[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

No one is perfect…

As McBride struggles to hold his world together, he is forced to make sacrifices that block him from any chance of happiness with Caleb, the eldest Morgan brother. Still, he’s determined to buy all his men mates. Since Ollie rejected his thrall for another, McBride gives Easton to Jared.

Easton Jones is bright and bubbly, but he’s hiding a terrible secret that he fears will push his new mate away. He’s already been rejected once, and he is terrified that it will happen again. Still, he doesn’t have any choice but to go to Jared.

Jared Morgan is sick of being alone, but if his brother didn’t want Easton, there has to be a good reason. Despite his reservations, Jared decides to give it a shot—and falls hard for Easton.

Just as the two seem to be growing closer, the truth comes out that Easton isn’t as untouched as he seems. When another brother steps in to lay claim to Easton, will Jared decide that purity matters more to him than being with a man he’s fallen in love with?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Jared Morgan (MM)
30 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This series just gets better and better. I am waiting on pins and needles to find out how Caleb and McBride resolve their differences.



Jared couldn’t wait to see his potential mate be milked. After hearing the two other thralls on the farm talk about the curious process, he’d dreamed of watching it. That hadn’t surprised him, but when he’d dreamed of feeling himself being milked, he’d been horrified. He’d woken up with messy sheets and a vague sense of unease. He was a slammer, and when he got a thrall it was he who would penetrate his mate, not the other way around. Jared had wanted to ask someone if his strange dreams and weirder desires were normal, but he kept everything inside. He didn’t want to be mocked. Caleb’s behavior had been much better once McBride told him to control himself if he wanted a thrall of his own, but now that the world was changing again, Jared had no idea if Caleb would hold to that promise anymore.

And for all any of them knew, Easton might be the last thrall that came onto the farm. If Jared rejected him, there may not be another for a long time or even ever. Jared knew that, but he still wanted to see the milking and make sure Easton wasn’t rejected by Ollie because he’d used him and found him unsatisfactory. Jared still didn’t quite believe that Ollie had given up a mate to focus on becoming a cook. Ollie had always been passionate about food, but he’d been just as passionate about having a mate.

There was a knock at the door.

“That will be the valet.” McBride rose, his massive height and bulk seeming to fill up the tiny house. Jared had never said anything, but he found himself in awe of his master. McBride exuded power and control, two things that Jared felt he lacked. “Are you sure you want to do this outside?”

“Yes.” Easton nodded eagerly. “As long as my owner doesn’t mind?”

Jared shook his head. He didn’t mind anyone watching what they were doing. It was on the tip of his tongue to correct Easton that he wasn’t his owner yet, but he chose not to do that. So far, Easton had been very indulgent with letting Jared inspect him. He didn’t need to be rude to get his way.

McBride strode out onto the porch where the valet was waiting. In clipped, concise terms, McBride explained what he wanted the mechanical servant to do.

“Yes, sir. Here, sir?” The valet examined the porch.

“Here, in the sun.” Easton stepped to the edge of the wooden porch that faced toward Ollie’s house. The place was vacant now that Ollie was living in the big house as McBride’s cook. Jared was hoping they could turn the house into some kind of recreation area with books, a gamer, and things like that, but he didn’t want to bother McBride with that now.

“Very good. Please lean forward.”

As Easton got into position, Jared stood next to him. He wanted to caress his own cock as he watched, but he didn’t because he wasn’t sure if that would be considered strange. “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?” McBride moved next to them, concern darkening his face.

“Can I touch him?” Jared wanted to hold Easton’s cock and feel the pulse of his climax. When McBride didn’t answer right away, Jared looked up and discovered a lusty grin transforming the harshness of his features.

“Do you mind if he touches you while you’re being milked?” McBride asked Easton.

Jared thought that McBride could just order him to submit, but that wasn’t the kind of man McBride was. He was never bossy or overbearing. Jared realized that if he wanted to be happy with Easton, he shouldn’t treat him like a thing without any rights. If he respected him and asked, he would probably be allowed to do whatever he wished. It was all in how he treated his potential mate. Respect begat respect. Jared filed that away for future reference should he find Easton acceptable.

