, Scott had settled on the same woman as his since he stepped toward her at the same time he did. They stopped in front of her and Jeff held out his hand.

“I’m Jeff Davis. Megan Turner, I presume?”

When she shook his hand, Jeff was pleased that she had a firm handshake, but didn’t try to mimic a male’s tendency to squeeze.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Davis. I can’t wait to see what you’ve uncovered here.” Though warmth showed in her midnight dark eyes, her voice sounded all business.

“I’m Scott Tibbs. I don’t think there’s any need to be formal. After all, we’re engaged and will be married in a few minutes.”

Her audible gasp wasn’t lost on Jeff. Evidently she hadn’t planned on sealing their fates so quickly. Maybe they were asking too much of her…, no. After the first set of women had arrived on the planet, it had been determined that letting them all make a choice didn’t work as they had planned, so the council had changed the process to have a computer match potential mates and they were married on Earth prior to leaving for Alpha. They hadn’t had any “get to know each other time,” so Jeff didn’t see why they needed to wait either. Maybe it was having been alone without female companionship for three years that was making him impatient and want to rush everything along, but three years of using nothing but his hand to relieve the pressure that built in his cock almost daily had gotten old over two years ago.

“I—I guess I thought we would get to know each other first,” she finally spoke up, her voice sultry despite the slight waver in it.

“We tend to not waste time around here,” Jeff said.

“Nothing will change no matter how long we take to get to know each other,” Scott added.




“I think she’s thinking too hard, Scott. Let’s take her mind off whatever she’s obsessing over.” Jeff rolled her off of him.

“I’m not obsessing about anything,” she protested.

Scott scooted from behind her but didn’t go far. Together, he and Jeff hovered above her, their faces boasting wide smiles with devilishly twinkling eyes. Megan had no doubt she was about to find out what two men could do to one woman. Her pussy tingled at the thought.

Together they slowly moved down her body, with Scott stopping level with her breasts while Jeff continued to slide down, pushing the covers off of them as he moved. Cool air slid over her skin, sending goose bumps everywhere. Her nipples pebbled, whether from the cold air or Scott’s gaze, she wasn’t sure.

“Fuck me, look at those gorgeous tits. I can’t wait to taste them. I bet they taste like ripe blueberries, my favorite.” Scott nuzzled his face between her breasts, moaning as he did.

It surprised her that she wasn’t shocked by Scott’s crude words, if anything, it turned her on. Her partners had never really said much of anything during sex before. In fact, they’d never really said anything after sex. Before she could dwell on it any longer, Scott licked over one nipple, drawing a soft gasp from her.

He captured her gaze as he slowly lowered his mouth around her nipple. When he closed around it and drew on it, she felt the tug all the way down to her pussy. She groaned then moaned even louder when Jeff kissed his way from the back of her knee up her thigh. Tension built with each wet kiss he gave her until she thought she’d explode. Sex before had never been like this and they hadn’t really done anything yet.

“You smell so damn good, baby. I can’t wait to taste you again. When Scott finishes worshiping your breasts, he’s going to go crazy down here.” Jeff’s voice barely registered over the ringing in her ears.

Megan thrashed her head from side to side as Scott plumped the breast he didn’t have his mouth on, tormenting the nipple with his fingers. Each time he pinched down on the torrid peak she thought she would go up in smoke. The slight pinch reached all the way to her clit where Jeff was blowing warm air over the wet nub. The dual assault was driving her crazy. She couldn’t concentrate on any one sensation long enough to get anywhere.

“Please,” she gasped.

“Please what, honey? What do you want us to do to you?” Scott’s raspy voice sent shivers along her arms.

She reached down and threaded her fingers in his hair, trying to convey her needs by clutching him to her breast. His deep chuckle tickled her nipple before he sucked it deep into his mouth and bit it. Hard. Megan thought her cunt would convulse over that for sure, but still, she hung on the edge.

Jeff surprised her by licking up her slit in one long line before pushing her thighs farther apart and separating the lips of her pussy with his fingers. When he stabbed her center with his tongue, the bottom fell out of her control and she bucked her hips to meet his tongue. Deeper, she needed more of him inside of her, preferably his cock!

“Fuck me, Jeff. I need more!” She wanted to cringe at the whiny quality of her voice but right then, Megan was beyond that.

“Scott, you’re going to have to play with her breasts later, man. She’s hurting. She’s so damn wet down here even you could slide right in.”

Something about what Jeff said sounded like a warning, but she couldn’t think right then. She needed one of them to sink their dick inside of her. The ache to be filled had her to the point of attacking them. She’d never felt this way before.

Scott reached up and unwound her fingers from his hair. “Easy, Meg. Let me get a taste of that sweet honey Jeff’s so fond of. Then we’ll take care of you.”

As soon as he released his hold on her wrists, she dug her fingers into the sheets by her sides and thrashed her head from side to side. Why where they teasing her like this? Was it because she’d fallen asleep last night and deprived them of sex? Surely they wouldn’t be that childish. She opened her mouth to demand that they fuck her, but Scott buried his face in her pussy. The words never left her mouth as her breath hissed from her lungs. He didn’t tease with his tongue like Jeff had. Instead, Scott devoured her female bits of flesh like a man starving. Teeth, tongue, and lips danced over her pussy taking every drop of liquid she produced. Megan was sure she would become dehydrated if he didn’t stop soon.

Without preamble, Scott latched on to her swollen clit while thrusting two fingers inside her cunt, propelling her into the climax like a cannon ball. It roared over her with such force she thought she would suffocate from lack of oxygen then her lungs managed to gather some from somewhere because she screamed Scott’s name. Reaching over her head, she grabbed the bottom of the headboard and held on for fear of losing herself in the swirling pleasure that seemed hell-bent to sweep her away.

When she finally regained some measure of reality again, Scott lay next to her on his side. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips, his face still glistening with her juices.

“I’m going to end up making you raw, Meg. I love the taste of you.”

She’d never known that oral sex could be so addicting, but damn if she didn’t want to risk being raw. Before she could comment, he grabbed her and rolled her over on top of him. Hard flesh pressed into her belly reminding her that neither he nor Jeff had taken their own pleasure as yet.

“What about you?” She looked back over her shoulder to where Jeff stood at the side of the bed, his eyes heavy with arousal.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Jeff said. “We’re going to enjoy your sexy body now.”

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