[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

What if your soul mate wasn’t what you bargained for?

When a virus destroys all women and turns most men into blood drinkers, keeping the blood supply untainted is of paramount importance. Sheriff Dillion McBride has inherited his father’s holdings, including the seven Morgan brothers. They will run his farm and provide him with a steady supply of pure blood, but to get them at optimal capacity for both, McBride needs to find them suitable mates, all the while ignoring his inappropriate longings for Caleb, the eldest Morgan brother.

For Gannon Morgan, McBride buys Alden Jones. Gannon is stunned when he finds out Alden is deaf. Gannon feels slighted until he realizes he has more in common with the terrified thrall than he thought. Alden isn’t too trusting, but he has no choice but to accept Gannon. Once he gets past his slovenly ways and his terrible scar, he hopes to discover a true soul mate, but he isn’t holding his breath. Will the two men overcome their differences and manage to forge a relationship in this new world?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Gannon Morgan (MM)
29 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I am loving this series. The dynamic between the main characters is moving and then the dynamic between the oldest Morgan brother, Caleb, and McBride is moving me to tears. I can't wait for the next book to come out.



Rather than strain forward as he had the entire way, Alden now retreated from Caleb by pressing himself forcefully into McBride. His tiny body only highlighted how good Caleb’s massive form had felt when they’d been close.

“I’m only trying to help you down.” Caleb thrust his hand a little closer, but this only made Alden retreat more fully.

“He’s deaf.”

“Oh.” Caleb withdrew his hand. “How about I help you down?” Now Caleb offered his hand out to McBride. It was the same hand that had been wrapped around McBride’s cock only twenty-four hours ago.

What would stay in McBride’s mind and drive him to total distraction was the luscious taste of Caleb’s blood. Long before he realized he had issues with him, McBride had always favored the eldest Morgan. There was something so rich about his flavor. Moreover, when McBride drank from him, Caleb often masturbated. Since McBride preferred drinking from his neck as he stood behind the seated Caleb, he’d been able to watch his massive hand fisting his thick prick. Seeing his release while drinking his blood cemented his unnatural lust. It hadn’t happened with any of the other brothers, but it was the only thing that McBride could latch on to and blame.

But I will find a way to be free of him. McBride was determined to keep his own life within the limits of the law. He had recently found out his father and his father’s companion had indulged in forbidden acts. McBride vowed not to follow in those particular footsteps. The best way to do so was to find himself a companion. But that was easier said than done. As a member of the upper class, he could only align himself with men of his same status. Given how small the population of Woven Spire was, he didn’t have a lot to choose from.

“I’m fine.” McBride slid from the beast. He wasn’t sure, but he thought Caleb said that he was indeed fine, but McBride chose to ignore him if he had spoken. Once on the ground, he extended his hand to Alden, who shook his head and clung to the saddle. “You’re not for him.”

Alden looked at Caleb then back at McBride.

“Not him. Another brother.”

“Yeah, you’re too scrawny for me.” Caleb focused his dangerous green eyes on McBride. “I like them big, hairy, and hung.”

“Go away, Caleb. Or better yet, be of use and go get Gannon.”

“Yes, master.” Caleb spun on his heel and walked back into the field. As he moved to where the other brothers were picking, he pulled the top half of his jumpsuit back up. Even a man as strong as Caleb couldn’t pick tallos without the suit. The bulbs of the plant had a tough outer shell covered in barbs. Ironically, the fibers inside the bulb were extremely delicate. It took a gentle touch to grasp and twist the bulb off the plant without damaging the interior. Once they were picked, the bulbs were stripped in a machine, but they had to be delivered in the full, puffy state. Despite his brutish appearance, Caleb was one of the best and fastest pickers.

While they waited for Gannon to reach them, McBride pointed to each house and named the brother who owned it. When he got to Gannon’s, he said, “He’s who you’ll belong to.”

Alden tensed up and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.” McBride didn’t want to be cruel, but Alden had to go to someone. Even if McBride allowed him to choose, it was unlikely he’d like any brother more than any other. They were all big, burly, and yet oddly beautiful men. The brothers looked like brothers because of their similar facial features and the fact they all had dark hair. Although, Gannon’s dark brown locks were sun bleached on the top, highlighting his golden-brown eyes.

Alden turned and saw Gannon approaching. He moved closer to McBride, tucking himself behind his bulk and peeking around his arm. How quickly the thrall went from fearing him to trusting him. Or, McBride realized, he could just see McBride as the lesser of two evils.

When Gannon realized why he’d been called from the field, his step picked up appreciably. When he got within a few dozen yards, he frowned and slowed down. “What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s just a little nervous.” McBride reached back and pulled Alden up beside him. When he tried to slip back behind McBride, he placed his arm around his shoulder and stopped him from ducking away.

“Caleb said I got the defective one.” Gannon frowned as he looked Alden over from head to toe. The scar that ran down the left side of Gannon’s face looked far more menacing when he was glaring.

After tossing a silent curse at Caleb, McBride assured Gannon that Alden was perfectly healthy and would be a good mate. “The only thing that will be a bit of work getting used to is the fact that he can’t hear.”

“He’s deaf?” Gannon looked at Alden’s ears as if he’d be able to see the defect.