Easton looked over at Jared. “I’d like that very much.” His cheeks turned pink as he looked down then back up.

Jared swallowed hard. He’d never been so aroused in his life. Something about the way Easton had glanced at him and blushed excited him. He felt like a hunter, zeroing in on his prey. But not to rip him apart and eat him. No. Jared wanted to mount him and fuck him. Stepping forward, he pressed against Easton’s side, and then slid his hand down until he cupped Easton’s prick.

Easton’s skin was very soft, but his cock was hard. Holding him gave Jared another surge of power that he found profoundly enjoyable. What intrigued him was that it wasn’t the power to hurt Easton, but the power to be able to give him pleasure. That was the most amazing sense of control he’d ever had.




“Wait, what are you doing?” Easton didn’t have a chance to play hard to get, because Jared eased him backward until he was lying on the table.

“I’m inspecting my mate.” Jared made a great show of looking Easton over. He extended his limbs all the way, counted his fingers and toes, and then he poked, prodded, and probed every spot he could reach before he placed a chair between Easton’s tightly pressed together legs. “Don’t be shy now, boy. A man wants to see what he’s paying for.”

Easton burst into gales of laughter. “You sound just like the thrall merchant!”

“I do?” Jared peered at Easton as he trailed one finger down the line made by his held-together thighs. “Come on, now, and spread your legs.”

The look on Jared’s face was playful but passionate. A long time ago, Easton had understood perfectly the reason for erotic play. It was a way of easing tensions and readying oneself for the time when play would become real life. Easton felt a charge of fear galvanize his body, because there had been one who took play too far, but that was long ago, and he trusted the man above him. Jared wouldn’t hurt him or use him then toss him aside. He wasn’t that kind of man. With his help, Easton parted his legs.

Jared’s gaze moved from his belly down his legs. “You’re really beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“You sound surprised.”

“I’ve just never thought of myself in that way.” Easton would gladly change his opinion of that, because every time Jared looked at him, he felt more stunning than he ever had.

“If you don’t want me to do this, I don’t have to.” Jared started to press Easton’s legs back together, but Easton forced them apart.

“I want you to see me. All of me. I know you won’t be cruel.”

“Cruel? Oh, no. Not ever.” Jared leaned forward and kissed each of Easton’s knees then settled himself on the chair he’d placed between his legs.

Easton closed his eyes, wondering what he looked like to his mate. He heard the chair scrape across the floor, and then he felt Jared’s breath tickling the inside of his thighs. It seemed like forever since either of them had said something, but Easton didn’t want to be pushy, so he kept quiet.

“Relax. Let me just look at you.”

Easton wasn’t so certain that he could release the tension in his body, but then Jared’s big hands made soothing circles on his legs as he eased them back. Eventually, Easton was holding his legs up with his hands cupped behind his knees.

“You really are pink.”

Easton looked down right as Jared looked up.

“You’re pink and perfect and—”

Jared’s face disappeared, and the next thing Easton knew was the feel of his tongue making soothing circles around the tight ring of flesh that protected his hole. Unable to control himself, he uttered a cry of surrender and then said something about giving himself completely to Jared as long as he didn’t stop.

“I won’t stop.” Jared teased his pointed tongue all over his most sensitive and private flesh, making Easton wonder about the presentation of his body, but when he recalled they had just showered, he relaxed and spread his legs wider apart. When he’d first read of one man doing this to another, he had thought the nature of it unclean, but not now. It was wonderful. What amazed him was how sensitive the skin of his ass was. He swore he could feel each delicate bump on the surface of Jared’s tongue. But then Jared surprised him yet again by making the same slow circles with the smooth back of his tongue. Rough and smooth took turns stroking over his hole.

“Fill me. I swear I will die if you don’t.”

Jared looked up at him, and his face was that of a hungry beast. He didn’t want food or blood, but flesh. Jared wanted to sink his prick into the tight heat of Easton’s body, and nothing was going to stop him. He was an animal in need of mating, and Easton was willingly spread before him.



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