When Etan Davidovsky and his partner Travis Caballero go to a BDSM club in Chicago they can only hope to find a Dom that will want to take them home to do a scene. Finding one that wants to keep them forever is a totally different story. So when their eyes lock on Ahijit Khan they do everything they can to get the Dom to choose them... even having sex in the middle of the club.

When Ahijit ventures out to the club in downtown Chicago one night he does so to find a sub or two to help train new Dom, Reidel Parthings, on the Lifestyle. He doesn't expect to find two subs that he wants to keep for himself. Nor does he expect to start fantasizing about the one thing he'd sworn to never even consider ever again: collaring a sub, or subs, for a lifetime contract. But Etan and Travis are special and Ahijit finds himself in a position he's never been in before, one where the Dom is being claimed by the subs.

But will Etan and Travis get Ahijit to collar them and claim them for his own or will his past prevent these three men from having their own happily-ever-after?

Chain Me
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Cover Art by Angel Rodriguez-Benton/Ryan Patrick

“Fuck baby, you feel good,” Etan whispered against his throat and Travis shivered, turning to press his back against his man’s chest. Travis trained his eyes on the hazel ones of the gorgeous tanned stranger who watched them intently and lowered his jeans until his ass was exposed to Etan, his cock still pressed deliciously against his zipper. He moaned when the Middle Eastern man licked his lips as he watched them and felt the press of Etan’s naked cock against the crease of his ass. The two of them had foregone using condoms after their first year together and Travis always looked forward to feeling of Etan’s bare cock sliding into his ass.
Etan’s finger pulling out the butt plug made him moan, the vibration of it hitting the club floor after bouncing off the back of his shoes made him shiver, but the press of his lover’s cock into his ass had Travis groaning in pleasure. He bent over slightly and hissed out a breath as Etan bottomed out inside of him. He dropped his head forward and closed his eyes as pleasure swamped his sense before lifting his head and finding his gaze trapped by the very man they were performing for.
He and Etan loved having sex in public and were true exhibitionists, but having sex in the middle of the dance floor, for the pleasure of a complete stranger was a first for them.
“God sweetheart, he’s touching his cock through his pants,” Travis panted as Etan slowly and deeply pushed and pulled his cock in and out of Travis’s channel.
“Fuck that’s hot,” Etan responded. Travis could do nothing but nod, all his powers of speech leaving him in a whoosh as Etan pegged his prostate again and again.
“I can’t hold on E,” Travis warned, the tingling at the base of his spine letting him know that he was on the verge of exploding all over the dance floor.
“Hold on baby, wait for me,” Etan pleaded.
Travis panted and shook his head, before nodding. “Okay.”
His breath caught in his lungs as the sexy Middle Eastern man, who was built like the love child of a soldier and a bodybuilder, stood to his feet and headed straight for them, a sexy tall, broad-shouldered, extremely muscled black man with long black hair followed him. Travis noticed the black man, but he only had eyes for the sexy Middle Eastern man with the curly, black hair, chiseled jaw and kissable lips. He watched the sexy man who came and stopped right in front of him. Travis looked up at him, licking his lips and moaning when the other man unzipped his pants without a word.
When the stranger pulled out his long, thick cock Travis and Etan groaned. Travis could almost feel Etan’s vibrate through his back.
“You boys are very bad, having sex on the dance floor. I think you need to be spanked,” the smooth, velvety voice said.
“W-who is going to be the one to spank us?” Travis stuttered. His fingers twitched with the urge to grab onto the other man’s trim waist and suck the tanned cock down his throat.
“Depends on how bad you are. If you’re just a little bad, it will be my friend Reidel here, but if you’re really bad then it will be me,” the stranger said.
Travis wanted his name, he was desperate for it, but he knew that they had to prove themselves worthy of receiving it.
“We’re really, really bad, Sir,” Etan responded when Travis remained silent, his gaze focused on the stranger’s leaking dick.
“Prove it,” the stranger said.
Without another thought, Travis lowered his head and pulled the man’s cock deep into his mouth.

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