“He is, but Alden can read lips. Believe me, he knows what you’re saying, so don’t be cruel.”

Gannon continued to frown, but at least he didn’t say what he was thinking. Still, it didn’t take a mind reader to know that he wasn’t pleased. As the second to youngest, Gannon often felt slighted because everyone lavished attention on Bailey. Or that was what Gannon thought at any rate. Whenever Bailey got something, Gannon looked around and thought he was getting less. It was clear to McBride that Gannon was comparing his thrall to Bailey’s and he saw himself coming up short yet again. Ferris was an absolutely stunning young man. In many ways, he was perfect, but there had been issues between Ferris and Bailey. McBride thought they’d worked everything out now, but the sailing hadn’t been all that smooth.

“If you want, I can give him to someone else and you can go without.” McBride had been extremely generous with his slammers, so having his generosity questioned on top of his other problems put him in a foul mood. “What’s it going to be, Gannon? Do you want him, or do you wish to be alone?”




“Can I take off your shorts?” Alden’s question was breathless and hungry.

Gannon’s immediate yes was tempered by the fact he might not be able to control himself if Alden did. Also, McBride was supposed to be here to instruct them. The last thing Gannon wanted to do was anger his very generous master. But he also wanted to do whatever Alden felt comfortable with. Torn, Gannon finally decided he would leave everything up to his mate.

“If you want to take them off, I won’t struggle. I mean, unless you want me to.”

“I want you to stay still as if you were bound to the bed.” Alden rose and scooted down the length of Gannon’s body. As he moved downward, he pushed the bedclothes off both of them, which didn’t matter to Gannon since he felt he was practically on fire. Once he was down far enough, Alden lifted his soft hands and skillfully parted Gannon’s shorts. Watching him was hypnotic since his long, delicate fingers traced over the fastener with something almost like a musical finesse. Eventually, Alden got them parted and then pulled them down.

“Wow.” Alden hesitated as his gaze riveted on Gannon’s exposed prick.

“Is it okay?” Gannon wasn’t sure what Alden wanted from him, so he worried that his body wasn’t quite right. He didn’t do any body sculpting work like his twin, Ollie, but he thought their bodies were fairly similar anyway.

“You are stunning.” Alden leaned close and kissed the tip of Gannon’s prick. “You are so very beautiful to me.”

Gannon let out a sigh of relief then one of pleasure as Alden’s lips parted and he sucked the tip of Gannon’s cock into his hot, wet mouth. Another surge of need made him want to grasp the top of Alden’s head and help him bob his luscious mouth up and down on the knob of his cock. As much as he wanted to do that, Gannon didn’t. He had to grip his hands firmly to his head to restrain himself, but he managed.

Closer Gannon came to release. He wanted to warn Alden back, or do something, say something, but he found he was unable to do anything but hold tight to himself and do all he could to stop himself from thrusting hard into his fragile mate’s mouth. Wavering between letting him do as he pleased while keeping his hands bound and warning him what was coming, Gannon decided to err on the side of caution.

Taking his hand from the back of his own head, Gannon touched Alden’s head as gently as he could. Rather than flinch, Alden looked up with curiosity and no trace of fear.

“I’m so close. So very close.” When Alden cast him a perplexed look, Gannon realized he had to be precise. “If you keep doing that, I’m going to climax.”

“Good.” Alden grinned and then lowered his mouth to the swollen tip of Gannon’s prick. He darted his pointed tongue around the most sensitive edge of his knob then sucked the entire tip into his mouth where he further tormented him by flicking his tongue along the slit. Gannon tried to hold off. Desperately, he tried to hold back, but Alden was extremely talented. Blown away by his skill and enthusiasm, Gannon lifted his hands to the ceiling as he came. A satisfied bellow escaped his lips as Alden didn’t flinch away but sucked firmly at the tip of his cock. Able to feel every swallow he made, Gannon had to tense his entire body not to thrust.

When his ground-shaking orgasm finally came to an end, Gannon went limp on the bed. After a long moment to recover, he opened his eyes.

Alden had released his cock and rose so that he was sitting on the meaty part of Gannon’s thighs. Big, pale blue eyes considered Gannon.

“Wow.” It was just about the only thing he could manage at the moment.

A grin curled the edges of Alden’s lips.

“You are very skilled for a virgin.”

“I was extremely attentive in class.”

Gannon grinned back at him and then lifted his hands from his head. Moving slowly, he lowered his hands to Alden’s hips. “Okay?”


Picking him up very slowly, Gannon again asked, “Okay?”


Carefully, Gannon moved Alden while rising slowly up from the bed. They met in the middle. Drawing Alden’s cock into his mouth, Gannon sucked gently and looked up with lifted brows.

“Yes.” Alden breathed the word and then cupped his hand to Gannon’s head. “Oh, yes.”

Gannon continued to suck his mate’s prick into his mouth. Following his lead, he teased his tongue all along the most sensitive skin under the head then flicked the tip of his tongue along the slit in the top of Alden’s cock.

“Oh, my mate. I—you—I—I’m not going to last.” Alden closed his eyes.

Gannon knew he wouldn’t hear anything he said, which was fine since he had a mouthful of his mate’s cock, but he knew Alden could feel the sounds that he made. While he sucked him hard, Gannon let out a low, slow groan of pleasure.


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